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Hey people!

I'm Tracy Wong, aka Gilmangirl or Dainty Diva. I'm a beauty & lifestyle blogger and I've been blogging ever since 2005


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Event: Beauty Worldddd... Cha Cha Cha!

Hey people!

Singapore's No. 1 musical, Beauty World is back and I was privileged to have the opportunity to catch the musical at Victoria Theatre two Saturdays ago.

It was a great musical that left the songs lingering in my head and the memorable scenes etched in my mind.

Beauty World is written by Michael Chiang and directed by Dick Lee. Since its debut in 1988, it has enjoyed multiple restagings and was also shown on a TV production 10 years later. Clearly, it was a musical that sat very well with us locals. :D

Now, the musical's back and I have never been more excited to watch it. Thank you Singapore Street Festival for granting me this opportunity!

Beauty World is set in the 1960s and it features the adventures of an innocent young girl from Batu Pahat named Ivy Chan (played by Cheryl Tan) who travels to Singapore and joins a seedy club in search of her long-lost father.

She enters the club as an undercover cabaret girl and meets quirky characters as well as Cabaret Queen, Lulu (played by Jeanette Aw). Along her journey, she discovers about love and life from a world very different from her own.

So... who is Ivy's long-lost father? You wouldn't have guessed the story's ending so it's better to watch and find out by yourself! :D

Beauty World merchandises for sale, some of which include the programme booklet, tote bags, cups and CDs of the songs in the musical.

The cabaret scenes were particularly spectacular when everyone was belting out soulful ballads while dancing in flamboyant, retro dresses with exaggerated expressions on their faces. I was totally hooked at the sight before me and found myself humming the songs in my heart as well.

The trio on stage played by Cynthia Lee, Tay Ke Wei and Ethel Yap were also hilarious with their various quirks.

Rosemary Joseph, played by Frances Lee was another hilarious character who really cracked me up everytime she speaks.

Rosemary Joseph is Ivy's penpal in Singapore. She plays the supportive friend who goes in search of Ivy in the cabaret club to rescue her.

Cheryl Tan, the lady in an orange dress in the picture, has a powerful and mesmerizing voice that evokes emotions in me whenever she sings.

I especially love the romantic development between Ah Hock (played by Timothy Wan, guy on left) and Ivy. It basically shows the romance between two people from absolutely different backgrounds. Will they end up together? That's for you to find out!

I know critics have said that Jeanette Aw couldn't sing but I didn't think it was as bad as they thought. Granted, Cheryl Tan stood out in terms of vocals but Jeanette Aw had an amazing showmanship which really deserved some commendation.

I found that she played the gorgeous, seductive and manipulative Cabaret Queen, Lulu very well and her character is honestly not easy to play at all. Besides, I have never seen anyone looked so stunning in those retro outfits and hair. It's no wonder she's the face of Beauty World.

For a teaser of the classic Beauty World song, click to listen at the video below.

Interested to support our local cast in this wonderful musical comedy?

The last show for this musical ends on 12 December so get your tickets from SISTIC at this website now!

For more information on Beauty World, check out its website here.

Disclaimer: Review is based on personal experiences.


Hey everyone!

Any cafe lovers out there?

I'm sure many of us are fond of cafe-hopping and admittedly, I'm one of them.

Before I got busy with my work and blogging life, cafe-hopping used to be one of my favourite activities over the weekend and I enjoy exploring a new cafe each time with my friends.

I love cafe food but I know that many of them are unhealthy and fattening. As indulging as it might be, it hasn't been great for my waist line.

But... what if you have a cafe that satisfies your cafe-hopping indulgences without the guilt?

I'm talking about Artisan Boulangerie Co. (or 'ABC' for short), a cafe that serves delicious and healthy gourmet food. I've always thought that healthy gourmet food will generally be overpriced but surprisingly, those served in ABC are priced similarly to the food in a regular cafe.

Two Saturdays ago, Sis and I were invited by nutritionist, Ms Hannah Mulryan as well as Nikhil from The Zest Group for a food tasting session at ABC, specifically at its Asia Square outlet.

This was an exceptionally special food tasting session for me because not only did I get to try a series of healthy dishes, I also learnt how to maintain a healthy diet at the same time.

I enjoy fitness and love to work out but when it comes to food, I don't exactly watch what I eat. Sure, I cut down on snacks and I stop consuming fizzy drinks but I've never actually, you know, gone on a diet or count my calories. The cold-pressed juicing diet that seemed to be the in-thing nowadays will definitely backfire on me.

Hannah introduced me to the 5-2 diet which involves normal eating for 5 days and consuming less than 500 calories on the other two days. Now, this sounds very doable because I don't have to resist cravings for long periods of time or even starve myself. Eating less than 500 calories for the remaining 2 days may sound daunting but there are actually many filling and nutritious meals out there that are under 500 calories. Read here if you want to browse through 150 family dinners under 500 calories. :)

ABC has outlets around the central part of Singapore and prior to this invite, I've already heard about this eatery. I just never thought about visiting it because from the sound of its name, I've always assumed that it would be a very atas (i.e. high class) place where you would burn a hole in your pocket after a meal.

Nonetheless, it's actually a very popular eatery that tends to get packed during the weekend and is reasonably priced for its quality of food and portion. Based on first impression, people might think that ABC only sells gourmet bread and all-day breakfast meals but they also serve other Western mains such as pasta, burgers and regular meat dishes.

I was glad to be at the Asia Square outlet because it's probably one of the few ABC outlets that are not packed during the weekend.

That's also because they cater more to the corporate crowd during weekdays so the outlet becomes a quiet and cosy place for chilling over the weekend.

ABC has a large variety of beverage choices, namely coffee, tea, organic drinks, fruit juices, smoothies and even alcohol.

I was recommended a glass of Kale Cucumber Apple ($8.50) to accompany my meal. I know veggie drinks aren't exactly many people's thing and it wasn't for me initially but if you never try a drink like this, you never know.

Kale is one of the healthiest veggies around and it's known to help reduce cholesterol and also lower the risk of cancer. It has a strong and largely acquired taste (you either like it or you don't) so thankfully, the taste was evened out by the blend of cucumber and apple. It's a very refreshing drink that is definitely healthy and worth a try.

Every meal comes with a complimentary basket of baguettes which you can pair with the butter provided on the side.

I actually prefer to dip my baguettes in a nice warm bowl of soup or curry. Mmmmm... yummy.

More kale for you? Yes, please!

I actually really like the taste and texture of kale so my eyes glistened with delight when Power Kale with Pecans ($10) was brought out for sampling.

Topped with a generous amount of apples, tomatoes, cranberries and pecans, they certainly added lots of flavour and crunch to this salad dish. I tried 2 salads and this was definitely my preferred one.

Speaking of kale, you can make kale chips by adding olive oil and salt to raw kale before oven-baking it. They're actually really tasty and makes a guilt-free snack!

The other salad that I tried was the Organic Quinoa & Fennel ($12).

The green lentils tasted so strong that I couldn't actually taste the quinoa (or perhaps quinoa doesn't have much of a distinct taste after all). That said, I felt that the salad went very well with the Balsamic glaze.

I've also discovered a new found love for quinoa after realizing that it makes a good replacement for white rice. Quinoa fills the stomach like rice but it contains less carbohydrate which is mega awesome. You know how people are now afraid to consume too much white rice because it is apparently fattening too? Try replacing with quinoa so that you need not starve yourself and you consume less carbs at the same time. Kills two birds with one stone.

Lemon Vinaigrette for the Power Kale with Pecans and the Balsamic Glaze for the Organic Quinoa & Fennel.

I prefer the Balsamic Glaze over the Lemon Vinaigrette so I decided to drizzle the former on both salads.

Miso Salmon Fillet with Linguine ($22) was absolutely delicious and flavourful. Although the pasta was cream-based, the dish itself wasn't overwhelmingly creamy so it sat very well with me. Besides, the pasta used was gluten-free so thumbs up for the health factor!

I'm a fan of salmon so I might be a tad biased here but I really adore this dish to bits. Hannah told me that one should eat oily fish such as salmon around once a week because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is apparently good for the heart and brain.

This sounds great for me but for those who aren't a fan of oily fish, fish oil supplements work well too.

We also tried the Lentil and Quinoa Veggie Burger ($16) which really surprised us in terms of taste and texture.

See the patty lodged between 2 burger buns? It's a lentil-quinoa-portobello mushroom patty blend that looked and felt somewhat like a meat patty.In terms of taste, it may not be a perfect imitation of meat but it tasted amazing on its own plus it is healthy so I had no complaints.

It's definitely a great dish to try so I would encourage all you meat lovers to lay off the meat for a while, try something new and be surprised. Oh yes, the sweet potatoes on the side were yummy and crispy too!

Saving the best for the last, we had our ultimate favourite dish - the Roast Chicken Breast ($19) which really changed my perception about the taste of chicken breast.

Now, I've never fancied chicken breast because those I've eaten were dry and bland so I either waste them or I don't eat them at all. However, this was one of the recommended dishes by The Zest Group so I kept an open mind when trying this.

And I was so glad I did. This was by far the most tender and tasty chicken breast I've ever eaten and it's also hormone-free which was major plus points for the health factor. The caramelized onions generously sprinked all over the chicken breast also intensified the flavour of the dish, making it really palatable. It was even better when the dish came with another of my favourite - roasted potatoes. Needless to say, Sis and I totally helped ourselves to this dish. It was also my first time eating so much chicken breast.

Oh yes, this mushroom gravy that was used to complement the chicken breast is worthy of mention too.

This gravy was very addictive and I mean, who could resist those huge and generous chunks of mushrooms inside? It's a gravy but I don't mind drinking it like soup. Can ABC have a mushroom soup that models after this please? It will definitely attract the mushroom lovers out there.

In sum, this is an awesome cafe and I recommend everyone to visit. If you want to indulge in good food without breaking the bank, I'd suggest indulging in a cafe that sells premium healthy food.

Thank you Hannah and Nikhil for hosting us. It was great learning about healthy eating from both of you. :)

For more information about Artisan Boulangerie Co., you can visit their website here.

Artisan Boulangerie Co. @ Asia Square
12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2
#01-02, Singapore 018961

Opening hours:
Weekdays from 8am to 10pm
Saturdays from 9am to 3pm

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hi friends!

Not long ago, you've read my review on ASUS Zenfone Selfie.

Today, I'm here to introduce another one of ASUS latest smartphones, the Asus ZenFone 2 Laser.

Apparently, there are a couple of ZenFone 2 Lasers in the market so one shall not be confused. The model that I was loaned for review was specifically the ZE550KL model with the 5.5 inch HD IPS display.

In terms of physical appearances, the ZenFone 2 Laser did have a stark resemblance to the Zenfone Selfie, particularly when I was loaned a white set for both phones. I had to make sure I wasn't loaned the Zenfone Selfie again by mistake.

With a slim 3.9mm edge, I must say that this phone was really sleek and comfortable to hold. Apparently, its ergonomic design even won the IF Design award. Cool eh?

Having a white phone means I have to be extra careful not to dirty it so I had to store it in a pink elephant pouch for the time being.

Photo credits to Asus.

Fortunately, white wasn't the only colour available under the ZenFone 2 Laser range.

They had 3 other colours to choose from and my favourite was definitely the very boomz Glamour Red.

The highlight of this phone was its auto-focus function, or specifically its lightning speed auto-focus which was as fast as 0.2 seconds.

This also meant that the phone was able to focus on an item really quickly and snap a shot with virtually no shutter lag. Coupled with its 13 megapixel resolution, you can use this phone to capture in-action shots promptly and efficiently.

In the picture on the right, I managed to capture a quick shot of Chef Yamashita pouring a mixture while whisking away during a cooking demonstration yesterday. Such shots will usually be blurred on my personal phone because the pouring and whisking actions are too quick.

One thing I observed was that the Asus ZenFone 2 Laser will brighten my image in real-time instantaneously while I am focusing my camera on an item under dim lighting. When I was taking a photo of my food, it felt as though someone shone a light over it so that I could take this brightly lit shot of my chicken and wedges in a dimly lit restaurant.

With an f/2.0 aperture and an auto brightening function, this phone ensures that you can take sharp images with immense clarity even under dim light. This is mega awesome because I don't have to use flash or even brighten my pictures using some app after that. HURRAY!

I have to disclaim that sometimes this auto brightening function can be counterproductive under certain lighting. For example, the colours of the photo can look rather washed out when a shot is taken under yellow light. Therefore, for shots like these, I'd recommend tweaking the colours using an app after the shot.

I tested the smartphone during the Skechers Sundown Festival yesterday night and made sure to use its Low Light mode which promised 4x brighter photos in low-light scenes or at night.

True enough, I managed to capture several quick and clear shots of the performers on stage even while they were moving around and jamming on their guitars. The load of actions on the stage would normally be too quick for my personal phone to capture but the Asus ZenFone 2 Laser proved otherwise.

The downside though was that I couldn't do a clear, zoomed in photo of the performers without compromising on the quality of the pictures so I had to stick to my digital camera instead.

Although I personally feel that this smartphone cannot replace the functions of a digital camera, I think it works generally well for a smartphone and its auto functions make it really simple to use. Additionally, it is an affordable phone despite being relatively new in the market and is definitely worth a consideration!

I'll be writing a second post to introduce some of my favourite functions of the phone so stay tuned for the post.

The Asus ZenFone 2 Laser retails at $279 without contract. For more information, please check out Asus' website here.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey everyone!

Last Friday, I visited pole mate, Connie at What'sup Bee @ Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) for some Japanese food fare.

Look at how adorable the icons are - a baby octopus and a sushi doing some fishing on a boat. They were specially designed by Connie and her boyfriend, Ivan.

Say hello to Connie and Ivan, the owners of What'sup Bee.

If you haven't already catch the pun, What'sup Bee is actually a word play on the signature Japanese ingredient, wasabi and this name was apparently derived from a cold joke. LOL!

Well, cold joke or not, the name was certainly catchy. :)

What'sup Bee's main target audience is the students within SIM but of course, they are open to public as well.

As you know, students have to rush for classes and sometimes, they may not have enough time to sit down and enjoy a nice, long lunch.

Although there are a couple of seats outside the eatery, the seats are shared with other stores too so in peak periods, there may not be enough seats for a sit-down lunch.

What'sup Bee offers affordable simple sushi, sushi burritos and other Japanese light bites that you can purchase and eat on the go. In my opinion, it's not only great for students but also for the corporate workers who work in or near the vicinity.

This is What'sup Bee's menu.

Basically, you can order a rice bowl set from the 6 selections and each rice bowl comes with a side and a beverage of your choice. Your meal will be served in a bento set where the side and beverage are packed neatly within it.

Now you need not have to worry about carrying too many containers or plastic bags to classes. One bento set is suffice to meet your meal needs conveniently.

The chefs at work preparing my meal for me. What an honour!

It was also my first time seeing Connie in the kitchen context - I'm too used to this girl doing crazy stunts on the pole in the studio.

I'm a fan of Sashimi (10 pieces for $12.90) so I was really happy when Connie brought this out for me to try.

10 pieces may seemed a lot but I still managed to wipe them out. I really enjoyed these yummilicious pieces of salmon goodness!

Salmon Belly Mentai (4 pieces for $6.90), the eatery's best seller was totally drool-worthy. My godddddd, the Salmon Belly melts in your mouth. It was so shiok to the max!

Although this was a tad pricier than the other Japanese light bites in the eatery, that didn't deter the students from buying this. I guess they couldn't resist this too!

Connie selected a rice bowl set for me which turned out to be something that I would have ordered for myself.

I had the Unagi (Eel) Rice Bowl sprinkled with a generous amount of seaweed; Seasoned Jellyfish for the side and Miso Soup for my beverage (worth $9.90). They were all packed neatly within a bento set, making it very convenient for me to eat while sitting outside the eatery or when I'm out and about. I can even eat this halfway outside the store, snap on the lid and bring it with me somewhere else.

And that Unagi. It was so flavourful and the taste still lingered in my mouth long after. I love it!

Thank you Connie and Ivan for having me on a Friday night. It was great catching up too. :)

Please show What'sup Bee some support by liking their Facebook page here and following their Instagram page here.

If you're interested to visit the eatery, please see address and opening hours below.

What'sup Bee

461 Clementi Road
SIM HQ, Annex Building
#01-25, Singapore 599491

Opening hours
10am to 9.30pm (Mon to Fri)
10am to 6pm (Sat)

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

If you enjoy taking selfies, you're gonna be very happy reading this entry because I'll be sharing about a phone that will make you look FABULOUS! in your photos.

Introducing the Asus Zenfone Selfie, a phone that will bring out the narcissist in you. If you have lots of self-love already, it will bring your narcissism to a whole new level.

I'm not even joking.

Can I frame my selfie up please?

The love for this incredible phone was also evident among my family members.

Basically, I got them to take a selfie individually and they were intrigued by the way they look. Even my Dad who never takes selfies (probably don't know how or not interested to) couldn't stop checking himself out when I asked him to test the selfie camera.

My 2 sisters, cousin and Aunt even uploaded their newly taken selfies on Facebook or Whatsapp thereafter and received loads of compliments from their friends. Awesome, isn't it?

Photo credits to Asus.

The Asus Zenfone Selfie comes in 3 colours - Aqua Blue, Chic Pink and Pure White.

Many ladies, including myself are attracted to the pastel pink phone because we just don't get phones in such pretty colours all the time!

I was loaned an Asus Zenfone Selfie in Pure White for review purposes.

The Zenfone Selfie front camera has a 13 megapixel resolution and an 88-degree wide angle Largan lens that will ensure immense clarity in your photos. Additionally, there is virtually no shutter lag which is mega awesome!

Many of us have phones that take better shots using the rear camera but when it comes to the front camera, our selfie shots were never as nice. Some of our selfies might even be pixelated or blurred. In fact, my personal phone makes me look rather ashy in selfies so much so that I have to tweak the colour to make myself appear more natural.

Can you see why I like the Zenfone Selfie so much now?

For the first time in my life, I actually have bright and radiant complexion! The auto beautification mode on this phone is my absolute favvvourite part because it seemed to recognize your imperfections and somehow counteract them.

Fearful that your pimples or wrinkles are conspicuous? Scared that people can see those hideous eye bags of yours? FRET NOT. The auto beautification mode takes care of all these crap and transforms you into a flawless beauty. In fact, you can even view your 'beautified look' in real-time so that you can ensure that you like the way you look before you snap that photo.

I'd have to admit that it may be quite unnatural for the guys to go on 'beautified mode' because they looked like they applied foundation to their face. I supposed this mode will be more suitable for the ladies.

Besides the beautification mode, there's 16 other modes you can play around, namely the Auto, Manual, HDR, Super-Resolution, Low Light, Night, Depth of Field, Effect, GIF Animation, Miniature, Time Rewind, Smart Remove, All Smiles, Slow-Mo and the Time Lapse mode.

I was particularly impressed with the Miniature mode because it turned the houses that I see outside my window into tiny ones inside my photo. As for the GIF animation mode, it totally cracked my family members up with our series of queer and animated expressions.

Is this library shot artistic or what?

The rear camera also uses a 13 megapixel resolution and has a speedy 0.2 sec laser auto focus which ensures immense clarity in your images. With an aperture of f/2.0, you can also take great images even when there is not enough light.

Granted, it doesn't work as well as a digital or a DSLR camera but hey, it's doing really well for a regular smartphone and I'm loving the images that I've taken so far, particularly the shot of the merlion looking over at the Marina Bay Sands and the ArtScience Museum.

It was a simple snap that turned into a panoramic shot. :)

This shot was taken at night and through a glass window as I was on the Singapore Flyer. Although the photo quality didn't looked as sharp as the photos in my digital camera, I think it fared pretty well for a smartphone.

If you want to jazz up your photos with interesting templates, you can play around with their PhotoCollage which I discovered while I was exploring the other functions of the phone.

My photos aren't great representations of what you can do using PhotoCollage but here are just some basic examples. Wished the magazine templates didn't come with quotes though because some quotes don't make sense! :S

In sum, I ADORE this phone for its sleek design, large screen (it's easy on the eyes when you watch youtube videos) and most importantly its camera functions.

As a blogger, I take many photos in events and sometimes, it's a pain in the neck (literally) if I have to lug around a huge camera in my bag all the time.
Asus Zenfone Selfie works very well in meeting my blogging and personal needs. So what's there not to love about this phone? :)

Interested to purchase?

The Asus Zenfone Selfie retails at $379 without contract. For more information, please check out Asus' website here.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

In early November, I was at National Library Board for the 'The Hunt for the Red Lion' Documentary Screening, thanks to an invitation by The Influencer Network.

'The Hunt for the Red Lion' is a 30 minute SG50 documentary film that aims to show that Singapore's history is interesting and dynamic, with possible alternative interpretations to it.

The film also suggests that Singapore may already have multi-cultural communities since a long time ago.

'The Hunt for the Red Lion' was initiatied by Eric Ng & Elango S/O Athiramulahi Letchumana and eventually produced by Oak 3 Films.

That night, Mr Eric Ng (left) provided a brief introduction of the film prior to the screening and shared with us some of the questions he had about our history.

As for Professor Miksic (right), he was one of notable academics whose opinion was sought in the film.

Photo credits to The Influencer Network.

As kids, we learnt in school that Sang Nila Utama saw a lion on Temasek island and decided to name the island 'Singapura'. We also learnt that he travelled to Temasek because he was bored and was attracted to our white, sandy beaches.

Comparing the Malay Annals, Chinese source materials and Indonesian source materials seemed to suggest that there may be more than meets the eye.

Because the truth is, there were no lions living in Singapore back then. In the Malay Annals, Sang Nila Utama described the animal as a 'Lion' with a red body and black head which also did not fit the description of a lion. What could he have seen then?

We invite you to watch an alternative interpretation of our history through the 30 minute film which I have embedded below.

Feel free to also support the film's Facebook page here. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Event and film feature are based on personal experiences.
Hi people!

During the Deepavali holiday, Shen and I caught 'Our Times'
《我的少女時代》, a movie that was highly raved by others.

Apparently, it's a movie that would make you cry and some of my friends even watched the movie again because it was just too good. Naturally, I was very curious about this. Shen is awesome for watching this with me even though he had to sit through a chick flick. THANK YOU!! :D

Poster credits to goldposter.com

'Our Times' brings us back to our younger, schooling days when we have our first crush and first experience of innocent puppy love. To some extent, it reminds me of another movie called 'You are the Apple of my Eye' 那些年,我们一起追的女孩but I like 'Our Times' better because the story was told from the perspective of an ordinary girl - a story that we ladies can resonate with.

In this movie, an ordinary high school girl named Lin Truly (played by Vivian Sung) had a crush on the most popular guy in school, Ouyang Extraordinary (played by Dino Lee).

At the same time, the school's bad boy and troublemaker Hsu Taiyu (played by Ta Lu Wang) was interested in the prettiest girl in school, Tao Minmin (played by Dewi Chien). Together, Truly and Taiyu decided to work together to help each other win their dream dates and in the process, they learn a thing or two about true love.

Photo credits to thepoppingpost.com

Now, I know this sounds like a cheesy plot but thankfully, the movie wasn't as cheesy as I thought.

I'd have to disclaim that this movie was definitely a more 'ladies' movie because yes, ladies love chick flicks and it allowed us to reminisce our secondary school days when we were young and innocent. Besides, we're not complaining when there are eye candies in the movie. Dino Lee looks really good with the 'M-shaped' hairstyle that was so popular in those days and in fact, much better than his usual MTV look.

Photo credits to taipeitimes.com

Even though this is a Taiwanese movie, there were some familiar scenes that we can relate to as well - the walking by hallways just to catch a glimpse of our crush, the studying in McDonalds' together with friends, collecting postcards or stickers of our pop idols and the dolling up to impress our date, only to end up looking a lot older than we are.

Photo credits to hpility.blogspot.com

Like Truly Lin, I used to be a dorky girl as well (except that I was less dramatic) who had a crush on a handsome bad boy during my secondary school days. I noticed him during assembly and hoped that I could one day become his friend.

Interestingly, I got to know him through my school channel on Internet Relay Chat (IRC). IRC was also rather popular back then before MSN Messenger came about. We chatted online and decided to meet up during recess time. I was so nervous and worried that a handsome guy like him would not want to be my friend after he sees me but interestingly, my worries were uncalled for because we became quite close. Even though he was interested in the other popular girls in school, I was happy to just be his 'sister' and his 'confidante'. We aren't in contact now but it was definitely one of the more interesting moments in my boring, nerdy school life.

In essence, I didn't cry but I love the heartwarming, bittersweet moments in this movie. I also love the theme song and have been looping it even before I watched the movie.

If you're interested to watch this movie, be sure to catch it soon before it goes off screen! :)

Disclaimer: Movie review is based on personal experiences.

Exploring Coney Island

Hey lovelies!

During the Deepavali holiday, Shen and I went exploring at Coney Island, the newest park in Singapore that was opened in 10 October 15.

We went to Coney Island via the West Entrance which was around 500m walk from Punggol Point.

I wanted to take a photo at the gate when I reached the West Entrance but it was crowded with people so this photo was actually taken from the East Entrance when we exited.

Coney Island was approximately 2.4km long so we decided to put on our sport shoes and explore by foot.

You can choose to cycle as well and I see plenty of people doing that during my visit.

Besides walking along the main path, we also checked out the 5 beaches, namely Beach A to Beach E.

I was initially hesitant to linger too long at the beach for fear of sandflies (my blogger friend got bitten by sandflies on his visit) but when I saw other people and children playing along the sand barefooted, I was less worried.

Shen reliving his childhood fun of playing with water.

I love this picture but who threw the litter there?! :(

2.4km actually felt longer than it was and the weather was changing abruptly. It was sunny at first but it started to rain at the next moment. I was alternating from cap to umbrella and back to cap again.

Apparently, you can bird-watch here. I didn't spot any birds but I did spot a pair of lovebirds right before me. HA HA!

Sadly, the lalang field was not as majestic as I expected. I thought it would be a wide field full of lalang for me to prance around like Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

Stopped by one of the beaches to try this Calorie Mate that my bestie, Bev bought for me from Bali.

While Shen was focused on opening the pack of Calorie Mate, I did a sneak pic. :P

If you noticed the mosquito patch on Shen's arm, I forced him to wear it even though he was reluctant and told me he didn't mind feeding starving mosquitos.

My friends who have visited the island previously have recommended for us to wear insect repellant and mosquito patch. Thus, I sprayed my insect repellant generously on both of us and wore a mosquito patch together with Shen. We didn't get bitten in the end which was great.

I'm pretty sure the island had plenty of mosquitos lurking around though because I walked by a girl who was scratching her arm vigorously due to mosquito bites. So whoever is gonna visit Coney Island soon, please do not forget insect repellant and mosquito patch!

Photo credits to julesofsingapore.com

Another advice I want to give is... NOT TO EXIT BY THE LORONG HALUS EAST ENTRANCE. See the map above? Do not exit from the right side of the island. Back-track to Punggol at the West entrance (left side of the island) for convenience sake.

Shen and I explored the island from one end to the other and we didn't think about back-tracking (but now we regretted) so naturally, we exited from the East Entrance only to find ourselves at some deserted,
鸟不生蛋 place with no public transport or cabs (aside from 'hired' ones). There was another group of 4 who exited via the same exit and looked as confused as both of us.

Together, the 6 of us began walking towards the nearest bus-stop which was 4km away and located at Pasir Ris (oh my god!). It was quite a painful walk where we walked past farmlands and industrial estates (as you can imagine, they weren't much of a view) under the hot sun till our legs ached. We practically rejoiced when we finally saw a bus-stop after what seemed like forever.

That said, I was very glad that Shen was with me because it would have been really dangerous and scary if I was alone, desperately trying to find my way out. I was also happy that we kept our cool with each other, mainly because many couples would probably start quarreling or blaming each other when shit like this happens. We were annoyed that we had to walk for so long (plus we were tired, thirsty and hungry like mad) but definitely not at each other. When we saw the bus-stop before us, we hugged happily; hopped onto the next bus and fell asleep instantaneously. What a journey!

If you haven't been to Coney Island, do check it out and let me know what you think of the place!

Have a great night, everyone!


Hey people!

Years ago when I was still in my schooling days, I remembered watching several episodes of Hong Kong TVB Drama, 'Return of the Cuckoo', otherwise known as 《澳门街》 in Mandarin.

Now, they have a movie version and I was ecstatic when Shaun invited me to attend the gala premiere with him at Resorts World Theatre.

2 weeks ago, I actually pointed to the poster and announced my plan to catch the movie. I didn't expect that I would have the opportunity to watch the movie premiere instead. So thank you Shaun!!!

Photo credits to Shaun.

We were late and didn't manage to take a photo of the cast at the red carpet so we decided to take a photo of ourselves instead. HAHA!

Lady luck must be on our side that night because we went into the theatre and managed to catch the cast on stage right before our eyes.

There was Charmaine Sheh, Nancy Sit and Julian Cheung and I was so thrilled to see them that naturally, I went trigger-happy with my camera. :D

Photo credits to cinema.com.my

In the drama, Julian Cheung acted as a character named Man Cho who was mute and adopted by Ah Kiu (Nancy Sit).

As a result, he grew up with Ah Kiu's daughter Kwan-Ho (Charmaine Sheh) and both eventually developed romantic feelings for each other despite being 'siblings'.

The movie was apparently a continuation of the drama series and the unfolding of the endearing tale between Man Cho and Kwan-Ho.

Photo credits to lockerdome.com

Every girl who has watched this movie would yearn for a Man Cho in their lives - a guy who loves unconditionally and is ever so self-sacrificial.

His feelings for Kwan-Ho was still strong even after she got married and when tragedy happened, he was by her side to take care of her and protect her. When she was upset, he was there to wipe away her tears and to do his best to make her happy.

Photo credits to hktopten.blogspot.com

'I can't sleep, will you carry me?'

And so he did. Damn romantic and at this point, I supposed every girl would want to be in Kwan-Ho's position.

To spice up the drama, there was a love triangle in the movie. While Man Cho was devoted to Kwan-Ho, a mute lady named Kiki was devoted to him and it was sad when one of them had to give up and leave the love triangle.

Interestingly, I also saw the difference between the way a woman and a man show love. When a woman loves a man, she will mother him by trying to meet his needs such as cooking his favourite food. She will worry for him. When a man loves a woman, he will play hero and protect her, even if it means putting himself in danger to save her.

In essence, if you have a thing for romantic movies, you have more reasons to love this movie because there are plenty of bittersweet and tear-jerking moments. It makes you want to love and be loved in return.

Check out the trailer above (I love the theme song, by the way) for a sneak peek of the movie.

The movie is officially out in theatres today so be sure to catch it if it interests you!

Disclaimer: Movie review is based on personal experiences.



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