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Hey people!

I'm Tracy Wong, also known as 'Dainty Diva' or 'Gilmangirl' in the blogosphere. I'm a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger and I aim to inspire readers to live life actively with a sense of adventure.

I love to write and I cover multiple topics in this little space of mine. You can click on my blogging portfolio below to find out more. Happy reading!

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Good morning, people!

Are you someone who loves to share on the best places to go to, what to check out or even promote good lobangs? If you do, then join me to be a Hunter on Ehbuzz!

Ehbuzz is a community portal with the aim to introduce lifestyle outlets and buzzes on gourmet, beauty and fashion. It is where you can go to find out about rave-worthy places, things you must absolutely try as well as the latest promotions in town.

As the portal is relatively new, the gourmet category is way more established than the beauty and fashion ones. Majority of the Hunters on the portal are generally foodies with loads of Insta-worthy photos to share, review and recommend. Thus, for the purpose of my blog entry, I will also focus on the gourmet category.

To start being an Ehbuzz Hunter, you'll have to sign up for an account first but no worries, it's a simple process and wouldn't take up much of your time.

For me, I prefer to sign up using Facebook for convenience's sake.

Once you have logged in, you can create a profile page to introduce yourself. If you're an influencer/blogger/youtuber/instagrammer, feel free to include your social media details too. It gives you more recognition, I guess, especially if you are a trending influencer on Ehbuzz with a long list of followers. :)

Just like in a game, we all start off as gourmet novices at Level 1 but the more outlets and buzzes you introduce and the more reviews you contribute to Ehbuzz, you will be able to gain experience points and level up eventually. And when you level up, you get unique and special badges along the way. Right now, I'm a Level 6 Gourmet Hunter.

The pictures above feature the gourmet outlets that have been introduced by other Hunters, laid out neatly in Instagram style.

You can sort the outlets based on Most Rated, Most Fans, Newest, Nearest or Least Rated. Since the outlets are numbered in chronological order, it's not difficult to tell which is the outlet with the Most Fans or which is Most Rated.

As a Hunter, you can also introduce your favourite outlets to consumers by uploading a photo of the eatery. I uploaded a photo of Rong Fu Ji Seafood Steam Pot Restaurant after my food tasting session with them because their seafood steam pot was awesome!

Besides uploading the photo,you are required to key in other information about the outlet such as the name, location and price range. For the location, you can either do a GPS detection if you are nearby or manually locate it on the map provided. It's kinda like Google Maps if you ask me.

Gourmet Buzzes is my favourite page because it shows all the must-try, saliva-inducing food items recommended by fellow Hunters. I was totally making mental notes about which food to try at the next opportunity.

Similarly to outlets, you can sort the buzzes based on Most Rated, Newest, Nearest or Least Rated. This page was really helpful for me in terms of deciding on what to eat at a particular outlet. I wanted to go to Dal.Komm Coffee on Valentine's Day so seeing recommendations by other Hunters on the beverages to try was truly useful.

When it comes to introducing outlets and buzzes, I did noticed that there are no measures to prevent a user from uploading nonsensical photos as outlets and buzzes. This also means the system gives complete trust to the user to provide authentic and meaningful recommendations. The good thing though is that nonsensical photos are usually not highly rated and will eventually get hidden behind the good photos.

Do you have a favourite food item to introduce? If yes, I'd say you buzz about it!

I chose to introduce the seafood steam pot as a buzz for Rong Fu Ji Seafood Steam Pot Restaurant, making sure to select a photo that displays the glorious, steamed seafood.

You can also include a buzz title to go along with the photo. For me, I'm uncreative in titling things so I just decided to call it 'Yummy Seafood Steam Pot!'; but you can have a more eye-catching buzz such as 'THE BEST SEAFOOD IN THE WORLD' if you want.

No introduction is complete without a review of the buzz based on Quality, Service and Value. This will help to add on to the ratings. You can do so not only for the buzz that you are introducing but other Hunter's buzzes too.

The above screenshot is my short review for BAKE Cheese Tarts. I just needed to share my compliments and spread the love for this goodness.

The pool of Hunters are growing steadily so do join us! If you prefer recommending Beauty or Fashion, feel free as well!

If you will like to visit Ehbuzz and check out the trending outlets and buzzes or to join as a Hunter, you can start by creating an account here. Be sure to follow Ehbuzz on their Facebook too!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

Sorry, I've been off the blogosphere for close to two weeks and that's because I've been very overwhelmed with work. Think overtiming frequently and working on my office laptop over the weekend.

Nonetheless, the end is near and I'll be back to blog (+ clear my backlogs, LOL) actively again after this week!

That said, I found a new restaurant to love this month.

Portico Host is a restaurant tucked in a quiet corner along Alexandra Road and is located at a short walking distance from Labrador Park MRT Station. It's not very visible to the public eye from the MRT Station so you might want to look out for LG Electronics. The restaurant is just round the bend from this building.

This hidden gem is one of Portico Singapore's restaurants and it serves exquisite Asian-Western fusion cuisine. Portico Singapore also has Portico Prime, an elegant restaurant up on Dempsey Hill and Portico Platos, a stall within Timbre+ which serves Spanish tapas.

My first impression of the restaurant was that it had a cosy and laidback vibe which made it very inviting for customers.

There were even several insta-worthy spots outside the restaurant for you to take your #OOTD shots.

Ah yes, my friends are great at modeling.

Be careful of the swing though; it was probably meant for kids and couldn't really take an adult's weight. Jon was actually balancing himself precariously on the swing for this photo.

I adore the alfresco setting of the restaurant and I can understand why many of the patrons prefer to sit outside and chill over drinks after work.

Relaxing on these couches with my friends over homemade Ice Lemon Tea was truly uplifting to my spirits.

While I was impressed with the exterior, the interior was rave-worthy as well.

Each corner of the restaurant seemed to speak different themes. For example, this area seemed perfect for family gatherings or large group outings.

Whereas this corner seemed great for a romantic dinner date. Valentine's Day dinner, anyone?

Lo Hei with Yu Sheng

Since the restaurant setting and the ambience were awesome for me, what about the food?

Well, overall, THEY TASTED AMAZING. I am not kidding or exaggerating on this. Out of the long tasting menu list, there was only one item that I wasn't a fan of (more about this later) but otherwise, everything else was of superb quality. One thing to highlight was that the food I have tried and have featured here are currently not on the menu yet and thus, prices are not available at the moment. They will only be officially ready on the menu in end February/March.

The tasting session coincided with the Chinese New Year period so we had a Lo Hei session with Portico Host's Hamachi Yu Sheng. This was possibly one of the most photogenic Yu Sheng I had ever seen and it comprised some pretty interesting ingredients too. Besides the Hamachi pieces, I also loved snacking on the crispy wanton skin and lotus root.


Speaking of snacks, if you're a fan of crispy things, the Trio of Skin would appeal to you.

From the top and in clockwise direction, we had eel skin with pork floss, chicken skin with seasoning and pork skin crackling.

The eel skin with pork floss was my favourite and it would have been addictive if I didn't stop myself after one piece. Tempting as it is, I try not to overeat in food tasting sessions. My friends loved the pork skin though.

Calling all crab-lovers, this Duo of Crab is made for you!

To enjoy this, you can dip the delicate pieces of Man Tou into the bowl of Chili Mud Crab Meat Dip or you can crunch on the pile of crispy Baby Crabs. They taste just like biscuits!

See the yellow, powdery bits below the Baby Crabs? Those are called Edible Soil but they're actually Salted Egg. Man... they were delicious when eaten with Baby Crabs!

This Japanese-inspired dish is the Hotatte Tattaki, featuring scallops topped with Mentaiko, Apple Slaw, Avruga Caviar and a piece of Crispy Kawa Ebi. The scallops are accompanied by watermelon.

Pop one scallop in your mouth to savour the goodness wholeheartedly!

This drool-worthy dish is the Grilled Octopus and even though the highlight was supposed to be the octopus, I was more fascinated with the potatoes.

In fact, I had to ask how the potatoes were cooked because they were just so soft and yummy. 'Sous vide', they replied. Damn... I want my potatoes sous vide from now on. HA HA!

I also loved the fact that the potatoes were topped with crispy and healthy quinoa. What an interesting combination!

Main Courses

Let's start with my most favourite meat in the world - the 72 Hour Braised Angus Beef Cheek.

Yes, you read it right. This dish of goodness took 72 hours to prepare. No wonder it tasted so soft and tender. I happen to also be a potato person so I love the potato gratin that came along with the beef cheeks. It's heavenly to enjoy both of them together.

I will definitely recommend everyone to order this dish!

My next favourite and most unique main course was the Snapper Pie.

I've never had fish in a pie before so this was certainly an experience. There was even a mix of wild mushroom ragout, asparagus, tomatoes and a hint of truffle in the pie, making this dish beyond satisfactory. Undoubtedly, this dish won our hearts and our stomachs.

BBQ Pork Rib tasted good and very flavourful too. My only gripe was that the portion was huge!

In order to avoid getting tired of the taste after a while, I will recommend sharing this dish with 1 to 2 people instead.

Speaking of portion, I was a little taken aback when Seared Chicken Breast was served because it merely took up 1/3 of the plate but I supposed it was just the plating and not because they forgot to serve more meat.

Although I'm not usually a fan of Chicken Breast, I found that the Chicken Breast served in Portico Host were softer than the typical dry and tough ones that I was more used to. Kudos to that!

Lastly, I couldn't resist the Duck Leg Confit which sits atop Potato Mash, Purple Cabbage Stew and Red Pepper Coulis, drizzled with Port Wine Sauce. It tasted absolutely delicious!


Room for desserts, anyone?

I thought the presentation of Tiramisu was terrific.

It truly looked like a garden pot on a bed of soil! I liked the taste of it, including the edible soil which was actually just oreo cookie crumble!

On the other hand, this Pineapple dessert wasn't to my liking.

I mean, the Pineapple Sherbet was so-so but the rest of the dehydrated pineapple thingums didn't sit too well with my tastebuds. Sorry! I'm just not a pineapple dessert person!

If you love Creme Brulee, then please try Kaya Creme Brulee for a unique local twist!

It comes with Vanilla ice-cream and a hint of coconut too. Yums!

Overall, Portico Host really hits the right spot for me in all aspects - the ambience, the location and the quality of food. Needless to say, it's made it to my list of favourite restaurants to go to. I am thrilled to discover that I also have a 'Buy One Get One Free' offer for the main courses in Portico Host with The Entertainer so YES TO COST SAVINGS!

One day, I am so gonna bring YX to dine there with me because I know he will like this place as much as I do. And possibly another time with my family so that they can enjoy the amazing food as well. Can't wait to spread the love!

You can also visit Portico Host at the address below and on their Official Website. Enjoy!

Portico Host
991B Alexandra Road
#01-10 Singapore 119970

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

Those who know me will know how much I love my The Entertainer App, a mobile application that allows you to enjoy Buy One Get One Free offers on food, beauty and fitness services, recreational activities as well as hotel bookings.

I've raved about The Entertainer on my blog multiple times (see tag 'Advertorials') and have been using it for the past 3 years. Whenever there's a meet-up, date or a celebration that require dining out, I'll always offer to use The Entertainer to save cost.

Recently, the Entertainer Singapore launched Cheers Singapore 2017 app which features more than 800 Buy One Get One Free offers on alcoholic drinks in restaurants and bars. Drinkaholics can rejoice now! No more pinch in the pockets for those wanting to chill the night away over a glass of alcohol because you can SHARE COST!

In late January, I was at Caffe B @ Marina Bay Sands, a Japanese Italian restaurant for a cocktail tasting session. This classy restaurant has a romantic ambience and is named 'Recommended Restaurant for Wine Lovers' in Singapore Tatler's Best Restaurant Guide 2012. If you and your partner are wine lovers, Caffe B will be a perfect place to check out during date night. :)

Caffe B will be opening another outlet at Club Street in February and the tasting session at its Marina Bay Sands outlet was a preview of the cocktails that one will be able to enjoy in its new outlet under Cheers Singapore 2017 app. Specifically, Caffe B offers the following vouchers at its upcoming outlet at Club Street:

- 1 for 1 on bottle of house wine
- 2 for 2 on glass of cocktails
- 1 for 1 on glasses of house beverage

To enjoy these deals, you will definitely need to purchase the Cheers Singapore 2017 app first to unlock the drinking offers by the merchants.

During the tasting, we witnessed a cocktail mixing session and it was an eye-opening experience for me.

I also learnt that cocktails really do make a tremendous difference to the taste when they are paired with selected food items. I'll go into this in a bit. Now, let me share with you on the 5 cocktails I have tasted as well as their respective food pairings.

1) Yuzu Mojito ($19)

Call me biased but it seemed like anything with Yuzu would work for me.

Yuzu Mojito was the first cocktail I have tried and it was also my favourite. This mojito was made with Japanese yuzu plum, lemon, brown sugar crystals, mint leaves and sprite and it was super refreshing! Surprisingly, the yuzu and sprite taste were more dominant than the taste of alcohol.

I was very tempted to drink up my entire glass but I had to hold myself back and only take 1 to 2 sips per cocktail because honestly, I can't drink too much without my face turning red.

We paired Yuzu Mojito with antipasto, namely this platter of Italian Cold Cut.

The meat was on the salty side but the sweet Yuzu Mojito helped to neutralise the taste.

Another antipasto was the Scallops Carpaccio served with Dragon Fruit, Orange, Pomelo and Shiso, with a drizzle of Yuzu vinaigrette.

2) Ume Gin ($19)

Next up, we had a concoction of Ume Plum wine, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Syrup and Fresh Lemon Juice.

Sadly, I wasn't too fond of this because I guessed I wasn't a fan of Gin but some of my blogger friends liked it.

Ume Gin was paired with good ol' spaghetti carbonara (my favourite kind of pasta!) as well as....

Yummy Risotto!!

There's chilli crab goodness in there as this dish was an effort to inject some Singaporean flavour into a Western dish. Certainly a first of its kind!

3) Sake Cucumber ($18)

Made up of authentic Kikumasamune Sake, minced cucumber, brown sugar and lychee juice, this Sake Cucumber was very similar to the Yuzu Mojito in that the alcohol taste was very mild.

People who are hardcore drinkers would probably not be too keen on this cocktail but those who prefer a lighter alcohol taste would be able to appreciate this better.

The Sake Cucumber was paired with pan-fried king prawns drizzled with pernod butter sauce, and topped with cavier, asparagus and wild mushrooms.

4) Berrytini ($16)

Berrytini was perhaps the most photogenic drink that night and also a drink that appealed more to the ladies than to the guys.

This drink is a martini with Absolut Raspberry vodka, Triple Sec liquer, sweet and sour mix, cranberry juice and raspberries. The drink itself was a tad sour because of the raspberries but the sugar-coated rim around the glass helped to tone down the sourish taste.

We paired Berrytini with hands-down the best food that we have tried on the tasting menu - the Wagyu al Porto.

This Wagyu Striploin in Port Wine Sauce was amazingly tender and succulent that we were all singing praises of it. To top it off, it was served with mashed potato. Not just any mashed potato but one with the smoothest consistency I've ever had! Made my night, really.

We also had pizzas and were taught to roll up our slice of pizza before eating.

The Queen Margherita was one cheese overload that made me instantaneously full.

This pizza is called the 'I am Crazy in Singapore' pizza. Careful, it's spicy!

5) Espresso Martini ($18)

It was a close fight between the Yuzu Mojito and the Espresso Martini on my favourites list. Although Yuzu Mojito ranked first in my heart, I must say that I also liked Espresso Martini very much. Look, the mixologist even made an attempt to do coffee art when preparing the martini.

In terms of taste, it was slightly bitter just like how caffeine should be and it was also rich and strong in flavour. Unsurprisingly, this drink was more popular among the guys.

Espresso Martini was best enjoyed with these delicate little pieces of tiramisu.

They were heavenly and they added a sweet note to my night.

Thank you The Entertainer Singapore and Caffe B for the insightful wine and dine session and for pampering us with amazing cocktails and high quality food.

If you will like to enjoy the cocktails featured above at a Buy One Get One Free offer, then purchase Cheers Singapore 2017 app and visit Caffe B at its Club Street outlet when it opens this month! Find out more about Caffe B on their Official Website.

Current outlet

Caffe B @ Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue
#B1-15 & #01-83
Singapore 018972

Coming soon (Feb)
Caffe B @ Club Street
64 Club Street
Singapore 069438

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

It's Chinese New Year Eve tomorrow and it's the day when many of us will be having reunion dinners with our family and loved ones. Our current rainy and chilly weather also adds on to the mood of indulging in warm steamboat, don't you think?

Recently, I was introduced to a new dining concept whereby instead of steamboat, you have seafood steam pot! Like the name suggests, the ingredients are cooked via high-speed steaming rather than boiling in a soup broth. Perfect for people who don't fancy soup but still want to get their seafood fix. Besides, steamed food is healthy and does not compromise on the essence of the ingredients so yay to delicious and clean eating!

One fine weekend, YX and I headed to The Grandstand for a food tasting session at Rong Fu Ji Seafood Steam Pot Restaurant.

I am happy to be back at The Grandstand because it's one of my favourite places to be at for brunch, lazy chilling and to enjoy the whole 'away-from-the-city' experience. If you think The Grandstand is out of the way, fret not. There are shuttle bus pickup points along Bukit Timah, Clementi, Toa Payoh and Botanic Gardens. Click here for the bus schedule.

I know the place looked empty during my tasting session but that was probably because we were there at lunch time.

I guessed steam pot restaurants are more popular during dinner time.

We actually entered the restaurant from the back entrance, which in my opinion looked way better and more accessible than the front.

We spotted the restaurant which was facing a lovely garden while walking from the shuttle bus station.

Loving the alfresco feel in this restaurant!

If we weren't already allocated a seat within the restaurant, I would have asked to do my tasting outside instead.

During our tasting, the staff was very hospitable and kept coming to our table to check on our food and cook for us.

Nonetheless, you can also cook the food by yourself with the help of a useful guide that lists down the recommended cooking time for all food items.

Had raw oysters with compliments from the restaurant to start off our session! Yums!

There were a number of base sets available to accommodate different pax. Of course, the more number of people sharing the steam pot, the more expensive the base set.

Because there were only YX and me sharing the food, we were given the $78 base set which was recommended for 1 to 2 people.

So what constitutes a $78 base set? Well, there's:

1. Porridge (simultaneously cooked in a rice pot underneath the steaming tray)

2. Sea Crab (1 pc)

3. Tiger Prawns (4 pcs)

4. Bamboo Clams (2 halves)

5. Scallops (2 pcs)

6. Clams

7. Fish (Pomfret or Seabass)

8. Meat (Beef Ribeye Roll or Kurobuta Pork Belly Slice or Chicken Chop)

9. Vegetable Platter

Looks like a generous load of food for 2!

As YX and I are small eaters, we found that the amount of food was enough for sharing among 3 people actually.

We were also served sauces, one spicy and the other non-spicy, to accompany our food.

They were so tasty and complemented the food so well that we honestly couldn't do without them. We basically dipped all our steamed food into the sauces before putting them into our mouth.

Time to dig in to the seafood!

We loved everything on the seafood platter and I was also thrilled to have the chance to eat some sea crab. It was SO GOOD.

YX knows that I have a lip allergy to crab shells (I have no idea why) so he deshelled the pincer and pulled out the meat for me so that I get to taste some of it. Thank you love! :D

Next up, we cooked the meat and our big plate of leafy greens. For the meat, we chose the Beef Ribeye Roll but we kinda overcooked them so they were a little tough. Opps, our bad!

A word of caution when steam potting: You'll really need to watch the cooking time closely!

For fish, we selected the pomfret (sorry, not a fan of seabass), which came nicely sliced in individual pieces for easier eating.

I love the taste of pomfret in general so this was my 2nd favourite dish out of the tasting. My favourite was the glorious seafood platter, of course!  

The sauce went very well with the pomfret so we highly recommend drizzling the sauce all over before savouring it.

Oh, and praise #chefyixiang's amazing plating skills, please!

By then, the porridge was already well cooked so we tucked into our warm, nutritious bowl of ginseng porridge with goji berries.

This particular porridge was new then and wasn't on the menu yet but it was recommended by the staff for us to try so we agreed. The ginseng taste wasn't very strong so one might find the porridge a tad bland but if you add the sauce within the porridge, it makes up for the taste. I'm also a fan of goji berries so overall, I still enjoyed the taste of this porridge. :)

If you will like to go for a seafood steam pot experience, you can visit Rong Fu Ji Seafood Steam Pot at the address below. Be sure to follow them on their Facebook Page too!

Thank you Jonathan for inviting me and Wayne for hosting us!

Rong Fu Ji Seafood Steam Pot Restaurant
200 Turf Club, The Grandstand
#01-14 Singapore 287994

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

It's only 3 more days to Chinese New Year and everyone's probably in a frenzy to do some last minute Chinese New Year shopping or spring cleaning. I have YET to find time to clean my desk but I'll get to it, I promise!

This Chinese New Year is a little special for me because on top of the usual house visiting, I will be visiting the boyfriend's family as well. Last weekend, I also had my first Lo Hei session with YX's secondary school bros as well as partners and I felt so welcomed by the group. :)

So, throwback to 2 weeks ago when I was at Chinatown for a Chinatown Heritage Walking Trail with the friendly folks from Ninemer PR and Mediacorp actress, Sora Ma. It was a cosy session involving 12 influencers and their plus ones and I was very happy to see a number of familiar faces!

I was also glad to be part of this curated tour because I got to learn how cool Chinatown has become over the years. When I was a kid, I never liked visiting Chinatown because I always thought that the place was boring and crowded. Fast forward years later, I was able to appreciate the place more when I realized that there were interesting parts of the place that I never knew.

If you're wondering what you can do at Chinatown this Chinese New Year, allow me to introduce to you, starting with:

1) Go on a Trishaw Uncle's Nostalgic Chinatown Tour

Many of us have probably never been on a Trishaw so if you're very curious to know how it's like, go on a Trishaw Uncle's Nostalgic Chinatown Tour!

First, you get to step into Trishaw Uncle's humble abode at the Chinatown Heritage Centre and learn about his personal story as one of Singapore's early pioneers. Next, you get to hit the streets of Chinatown on his trishaw and check out the Chinatown Chinese New Year Street Light-Up!

While you're at that, remember to bring along your camera as well to capture some of the sights you've seen!

Chinatown is looking very festive at the moment, with the streets adorned with rows and rows of floral decors. If you think they look beautiful in the day, wait till you see them light up at night.

There's even a giant Rooster to welcome the Rooster Year. Andddd.... I heard that it crows at night every 15 minutes!

The Trishaw Tours come with a fee and will be available from 29 Jan 17 to 28 Feb 17. Feel free to approach Chinatown Heritage Centre at 48 Pagoda Street to enquire on the fees!

2) Take part in the Year of the Rooster Capteh Challenge

If you have a hidden talent in Capteh kicking, you should totally join this challenge at the Chinatown Heritage Centre at 1pm and 4pm daily from now till 28 Feb 17.

You can stand a chance to win a free admission to the Chinatown Heritage Centre if you can kick the Capteh for 8 consecutive times without letting it drop to the floor.

Unfortunately, I am bad in this so I shall use my fluffy pink Capteh as a table decor instead. :P

3) Do your last minute Chinese New Year shopping at the Festive Street Bazaar

The Festive Street Bazaar was flooded with people doing their last minute shopping for their Chinese New Year knick knacks.

It was also popular among tourists who just wanted to check the bazaar out and bask in the festive atmosphere.

Along the way, we visited a stall selling a large variety of waxed meats and we were introduced to some of the specialties by the stall owner.

Waxed meats are typically found in claypot rice and I love them! Sora also shared that she will usually cook waxed meats by cutting them into bite-sized pieces and cooking them using a rice cooker. It adds immense fragrance to the rice!

If you're looking for a place with a large variety of waxed meats, this stall is definitely worth visiting!

Speaking of large variety, we also visited a stall selling a generous load of jelly stored in individual packets.

The jelly is somewhat like the Japanese Konnyaku Jelly that has fruit pieces within it and they were soooo addictive.

There were so many flavours that it really left one spoilt for choice but I liked how you can pick from the pile and customise your own pack of jelly.

We were asked to taste some of the jelly and I picked this one. It's peach and it was sweet and juicy!

Are you nuts for these nuts? Maybe not you but your parents might be!

These nuts are generally very popular among the older generation and this stall offers the most value-for-money deals. In terms of variety, need I say more?

My mum loves these and I've seen her snacking on this a couple of times.

I've always wondered how she managed to get through the shells so effortlessly.

Even if you're not keen on eating these nuts, you can always put some in your pocket and bring them home.

It is believed that bringing these traditional red nuts home is akin to bringing good luck back to your house. I've already popped some in my bag and I trust that I will have booming luck this year. :P

4) Try novelty food along YouthEATS @ Temple Street

For the teens who do not find waxed meats, jelly and traditional nuts interesting, YouthEATS would appeal a lot more to them with all the novelty food you can find along this lane.

I spotted these Ice Cream Vending Machines and I knew that this lane was gonna be LIT.

Whats that Food? Oh, it's Shabu Shabu Burger!

Sora interviewed this young lad (I'm calling him that only because he is younger than me) to find out more about this peculiar burger.

If you generally like teppanyaki, you will likely be able to appreciate the Shabu Shabu burger with its tantalizing goodness of tender meat and yummilicious sauces.

Price-wise, it costs $5 for a Chicken Shabu Shabu burger and $6 for a beef one.

If you're looking to quench your thirst, the owners of Whats that Food also sell Yuzu Ice Pops with Longans. It's a must-try, I tell you. Just ditch your water bottle for a while and go for the Ice Pop!

I was feeling warm and thirsty so when I saw the Yuzu Ice Pops, my mind went ' JUST GIVE IT TO ME!'. Needless to say, they were awesome and I want more.

I tried the most innovative and novel food at this stall along YouthEATS and they involved these jars of meringue in an assortment of colours.

Aren't they pretty?

This stall caught my attention because of the puffs of smoke being emitted from the stall at random intervals. Another reason was because I saw that the name was called 'Dragon's Breath' and I was like... 'What on Earth?!'.

I then found out that Dragon's Breath was actually meringue soaked in liquid nitrogen and the video below shows the effect after you pop a meringue into your mouth.

I'm breathing out 'smoke' like a Dragon, yo!

Sora fed me a meringue so that I could take this selfie video and it was a hilarious experience because the 'smoke' was escaping not only from my mouth but also from my nostrils. Admittedly, I couldn't remember how the taste was like because I was too engrossed in the whole smoke-puffing process. Why didn't anyone tell me it was that fun!?!

One tip though, please blow the meringue before popping into your mouth because it will be a very cold meringue and you don't want to get a frostbite from it, do you? There would also be a chilly sensation at the roof of your mouth and it would remain that way for some time but you will still love the experience anyway. :D

5) Hunt for cheap bargains at YHFlea: Come Lepark Edition

The last stop of our Chinatown Heritage Walking Trail was at Level 6 of People's Park Complex, specifically at the rooftop where you can find an arty-farty cafe called Lepark.

I was thrilled to see it because I've always wanted to visit the rooftop and I finally had my opportunity that day!

YHFLEA is a collaboration between Lepark and Young Hungry Free and features a flea market as well as a car boot market on the rootop.

I was intrigued and went round snapping photos because I felt that the yellow buildings in the background reminded me of Hong Kong.

If you're a shopaholic who's out to hunt for cheap bargains, there's plenty of stalls in this flea market selling trendy clothings for you to browse to your hearts' delight.

There's also skincare products, makeup, accessories and even hammocks on sale. The things you can find in this flea market can really surprise you!

Shoutout to Sora: Thank you for leading us in this Chinatown Heritage Walking Trail and it's very nice meeting you!

Photo credits to Ninemer PR

Many thanks to Ninemer PR for being such amazing hosts as well. I am happy and honoured to be part of this exclusive, curated tour! :)

Thank you for reading, my friends and go explore Chinatown if you haven't!

Disclaimer: Event feature and reviews are based on personal experiences.
Good afternoon!

Last week was crazily busy for me but I was so glad to be able to squeeze out some time to attend the media launch of Reflections Organics @ Picnic SG.

I've been wanting to visit Picnic SG ever since my Instagram was flooded with pictures of the restaurant and the food posted by my fellow influencers. No thanks to them for enticing me!

Reflections Organics is an organic makeup brand that contains 90% USDA Certified Organic Premium active ingredients. It does not consist of any chemicals; is nanoparticle-free and does not test on animals.

Instead, the products are vegan, environmentally-friendly and are even formulated with ingredients that can be eaten. I guessed it's true that when a product has ingredients that are safe for consuming through the mouth, it should be even safer when applied onto your skin.

The brand also invests largely on the quality of the products rather than the packaging. In fact, their packaging is pretty simple and t
hey use soy-based and food-grade ink for their labels!

I was also happy to catch up with Ms Nerissa Low who is the founder of Reflections Organics. I knew her long ago at a launch of her former skincare brand and it's great to see her looking good, doing well and moving on to a new organic makeup range.

I love the inspiration that came behind the name of the brand. The brand strives to empower ladies to remember how beautiful and powerful they actually are instead of being subjected to societal standards of beauty. This ties in closely with my own beliefs that you need to define the person that you are because if not, others will tell you who to be. It's cool to have a brand that encourages ladies to pursue their own beauty through healthy ways by using safe and eco-conscious ingredients that can do their skin and the environment good in the long run. Ladies, let your beauty shine and never hide your wings!

We also watched a makeup demonstration and we learnt that not only are the products easy to use and look awesome on the skin, they are also safe for pregnant ladies.

Thumbs up for that!

I was very attracted to their lip butter range because their colours are sooo prettttyyy!!

They largely have pastel pinks and coral tones that are suitable for Asian skin as well as a few vibrant colours for a louder, party look. I also like the fact that the lip butters are very moisturizing too so you need not worry about chapped lips while wearing them.      

They have lip glazes as well to complement the lip butters. Alternatively, you can wear the lip glazes on their own.

As many of the lip glazes are created using food such as berries, peach, grapefruit etc., they actually smell naturally good.

I know people don't normally sniff their lippies but for this brand, you've got to try it because these products are definitely worth a whiff.

Take this purple lip glaze named Pink Cupcake for example. It truly smells like a freshly baked cupcake. I'm not kidding!

If I can only choose 1 makeup product to own, I will at least own a foundation.

Foundations are the most essential makeup product for me but good foundations that suit your skin to a tee are hard to find. I was very happy to know that the brand stocks Organic Liquid Foundation with good blendability and coverage. If you're looking for a liquid foundation that contains ingredients which are safe for the skin, do consider this!

Although I don't use powdered foundation, I know people who swear by powders rather than liquids for their base makeup. Mineral makeup was the rage years ago so if you're someone who prefers using mineral powdered foundation, Reflections Organics has a basketload of mineral foundations for your selection.

There are also multiple shades available for mineral powdered foundation so be prepared to be spoilt for choice!

Reflections Organics' camouflage creams are their concealers and they are stored in a form of a compact case with a mirror so that one can touch up on makeup and conceal imperfections on the go.

Personally, I felt that the camouflage creams work better as an undereye concealer or for concealing mild redness on the face. What I like about the camouflage cream is that it even brightens the undereye while concealing dark circles. In terms of concealing dark spots or pimple bumps, there's room for improvements!

Are these pressed eyeshadows gorgeous or what?!

I did some colour swatching and I loved how pigmented the eyeshadows are. I was also in love with the Purple Sapphire pressed eyeshadow. The colour and the glitter bits will certainly add sparkle to your eyes!

Reflections Organics stocks a large variety of eyeshadows so if you're an eyeshadow addict, you should certainly check the brand out. Besides pressed eyeshadows which I very much prefer, they also have A LOT of mineral eyeshadows, some with sparkles and some without. Go ahead to explore the eyeshadow range and I'm very sure you'll find an eyeshadow that you will like. I already found mine. :)

I don't wear mascara because I'm still a noob when it comes to applying this product. Nonetheless, for many of my friends, mascaras are a must for eye makeup. So there you have it - the Reflections Organics' Infinity Lash Mascara that comes with a big wand.

They have two colours in stock, the Black Tourmaline and the Brown Quartz and they retail at USD$28 each. Go try them!

Dinner was served by Picnic SG and it was a buffet spread of healthy salads, yummilicious baguettes as well as sandwiches.

Thank you Picnic SG for feeding us!

Holy mama, the cakes!!! They looked so Instagram-worthy that I really needed to snap a picture and put it on my Instagram. HA HA.

I shared the chocolate cake with blogger friend, Pearly and oh my, the chocolate was so rich and divine! Yums!

Warm soups for the soul, anyone?

I also shared one of the soups with Pearly because we were both full by then and couldn't stomach more so sharing is caring.

There was a fringe activity going on and we were encouraged to create our own floral mandala using dried leaves and flowers.

These leaves and flowers were all painstakingly pressed by fellow blogger, June so thank you girl for putting so much effort in organizing this fun-filled fringe activity!

For someone with zero artistic ability, I managed to create this masterpiece. LOL.

I was so proud of my work because I actually started off with no idea on how to create my floral mandala. The lazy me decided to arrange 3 large leaves first before filling the gaps with smaller flowers, petals and leaves. I didn't know that the result would be so pleasing to the eye. I also never expected to receive so many 'likes' and compliments from fellow friends! :D

At the end of the launch, I went home with a pink treasure trove containing 3 makeup products lovingly sponsored by Reflections Organics.

The 3 products are namely a Camouflage Cream in Magic, a Liquid Liner in Black Onyx and a Lip Butter in Sweet Plum. Coincidentally, they retail at USD$30 each!

I tested the products last week and was very impressed by their quality. I used the Camouflage Cream for my undereyes and wore the liquid liner as well as the lip butter for an event last week.

The liquid liner dries quickly and is truly smudge-proof and reliable. I could be sweaty under the sun but my eyeliner just wouldn't budge until I removed it with an eye makeup remover. The lip butter is my first mauve shade and I was worried that I would look odd wearing it but I ended up liking the look so much! I guessed it's because it's a very understated colour and doesn't make me look too dramatic. As bimbotic as this may sound, it also matches my hair colour. LOL.

In sum, I'm excited to add these 3 products to my makeup collection. I will continue using them because I love them so much!

Reflections Organics makeup products currently retail on their Official Website.

From now till March 2017, you can enjoy a 10% discount if you use my promo code '
ROTracy17' during checkout for all products on the website. Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hello there!

I remembered the days when I had horrible acne and huge pimples all over my face. It was such a toll on my self-esteem that I started hiding my imperfections behind piles of makeup on a daily basis.

Nonetheless, it also made me highly motivated to find ways to heal my acne and work towards looking good naturally. As I went on a mission to improve my physical appearances, I gradually learnt that while it is important to look pleasant on the outside, true beauty radiates from within. Nothing beats having a caring heart, a cheerful disposition and a confident self.

Not long ago, I participated in a giveaway contest organized by The Wellness Insider and was notified that I have won a set of Alba Botanica Acnedote Skincare Series. Thank you so much for choosing me!

Although my skin has improved tremendously over the years and I am no longer pimply, I do have 2 small areas that are still prone to pimple congestion. I am referring to the patch of skin specifically located between my eyebrow and my hair. I have pimples there largely because of frequent contact with my hair as well as sweat. My beauty therapists have advised me to keep my hair away from the area, either by wearing a hair band or by clipping my hair up.

For the purpose of this review, I have tested the products only on my pimple-congested areas and not my entire face. I'll go into my review of the products in a bit but first, let me introduce The Wellness Insider.

Logo credits to The Wellness Insider

The Wellness Insider is founded by Melissa Fann who encourages people to feel beautiful inside and out, no matter which stage they are in their journey towards better health.

She strives to promote body confidence by providing a platform of curated expert opinions on Fitness, Food, Beauty and Lifestyle. There is also an online shop where viewers can shop for products and services that are suitable for their health and body.

Too often, we ladies are told that we do not meet the stereotypical standards of beauty and are made to believe that if we invest in a product or service, we can feel beautiful and happy again. We are told that we are not tall, thin or fair enough when there are so many different types of beautiful people out there that do not conform to the norms.

Thus, I like the idea of encouraging beauty and wellness through positive messaging as well as empowering viewers to make their own informed choices about their health, body and physical appearances. In essence, define who you are or others will tell you who to be.

So let's get into the product reviews, shall we?

Alba Botanica skincare products are 100% vegetarian and are packed with natural, botanical ingredients. The first product that I tried on the left is the Acnedote Deep Pore Wash ($16.90).

Now, this is an acne wash that contains 2% salicylic acid, the famous pimple-combating ingredient. This oil-free acne wash is believed to be able to penetrate deeply into the skin and unclog pores, heal existing pimples and prevent new ones from forming. Sounds promising, indeed!

Salicylic acid is a harsh ingredient for my current skin type so I am careful not to use this product on my entire face. I only tested it on my 2 pimple-congested areas to see how effective it is. I was surprised that for an acne wash, it didn't feel as harsh as I expected it to be. I remembered that most acne wash containing salicylic acid will typically have that dry and tight after-rinse feeling but not this one. This product was more gentle on the skin and didn't strip my skin from moisture after wash. My skin was also less spotty and bumpy at that region with continued usage. Since I'm seeing results, I will definitely continue to use this strategically until the 2 areas clear up. :)

The product on the right is the Acnedote Deep Clean Astringent ($16.90) and urm... I don't like this and won't use it again. It also contains 2% salicylic acid and is supposed be a cooling astringent that can leave the skin super clean but it smelled strongly of alcohol and stung my pimples upon application.

If I can feel slight stinging for mild acne already, what about people with a face full of severe acne? In sum, this product is a no-no for me!

Next up is the Acnedote Face & Body Scrub ($16.90).

The brownish product that you see in the picture above contains 2% Salicylic Acid and ground walnut shell to give your skin a good scrub from all that pesky impurities, oil and dead skin cells.

If you have problematic skin, it is essential to exfoliate on a weekly basis but it is also important not to choose scrubs that have large exfoliating grains because they can be too harsh on the skin. I actually love this scrub because it is gentle enough for both my face and my body and it basically delivers what it promises.

If you have backne, this product will be even more beneficial. Personally, I prefer to use this product on my body compared to my face, not so much to target pimples (I don't have any on my body) but to get rid of all that dirt and grime after fitness.

Last but not least, we have the Acnedote Invisible Treatment Gel ($18.90).

As with other Acnedote products, it contains 2% salicylic acid and promises to reduce inflammation as well as clears your skin in just 4 hours. When I applied it on my pimples, it stung and turned them reddish so I had to wipe the product off.

I didn't like this product at first but I realized that the trick is to simply apply a small dot of gel directly onto your pimple without touching the skin surrounding it. There will still be some stinging but it will at least flatten your pimple and dry it up. This is particularly useful if you have moderate to severe acne or if you have the kind of active acne that comes with pus. You just have to be careful and precise when using this product.

If you are interested in any of the aforementioned products, Alba Botanica Acnedote Series retails in Watsons and you can find out more about their products from their Official Website.

Thank you for reading and have a good weekend!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey friends!

If you have sensitive skin and you feel like there are no skincare products out there that are suitable for you, do not be dismayed.

Instead, you might want to read this entry because I'll be introducing 3 great products under French beauty brand, Bioderma.

Bioderma has been in the market for a while now and many of you have probably seen them on the shelves in local pharmacies like Watsons and Guardian. Admittedly, these products do not look pretty or cute and the white-red colour scheme makes the products look more like they belong in dermatological clinics.

Well, you're not wrong about that. Bioderma provides derma skincare products as well as derma cosmetics to ensure that your skin is well taken care of using high quality and beneficial ingredients.

Despite the serious-looking packaging, I'm pretty sure that these products will become many people's holy grail and people with sensitive skin types will be particularly thankful for their existence.

For the makeup gurus out there, you've probably heard many raves about their star product, the Bioderma Sensibio H2O ($28.90 for 250ml).

Also available in 100ml (for $15.90) and 500ml (for $41.90), this star product is a makeup remover, but oh, it's not just ANY makeup remover. This product uses Micelle Technology to remove every single trace of makeup without needing to rinse your face. In fact, it was the world's first non-rinse cleansing water and one bottle of this was actually sold worldwide every 3 seconds.

If you're new to micellar water makeup removers, the idea of not rinsing your face when removing make-up sounds disgusting. I used to think that if you don't rinse, you will end up breaking out from makeup residue. But ever since I tried non-rinse makeup removers, I was SOLD. It truly removes all your makeup from your face in just a few wipes!

Bioderma Sensibio H2O was way more impressive because it could remove my makeup with just 1 thorough wipe. I wore light and simple makeup when I went out for lunch with the boyfriend's family yesterday. When I returned home and removed my makeup, I was intrigued that 1 facial cotton soaked with Bioderma Sensibio H2O was all I needed to feel clean and refreshed again. I normally need at least 2 facial cottons to wipe off my makeup fully and 1 more to wipe off the wetness from my face.

For Bioderma Sensibio H2O, I didn't even have to wipe off the wetness because it dries so quickly. Thus, not only did it save me a lot of time; my skin was also super comfortable.

Some non-rinse makeup removers can also leave your face slightly reddish. Fortunately, Bioderma Sensibio H2O doesn't have this problem because it is very gentle on the skin. In fact, it is made of highly purified water and is entirely free from impurities and irritants. Thus, it is definitely suitable for sensitive skin types.

Bioderma has also introduced 2 additional products into the Sensibio range and one of them was the Bioderma Sensibio Gel Moussant ($33.90).

This product is a fragrance-free, gel-based cleanser that has lipid-restoring and moisturising properties. Many people with sensitive skin types have trouble finding a cleanser that works for them. Some cleansers in the market are too harsh; will strip the skin from moisture or even leave the skin reddish and tight.

Thankfully, the Gel Moussant is a very gentle cleanser which will not only hydrate sensitive skin but soothe it. It also has a runny texture and foams easily. Although the cleanser is higher on the price point, it will probably last you for a long time because you don't need a lot of this product to clean your face so I guessed it's still value-for-money.

I have also tried removing my makeup with this product and found that it worked very well. You can use this product alone or combine it with the Bioderma Sensibio H20 if prefer to double cleanse.

Lastly, we have the Bioderma Sensibio Dermatological Water ($19.90 for 150ml) and I was so happy to add this to my collection of face and body mists!

This product is made of highly purified water and enhanced with an ideal balance of mineral salts. It is suitable for people with sensitive and intolerant skin types as the spray calms the skin while maintaining healthy skin cells. You can use it to do the following:

- Soothe redness and itching
- Freshen up
- Set makeup
- Remove excess mask

I'm a fan of facial mists because they have always worked wonders on my sensitive face and I love the refreshing sensation after spraying. I typically use them when my skin feels dry, tight and red after stepping out of the shower. Occasionally, I'll spray it to set my makeup. I also like spraying it on my body after coming home from a humid day out or after fitness to calm my skin and prevent sweat rash. I really like how multipurpose this product is so I'd definitely recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin. They also have a 50ml version at $5.90 which you can bring on the go and use it whenever you need. Awesome eh?

If you're interested to purchase Bioderma Sensibio products, they are available at Watsons, Guardian, Unity, Robinsons, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and National Skin Centre.

You can also find out more about Bioderma products from Bioderma Singapore Official Website.

Thank you for reading, everyone and have a great week ahead!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

The past week has been mega busy as I returned to work after the festivities, so much so that I'm reminisicing the relaxed and slow-paced life I was leading during the Christmas and New Year long weekends. Now, I'm looking forward to Chinese New Year so that I can rest and take a breather again!

While my friends were counting down to the New Year at Marina Bay, I did a day trip with the boyfriend, YX to Mount Austin, Johor Bahru during New Year Eve.

We were invited to Mount Austin for a food tasting at Station One Leisure Cafe, a cafe that was opened around 2 weeks ago.

Since both of us have not been to Mount Austin before, it was a good opportunity for us to explore at the same time. Shoutout to blogger friend Jessie for extending this invitation to me and Jessie's boyfriend, Kelvin for showing us around. :)

Station One Leisure Cafe has several outlets around Malaysia and within Johor, there are around 6 of them, with the newest outlet located at Austin Heights.

Mount Austin is situated at the outskirts of Johor Bahru and it reminds me a bit of the Bukit Timah in Singapore - quiet, safe and laidback with not much human traffic. Cafes, eateries and boutique hotels line the streets and it's truly a place for people to just chill, eat and repeat.

One thing that stood out for me about this cafe was its ambience. For one, this cafe was bigger than the other eateries we saw and had a nicely decorated as well as cosy interior.

I actually prefer their indoor seating to their alfresco seating because it gave me a more homely feel. In my opinion, it's a good environment for large family gatherings, chill-out sessions with friends and festive celebrations.

There were supposed to be 10 people involved in the tasting but in view that there were different timeslots, our lunch tasting was eventually kept to 5 people - Jessie, Kelvin, YX, me and a Johor blogger Kim.

For starters, I was told to select my drink from their very extensive drinks menu. There were Yesteas, Healthy fruit juice, Chinese tea, Coffee, Iced drinks, Hot drinks, Milkshakes as well as Smoothies that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Because I couldn't make up my mind, Manager Mr Fai and Jessie recommended me the Yestea (RM $6.50). I heeded their suggestion with no regrets because indeed, it was an awesome thirst-quencher. Available in hot and cold, Yestea complemented my food well. I was also happy that it came in a large jug because it lasted me throughout the tasting session.

YX went for a Blackcurrant Twist Smoothie (RM $9) instead. It looked prettier than Yestea, definitely but it was too sweet for my tastebuds.

Soups & Bread

Now, for the food.

There was actually a lot of food involved and the generous Mr Fai had intentions to serve up a 10 course meal to EACH of us but we were like... 'NOOOO!'. Eventually, we agreed that 5 of us will share the 10 course meal instead to avoid massive food wastage and to prevent a #fatdieus moment.

The first to be served to us was the soups, starting with the Creamy Mushroom Soup (RM $6 each) featured above.

I actually prefer the Seafood Chowder Soup (RM $11 each) to the Creamy Mushroom Soup because the former was more flavourful.

In fact, it tasted even better when accompanied with the basket of Roasted Garlic Butter Panini (RM $7). The Panini was great on its own but I prefer eating it after dipping it into the Seafood Chowder Soup!

Asian Food

Our favourite food item of the entire tasting was the Salted Egg Yolk Seafood Fried Rice (RM $16).

The dish was so tasty that you don't even need to try the ingredients to determine that this is good stuff. The taste of the rice alone was suffice to win us over. Definitely a dish that all of us will recommend to anyone who is thinking of visiting Station One.

Another highly raved dish was the Seafood Noodle Pot (RM $36) that came with a generous amount of ingredients.

I'm a fan of Ee-Fu noodles so I really like the mix of ingredients. Beware of the broth though - it's addictive. :P

Tempura Fish Fillet Pandan Rice (RM $16) was creatively presented using simple ingredients and the tempura fish fillet was pretty good too. Nonetheless, I think further improvements could be made to the rice because the pandan flavour just wasn't strong enough for me.

This dish also comes with other options such as the Rendang Chicken or Crispy Chicken so if you're not a fan of fish, try chicken!

Fusion Food

We loooooveeed the Yakitori Chicken Chop Rice (RM $17) though and everyone was complimenting this dish after trying it.

The chicken was very well marinated and the Yakitori sauce certainly added a boost of flavour to the rice and the egg. Definitely a must-try!

Western Food

Now, for the Western food. I generally enjoy Western food and have high standards for the cuisine but unfortunately, the Western dishes served during the tasting didn't make it to my list of favourites.

I am very picky about Salmon because I only like certain types and textures so sadly, Salsa Salmon Steak (RM $33) didn't work for me. It was a bit dry and tough for my liking.

That said, I preferred Baked Almond Salmon Steak (RM $33) because I found the taste of almond sauce on salmon rather unique and interesting.

If the salmon steak could be softer in texture, it would have tasted even better!

If you're a meat lover and you're feeling extremely carnivorous that day, you can try the Mix Grilled Platter (RM $39).

It's a generous platter of lamb, chicken, sausages and french fries; very affordable for Singaporean standards (especially if you convert the cost to Sing dollars) and great for sharing among 2 to 3 people. And... you will be SO full after that.

Chicken Parmigiana (RM $25) was possibly my least favourite food item from the tasting. I'm sorry.

Firstly, this was a plate for one but the cutlet was huge! If you're eating this alone, you'll probably get tired of the taste very quickly. Secondly, there was a lot of cheese which made one bite feel like a cheese overload. I would really suggest to tone down the cheese drizzled on top of the cutlet or to serve the cheese separately in another container.

In sum, I think Station One Leisure Cafe fares wayyyyy better for Asian or Fusion food compared to the Western food. The Seafood dishes were impressive and so was the Yakitori Chicken Chop Rice which won our hearts. I'd say go for the Asian or the Fusion food and try the Western dishes if you're not a fussy eater!

Nonetheless, I'll give a thumbs up for the ambience of the cafe and the hospitality that we have received. Thank you Station One Leisure Cafe for inviting us and Mr Fai for being such an amazing host!

For more information on Station One Leisure Cafe, do check it out at its Official Website or Facebook Page.

Station One Leisure Cafe
No. 32A & 36, Jalan Austin Height 3/2,
Taman Mount Austin
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.



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