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Hey people!

I'm Tracy Wong, more commonly known as 'Dainty Diva' in the blogosphere. I'm a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger and I aim to inspire readers to live life actively with a sense of adventure.


I love to write and I cover multiple topics in this little space of mine. You can click on my blogging portfolio below to find out more. Happy reading!

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Hello, my friends!

Last weekend, I was at Capitol Piazza, Outdoor Plaza for the Emirates Singapore Derby Roadshow, thanks to an invitation by Singapore Turf Club.

The Emirates Singapore Derby Roadshow is a free event that is open to the public. If you're wondering whether you've missed the event, do not worry!

They have another Roadshow on 1 to 2 July 16 at CHIJMES, The Lawn from 11am to 8pm and 12pm to 10pm respectively so go check it out!

Photo credits to Hong Peng.

Back to Capitol Piazza where I was on stage with my fellow blogger friends!

As you can see, many of us were dressed in red, which is the signature colour of Emirates. :)

The Roadshow involved a couple of highlights, one of which was a photo-taking opportunity with a horse.

Bloggers were given an exclusive 5 to 10 minutes to get up close to the horse, whom I affectionately named 'My 白马王子' (loosely translated as 'White Horse Prince Charming').

It was my favourite horse when I was at Singapore Turf Club so how could I give up this opportunity to take a personal photo with him?

YX and I got to pat and feed the White Horse too. I've never fed a horse before so what an experience!

Do note that members of the public can also pat and feed the horse. All you have to do is to join the queue and when it's your turn, do make sure not to over-feed the horse! :)

There was also an informative exhibition that was worth exploring.

Bet you didn't know that there are different types of beddings for horses. Well, at least, I didn't.

A saddle which was actually a lot heavier than I thought.

I saw this colourful horse at Singapore Turf Club but didn't managed to take a photo with it so I finally got my chance during the event.

Does this make a good Outfit of the Day (OOTD) shot?

Special appearance of Singapore Turf Club's mascot.

Pearly and I were like kids again, excitedly positioning ourselves beside the mascot for a photo.

Was particularly intrigued by this lovely Emirates plane model.

Interestingly, Emirates was the latest plane I've been on when I returned from New Zealand in February this year.

Emirates merchandises on display!

Oh yes, if you have an Instagram account, you can post a picture of anything related to the roadshow, hashtag #EmiratesSGDerby and redeem an Emirates cap for free. I've already gotten mine and have added it to my cap collection at home. :)

Tried my hand at Horseshoe Pitching and it was NOT EASY at all.

In fact, I didn't know what I was doing half the time and even shocked the organizer for throwing my horseshoe towards the ringer in frisbee-style (opps, my bad). If you're a seasoned thrower, the process should look swift, cool and awe-inspiring.

Horseshoe Pitching is complimentary and you can queue up to try your luck in this as many times as you want. I heard that it's addictive so who knows, you might even stand a chance to be in the Top 3 and win yourself some cash prizes.

Photo credits to SG Turf Club.

Speaking of prizes, Singapore Turf Club and Emirates Singapore Derby are also running an Instagram contest from 20 June 16 to 8 July 16.

Simply snap an OOTD photo of yourself in your best red outfit, upload it on Instagram, hashtag #EmiratesRedFashion as well as tag @SGTurfClub. You can stand a chance to win a set of premium gifts worth $2,000 from Emirates. Since I was in a red outfit during the event, I am so gonna upload an OOTD photo and take part in this contest.

Sounds exciting already?

Be sure to visit Emirates Singapore Derby Roadshow at CHIJMES, The Lawn on 1 and 2 July. I look forward to seeing your pictures on Instagram. :)

Disclaimer: Event feature is based on personal experiences.


Hey people!

It's the end of the June holidays and the start of a working and schooling week for everyone again. I always treasure my TGIFs and weekends but time always passes so quickly when you're having a good one.

Photo credits to Ryden.

Speaking of TGIF, I spent last Friday night at iSteamBoat @ Marina Square where my blogger pals and I got to feast and fill our stomachs with free flow steamboat buffet.

iSteamBoat is tucked in a quiet corner on Level 4 of Marina Square where patrons can get their steamboat fix with family and friends away from the crowds.

Besides steamboat buffet, they also have a porridge buffet as well as a wide variety of food to choose from. For big eaters, I guess it's 'feast till your fill' time.

Photo credits to Jessie.

Seated beside blogger friend, Jessie. I love this photo of both of us. :D

The steamboat pot comes in individual sizes so it makes it more convenient for everyone to just order their personal soup base.

There are several soup bases to choose from such as:

- Chicken Soup
- Fish Soup
- Kimchi Soup
- Ma La Soup
- Vegetarian Soup
- Herbal Soup
- Hot & Spicy Soup

Our favourites are the Herbal Soup and Kimchi Soup because they are more flavourful compared to the other soup bases.

After ordering your soup base, you can help yourself to the buffet spread with more than 50 items to choose from.

Drinks, desserts and fresh fruits are complimentary as well.

Our picks! This wasn't our only plate, by the way.

Our table was so filled with plates that I nearly didn't have room to place this plate down.

Filling our plates with glorious food to get ready for our dig-in.

If free-flow steamboat buffet food isn't suffice for you, you can also order cooked food because they are part of the buffet cost anyway, so why not?

I'd recommend ordering the samosa, fried popiah or curry fried rice.

Since we're reaching the end of this blog entry, I'm sure you're curious to know the prices so let me break it down for ya.

Photo credits to iSteamBoat.

Adults can enjoy the iSteamboat Buffet for $22.80 (on weekdays) and $26.80 (on weekends). As for the kids, they can join their parents in this steamboat feast for $11.40 (on weekdays) and $13.40 (on weekends).

The restaurant is also having a iPorridge Lunch Buffet from 12 noon to 2.30pm (on weekdays) and 12 noon to 3.00pm (on weekends). The price is a flat $8.80 for a choice of 24 buffet dishes and free flow drinks.

For more information, please check out iSteamboat on their Official Website or Facebook Page.

iSteamBoat Chinese Restaurant

6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square
#04-102A, Singapore 039594

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Rise and shine, people!

Regilait, the No.1 Milk Brand from France has made its way to Singapore and customers will now be able to enjoy healthier and affordable milk nutrition right off the shelves of their local supermarts.

Milk is essential to many people, whether to a growing child or an elderly looking to replenish calcium deficiencies. In fact, milk is generally great for strengthening bones, reducing blood pressure and lowering the risk of diabetes, colon cancer and breast cancer. For the vainpots, it can also help to maintain healthy teeth and complexion. I guess this gives everyone a good reason to drink milk and stay healthy.

Regilait milk powder is high quality, instant, granulated and contains zero fats. Well, except the Low Fat variant which I will go into that in a bit.

They are made entirely from pure cow's milk (French cows, to be exact) with no fillers or maltodextrins added. In fact, the gentle manufacturing process allows the nutritional qualities of the milk to be preserved so you'll know for certain that you'll be indulging in lots of nutritious goodness with just 1 cup of milk.

Regilait is halal-certified and is suitable for consumption for anyone who is at least 3 years old and above. This also means that everyone (except babies below 3 years old) can enjoy a good cup of Regilait. Awesome max.

During the launch, I was introduced to 4 variants so let me share them with you briefly:

1) Regilait - Calorie Reduced

A fat-free skimmed milk powder that helps to control your calorie intake, cholesterol level and your weight. It also provides a balanced diet and is suitable for diabetics or people with high cholesterol.

2) Regilait - Calcium Plus

Another fat-free skimmed milk powder that is enriched with calcium, proteins, Vitamin D and phosphorus. Great for people who are looking to replenish calcium deficiencies or who want to strengthen bone density.

3) Regilait - Multi-Vitamins

This is my favourite variant because to me, 'multi-vitamins' also means 'I-am-super-healthy'. Naturally, when asked to choose a variant to try, I opted for this.

The multi-vitamin variant contains 8 vitamins and covers Vitamin A to Vitamin D, ensuring that you are well-nourished from head to toe and inside out. Also suitable for students and working adults who will need all the energy they can have to get through their day.

4) Regilait - Low Fat

My least favourite variant compared to the other 3 although some consumers might still prefer the authentic, low fat version of the milk.

This variant has a creamy taste and contains 14% more calcium and 25% less saturated fat than regular dried milk. Like the other variants, it is nutrient-rich and comes with essential ingredients such as calcium, phosphorus, proteins and vitamins.

What really stood out for me at the launch was the fact that you can dissolve Regilait milk powder in ice-cold water and drink it up instantaneously.

In my experience of drinking powdered milk when I was still a growing child, I've always had to use hot water to dissolve the powder. If the milk gets cold before the powder is mixed well, curdles will form and it will look absolutely disgusting.

The unique granulation process allows the milk powder to dissolve swiftly in hot water or cold water without forming milk curdles.

That was my cup of Regilait Multi-Vitamins by the way and I must say that the taste of cold milk was fresh and mildly sweet.

Besides consuming the milk directly, you can also add the milk to your daily coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

What's also cool is that you can also use it as an ingredient in food preparation. During the event, we were shown how to pair Regilait with some pastes from Dancing Chef and it was an eye-opener indeed.

I'm a fan of chicken curry although I know it's not healthy.

To make this irresistibly sinful dish a notch healthier, we can replace coconut milk with Regilait instead.

Had a sample of chicken curry after the demonstration and it was fragrant and delicious.

Would have gone for second helpings but the curry didn't seemed suffice for every guest.

You can also use Regilait to make milkshakes and there, we had a demonstration of how to make strawberry milkshake.

Simply pour a cup of Regilait into a blender of ice and fresh strawberries; blend it well and you are good to go.

The final result of the strawberry milkshake looked fabulous and to top it off, VERY HEALTHY too.

Best of both worlds, really.

I don't have a blender at home so my next alternative was the simplified and cheaper way of making chocolate milkshake.

Simply add Regilait, water and chocolate powder to a jar (that preferably comes with a handle), close the cap and shake it. You will then have that jar of chocolate goodness in the picture above. Good eh?

Interested to try Regilait already?

Regilait retails at $22 per tin at selected NTUC FairPrice Finest and Cold Storage so go try them!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences. Individual photos of the 4 variants are also credited to Regilait.

Hey people!

I've long wanted to visit Kranji Marshes since it was opened months ago but never got round to visiting because there was ongoing construction then and after that, I was overwhelmed with work.

I also read that next year, 62 farms in Kranji will be relocated elsewhere so I figured, let's just take one day to explore Kranji Countryside before we never see these farms again.

Armed with my camera to capture some memories along the way and joined by a spontaneous and enthusiastic companion, we went exploring Kranji Countryside one fine weekend.

Kranji Marshes is indeed out of the way and largely accessible by car (please do not try walking there - you will regret) but for those of you who do not drive, fret not.

They have a Kranji Countryside Express Bus that will bring you straight to the entrance of Kranji Marshes from Kranji MRT. One thing to note is that they arrive at various intervals so you might need to look at the bus schedule and plan when to catch the bus.

You will also need to pay $3 cash per pax to board the bus and before you go 'wah lao, rip off ah!', the $3 is a roundtrip fee and you can keep the ticket stub to hop on and off the bus. To make the time and money's worth, I will recommend everyone to visit other farms aside from going to the marshes.

1st stop - Kranji Marshes

So we boarded the bus at 9.30am at Kranji MRT and reached the entrance of Kranji Marshes approximately half an hour later.

The place was peaceful and quiet but not to the point of being deserted. There were a couple of people exploring the place with their cameras and occasionally a handful of tourists walking around in a group.

We were thankful that the weather was good and although there was a slight drizzle while we were walking, it didn't get any heavier than that.

At times, you will find yourself walking along secluded concrete pathways while trying to avoid stepping on millipedes on the ground.

In other moments, you will be distracted by random interesting things along the way such as this bird nest.

This picture depicts my idea of 'marshes'.

For a place known for bird-watching, we didn't managed to spot any birds. I guessed even if we did, we wouldn't be able to tell one bird from the other.

Maybe we'll need to park ourselves at the lookout tents and look through huge binoculars before we can spot one. I saw a couple of birdwatchers doing that.

Although we didn't spot any birds, we saw gorgeous flowers and butterflies instead.

This pretty thing just perched itself obediently on the flower for me to photograph it.

More bird nest?

I was very tempted to sit on the bird nest for phototaking purposes until I saw a 'No Sitting' sign on it. Opps!

The distance from the entrance of the marshes to the Raptor Tower was a mere 1KM so we reached the tower after approximately 30 minutes (or less).

I was excited because the Raptor Tower was the main thing that I wanted to see from trekking in the marshes. I've seen it in those Instagram-worthy shots and now I wanted to see it for myself.

The Raptor Tower looks like a simple structure but somehow, it seems really photogenic and gives off different vibes in each photo angle.

Naturally, I went trigger-happy there and started shooting the Raptor Tower from multiple angles. I would like to say that in the above photo, Yixiang was staring at the Raptor Tower with wide-eyed wonder but in truth, I was actually going 'okay, stand there, don't move, look up.' :P

Never knew that algae-filled waters can look so tranquil.

What's missing are a couple of birds flying by and some fishes leaping out of the water. I know, I have an imaginative mind.

The view from the top of the Raptor Tower left me in awe.

If the weather was significantly cooler to match this rustic scene, I would have felt that I wasn't in sunny Singapore.

To leave Kranji Marshes, you'll have to walk the entire 1KM pathway back to the entrance. Don't whine - it's only another 30 minutes (or less).

2nd stop - Hay Dairies Goat Farm

Since it was still early, we hopped on the Kranji Countryside Express and headed to Hay Dairies to look at goats.

It's been a good 6 years since I've stepped into this place.

Do lower your expectations for this place though.

It is a small goat farm where you can basically walk through in 10 minutes. Granted, it may not be that appealing for the adults but it seemed like a place that kids will be excited to be in.

As for the smell, it's true what people say - there WILL be an unpleasant smell emitting from the goat pens but no worries, it's tolerable. Just don't take deep whiffs.

My ideal goat farm is one where visitors can get to interact with the goats or at least see them roaming around grass fields but there, the goats were locked up and looked... for lack of a better word...sad.

Occasionally, there will be 1 or 2 goats that will poke their heads out for some water before turning back to butt-face us.

The closest I've gotten to a sleepy goat with my camera and my, did it looked serene with its head turned slightly sideways.

I was still worried that I would startle the goat if I bring my camera too close.

After touring the goat farm, you might wanna try some of their chilled goat milk while waiting for the bus.

I wasn't keen on trying initially because I'm not a fan of overpowering goat smells but Yixiang got 1 for us to share so I ended up drinking at least half of it.

In sum, if you're afraid that you might gag when you drink goat milk, choose chocolate goat milk. It costs only $2.50 for a small bottle; does not taste overly sweet and can mask the goat smell. Excellent choice, I must say!

3rd stop - Bollywood Veggies

Because it was lunch time, we decided to hop onto the bus again and head to Bollywood Veggies to find food.

One thing about Kranji Countryside is that food choices are very limited so many people either head back to Kranji MRT to search for food or visit Bollywood Veggies to have their lunch at Poison Ivy Bistro. When we arrived, the Bistro was crowded so we decided to explore the farm first.

The admission fee to the farm is $2 per pax but if you're holding on to the bus ticket stub, you can just show the staff and enter the farm for free.

The farm is a relatively big one so be prepared to spend around 20 to 30 minutes exploring. Since I've visited this farm 6 years ago and it still looks pretty much the same (aside for the fact that there are more people visiting now), it's not much of an eye-opener for me but it would be for someone who is new to this farm.

It's quite fun; you somehow feel like you're visiting a kampung and at the same time, it's educational. There's some plants that I have not heard of; and even if I did, I didn't know that they looked the way they do.

We walked by a cave-like structure and decided to take a photo for each other. Here's a nice shot of Yixiang - praise my camera skills, please.

And here's mine which was pretty decent, thank goodness.

Please ignore my yellow mozzie patch on my shorts. It failed to work that day and I ended up with a heck lot of mozzie bites on my legs. Urg!

The jungle maze which wasn't much of a jungle and not much of a maze, to be honest.

Just be prepared to walk into lots of low-hanging tree branches and leaves.

Spotted a peanut plant with lovely reddish purple leaves.

Sad to say that some of the leaves were consumed by worms, thus the holes.

A scarecrow which looked kinda eerie actually. I wonder what the seat was for.

There weren't many pretty flowers in the farm so a nice bloom like the one above really catches our attention.

Also spotted other interesting sights along the way such as this murderous cotton tree (I mean, look at the spikes) and this solitary hibiscus in a beautiful, vibrant red.

We ended our farm tour by having lunch at Poison Ivy Bistro. There wasn't much crowd by 1.30pm so we were able to get seats within the Bistro.

Shared a Warrior's Platter for 2 ($20) which looked fancy and had generous sampling portions on the platter. If you don't wanna rack your brains on what to eat, just go for this and try a bit of everything. The vegetables were fresh picks from the farm too and overall, our meal was very fulfilling.

For drinks, you can try their Lemongrass Tea or Fig Tea and for desserts, their Banana Cake is highly recommended.

There are actually more sites to visit in Kranji such as the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve or the Jurong Frog Farm but we didn't have time to cover so many places. If you're feeling gung-ho, you can aim to cover all the sites along the bus route. :D

I hope this entry will inspire you to take some time to explore Kranji Countryside. It's a great place to hang out with family and friends if you want to momentarily escape from the bustling city life without feeling that pinch in your pockets.

Thank you for reading, my friends and I'll be back to blog again soon!


Hey people!

It's the Great Singapore Sale (GSS), or what I call the 'let's all go crazy and shop till we drop' season and I'm sure many shopaholics out there are doing what they do best - prowling the malls for huge discounts and bargain deals.

Photo credits to Popular

Popular Online Store, the virtual extension of Poplar Bookstore is also having a GSS from 17 June to 3 July 16 with a storewide web discount of 20%. If you spend a minimum of $100 on their online store, you get to enjoy an additional 5% discount.

Photo credits to Popular

There's even some Star Deals found exclusively on Popular Online Store that can give you up to a whooping 50% off! Some of these Star Deals include books for children and young adults; fiction books as well as self-help books and I'm personally excited to see such huge savings on some of my potential buys.

So, if you're feeling lazy to visit the local Popular Bookstore and just want to shop from the comforts of your home, you can do so through Popular Online Store and enjoy exclusive online deals and attractive prices. If you're a Popular membership holder, that's even better because MORE DISCOUNTS! On top of that, there's local and overseas delivery and you can also choose to collect your purchases at any Popular Bookstores islandwide.

Photo credits to Popular

And...attention parents!

To tie in with the latest craze for the movie 'Finding Dory', Popular Online Store also has a Finding Dory giveaway lucky draw. Simply purchase any Finding Dory books and you can be one of the 10 lucky people to win a set of premiums.

The premiums include 1 Adult Tee, 1 Child Tee and 1 Poster and winners have to collect their premiums at the designated store.

So, care to join me in some crazy online shopping?

You can start by creating an account on Popular Online Store and piling your shopping cart with loads of books.

Do also look out for my next blog post where I will be featuring some of my book hauls from Popular Online Store. Happy bargain shopping!
Good day folks!

POCARI SWEAT Run is back for its 5th consecutive year and I'm thrilled to be participating in my first POCARI SWEAT Run after hearing so much about it from my fellow friends.

Photo credits to POCARI SWEAT

POCARI SWEAT is developed by Japanese company Otsuka Pharmaceutical and has the closest composition to our natural human body fluid, i.e. BODYWATER. This makes it a very useful hydrating beverage for astronauts to maintain their health and survival while they're travelling in space.

As part of Otsuka Pharmaceutical's Lunar Dream Capsule Project, they have a special mission to launch a POCARI SWEAT Capsule to the Moon, making it the first beverage to ever land on the Moon. How #coolbeans is that?

Photo credits to POCARI SWEAT

The distance from the Earth to the Moon is a mega long one. In the previous 4 years, runners have expended all their energy to cover a total of 300,000KM, making up at least 75% of the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

With a remaining distance of 80,000KM to the moon, runners this year are encouraged to combine their efforts to complete this final leg and to make history with their participation in either the 5KM or 10KM category.

Besides that, runners can also look out for interesting fringe acitivities to prepare them for their run, including hydration examinations and space run simulations in selected NTUC FairPrice hypermarts as well as running clinics.


The run will be held on 23 July, Saturday at The Float @ Marina Bay, with a flag off timing of 6pm for 5KM category and 6.45pm for 10KM category.

Do mark your calendars and register for the run on their Official Website! Runners must be 14 years old and above to participate.

Please also note that registration closes on 30 June 2016 (or once all available run slots are sold out) so do sign up as quickly as you can.

I'll see you there, space runners!
Hey people!

Many ladies have possibly gone through Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal services one time or another in their life so that they no longer have to bother with shaving.

As for me, I have been relying on my faithful Gillette Venus shaver because I was too afraid to go through IPL. Why so?

I've heard stories from family and friends that IPL is a slightly painful process and it made me wonder, 'why do women have to go through pain to be beautiful?'.

Last week, I went through my first IPL in my life at Only Aesthetics @ Raffles Place and since it's such a milestone for me (ha ha), it is worth documenting my experience.

I'm proud to announce that I'm no longer an IPL noob so hurray!

But first... let me introduce Only Aesthetics.

Only Aesthethics is an aesthetic centre offering a wide variety of beauty services such as premium facials, skin and slimming treatments as well as hair removal services.

They have several outlets around Singapore and I had my underarm IPL session done at the Raffles Place outlet. Getting there is simple. All you need to do is to enter Royal Brothers Building (which is a short walking distance from Raffles Place MRT), go straight to Level 9 and once the lift door opens, you're there!

My first impression of the centre was that it looked very clean, very posh and very white. I'm not even joking.

They also have unconventional and quirky choice of furniture such as a pig table. I'm serious - look at where the magazines were placed. On a black pig.

Holy crap, the chairs have faces!

It would look scary if you're all alone in the centre at night because... those hollow eyes.

The spick and span consultation room. Wanna fit your butt in those seats?

After filling a form on my personal particulars, I was led down a long and white hallway to Room T5.

A nice, comfy bed with a painting of a girl awaited me.

As my session was a short 5 to 10 minutes (how long do you want an underarm hair removal session to be anyway?), I didn't have the luxury of resting on the bed for long hours like in a facial.

I was asked by the aesthetician to change into a black tube prior to my session. I went 'oh, this?' coz I thought it was a black towel draped there for me to freshen up later.

The session commenced with the aesthetician applying very cold contact gel at my underarms, after which a tool will then be used to zap some red laser light into my armpits. When the laser light is in contact with the hair follicles, it heats them up and kills the stem cells in them, thereby impeding hair growth, which also means no more underarm hairs in the future. Oh yay!

Process was so fast that my whole duration in the aesthetics centre (from the time I arrived till the time I left) was only a mere 30 minutes.

Because we are involving laser light which can be harmful to the eyes, I had to put on a pair of cyclops glasses to protect my precious pair of eyes.

Sensation-wise, it was queer but nothing too uncomfortable. People have described the pain of IPL to be like 'rubber bands shooting against skin', 'ant bites', 'needles poking skin lightly' etc. but I felt nothing of that sort.

There was no pain, thankfully, just a chilling sensation from the refrigerated contact gel and me feeling squirmish when the tool was against my underarms (I mean - it's ticklish mah!!!). I was told that I might not have felt any pain or uneasiness because my hair follicles were very fine. If they were thicker, I would probably have felt something.

Of course, one session of IPL will not suffice so I'll definitely be back for more sessions. It is recommended for sessions to be scheduled 1.5 to 2 weeks apart as well. Besides IPL, I will be trying out their Laser Hair Removal service next and I can't wait to share more about it in the next blog post. Stay tuned for it yah?

An unlimited package of IPL sessions for underarms costs $55.

If you're interested to try any ala carte services in Only Aesthetics, you can quote 'Tracy Wong' to enjoy a 10% discount!

For more information on Only Aesthetics, feel free to check out their Official Website or Facebook Page.

Only Aesthetics
22 Malacca Street,
Royal Brothers Capital Building
#09-00, Singapore 048980

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Good afternoon, my friends!

It's a great and lazy Sunday and I'm totally in the mood to do a review on a gorgeous product that I received recently, the Limited Edition Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (Love from Paris).

I know it looks like a perfume bottle but it's not. It's actually a multi purpose dry oil and before it gets confusing, I'll explain in a while.

But first, let us feast our eyes on this uber chio product manufactured all the way from France.

Isn't the elegant gold glass bottle with the lovely graphics of the symbolic buildings in Paris simply divine? It is said that the secret of Parisian women lies in this bottle of goodness so I guessed it's time for me to try and determine whether this product truly lives up to its hype.

I've actually reviewed the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multiple Purpose Dry Oil back in Year 2013 but since it's a good 3 years ago, I wanted to see whether my opinions on this product have changed over the years.

The Limited Edition Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is a multi purpose dry oil made up of 6 botanical oils, namely Macadamia, Hazelnut, Borage, Sweet Almond, Camellia and St John's Wort.

It has a light floral scent, kinda like a Eau de Parfum except that the scent doesn't linger too long on your body.

In terms of texture, the oil is also very lightweight and its gets absorbed very quickly into the body without leaving behind any sticky and greasy residue. This effect is actually more obvious on bodily skin compared to facial skin.

I remembered that 3 years ago, I didn't fancy having oils on my face because I was worried about breakouts and pimples but fast forward 3 years later, I have aged (le sigh) and my cheeks have gone increasingly dry with time. Thus, it did helped when I dabbed a teeny bit of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse on my cheeks to replenish the moisture. You can apply the product on its own or mix it with a day cream but I prefer to just apply directly.

Having a history of oily skin and pimple breakouts, I'm hesitant to use this product generously on my face but I do appreciate a little help from this product in touching up on the dry bits on my face. If you have ultra dry and even wrinkly skin, this might work way better for you than it will be for me.

My favourite thing about this product is that besides being able to nourish bodily and facial skin, it is also able to nourish the hair!

This is the main thing I love about the product 3 years ago as well as now. It is an awesome product in taming frizz as well as stubborn and dry hair ends. Simply scrunch the oil into your hair ends, smooth through the tangles and you're good to go. The floral scent adds a bit of hair perfume to your tresses as well which makes it a fantastic bonus.

In sum, I think that this product is acutally more suitable for my skincare and haircare needs now and I'm certainly gonna continue using this largely for my hair. Since it comes along with such a pretty packaging, what's there not to love about this precious bottle of goodness?

If you want to get your own Limited Edition Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (Love from Paris), it retails at $70 for a 100ml bottle at Beauty by Nature stores, Robinsons, John Little, Metro and selected Watson & Guardian stores.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

Last week went by interestingly with me doing something that no one will ever expect out of me - watching live horse racing.

I had the privilege to be invited by Singapore Turf Club to watch the Queen Elizabeth II Cup 2016 a week ago. The Queen Elizabeth II Cup is an annual event to mark the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the Singapore Racecourse at Bukit Timah in 1972.

I was mega thrilled to be part of this event because I have never stepped into Singapore Turf Club before, let alone watch a live horse race in there. In fact, the only time I've seen horses were in zoos, chewing grass with their butts facing me.

Getting there required a fair bit of walking followed by a mini van ride (that Hong Peng facilitated, thank you!) but the sights as well as insightful experience were totally worth it.

Guests can celebrate all things British with the Queen Elizabeth II Cup Marquee Package ($78 per pax) which includes dining in a lavish environment coupled with a sumptuous buffet spread; enjoying an exclusive view of the races and partaking in exciting activities such as 'Best Hats on Tracks' contest and a Beer Drinking contest.

The bloggers had a table to ourselves and we got to enjoy some delicious buffet fare as well.

There were already some ongoing horse races so in the midst of eating, we also kept running out to catch them.

Even though I'm not the horse or the jockey, I still felt that surge of excitement as a spectator when I watched the horses looking all ready to charge out from their respective pens.

Such an adrenaline rush to see the horses racing right before our eyes.

They were going so fast (and I was amazed that I even managed to capture this shot) and we were all cheering enthusiastically for our favourite horse. By that I mean, favourite-coloured horse.

So this is how it looks like when a horse wins a race. It goes into a special stand for phototaking while the jockey waves happily to the crowd of applauding spectators.

Does the horse knew it has won?

Spotted: My 白马王子.

This shot makes it look like I've been spying on the beautiful white horse from behind a flower bush.

Since it's a rare occasion for me to be at Singapore Turf Club, this calls for some mandatory shots for memories' sake.

With my spontaneous plus one and pole buddy, Rose as well as blogger friend, Pearly. I'm glad that my friends could get along well enough with one another after I've introduced them. :)

Besides feasting and watching horse racing, we got to enjoy a 'Shopping at Tiffany's' fashion showcase based on a hats theme and I was really marveled by the elaborate designs of the hats.

Wearing a hat like this does make a lady look more sophisticated and elegant, don't you think?

If you're wondering who are these gorgeous ladies strutting their stuff down the red carpet, they're our Miss Singapore International 2016 pageant finalists. Woohoo... the guys can salivate now.

We were brought on an exclusive tour to the horse ring so that we could get a closer look at the race horses.

I learnt that aside from being judged for their speed, the horses were also judged for their grooming. It must be tough being a race horse.

How cool is that standing in the middle of the ring while the horses parade in circles around you?

This was by far the highlight of the event and gave me the most memorable as well as eye-opening experience!

Since this will possibly be a once in a lifetime experience - MUST TAKE PHOTO.

Isn't that.... my 白马王子? Looks like I've got 2 eye candies now.

The style of this horse totally screamed 'Paris Hilton'.

Don't be deceived by its physical appearances okay - it actually ran pretty fast (3rd in line at the start of the race) for the Queen Elizabeth II Cup. #notabimbo

Photo credits to Singapore Turf Club.

The Champion of the Queen Elizabeth II Cup - Laughing Gravy. The name came as a surprise to me because I actually thought that the horse was a fierce one. When it was parading, it was making jerking motions in a frustrated manner so I thought it was angsty or something.

During the race, Laughing Gravy started off at the back of the group but slowly caught up to become the 1st to cross the finishing line. Slow and steady wins the race! Or maybe having pent-up fury or an anger waiting to be unleashed also helps. HA HA!

Our view of the Queen Elizabeth II Cup from the spectator stands.

When Laughing Gravy crossed the finishing line, people around me stood up instantaneously to hug and kiss one another in joy. Wow. Looks like many have placed their bets on Laughing Gravy.

The ultimate winner of Queen Elizabeth II Cup who got to walk away with the prize money of $500,000.

My guess is that he is the owner of Laughing Gravy? I need to start investing in horses.

Photo credits to Amanda.

With my blogger friends and their plus ones. :)

Thank you Singapore Turf Club for having us as well as the awesome time!

Singapore Turf Club
1 Turf Club Avenue
Singapore 738078

Disclaimer: Event feature is based on personal experiences.




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