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Hey people!

I'm Tracy Wong, more commonly known as 'Dainty Diva' in the blogosphere. I'm a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger and I aim to inspire readers to live life actively with a sense of adventure.


I love to write and I cover multiple topics in this little space of mine. You can click on my blogging portfolio below to find out more. Happy reading!

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Event: SIA Light Up the Night 2016

Hey people!

A year ago, I attended Singapore Airlines Light Up the Night 2015 and I enjoyed myself so much. It was super memorable!

When I saw that this event was coming up this year, I knew that I had to visit it again. YX spontaneously agreed to check this event out as well so I was looking forward to it.

Similar to last year, SIA Light Up the Night 2016 was held at F1 Pit Building and this was my favourite segment of all - the supercars convoy. How cool are these race cars?!

This orange race car looked all ready to fly.

YX proclaiming that he's a fan of the car right behind. Oh yes, he is.

One of our favourites - this swanky electric blue car.

We took a while to take this photo because there were many others hovering around for a picture with this car.

I spotted this beautiful green car from afar and was so attracted to it that I just had to head over to take its photo.

Look at how outstanding this beauty is compared to the cars around it!

Photo with my ultimate favourite car for memories' sake.

Please ignore the random orange bag in my hands - I forgot to hide it.

Last year, I attended this event in the afternoon and got to watch some awesome stunt-driving performances.

This year, we turned up at night and missed the stunt-driving performances but I didn't mind because we reached in time to watch a breathtakingly spectacular aerial silk performance. I was so in awe seeing all these amazing tricks that could only be executed with immense strength and core.

There was also a Singing Angel belting out the latest hits while being attached to a huge Singapore Airlines balloon.

She had a good and powerful voice but I couldn't help being distracted by the group of guys trying to hold the balloon down.

Just like last year, the queue for the go-kart rides was crazily long so we didn't get to play.

I guessed go-karts will always remain a popular segment in this event.

The F1 Simulator ride looked pretty cool too and managed to gather a crowd.

Alas, the guy in the simulator was the last guy to try it before they closed the ride.

We amused ourselves with other activities instead, such as taking trick eye photos since there was no queue to this. Check out my victory punch!

Who did it better? Me or YX?

That face - totally cracked me up!

Ending this short entry with a goofy photo which YX insisted that we take together.

Since we couldn't be a sexaye F1 Race Girl and a macho Racer in reality, we might as well pretend to be. HA HA!

All right, time to get busy, people!

Thank you for reading and I'll be back to blog soon!


Hey people!

Last Thursday, I attended Singtel Hallyu Night at Barber Shop by Timbre @ The Arts House and it was a night of fun and laughter with my blogger friends. It totally felt like a Friday.

Hallyu refers to 'Korean Cultural Wave' and as the name suggests, I spent the night chillaxing at a retro bar while listening to my favourite songs from Korean drama, Descendants of the Sun (DOTS).

We were also introduced to Cast, a mobile app that houses the latest dramas, movies and variety shows for on-the-go entertainment.

A Cast subscriber can enjoy uninterrupted streaming of the dramas in full HD episodes using Singtel's extensive 4G network or WiFi connection. The dramas can also be downloaded for offline viewing at a later time.

Played around with Cast using OPPO mobile phones that night.

There are essentially 4 packs to choose from - Viu Premium, Hallyu Pack, Asian Hits Pack and Kids Pack.

Each park costs $4.90 per month with a 12-month Singtel contract or $6.90 per month without a contract. Subscribers can choose to bundle a pack with 1GB of data with a top-up of $3 per month. Subscriptions can be paid conveniently through monthly billing.

For the K-fanatics out there, the Viu Premium and the Hallyu Pack might be exceptionally appealing.

Viu by itself is already free for all and I personally use Viu to watch DOTS and now, Doctors. Viu Premium, on the other hand contains the latest Korean and Japanese dramas and is not restricted in terms of the number of downloads per day. Subscribers can even get priority viewing of the dramas with English and Chinese subtitles very promptly and at least 8 hours after the original telecast.

Hallyu Pack contains popular Korean broadcast channels such as ONE, Oh!K and KBS World as well as all-time favourite variety shows such as Running Man, Infinite Challenge and Return of Superman. I would probably choose Viu Premium over Hallyu Pack since I prefer K-dramas but I have a lot of friends who are obsessed with Korean variety shows and will probably benefit from this pack.

Asian Hits Pack features movies, dramas and variety shows from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Some notable mentions are movie blockbusters like Helios; variety shows like The Voice of Taiwan and drama shows like Taste of Love. Since my family members and I generally watch shows from this genre, I think this pack will be much preferred within my family.

If you have kids, you might want to consider the Kids Pack which features Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. channels. Your kids would be entertained with their favourite shows from Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants on those long train and bus journeys. Good eh?

If you're interested to subscribe to Cast, you can do so via My Singtel app and also download Cast from the App Store (for Apple iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices).

Besides learning about Cast, we got to enjoy a sumptuous buffet of Korean food for dinner.

I love the Kimchi pancakes and ginseng soup from there!

Was an early bird that night so I had a solo dinner while waiting for my blogger friends to turn up.

The gorgeous Kelly Poon was invited to perform and she sang 2 songs. One was a song from DOTS called 'Always' and the other was her original called '爱无力'.

I didn't managed to get a full video of 'Always' but I managed to do a full recording of her Chinese song so please enjoy the videos below anyway.

I heard that Kelly's Chinese version of 'Always' is a hit but for the purpose of the event, she has chosen to sing the song in Korean. Still wonderful though!

Love this song! I listened to it a couple more times when I was back home.

Took photobooth pictures with my blogger girls even though it was a squeeze for 4 of us. We could barely change positions without bumping into one another!

Ending the night with a group photo of us holding adorable DOTS cut-outs.

I'm happy to be holding a Song Hye Kyo cut-out coz I'm her fan! :)

Thank you Singtel and IN.FOM for having us in this fun-filled event. I'll be off to watch my latest craze, Doctors on my phone so goodbye for now!

Disclaimer: Event feature is based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

When it comes to cafes, I normally associate them with Western breakfast and brunch food so when I was introduced to Taipei Seoul Cafe, a 1-month old cafe selling Taiwanese and Korean cuisines, I was intrigued.

On a lovely Sunday evening, I visited Taipei Seoul Cafe with my blogger friends for a tasting session.

The cafe is situated at a quiet corner at Jalan Leban and is highly recommended for a nice chillout session away from the crowds. To get there, you'll have to take Bus 169 from Ang Mo Kio Hub Interchange and alight at the 7th stop. If you drive or have someone to drive you, that's even better!

This cafe might not be a big one but it was spacious and minimalistic with a very homely ambience.

At a corner were pretty decors that go very well with the pastel blue walls of the cafe.

Really love how clean the cafe looks with the use of simple colours. Stepping into this cafe felt immediately relaxing.

See the white circular table at the side? It looks like the perfect spot to sit and stare out of the window, a cup of coffee in your hands while re-enacting a scene from 等一个人咖啡 (i.e. Taiwanese movie Cafe.Waiting.Love). Ha ha, I'm joking really, but you get the drift.

It's been some time since a cafe has won my heart entirely so let me share my raves with you, starting from...


In all the tastings that I've done, the drinks were hardly the highlight. But in Taipei Seoul Cafe, they deserve a special mention. I was impressed by the novelty of the drinks, not only in terms of the quirky names but their creative concoctions.

For one, the specialty drinks were named after Taiwan and Korean dramas. From the names alone, you won't know what type of drink you are ordering, but that's the fun of it. It's the same concept as ordering a cocktail with a snazzy name without knowing what the cocktail's really made of.

Don't know what names to expect? Check out the pictures below.

The above 2 drinks were my favourite out of the lot and my fellow friends adored them too.

The drink on the left was a grapefruit mix while the one on the right had flowers in them. Both were absolutely refreshing. I guessed fruity and floral drinks really appeal to the ladies.

In terms of looks, I was more fascinated with these 2 drinks, one of which was supposed to resemble a forest while the other was supposed to represent a galaxy of stars.

Photos do not do them justice - I swear they look better in real life!

Frothy drinks with witty names. They're the only 2 drinks priced at $10.

I'd say buy them for your other halves!

We also tried a float and a coffee mix which were quite interesting too.

The drinks are priced at $12 unless otherwise stated. They might seem expensive but bear in mind that the drinks are generally placed in large glasses and can be shared with at least 1 more person. I guessed that means sharing of costs too! :)


When people look at Taipei Seoul Cafe, they generally assume that it's a dessert cafe that only sells drinks and cakes.

But nooooo... they have REAL FOOD too, like legit fill-the-stomach food for lunch and dinner. Best of all, prices are decent so here goes.

Sour Plum Sweet Potatoes ($3.50) were so addictive that someone needs to stop me from constantly reaching out for this!

Taiwan Popcorn Chicken ($6.50) were good as a light snack but I would strongly recommend you to share this because it can get quite dry after a while if you're eating this all by yourself.

Main Courses

Curious to know what Taiwanese or Korean mains you can get? Read on.

One of the Taiwanese mains you can order is the Honey Chicken Chop ($14.90), which was lovingly marinated in sweet sauce.

Although it was yummy, the dish looked rather simple with rice, brocolli and chicken so it's best if more ingredients could be provided to justify the price.

I also noticed that some of the Taiwanese mains appeared to take on a Chinese-Western fusion style and the Golden Chicken Thigh ($13.90) is a prime example.

Photo credits to Jessie.

Golden Chicken Thigh for you?

In terms of presentation, the dish looked more appealing than the Honey Chicken Chop because of its ingredients that added variety and colour to the dish. Taste-wise was pretty good too although it would be better if it could be drizzled in sauce.

For those who prefer cutlet, they have a Ham & Cheese Pork Cutlet ($17.90) that comes with potato wedges and some coleslaw.

Oh, but that's not all!

When you slice through the cutlet, what you will see is droolicious melted cheese with pieces of ham in the midst of crispy goodness. Yummy!

They also have Sirloin Steak ($18.90) as well although I wasn't too impressed with this because the meat was a tad tough and a little hard to chew.

Love the sauces provided though; they truly spiced up the dish.

If you prefer a more 'soupy' meal, there's Pork Ribs Potato Stew ($13.90) which was delicious, warm and comforting to the stomach.

Now to the Korean mains.

Korean Spicy Chicken Jigae ($13.90) was well-loved by my friends because it was very flavourful. It wasn't very spicy too so people with low spice tolerance could also enjoy this dish. I mean, if I could take this, so could many people.

Kimchi Jigae with Pork ($9.90) was so-so to me, possibly because I don't take Kimchi but if you do, you might be able to appreciate this dish more.

Beef Tteokbokki Stew ($13.90) was surprisingly tasty and light + the beef pieces were super yums too.

I did find that there was room for improvement in terms of its presentation because it actually tasted MUCH better than it looked.

Oh yes, and with any main course ordered, you have mushroom soup and salad ON THE HOUSE. Isn't that awesome?


Moving on to the desserts which I am ultra eager to share with everyone about.

Taipei Seoul Cafe seemed to have built up its reputation for sweet treats because many of the customers patronize the cafe for desserts even when it was already late at night.

But I guessed it was understandable because these desserts really take the cake, no pun intended.

We tried (from left to right) a Tiramichoux ($5.50), a Pumpkin Cheesecake ($7) and a Lemon Tart (6.50). The girls looooove the Lemon Tart so much that it was wiped out pretty quickly.

Tiramichoux was very interesting because the tiramisu filling was actually cool and evidently, it was one of my favourites. You can get a 2nd Tiramichoux for a promotional price of $3.50!

As for Pumpkin Cheesecake, I didn't expect that it would taste good too! I just didn't know that Pumpkin would do so well as a cake!

The Matcha Tart ($7) was a must-try and I was so happy to have the honour to finish it since I openly declared to my friends that I really liked it.

Mixed Berries Yogurt Pie ($6) was another girly favourite. If you're a guy and want to treat your girlfriend to a piece of cake, you know which to get now.

This Macaroon Gelato Sandwich ($8.90) was a dessert that made me want to have the whole thing to myself when I saw it. Doesn't it look enticing to you?

Thank goodness I shared though and only ate a small piece because it was indeed quite sweet.

No one could resist Chocolate Lava Cake ($6), I tell ya. No one could resist warm and rich chocolate that oozes out and melts in your mouth.

Perhaps the most photogenic dessert was the Waffle with Gelato ($10.90) but unfortunately, this dessert was either a hit or a miss among the tasters.

Personally, I loved it because I was already won over by the taste and texture of the waffle. Some of my friends commented that the gelato used should be cream-based rather than sorbet-based because sorbet doesn't go too well with waffles. Others mentioned that the fruits used were slightly sour so I supposed this dessert would need some tweaking of ingredients.

Photo credits to Jacky.

Overall, out of the good lot of drinks, main courses and desserts that we have tried, I enjoyed the majority of the food in Taipei Seoul Cafe and I must say that it is definitely worth a visit.

They open from 12pm to 12 midnight so feel free to visit for brunch, lunch, tea, dinner or supper.


If you're thinking of visiting Taipei Seoul Cafe one day, you can flash this blog post or mention 'TRACY WONG' at the cashier during payment to enjoy a 15% discount with NO MINIMAL PURCHASE. Promotion ends on 22 September 16.

On top of that, if you like Taipei Seoul's Facebook or follow them on Instagram, you can get a FREE DESSERT of the day. Good eh?

Enjoy your visit, people!

Taipei Seoul Cafe
10 Jalan Leban
Singapore 577551

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

Last year, I played my part as a social media advocate for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run and this year, I was honoured to be invited back to be a social media advocate for the run again.

Photo credits to Yellow Ribbon Project.

The Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2016 will be held on 4 September 16, Sunday at SAF Field, Changi Village. There are two categories - a 10KM Competitive Run and a 5KM Fun Walk with flag-off timings of 7.45am and 8.15am respectively.

10KM's a little scary for me so YX and I will be taking part in the 5KM Fun Walk instead. However, to benefit from some exercise, we will be running instead of walking. Last year, I had to walk/stroll throughout my 6KM race while wearing an N95 mask because of the haze so this year, I must run instead of walk!

Was at Suntec Convention Centre yesterday to meet the YRP Social Media Team and to collect our race packs!

There were so many counter staff facilitating the race pack collection so YX and I didn't even have to queue. We collected our race packs within a few minutes.

The race pack collection will be ongoing at Suntec Convention Centre at Level 3 today from 11am to 8pm so if you've signed up for the race, remember to collect your race packs if you haven't done so!

Screenshot credits to Yellow Ribbon Project.

In the screenshot above, I was sporting the race tee for this year - a Yellow T-shirt by Puma.

Also did a live shoutout and a mini interview with the Social Media Team where I shared on my favourite part of the run - seeing the Changi Prison Wall which is an icon and opens exclusively once a year for the run.

I remembered stopping for a couple of minutes just to take multiple wefies with blogger friend Danessa at the Changi Prison Wall last year.

Photo credits to YX.

Do you support second chances?

If you do, join the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run! Walk-in registrations are still available at the race pack collection today. You can also stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to the run by joining
YRP's Running Man Challenge from now till 28 August 16.

Simply be dressed in yellow, lace up your shoes and start dancing. By dancing, we mean jogging on the spot continuously for a good 10 seconds in your most creative way possible. Remember to upload your video, hashtag #YRSecondChance and the 5 most-liked videos will stand to win.

If you're very bored and want some entertainment, you can check out YX and my jogging dance for the Running Man Challenge below (please excuse the wide gap below the video - I have no idea how to remove it). Obviously, we weren't out to win the challenge but we had a good time being amused and I even joked that this was our 'first dance' together.

See you at the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run on 4 September! :)

For more information, you can follow the Yellow Ribbon Project on their various social media platforms, namely their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.
Good day, people!

It's been a good 5 months since I last hair modeled for a salon and since then, my hair has become quite a mess. My natural curls, uneven black roots and white hairs have finally reared their heads and I felt that I needed to do something drastic to keep them all hidden again.

That's when Euro Sense Hair came along.

Euro Sense Wellness is a beauty and wellness group that comprises 2 Beauty Spas and 1 Hair Studio. While the Spa provides facial and body treatment services, the Hair Studio caters to customers who would like to get their hair and nails done.

So while my friends were out there celebrating the country's birthday, I popped by to get my hair fixed at Euro Sense Hair. Many thanks to the hairstylists for accommodating me on a public holiday!

As I was pampered with several treatments at one go, the duration took up nearly 6 hours. I know that sounds hardcore but it is also expected for hair transformations. So, if you're booking an appointment for one, a book always comes in handy!

Hair Transformation

When it comes to my hair, I only had 2 wants.

1) To straighten my messy, natural curls
2) To touch up my roots and hide my hideous white hair.

Keeping that in mind, Alex, the hairstylist that was tasked with my hair created a customized hair transformation for me comprising of 4 distinct steps. He also observed that my hair was naturally dry and some parts of my hair ends were extremely tangled. Thus, if he were to carry out the services that I have set my mind on, I would be subjecting my hair to even more dryness. Therefore, besides rebonding and dyeing, he added on a hair treatment to the hair transfomation.

Final Hair Transformation Plan:

Soft Rebonding -> Hair Dyeing -> Highlights -> Treatment!

The first service I enjoyed was Euro Sense's Soft Rebonding. Alex was extremely patient with me as I told him that I have an intense phobia of my hair turning too flat. I already have a long face and I don't want rebonding to elongate my face any further.To make sure that I achieve the straightness I want, Alex catered to my request by making careful efforts to section my hair and straighten only selective areas, helping me achieve a look whereby my locks are straight yet voluminous.

Time for a change in hair colour!

Alex suggested that I should dye my entire hair instead of just simply my roots as my hair colour has gotten pretty uneven. He recommended that I opt for a light, golden brown and proceeded to concoct a customized dye colour that fits my skin tone and personality.

The end result was the mixture of dyes that were used in the above picture - so yellow!

So there I was waiting for my hair to absorb the dye and for the colour to set.

This process is exactly what makes the hair dyeing process SO long. Most of the time, you're just waiting.

After my base colour was done, we decided that it looked too uniform so it would be nice to add some highlights as well.

Alex suggested for me to get either blonde or red streaks. After some pondering, I decided that red it shall be!

Not a pretty sight to be having pieces of aluminium foil stuck on my hair but at the end of the day, I have lovely red streaks so I'm not complaining!


Finally, we have gotten to the treatment and I was immensely grateful to Alex for suggesting it. My hair was surprisingly smooth and soft after the treatment (see below for proof!), unlike my usual hair which frizzes like nobody's business.

Final Result

Tadah, the final result after a blow-dry.

An awesome combination of red streaks that accentuate the honey tones of my light golden brown hair, giving the hair a pop of colour without looking too wild.

Check out the differences, people!

Messy, natural curls? ---> Straightened!
Uneven black patch on top of head? ---> Covered!
White hair? ---> No more!

When it comes to hair, I'm a troublesome customer. I dislike my hair too long because it feels heavy but I refuse to have my hair too short either coz my hair curls outwards and doesn't suit me.

Alex managed to meet my 'not here, not there' requests by maintaining the length of my hair from the back while giving me some layers in the front. Coupling this mini hair-cut in between the hair transformation, my hair is no longer boringly straight and finally has some shape as well as volume!

Photo credits to YX.

Totally digging the airy and lightweight shoulder-length look. My hair's become a lot easier for me to manage and it doesn't weigh me down.

Even in corporate wear, the hairstyle's neat and professional with a funky edge. I've also been receiving compliments from colleagues and friends when they saw me spotting a new hairstyle so yay!

Thank you Euro Sense Hair for fixing my hair problems in just 1 visit and I'm sorry that my hair's such a challenge to work with but you guys did a great job! :)


Thinking of doing your hair someday?

Euro Sense Hair is extremely sweet to offer 30% discount to my readers on any ala carte hair services in Euro Sense Hair Studio from today till 30 September 16.

To enjoy this discount, simply flash the below picture at the counter during your appointment! Terms & Conditions apply.

Flashcard credits to Euro Sense.

Terms & Conditions

  • This voucher entitles everyone who flashes it a 30% off ALL Euro Sense Hair services ONLY

  • Valid for first time customers only (no packages with Euro Sense Hair)

  • Cannot be exchanged for cash or any form of legal tender

  • Cannot be used with any other promotions and/or any already discounted Euro Sense services

  • This card can only be flashed once per person per visit per day.

  • Euro Sense reserves the rights to alter the T&Cs of this promotion and/or decline/refuse use of this promotion without any prior notice.

Don't say I never share good lobangs, yah?

Have an awesome weekend, my friends!

For more information on the services and prices at Euro Sense Hair, be sure to follow the salon on their Facebook Page.

Euro Sense Hair
301 Upper Thomson Road
Thomson Plaza, #01-89
Singapore 574408

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Food Invite: The Soup Spoon - Taste Brazil

Good morning people!

It's been nearly a year since I've attended a tasting with The Soup Spoon so it's really good to be back.

I love drinking soups in general and I'm a The Soup Spoon fan so I was really looking forward to my tasting at its outlet in Marina Bay Link Mall. I also got to bring along a plus one for this tasting so YX came along with me. :)

In line with the whole Rio Olympics/OMG-Gold-for-Joseph-Schooling Brazil craze, this event happened to also be Brazil-related.

In The Soup Spoon Taste Brazil, we got to try 4 of Souperchef Anna's Brazil Souper Inspirations which she has created after travelling around Brazil, sampling local delights and learning from Brazilian Chef Rodrigo Oliveira.

Apparently, Anna had 8 Brazil-inspired soup creations, 4 of which had already been launched sometime back. The tasting that I attended was Part 2 where I got to taste her latest 4 soups before its official launch the following day.

We were entertained by an energetic Brazilian Samba performance by Bantus Capoeira Singapore.

The dancers wore their sexy outfits with such confidence. Guys, don't nosebleed hor!

Photo credits to YX.

Was offered a refreshing Hibiscus drink to accompany our soup tasting.

Evidently, YX liked it so much that he downed his pretty quickly and tried to take mine.

Introducing the 4 soups, starting with... Vegan Caldinho De Feijao. I know this name is a mouthful so don't ask me to pronounce it.

As you can tell from the soup, one of its main ingredients is black beans. Rice and beans are a staple in Brazil and they have a local soup made from pureed black beans with a thicker texture and a higher calorie count. As such, Anna tries to create a black bean soup inspired from the local soup without the high calories.

Besides black beans, Anna also added tapioca, yam, chayote, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cumin and paprika into the soup. The mixture of ingredients certainly brought out the strong flavours of the soup!

Next up, we had Galinha Caipira, also known as Country Style Chicken Stew.

Besides marinated chicken thigh, this soup also contains other ingredients such as turmeric, okra, tapioca, yam and quinoa. Not exactly my favourite since this soup was on a slightly sour side and I didn't quite fancy that. I'm not sure what was contributing to the sour taste but it was very tomato-ish, if you get what I mean.

Beef Stroganoff Brazilian Style was pretty good, largely because beef is my favourite meat out of all. Apparently, Beef Stroganoff is almost a national dish in Brazil and is normally served with steamed rice and chips.

Anna's soup creation consists of beef cubes, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, button mushrooms, capers, red rice topped with potato sticks. The beef cubes were tasty and tender. My only wish was that it would taste more like beef stew because I would really love it to bits if it does.

That said, this soup was generally well-received by the other food tasters around me and even YX commented that he liked the ingredients in this soup a lot.

Saving my ultimate favourite for the last was Moqueca Barramundi.

The Barramundi fish in this soup reminded me of an assam fish but a more exotic version. In any case, I felt that it was so damn yummy that I kept singing praises of this.

The generous ingredients of bell peppers, tomatoes and tapioca coupled with a bit of coconut milk and some homemade coriander parsley pesto made this soup intensely flavourful and delicious. I would definitely have this again if I have the chance!

We were full by the 4th soup but The Soup Spoon wasn't done feeding us because we still had desserts.

Thankfully, when it comes to desserts, there's always room for more so we got to enjoy these Coconut Tapioca with Lemon Curd sweet treats as well. SOOO GOOD.

After the event, we were each given a Take Home Soup Pack and mine was Moqueca Barramundi so yayyyy!!

The family got to enjoy a pot of Barramundi fish soup for dinner the next day, specially prepared by yours truly. I'm happy to say that my family members loved the soup as much as I did.

If you're interested to try Brazil Souper Inspirations, head on down to any The Soup Spoon outlets to try them!

Thank you The Soup Spoon for having us!

The Soup Spoon
8A Marina Boulevard
Marina Bay Link Mall, #B2-41/42/43
Singapore 018984

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

It seems like home-based salons are getting increasingly popular in Singapore.

Years ago, I've heard people recommending home-based salons for hair rebonding services because they charge lesser than regular hair salons. Personally, I've also visited a home-based salon through Vanitee to get gelish nails done and I like the personal touch as well as full attention given by the manicurist.

Recently, I was introduced to J Studios, a home-based salon owned by Jerrie that provides facial and body treatment services. The salon has been established since 2011.

Situated at Parc Oasis Condominium in Jurong East and within a short walking distance from Chinese Garden MRT, J Studios makes a convenient location for Westies. Even then, Jerrie has customers who will travel all the way from the East to have their appointments with her. That's pretty remarkable.

Stepping into the home was akin to stepping into a salon, with the interior setup looking all professional and cosy. Alas, this will be my first and last month visiting this home-based salon because come early September, J Studios will be shifted to a physical shop in Jurong East. Happy for you, Jerrie!

Jerrie firmly believes that there are no ugly women in this world, only lazy women. She urges women to learn to take care of their physical appearances so that they can be happy, confident and beautiful.

See the Triangel dolls on her shelf? They represent the guardians of love and through them, Jerrie sends her wishes to all ladies to become beautiful inside and out so that they can find true love one day. How meaningful. :)

Customers could enjoy a cup of tea before starting their facial or body treatment.

I was having a persistent cough that day so this cup of warm, home-brewed Yuzu Honey tea was extremely comforting for my throat. In fact, Jerrie heard me coughing and brought me more cups of Yuzu Honey tea during and after my treatment. I thought that was super proactive and hospitable of her!

And if you're hungry or itching for a snack, there are some munchies at the corner of the house for one to enjoy.

Photo credits to Jerrie.

I was brought to the treatment room for a 1.5 hours Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial.

This facial was recommended to me because it was 1) one of the salon's bestseller, 2) my face needs it and 3) I also chose it because I know how good an oxygen facial is for dry skin.

An Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial basically involves using a spray to deliver tiny granules of pure oxygen into the skin at high pressure and speed. These oxygen molecules are miniscule enough to reach the dermis of your skin to unclog your pores and clean your follicles. It also gives your skin a huge moisture boost as well. That's why a facial treatment like this is very suitable for my skin type where I am dry at my cheeks but have clogged pores and whiteheads at my T-zone.

I started the facial by having my skin thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated. Basic extraction was done, largely around my nose and I got my eyebrows trimmed as well.

Then came the oxygen spray which felt like having a strong gush of water being sprayed continually on my face. The force was so strong that it was akin to having my face massaged without any physical contact. I wouldn't say that it was an entirely comfortable process because I was quite scared that my sensitive face would turn red from being continuously sprayed at. Thankfully, my face didn't turn red and instead, my complexion looked bright and hydrated. I even looked fairer, OMG.

After the oxygen spray, an ampoule specially selected for my skin type was supposed to be applied on my face but we skipped that because my face was sensitive so the ampoule felt tingly.

We proceeded to serum which came in the form of a mask. The serum mask was made up of botanical ingredients and felt calming against the skin.

I wore the mask for a good 10 minutes before moving on to a peel-off mask. This peel-off mask which had to be worn for 20 minutes was super cooling and relaxing for my face. If you have any redness at this point, this mask would definitely soothe the skin and reduce the redness.

Notice the white, shimmery specks on the mask? Those are Pearl Powder which helps to rejuvenate the skin and brings about a smooth and silky complexion. :)

The session ended with the application of toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. If you require some coverage, you can request for the beautician to apply BB Cream for you.

The good lot of products that were used on my skin during the facial. These products are largely from a Korean brand called Skin Dermal.

Unlike traditional facials where you would need to rest your face for 12 hours before makeup application, oxygen facials allow you to apply makeup right after. In fact, your makeup would look SO GOOD because your skin would already be smooth and well hydrated to create a good canvas for an effortless application. But if you don't wish to wear makeup, no problem. Your skin would still look great anyway, with or without makeup.

Some facials might leave you red or spotty for a day but this oxygen facial's like my best friend. I even went for a date right after. :D

All customers are encouraged to leave their feedback on these cards before they leave and these cards would then be used as decoration for Jerrie's upcoming salon.

As you can see, Jerrie already had quite a lot of positive feedback from her customers.

Jerrie also has a policy where she would give out a gift certificate to customers to redeem a free treatment if their sessions for other customers overrun by at least 30 minutes and result in inconvenience for the waiting customer.

This gift certificate is transferable too so you can pass it on to your family or friends to get their complimentary treatment.

Expressing my gratitude to Jerrie on this card.

I had an amazing session and I can't wait for my next session at Jerrie's new salon in September! I'll keep you guys updated on the new salon in my next blog entry so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you're thinking of visiting J Studios this month, you can check out their Official Website and Facebook page.

First time customers can enjoy the Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial at $88. Contact details are in the Official Website and you can make your appointments directly via whatsapp or call. Enjoy!

J Studios
37 Jurong East Ave 1
Parc Oasis, Singapore 609775

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Good morning all!

Over the weekend, I took part in Asia's first SpongeBob Run 2016 @ Siloso Beach, thanks to a complimentary race slot given by blogger friend, Danessa.

Honestly, I felt a bit overaged in a bright yellow cartoon T-shirt but it seemed that kids, teenagers, young adults, parents and even muscular men with tattoos were proud to be seen wearing the race tee so I guessed I have no complaints. :)

Was late for flag-off but so were everyone else so I basically reached the starting line in time to commence my 5KM race.

The 5KM category was open to all so it wasn't surprising that I was in the same race as kids and babies. They were all adorably clad in SpongeBob wear even though they might not have the race tee.

The SpongeBob Run also somehow turned into a SpongeBob-Walk-With-Eyes-Glued-To-Pokemon-GO because practically everyone around me were doing that.

I did attempted to run but it was bottlenecking everywhere so I ended up walking majority of the time while eavesdropping on conversations of Pokestops and Pokeballs.

We had to run on the sandy beach with our sport shoes which was a nearly impossible task since my shoes kept sinking into the sand.

Thus, like many others, I had to trudge heavily across the beach till I reached concrete path while ignoring the fact that sand was getting into my shoes and socks.

As you could see from the skies, it was gloomy too and even started to drizzle lightly. Thank goodness I was nearing the end of my race already.

Spotted a group of peacocks strutting along the sand.

They sure were attention-seeking because people actually turned their attention away from catching water pokemons to snapping pictures of these peacocks instead. Good job!

I normally sprint when I see the finishing line from afar but this time, I was just dragging my shoes till I WALKED past the finishing line. It was really difficult to run on sand. :(

Greeted by blown-up Patrick Star and SpongeBob once I've crossed the Athlete's Welfare area.

Didn't managed to take photos with them because there were too many people queuing up for a photo so I could only do a sneak shot from the side.

Ending this entry with the cutest finisher medal that I've ever received. Gonna add this to my collection! :)

I gotta hurry, people! Thank you for reading this entry (even though it's a bit short) and I'll be back to blog soon!
Calling all foodies!

313 @ Somerset is currently having a food festival from now till 21 August 2016 and you can enjoy food deals of up to 50% off with participating tenants. Some of these tenants include popular eateries such as Marche, Hai Di Lao, Honey Creme, O'ma Spoon and many more!

So how do we enjoy this good lobang?

Let me teach you in 2 simple steps.

1. Download Tring 313 App here and sign up for an account.

2. Purchase coupons through the app to enjoy amazing food discounts.

Some coupons require you to purchase using credit card or paypal while others allow you to flash them at the counter before making payment.

All the deals have a time period as well so be sure to get them before they expire.

YX and I utilized a $10 Buddy Meal coupon for dinner yesterday from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen after our movie date.

Our meal comprised of 2 pcs chicken, 3 pcs tenders and 2 cups of green tea. I haven't eaten like this in a while so it felt sinful but good.

There was also a coupon for us to try a handcrafted ice pop from ISEE iSEE at $3.50 instead of $5.90.

We probably wouldn't bear to pay $5.90 for an ice pop but now that there's a 41% discount if we use the app, we allowed ourselves to try this. Selected a lovely pink Strawberry Hokkaido Milk for us and mmm, it was delicious!

Moon likes it too. :)

Because I'm a new user, I got to redeem a surprise welcome sweet treat from llao llao.

It's been a long time since I've had a llao llao. As I was entitled to 1 topping, I chose the raffaello sauce to go along with it. Yums!

There are other welcome treats from Candy Empire or Chocolate Origin too so go download the app and try your luck!

While you're having a feast with all your heavily discounted food, you might want to share the love by participating in an ongoing Instagram contest. Details are as seen below.

Best Foodies Forever! Instagram Contest.

Share pictures of the food that you've tried at 313 @ Somerset
and stand a chance to be one of the 8 foodies to walk away with $100 313 @ Somerset vouchers.

Be sure to follow 313 @ Somerset
on Instagram and hashtag your photos with #313Foodie.

Not too difficult right?

So eat away, take photos and have loads of fun, people!

Disclaimer: Review of app is based on personal experiences.



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