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Hey people!

I'm Tracy Wong, more commonly known as 'Dainty Diva' in the blogosphere. I'm a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger and I aim to inspire readers to live life actively with a sense of adventure.


I love to write and I cover multiple topics in this little space of mine. You can click on my blogging portfolio below to find out more. Happy reading!

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Creating Pancakes @ Nook Cafe & Bar

Hello people!

I'm HOMMMMMMMEEE and I miss writing on this space! Japan's awesome and I can't wait to share about my trip with all of you.

Meanwhile, I have some #throwback entries that I want to publish so here's one.

Before I left for Japan, YX and I went on a pancake making date at Nook Cafe & Bar.

Our initial choice was Carpenter & Cook but they were close for a private event (we later found out that it was an engagement/wedding event, whoa!) so we walked slightly further and chanced upon Nook. I exclaimed 'Hey, pancakes! Shall we eat them?' and that's how we ended up with this eatery.

To start off, you can choose a batter of your choice as well as 2 toppings.

We chose a pandan batter and went for bananas and cream cheese for toppings. Not the best combination of ingredients, I must say because I wasn't too fond of the cream cheese in the end but it's okay. It's the pancake making experience that's more important.

The pro, aka #chefyixiang began creating pancakes for me. Just look at him go!

Besides creating a heart-shaped pancake, he also created a circular one and made sure to focus on the plating. Looks good, eh?

In return, I created some horrid-looking pancakes for him in awkward shapes of snakes and question marks. Hey, don't judge. I like being creative but I didn't say I was good in making pancakes. :P

YX also ordered steak with my favourite ingredients, broccoli and potatoes! It was sumptuous indeed.

Happy monthsary to my favourite guy in the world!

Thank you for being there for me when I'm down and for always ensuring that I live my life with a happy heart. I'm immensely grateful for your presence in my life and I count my blessings everyday, knowing that wherever I go, I have a great guy waiting for me to return to him at the end of the day.

Here's to many more memories ahead! :D

Nook Cafe & Bar
21 Lorong Kilat, #01-03
Singapore 598123
Good morning, people!

Got to Move 2016, a nationwide dance movement is back and it will be held from 7 to 23 October 16.

This year, be exposed to a series of spotlight events such as big scale dance performances as well as participate in islandwide activities like introductory dance classes. Whether you are new to dance or a professional, there's something for everyone.

Being a dance fanatic, I'm a self-proclaimed supporter of this movement because I've always wanted more people to see the benefits of dance like I did and enter the life-changing world of dance.

Photo credits to Jacob.

When Got to Move was introduced last year, I took part in a Girls Hip Hop dance class as well as its closing event which was held in the form of a Carnival at The Promontory.

This year, I signed myself up for The Little Red Dot Dance Challenge organized by Legacy Dance Company and got to know my team members from Team 7Bingsu. I know, what a name but we called ourselves that way because of an internal joke and a play on a fellow member's name.

P.S: The '7' sign is our team's signature pose which also appears in our team cheer and choreography.

Photo credits to Legacy Dance Co.

To be honest, besides the fact that I would be doing hip hop, I didn't know what I had signed myself up for but I decided to keep an open mind anyway.

We started off the morning with a mass warm-up at SCAPE Ground Theatre followed by a series of ice-breaking games.

Photo credits to Legacy Dance Co.

One of the ice-breaking games we had to play was Dog & Bone where we had to snatch a roll of toilet paper from another team or attack opposing team members with paper balls.

It turned out to be superbly funny when people started forming strategies to gang up against another team.

Photo credits to Legacy Dance Co.

After Dog & Bone, we headed off for an Amazing Race Segment which involved going from station to station around SCAPE to complete dance-related tasks. In the above picture, we were playing Broken Telephone Line - Dance Style.

The first person in the line (i.e. me) had to learn 3 hip hop moves and pass the moves to the next person in line using only actions and no words. Since I couldn't communicate via talking, I had to demonstrate the basic bounce, the pas de bourre (a move I've learnt in ballet but is also used in hip hop) and the chest isolation instead. Fortunately, the next person in line is a hip hop dancer and could catch on the moves quickly.

Like all broken telephone lines, the moves will become more different and distorted as they get passed along so the results were pretty hilarious.

Photo credits to Got to Move.

We also had to choreograph a short dance sequence so that we could film a concept video. Our choreography had to be accompanied with formation and layering like a dance performance.

It was quite a last minute thing for us because even up till the filming, we were still marking and changing steps but we managed to pull through so yay! The above move that you see there is also another signature move from Team 7Bingsu.

Photo credits to Legacy Dance Co.

We also learnt a mass dance so that it could be incorporated into the concept video. It was SOOO fun and the choreography was very addictive.

In fact, it really motivated me when I see everyone going full out with enthusiasm and energy as we strive to do our best for the concept video.

Speaking of concept video, here you go! Brought me so much memories when I'm watching this.

Photo credits to Legacy Dance Co.

A group photo to end off the first edition of The Little Red Dot Dance Challenge.

If you're interested to do hip hop dancing, I recommend you to join the next edition of The Little Red Dot Dance Challenge. Newbies are definitely welcomed and it will give you an exposure into the hip hop dance world, from basic warm-ups, foundational steps to choreography and performance.

Thank you Legacy Dance Company for the amazing and memorable experience!

After I ended my session with Legacy Dance Company, I went on to support my current pole school, PoleLab at PoleLab 2 the Streets. Coincidentally, the venue was also at SCAPE and the event started immediately after I ended my The Little Red Dot Dance Challenge event so it was extremely convenient for me.

Managed to also film Pole instructor, Leron's solo performance. Watch to support, please!

Besides pole performances, there were also pole trials and members of the public can take the chance to learn some pole moves on the spot.

I was with fellow pole mate, Eileen then and we decided to go up and do some street pole for photos and memories' sake.

Looking at the world from upside down.

It was my first time poleling on an X-stage in public. Pretty thickskinned to be doing this in front of many pairs of eyes but I was having so much fun. I just wished I could have the guts to do more advanced tricks without worrying that I might fall flat on my face in front of everyone.

Eileen and I also did a demonstration of what flag doubles look like.

Flag is my number 1 choice for street pole moves because it can be done even when you are all wrapped up in your clothes like a dumpling. Needless to say, you would need strength and core to do this so practise if you must!

If you can already do Flag, then challenge yourself further to do Flag with Straight Legs.

We heard a number of 'Whoa!' from the audience when we went into this. :)

If you're interested to have some pole fun like us, PoleLab will be having another pole showcase at SCAPE on 21 October, 7pm to 10pm and an open house at their studio on 22 October, 10.30am to 6.00pm.

There are also plenty of dance activities to join from now till 23 October so feel free to explore Got to Move Events Listing and see what catches your eye!

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to join in any more Got to Move activities because I will be flying off tonight to the Land of the Rising Sun and will only be back in action next Monday. I'll also be putting my blog posts on hold for a week so to my sponsors, I'll publish my posts when I get home, I promise!

Meanwhile, you can follow me on my Instagram handle @gilmangirl where I will be posting pictures of my trip using hashtag #TracyvisitsJapan so do look out for them! I'll also be taking as many photos as possible and will do up a Japan travelogue when I return.

Thank you for supporting my blog, people and I'll see you very, very soon!
Hello people!

Yesterday, I had a whale of a time with fellow influencers at Sample Store's Giftopia event held at Raffles City, Level 3 Atrium.

Photo credits to Shu Qing.

Giftopia is an event that celebrates the spirit of gifting and is open to public from 1pm to 9pm yesterday and today. If you're within the vicinity or have no plans tonight, I encourage you to check out this event because you get to go home with amazing discounted deals or even freebies!

Honestly, I expected the Giftopia event to be small-scale but it turned out to be more impressive than I thought. Beauty fanatics would certainly go crazy exploring the different beauty brands available.

If you're looking to do some early Christmas shopping, the Giftopia event is a great place for purchasing interesting gifts at pocket-friendly prices.

Que Origin, a beauty brand highly raved by bloggers sells nicely scented shower and body products for pampering yourself during or after bath time.

These products make awesome gifts for friends!

Photo credits to Karmartsclub Singapore.

Was excited to see blogger friend, Dawn working for Karmartsclub Singapore so we dropped by her booth to show support.

Karmartsclub Singapore stocks products from famous Thai beauty brand Cathy Doll and we had an introduction of the products by Dawn and her colleague.

Also, shoutout to Karmartsclub Singapore - thank you for featuring us on your Facebook and Instagram! :)

As you can see, the products were very appealing to the ladies with their hot pink packaging and loud prints.

Many of the products were also sold for around $10 less than their usual retail prices at Giftopia so if you want to stock up on skincare and makeup products, this booth is a must-visit. They have products as low as $2.90!

Spotted a crowd at BeautyKeeper's booth so we decided to drop by.

Then again, it's hard to miss the large stacks of pink boxes at this booth anyway.

BeautyKeeper is a beauty box service from Taiwan that sends out all these alluring Taiwan beauty products to customers.

Above are some examples of the kind of products that you can expect to receive in the beauty box, many of which are regular size items.

I also need to highlight that the wordings on the products are largely in Mandarin and there are minimal English words so if you can only understand English, you might need to play some guessing game when you are trying their products.

Although the company is based in Taiwan, international customers can order their Taiwan beauty box with free shipping.

I generally adore Taiwan beauty products, particularly their sheet masks so I was ecstatic to receive my beauty box. Can't wait to try the products!  

Besides checking out booths of beauty products, you can also enjoy some fringe activities.

For around $7, you can get yourself inked at this booth with temporary tattoos. Some of my blogger friends went for 2 designs on their arms and the results looked really good.

If temporary tattoos do not interest you, the Vaniday booth behind it does express manicure services for $5 so go get your fingernails painted!

The booth that will interest all visitors - The Sure-Win Lucky Spin from Sample Store.

Do not leave the event without trying your luck at spinning the wheel because you will definitely walk home with a freebie.

I was eyeing the large bottle of Que Origin shower gel but I ended up winning a bottle of facial wash which was good enough too! :D

Sample Store was super sweet to cater some light refreshments for influencers during their visit.

I was feeling hungry then so these mini pasta bowls really helped to fill my stomach.

Mad love for these charcoal chicken burgers too!

Photo credits to Hui Jin.

Ending my blog entry with one of my favourite photos taken during the event with my blogger girls.

We had a great time together so thank you Sample Store for having us in this fun-filled event!

If you haven't been to Giftopia, grab your girlfriends and go have a good time tonight. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Event feature is based on personal experiences.


Good morning people!

I'm grateful that the weekend is here because my work life this week was craazzzyyy. I need a break!

Just wanted to do a short post on Yellow Ribbon Appreciation Dinner 2016 held on Thursday at Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre. I was invited to this apprecation dinner as a Social Media Advocate for the Yellow Ribbon Project.

Even though I had to attend 3 back-to-back meetings and was tired as hell, I was glad to be able to take some time to attend this appreciation dinner. Mingling with my hosts and fellow Social Media Advocates as well as immersing myself in a different environment made me more relaxed.

We got to watch a beautiful Sand Art performance on the screen. It was amazing!

The Sand Artist in full concentration, telling a meaningful story to the audience using her creative sand drawings.

Can you guess the story?

It should be a story very familiar to us and it ends with the impactful liner ' But I made a difference to this one'.

We also watched a violin performance by a group of children. They performed 2 songs, namely 'Over the Rainbow' and 'You Raise Me Up'.

These children looked super cute, especially the little boy in the middle of the row.

Photobooth time!

I had my photo taken with fellow fitness influencers, Pris Chew and Blade Runner. It was our second year as Social Media Advocates for the Yellow Ribbon Project!

Our appreciation dinner this year was grand and we were basically spoilt for choice with the variety of food available.

There was also an entire table of fruits, desserts and mini Cornetto ice-creams to satisfy the sweet tooth in us.

Going home with my momentos of the night - our photobooth picture and a customized leather key ring with my name on it.

Many thanks to the Yellow Ribbon Project for having us in this appreciation dinner and for being such awesome hosts. We're truly proud and honoured to be your Social Media Advocates.

I gotta go now as I have 3 events today. What a packed day but I'm loving it. :)

Disclaimer: Event feature is based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

I'm having a crazily hectic and distressing work life this week but coming home to these adorable and chic beauty products from Seatree cheered me up and made me feel more relaxed.

Seatree is a Korean beauty brand which was launched in Singapore in July 16. The brand is known for its super cute and artistic illustrations on their products, each hand-drawn by international and domestic artists in a Seatree-ART collaboration project. Not only is the packaging suffice to win the hearts of many ladies; each product is also a limited edition which makes owning it even more special. It's like buying a piece of art... without having to burst your pockets.

Seatree is also known for using a 'Steam Emulsification Technique', i.e. using very high temperature of steam to produce an emulsion, in some of their signature products such as their steam creams. This technique produces effective and fast absorbing end products with optimal nutrients.

I was honoured to receive a sponsorship from Seatree and M.O.S.S (S) Pte Ltd recently and above were the products that were delivered to me. Aren't they cute? Their prices were surprisingly affordable too. Let me go through the products in more detail, starting from...

Seatree Quick Brightening Cleansing Foam ($10.90)

This cleaning foam contains whitening ingredients such as Vitamin C derivative and White Lily Extract to supress melanin formation and filter harmful radiation from skin respectively. The texture was thick and pasty. Interestingly, it reminded me more of a rinse-off clay mask than a regular cleansing foam.

The brightening effect wasn't as instantaneous or conspicuous as I expected but I guessed results would be more obvious with prolonged usage. Nonetheless, I did found that it was very effective in cleaning my face. It basically cleared the grease and grime on my face after a long day and left behind a smooth and soft complexion. It's pretty similar to the way I felt about my skin when I rinsed off a really good clay mask from my face.

Besides the Brightening Cleansing Foam, there are Seatree cleansers for other skin types too and they are all accompanied by lovely cartoon graphics and pocket-friendly prices so yay for consumers!

Seatree Jelly Pop Lip Gloss ($7.90)

This is possibly the girliest lip gloss I have now and I love it!

Jelly Pop Lip Gloss comes in 3 colours - Cherry Pop, Raspberry Pop and Peach Pop.

The colour I was sponsored was Raspberry Pop and it was indeed a bright and vivid colour. The closest colour to describe Raspberry Pop would be hot pink and truth be told, I have no idea how hot pink would look on my lips.

Thankfully, Raspberry Pop didn't looked as loud on my lips as I expected it to be. In fact, it suits me so well that I'm gonna make it my on-the-go companion for lip touch-ups.

I like the fact that this lip gloss gave a natural stain to my lips and didn't look too glossy or oily. I was actually sick on the day that I tried it and was thankful that the lip gloss added a pop of colour to my face without going over the top.

Admittedly, it wasn't very long-lasting and you have to be prepared to reapply 1 to 2 times throughout the day but heyyyy, it's only $7.90 so I'm not having sky high expectations. I personally felt that the quality and the packaging of the lip gloss were already very impressive for its price.

Seatree Quick Styling Gel Pencil Liner ($18.90)

When I started using eyeliner back when I was experimenting with makeup, pencil liner was my good friend for basic lining. I was clumsy with liquid eyeliner so I didn't mind using pencil liner even though the colour pay-off wasn't too great and it tugged at my eyelids at times.

Seatree Quick Styling Gel Pencil Liner came along and changed my perspective because it was like pencil liner except that it was wayyyy easier to use. Unlike pencil liners, you need not sharpen the Gel Pencil Liner. All you need to do is to twist and turn the back of the Gel Pencil Liner to get the product out and you are good to go.

I tried the Gel Pencil Liner on the same day that I tried the lip gloss and it worked like a breeze. It basically glided smoothly along my eyelids and the colour pay-off was AMAZING.

The colour I was sponsored was Real Black. They have the Liner in Natural Brown too.

The downside was that the Gel Pencil Liner wasn't entirely smudge-proof and would come off after a couple of hours, particularly if you are out under the hot sun. Thus, you might want to bring this Gel Pencil Liner with you for emergency touch-ups.

Although there is no need to sharpen the Liner, there are times when you might want to work with a sharper liner.

Pulling out the back of the Liner would reveal a mini sharpener for your use if necessary.

Besides the sharpener, there was also a flat brush at the end of the Liner.

You can use the brush to create a winged tip, smudge the liner for different looks or simply use it for more precise application. Personally, I like to use it to remove uneven lines if any.

With a clean face, lined eyes and a bright lip colour, I went off for my movie date confidently even though I spent the entire day sneezing my nose off. Who says you can't look good when you are sick? :)

For more information on Seatree, you can check out their Official Website, Facebook Page or Instagram.

If you are interested to purchase Seatree products, they are available at SASA, BHG, Watsons and e-store The Cosme Box.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

Ever since I was determined to transform my skin from dull and pimply to a healthy, glowing one, I've been taking care of my skin through my daily skincare routine, weekly masking and monthly facials.

My efforts were not in vain because with time, my skin condition made such tremendous improvement that I could now walk around barefaced and confident, no longer requiring makeup to mask my imperfections.

Besides these exterior efforts, we can also take care of our skin by eating clean and supplementing our skincare regime with beauty drinks so as to rejuvenate our skin from the inside.

I thereby introduce Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink, the first beauty drink in Singapore that contains young orchid stem cells. These orchid stem cells serve as powerful antioxidants which can protect our skin from inflammation and environmental damages.

Coupled with other ingredients such as Litchi Seed Extract, Premium French Marine Collagen and fruit extracts, this beauty drink renews our skin cells by providing a moisture boost; reducing wrinkles; tightening pores and brightening our skin. Seems like a beauty drink that's beneficial for people with oily skin types, ageing skin or stressed skin.

Each beauty drink is packed in an attractive and pink 50ml bottle, suitable for consumption of 1 bottle per day. One box contains 10 bottles and retails for $69.90.

Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink also promises results in 7 days, in which you will notice your skin looking more supple and hydrated. Although I find that it's difficult to attribute my improved skin to the beauty drink solely since I take care of my skin using collective efforts, I'm heartened to know that it has been complementing my efforts and helping to maintain my skin. I haven't been wearing makeup for a long time so possessing a radiant and glowing bare skin becomes immensely important to me.

Let's toast to healthy and beautiful skin, shall we?

This was the first beauty drink that reminded me of a glass of champagne and I could understand why. Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink is made with sparkling water which not only tastes light and refreshingly sweet but also boosts nutrient absorption and promotes skin metabolism.

Many conventional beauty drinks have a herbal taste and a thick, gooey texture. Although I'm not particular about the taste and texture, I'd have to say that this beauty drink really appealed to me. To summarize, Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink is akin to a fruity sparkling juice with all the beauty benefits packed within a bottle.

Users are recommended to consume 1 bottle before bedtime. I'm on to my 4th bottle now so I shall enjoy my drink and look forward to a revitalized complexion in the days to come.

If you are interested to purchase Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink, they retail at Watsons, Unity Pharmacy, ALT, OG, Robinsons, Yue Hwa or Hibeau.com. Readers who purchase online can enjoy a 20% off if they enter promo code 'TSS-20OFF' during checkout.

Sample Store is having a giveaway on 17 October 17 too so stay tuned to their Facebook Page! For more reviews on Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink, you can refer to other reviews on Sample Store Website.

Goodnight everyone and stay beautiful!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Event: ArtScience Late with InstaSG

Happy Sunday, people!

Few days back, I was at ArtScience Late with fellow instagrammers from InstaSG, enjoying a dance performance and visiting the latest exhibitions in ArtScience Museum.

ArtScience Late happens monthly on a Thursday evening and members of the public can look forward to performances and 1-for-1 access to the exhibitions from 7pm to 10pm.

The performance we were watching was a site-specific dance performance by The Arts Fission Company called Mirror of Clandestine Blooms.

Through abstract, contemporary dance movements, the dancers would rove from one site to another, leading the audience to explore various locations within ArtScience Museum. I thought that was very interesting.

We started watching the dancers at their first performance location, the Rain Oculus Basement 2. After which, they began moving towards the lift lobby where they continued dancing and everyone was just following them to see what was going on.

The hilarious part was when we were all cramped in the lift to head to Level 4 and the dancers were still dancing in the lift within a very confined space. I was standing right beside a dancer and had to be careful not to fidget and get into her way.

We were brought to the Expression Room on Level 4 where it was transformed into a pop-up club. The dancers continued dancing to electronic Bach music while hopping from one table to another.

Headed back to Rain Oculus Basement 2 where we watched the next dance segment called the Woman in Clandestine Gown. LOL, so that's the gown! I certainly didn't expect it.

When the performance ended, we headed on to explore 3 exhibitions in ArtScience Museum, starting with...

Future World: Where Art Meets Science

Future World is a permanent exhibition that is expected to be around for the next 3 years.

It reminded me of a digital playground where we were free to roam, explore and participate in its interactive elements. We even got to go down a slide in the midst of our exploring.

Fancy watching the waves on the screen with a loved one?

Although the waves were beautiful and served as a lovely backdrop, I would still prefer the traditional way of admiring waves along the beach with a special someone. Nothing beats the real stuff, seriously.

Introducing Future World's new installaton, Graffiti Nature where you can bring animals to life through your drawings. I think kids will love this!

They have a stack of animal pictures for you to choose from and you have to spend some time colouring it but fret not, the effects are worth your time.

I chose a picture of an alligator and coloured it.

To be honest, the alligator looked quite ugly with its hideous blend of green and pink and I even made sure to scrawl my name on it for easier identification later. When I scanned my drawing, I was thrilled to see an alligator named 'Tracy' crawling around the floor. Additionally, it even behaved like the way an alligator should be. How awesome is that!!!

All the digitally created animals would also remain on the floor till the end of the exhibition before the system restarts for the next day.

Although I prefer the real stuff, I have to admit that this digital projection of a waterwall was mad gorgeous and perfect as a backdrop for silhouette photos.

Step into a colourful world, otherwise known as a 'recreational park', where visitors of all ages can play with these glow-in-the-dark balls.

Will our parks and playgrounds look like this in the future?

Moving beyond the 'recreational park' is a beautiful crystal world known as Space where you would be sure to be spellbound by its beauty so get ready your cameras!

I'll leave you to explore the other parts of Future World on your own while I move on to...

Journey to Infinity: Escher's World of Wonder

I was very excited to visit this exhibition because I've heard so much about famous graphic artist, M. C Escher.

Journey to Infinity exhibition features over 150 original works of Escher's. His drawings involve tessallation and transformation of shapes as well as other illusionary works to represent infinity.

This exhibition was pretty big and almost every drawing that I saw on the wall left me in awe.

Admittedly, I went trigger-happy in there, snapping too many photos of the drawings but for the purpose of this blog entry, I'll only show a handful of my favourites.

This was my favourite work by Escher, which was a drawing of himself holding and looking into a sphere. As you can see, his pencil drawings were intricate and realistic.

I was so marvelled by this drawing that I just had to have a photo of it.

A similar drawing was this one involving 3 spheres.

If you look closely at the sphere in the middle, do you see Escher working on the drawing of 3 spheres? I can't even explain how creative this guy is!

One of his famous drawings was 'Ascending and Descending' and if you ask me, it's a huge play of our minds.

Just as you thought the soldiers were ascending the stairs, they happened to be descending the stairs as well. THIS IS SO BIZARRE. No wonder this concept has been widely used in other print works and movies subsequently. It is a concept that catches your attention and makes you ponder over its (im)possibility.

A hand drawing a hand.

How peculiar it was to see a 2D picture emerging into a 3D one before turning into a 2D picture again. If you want to check out more of Escher's amazing, mind-boggling works, do drop by the exhibition to visit!

Big Bang Data

The last exhibition, Big Bang Data features installations that represent the issues surrounding the rapid datafication in our world as well as how it affects the way we interact with one another.

We didn't get to spend a lot of time in this exhibition because it was near to closing time already.

The amount of data received through video uploads is massive and this does not include the other ways we produce data such as Google searches or social media such as liking a page on Facebook or uploading a photo on Instagram.

While rapid datafication creates opportunities for our world, it also creates problems.

One of the more memorable segments of the exhibition was this photo landslide which was accompanied by a thought-provoking quote by Rick Smolan.

My jaw dropped when I saw this exhibition because I've never seen so many piles of photos before. Kinda sad to see all these happy memories captured in the photos simply discarded on the floor like a pile in a rubbish dump.

Ending off with a photo of what data looks like.

On closer look, they actually contain messages left behind by the visitors of the exhibition. Cool eh?

If you're interested to visit ArtScience Museum, tickets can be purchased online here. They have All Access tickets for the 3 exhibitions and prices will vary for adults, senior citizens, students and children. Do look out for the next ArtScience Late event next month too!

Gotta go have lunch, people. Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.


Hey people!

For someone who's terrible in arts and crafts since schooling days, it's surprising to find myself in a Crafting Workshop organized by Fujifilm at Bally Photo, learning how to make an A4 Scrapbook Birthday Card.

Nonetheless, my experience turned out to be interesting and fun. I realized that making a personalized birthday card wasn't as difficult as I expected it to be and was in fact very meaningful too.

We were supplied with stationery, tools and washi tapes for our crafting session.

Washi tapes are akin to scotch tape but are largely used for decor purposes. There were many gorgeous patterns to choose from and I liked it that the tapes could be peeled off easily from the card in case you want to paste it elsewhere.

Admittedly, it was my first time experimenting with washi tapes so I wasn't that great with them and much prefer to use them minimally on my card.

I prefer using stickers for decorating because they're easier to work with. When I opened my goodie bag and saw loads of colourful stickers relating to birthdays and parties, the inner kid in me leaped with joy. Evidently, my fondness for stickers since my childhood days has not died down.

Before we begin, we had to print photos using a Fujifilm Photo Printer.

We could either download an app called 'WPS Photo Transfer' to transfer photos from our phone to the printer or we could insert an SD card or thumbdrive containing photos in the printer.

I was using a spare phone then and had zero photos in it but thankfully I had my camera with me so I had to print my recent photos from my camera's SD card.

Got my photos printed in a jiffy using the Fujifilm Photo Printer.

We were told to print 2 portrait photos, 2 landscape photos and 4 smaller size photos for the card decoration.

Photo credits to Fujifilm

We were taught by Ms Mabel Sim from The CraftMinded on how to create an A4 Scrapbook Birthday Card.

Just look at us busying ourselves with such intense concentration. I have never seen myself looking so serious before.

Actually, I was also worried that clumsy me would screw up so I was grateful that Mabel was extremely patient with me, guiding me through with step-by-step demonstrations.

Before the Crafting Workshop, I told YX that I would try my hands in creating a card for him but I didn't realized that it would strictly be a birthday card.

Since the photos used were technically taken on my birthday, I looked more like I was creating a birthday card for myself. LOL!

Besides painstakingly cutting my photos to fit within the provided frames, I also had to tape my photos down using a double-sided tape that looked kinda cute!

Was I just outdated in the crafting world or has double-sided tapes turned fancy now?

Unlike regular double-sided tapes, these tapes need no cutting or peeling and can be easily transferred onto the card by rubbing them off the slip. How ingenious!

I also learnt from Mabel that my card would looked better if I were to create a pop-up look for my photos so I decided to be less lazy and spend some time popping up my photos for a more 3-dimensional effect.

So glad there wasn't any drawing involved in this Crafting Workshop or else I would really have ruined my artwork with my kiddish, stick-figure drawings.

I went a little crazzzyyy with the stickers because they really helped to liven the card with their adorable designs and myriad of colours. Mabel advised me to make my sticker-pasting more symmetrical. If 2 stickers were used on the left side of the card, it was recommended for me to also use 2 stickers on the right side of the card for more balance.

Similarly to the photos, I also had to create a pop-up look for the stickers instead of simply pasting them down onto the card. Praise my efforts, please!

Not that I'm boasting but I really liked the cover of the card that I had created. Maybe it's because there's a bigass photo of myself?

YX commented that my photo was larger than his so I guessed it's true after all - I was subconsciously creating a birthday card for myself. HAHAHA!

Nonetheless, the recipient of the card loves it so I am happy. This is the first time I'm actually giving someone a piece of craft that I have created (they normally go into the bin) so cheers to that. It's like a milestone in my life or something.

Many thanks to Fujifilm for inviting me to this Crafting Workshop, teaching me to improve my skills in arts and crafts and allowing me the chance to create a gift for a loved one. :)

Have a great TGIF, everyone!

Disclaimer: Event feature is based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

Yesterday was mega awesome because I started my morning all energized with a Pilates Party at Lululemon Athletica.

Lululemon Athletica is a fitness apparel shop along Duxton Road.

Initially, I was puzzled, wondering how I was going to do pilates in the middle of a shop but it turned out that there was actually a studio right above the shop.

In fact, it wasn't simply an ordinary studio but an immensely homely and lively one.

My eyes were drawn immediately to the decor of the parrots that formed an artistic circular pattern on the wall. What a creative backdrop - it's something I've never seen before!

The studio also looked vibrant with natural sunlight streaming in through bright red windows.

Not to forget the cosy corner of cushions that looked like a perfect place to lepak (i.e. rest, chill and do nothing).

Yoga mats in a wide variety of colours to accompany your floorwork exercises! Which colour is your favourite?

We have several sponsors in the house to facilitate this Pilates Party and one of them was Team Juicy's biggest sponsor, Nutrition Depot.

Nutrition Depot sponsored healthy fitness food such as packets of whey protein and boxes of quest protein bars.

My favourite item from Nutrition Depot was their black and pink protein shaker bottles with the words 'Strong is the New Sexy'. I totally dig that fitness slogan!

If you hardly drink protein shakes, you can still use the bottle as a regular water bottle.

Biotherm has also provided sachets of their Biotherm Aquasource skincare products for our sampling. Thank you for ensuring that we have a well hydrated skin atop a fit physique!

We went through a 1 hour Pilates class conducted by Betsy, a Pilates instructor and fitness junkie.

This Pilates class centred largely on partner work which I thought was interesting and different from the usual matwork or reformer Pilates that I had previously tried. Since many of us ladies were strangers to one another, it helped to break the ice too.

Photo credits to Team Juicy.

Pilates may not be as cardio-intensive as physical conditioning and does not make you sweat buckets like yoga but all that slow and steady stretching is still useful in working the abdominal and thigh muscles.

The partner Pilates left us girls in bouts of laughter as we simultaneously groaned in pain while trying to hold our core for an extended period of time.

Well, as the saying goes, 'no pain, no gain'. If you want a fit body, you've got to work for it.

And if you want to dig in to this glorious platter of sushi from Maki-San courteousy of Dishdash Singapore, that 1 hour of endurance before lunch is definitely necessary.

My new friend and Pilates partner for that 1 hour. I love this photo of us!

Photo credits to Team Juicy.

Ending off with a group photo of the ladies in the house!

Thank you Team Juicy for inviting me to a fun-filled party where I got to mingle with other like-minded fitness enthusiasts. I hope to see these girls again in future fitness events! :)

Lululemon Athletica
79 Duxton Road
Singapore 089538

Disclaimer: Event feature is based on personal experiences.



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