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Hey people!

I'm Tracy Wong, aka Gilmangirl or Dainty Diva. I'm a beauty & lifestyle blogger and I've been blogging ever since 2005


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Hey people!

For those living in the northeastern part of Singapore, you've got a restaurant worth checking out in your neighbourhood.

I was recently invited for a food tasting at Srisun Express, an Indian halal restaurant that is open 24 hours and serves a wide variety of affordable and yummilicious food.

This is officially my first blog review for Indian halal food and I'm absolutely stoked!

The restaurant is a short walking distance from Kovan MRT. Love the tagline 'If not here, where else?'.

They have an extensive menu that goes beyond the traditional Indian foodfare. In fact, they also have a Thai and Western menu as well.

So...let's go into the food and drinks, shall we?

It was a pretty hot day during the food tasting so we were glad to start off with some thirst quenchers.

Introducing (from left) Milo Le Creme ($3), Caramel Milkshake ($5) and Yakult Green Apple ($3.50).

Milo Le Creme was actually milo with whipped cream and if you're already a fan of milo, this drink wouldn't go wrong.

When I first saw Caramel Milkshake, the colour totally reminded me of Garrett Popcorn and I was thinking, 'Damn, this is gonna be one very sweet drink'. Surprisingly, the sweetness was mild and tolerable so you need not worry about having a sugar overdose.

My favourite go-to drink was the Yakult Green Apple because I needed a refreshing drink like this in such a hot and humid weather. I drank so much of this that I think my friends didn't get much chance to drink this. Opps, sorry!

So you've eaten the traditional prata but have you tried Coin Prata ($5-$6)?

These prata in bite-sized pieces are great for sharing and they are best eaten by dipping them into mutton or chicken gravy with your clean, bare hands.

I was particularly impressed by the mutton gravy (top left bowl) because the mutton smell wasn't too strong. For someone who avoids mutton because of the smell, I found myself dipping my coin prata into the mutton gravy very often and commenting, 'Mmm, this one is good!'.

Photo credits to Pearly and Shawn.

With blogger friend, Pearly who spontaneously joined me for this food tasting. :)

Srisun Express was known for its Mee Goreng Special ($7.50) and I could see why.

This dish isn't your traditional mee goreng that you see in the hawker centre. With the cheese fries at the side, this dish was more of a Western-Malay fusion. Plus, the cheese fries were addictive. :P

The Mee Goreng might be spicy but it was full of ingredients and very flavourful (Yes, I tried this). My friends were totally singing praises of this dish. I think my parents who are very good with spice will love this too.

Interestingly, this was the only spicy dish we have tried. This also means that if you can't hold your spice level like me, do not worry. There are plenty of delicious, non-spicy food in this restaurant that is suitable for people like us.

One of my favourite Indian food is Tandoori Chicken ($7) so when I was offered this dish, I was totally, 'Yeah, bring it on'.

Indeed, this was one of my favourite dishes in this restaurant. The chicken might look dry on the outside but no no no, it was soft and tender on the inside, so much so that this should be called 'TENDERi Chicken'. So lame, but you get what I mean.

This chargrilled chicken was marinated in tandoori spices and you can drizzle a bit of lemon juice over it before eating. Besides eating it directly, you can also eat it with the mint dip (the dark green dip beside the chicken). I must say that the combination of tastes was pretty interesting. :)

Now, this is the Bindhi Masala ($5), which was basically ladies fingers sauteed with onions, tomato and spices.

I've eaten ladies fingers in homemade, Chinese cusine style but never in this way so this was new! I may not be a fan of ladies fingers so naturally, this wasn't one of my favourites but I like the gravy so I kept dipping my food into this.

Say hello to this huge and attention-seeking Tissue Prata ($3) drizzled with a generous amount of chocolate.

At an affordable $3, this prata not only makes a nice, crispy and sweet snack for sharing with the family; it also makes a good photo prop. If there were kids at the table, they will definitely squeal in delight when they see this prata tower.

When this prata arrived at our table, many passerbys stopped and stared and one of them even commented, 'next time let's order this'. HAHA!

Oh yes, and if chocolate isn't your thing, you can choose to drizzle condensed milk instead. :D

Lastly, we had some Kashmiri Naan ($3.20) and Garlic Naan ($3.20) to complement our gravy and dips.

The Garlic Naan on the right was really tasty and smelled great. My friends and I kept reaching out for the Garlic Naan until we completely wiped them out.

My preference was the Kashmiri Naan on the left though because it was my first time trying a naan topped with dried fruits. The dried fruits reminded me of the ingredients in a fruit cake and I loved them!

It was recommended to eat this directly without dipping into any gravy. Out of curiosity, I decided to try dipping anyway to test the difference in tastes. True enough, when you dip a naan like this into gravy, it actually masks its flavour and doesn't make it as yummy as it should have been. So yeah, this naan shall go straight into the mouth!

Oh yes, good things must share!

If you spend a minimum of $30, you get to spin the wheel and from the looks of it, it seems like you are guaranteed a drink or a food item if you spin this. Sounds good, eh?

If you're looking for a good halal restaurant or even craving for some Indian food, you know where to look now. It's open 24-7 so you can totally satisfy your cravings anytime. :D

Srisun Express
Blk 212 Hougang Street 21
#01-343 Singapore 530212

For more information, check out Srisun Express's Facebook page here.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Advert: SG50 Special Tees from Tee-Saurus

Hi people!

2015 is a special year for all of us because this year, we celebrate SG50 and all things uniquely Singaporean.

Tee-Saurus has recently launched their SG50 Special tees and I must say that their tees are so quirky and cute!

If you found 'Tee-Saurus' familiar, I did my first fashion advertorial for them last year (click here to recap) and I absolutely love their creative designs. If you're into quirky things like me, you'll like them too. :)

Wore my Chilli Crab Tee ($30) a few days ago for an outing. Isn't it adorable?

Tee-Saurus's signature Rawr the T-Rex is wearing a Chilli Crab costume and we all know that Chilli Crab is one of the famous dishes in Singapore.

Not interested in Chilli Crabs? Fret not.

How about a Hokkien Mee Tee ($30) or a Durian Tee ($30)? Both are distinct food that defines Singapore too.

I love the way the designers used Rawr the T-Rex to depict a Hokkien Mee hawker with his classic brown hat and 'Good Morning' towel. Which reminds me... how long has it been since I've seen a 'Good Morning' towel?

When I was selecting my tee, I was honestly spoilt for choice. I adore the Chilli Crab Tee but I really like Fly Dragon Fly ($30) as well.

The dragon in the tee symbolizes the iconic Dragon playground in Toa Payoh or perhaps, the playgrounds that we used to play in during our younger days. I remembered playing in a playground like this and being all dare-devil when I had to walk across the multi-coloured body of the dragon.

It's super cute to see Rawr the T-Rex in its pilot uniform commanding 'Fly Dragon Fly' on the evidently stressed dragon. The dragon even had a water droplet dripping down its face! I was totally amused.

How about 'iconic' people in Singapore?

Featuring the Boomz and Leopard Print Tee ($30) on the lady as well as the PCK Tee ($30) on the guy. Can you guess who they are?

No prizes for your guesses but all I can say is that 'Boomz' and the classic yellow construction boots should be obvious enough. :)

Interested to pre-order the tees?

You can do so at their website here. Be sure to also check out their Facebook page here.

All photos in this entry (except the photo of myself) are credited to Tee-Saurus.

Sponsored Review: Hiruscar Post Acne Gel

Happy Vesak Day, my friends!

People who know me since my teens would know that I used to battle with acne. My self-esteem was also at the lowest during my teens when I felt that I was unattractive and I constantly shunned the camera.

Now, my skin has improved tremendously and I'm currently very comfortable going out of the house bare-faced. That said, I have residual acne scars from my past acne battles and occasionally, I do have pimples popping out at my jawline. I'm fine with these imperfections actually because I can't expect my face to be perfect when it went through a worse phase for around 8 years. Nonetheless, even though I no longer feel emotionally affected by my imperfections, I still do spot-treating because I don't let problems go untreated.

I was introduced to the Hiruscar Post Acne Gel recently which can apparently treat post acne scars and dark marks. It contains a clinically proven 3-in-1-formulation that is beneficial for people with oily, acne-prone skin. Some key features of this post acne gel are:

- Non-comedogenic, i.e. does not clog pores
- Hypoallergenic, i.e. does not irritate skin
- Alcohol-free
- Fast-absorbing and can thus be used under makeup

So what's this 3-in-1 formulation that is so amazing?

Hiruscar Post Acne Gel contains Pionin which prevents bacteria growth; reduces inflammation and infection. The 2 other ingredients are the Allium Cepa which promotes wound healing and reduces scar tissue build-up as well as MPS (this is actually an acronym for a very long and unpronouncable scientific name) which hydrates the skin, softens scar tissues and speeds up the scar healing process.

Together, this potent combination will eventually improve the appearance of sunken scars; lighten dark marks and prevent acne recurrence.

It is recommended to apply this 2 to 3 times in a day, in the morning and before bedtime. You can use this after applying toner and before applying moisturizer.


Above is a picture of the dark marks at my jawline. Whenever I have pimples or break out, it is normally at the jawline, aka the hormonal region of the face. You can see that the dark/reddish protruding marks did became faint and flat after my consistent usage of Hiruscar Post Acne Gel. My skin in the 'After' picture wasn't so dark/reddish as well.

That said, I've got to manage some expectations here. My dark marks did subside, but they didn't disappear entirely or leave behind a flawless complexion for me. If you noticed, my skin at the 'After' picture looked a little dry too (although strangely, it didn't feel dry) which also means that I've got to increase my moisturizer application at the region. In all, as much as this product was useful in improving the complexion, you shouldn't count on it to be a miracle product or see it as a replacement for professional laser treatments in clinics.

Initially, I found it hard to believe that it was fast-absorbing because the texture felt like my regular pimple gels and I've never ever worn pimple gels under makeup. Surprisingly, the post acne gel did disappear into the skin very quickly without leaving behind any sticky sensation so you can definitely wear your makeup over it.

The downside of this product was that it is a small, 10ml tube for a product that is worth $22.90. If you have acne scars and dark marks all over your face and you apply it generously for a few times per day, you might run out of this in 1-2 weeks. It will certainly be more value-for-money if it was a bigger tube!

Lastly, this product is suitable for people between 15 to 24 years old but I'm sure you can still use this even if you're older than 24. :D

Hiruscar Post Acne Gel retails at $22.90 for a 10ml tube and can be found conveniently at Watsons, Guardian, Unity and polyclinics.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey everyone!

This month has got to be my craziest work month and next month will be equally crazy so I guess any time to rest, relax and have fun is highly treasured.

In May, I had the opportunity to attend the movie premiere of Hot Pursuit @ Bugis+ Filmgarde. It was actually my first time watching a movie at Filmgarde.

The movie totally cracked me up. The chemistry and hilarious bickering between Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara were too awesome!

Reese Witherspoon plays this very uptight, by-the-book and easily anxious police officer. She happens to also be short and therefore wasn't taken very seriously by the people around her. Sofia Vergara plays this rich and sophisticated wife of a drug boss. Together, both ladies embarked on a very unintentional adventure of running away from the police and other bad guys because they were being mistaken as wanted criminals.

It was really funny to see two ladies with extreme and opposite personalities getting on each other's nerves but yet having to work together to save their lives. I was laughing so hard that I almost had a stomachache. :D

Photo credits to

Another movie that I caught yesterday was Pitch Perfect 2.

I was so glad to find someone to watch this movie with me because it felt like I was the only one who really wanted to watch this. Pitch Perfect 1 got me hooked onto the songs and I heard that Pitch Perfect 2 was even better so I couldn't miss this one.

True enough, I went on a youtube search frenzy for Pitch Perfect 2 songs after the movie so I guessed I was hooked once again. I want to watch a live a cappella show next time!

One of my favourite scenes in Pitch Perfect 2 was the riff-off. Reminds me of a hip hop battle in song style. Check the video out - they're battling to songs about butts.

In early May, I went for a buffet at Sakura International Buffet @ Dhoby Ghaut Green.

I was there for brunch and I arrived when the opening hours started so the restaurant was relatively empty.

My friends will be surprised to read/hear that I had a buffet because I'm actually a small eater. By that, I mean I don't normally go for second helpings when I'm at a buffet. I'll merely fill my plate with whatever that I want to eat and I'll stick to that.

That said, I've got $50 vouchers to use thanks to Suki Group and Joey, aka Evilbean + I needed to settle my meals so might as well. Besides, I could really do with some indulgence. :P

It was also my first time trying a rainbow cake - no kidding.

I was fascinated by the pretty rainbow colours on the cake and I thought it makes a good photo prop. Looks-aside, it tasted just like an ordinary cake. LOL.

Ending this entry with my recent hauls!

I got to own a Triumph Maximizer Magic Wire Bra and a matching underwear which were really comfortable and fitting. I chose the dark grey lace set because it was kinda like 'love at first sight'. Thank you Triumph SG for the personalized fitting session and the lingerie set.

Another 'love at first sight' haul was a work dress that I bought yesterday from Moonriver. I saw the dress in early May when it was a new arrival and it costs $79 which was over my budget. Yesterday, I saw it again in another outlet and there was a storewide sale so I got the dress for $39. I think it's gonna be one of my favourite work dresses. No pictures of it here but you'll probably see me wearing it in my pictures when I attend formal blogger events.

Alright, gotta get ready for pole. See you soon!
Hey people!

In August last year, I featured The Entertainer mobile app on my blog and I've also been using the app since then. The Entertainer app allows you to enjoy 'Buy-1-Get-1-Free' deals when it comes to dining, leisure, body and travel services.

I've used it a couple of times when I'm out dining with my family or with friends and everyone's happy when you can share a deal with someone and half your expenses. After all, who doesn't like cost-saving deals?

The Entertainer recently launched their 'Hot Summer Nights' hotel promotion and guests were invited for the launch party yesterday night at The Bank Bar + Bistro.

The Entertainer app is currently having a 'Buy-1-night-get-1-night free' hotel deal with over 90 leading hotel partners from all over the world. This also means that if you are going on a weekend getaway to say, Bali and you are booking a hotel for 3 nights, you can get another 3 nights for free!

Isn't it amazing that you can extend your holiday stay at only half the cost?

Picture credits to The Entertainer.

The 'Hot Summer Nights' hotel promotion ends by 31 Dec 2015 so whenever you're thinking of booking a hotel accommodation in your next holiday, think about The Entertainer app! For more information on this hotel promotion, check it out here.

All Entertainer Members who have purchashed an Entertainer 2015 product can get to redeem a 'Hot Summer Nights' offer. If you're interested to become a member, you can purchase any of the Entertainer 2015 products here.

I expected myself to be alone at this party but thankfully, I bumped into familiar faces along the way and was glad for some good company.

Had an awesome time hanging out with my 5 blogger friends  - just chatting, playing games, talking nonsense and taking photos. I even made a couple of new friends along the way. It really felt like TGIF and I was happy to just unwind after my very stressful, #noworklifebalance working life in the past 2 weeks.

William also treated us to yummy pizza and truffle fries for dinner! Thank you soooo much!

We took some group photos and I love how the pictures turned out. All group photos are credited to William!

Our best photo!

This Joey catching flies with his mouth.

Funny face shot!

Meanwhile, the June holidays are coming soon so if you're thinking of going on a holiday, remember to check out the un-un-un-un-un-believable hotel deals on The Entertainer!

Goodnight all!
Hi people!

I was recently invited for Avant Premiere 2015 but due to my hectic work schedule in the past 2 weeks, I had no choice but to give it a miss.

Avant Premiere 2015 is an industry screening of films by the graduates from The Puttnam School of Film, Lasalle College of the Arts. I was very honoured to be invited to attend this event and naturally, I couldn't wait to check out the local works produced by our budding film-makers.

When I had to miss it, I was honestly bummed out but Lasalle was so sweet to send me a programme booklet and a thumbdrive of the films that I've missed as a souvenir. Thank you Lasalle and Shi Pei for arranging! :)

In all, there were 5 fiction films and 3 documentary films featured. Whether fiction or documentary, both genres really appealed to me and I'm honestly impressed with the way some scenes were filmed. I love how the films were so uniquely Singaporean and touched on issues that were generally hidden in mainstream society but present a very real problem in the world we live in. Some films reflect stories that we can relate to while others struck a chord in me.

In this entry, I'll be sharing my thoughts on some of my personal favourites after watching the films.

Chen Jing

Directed by Alvin Soh

The film, 'Chen Jing' looks into the prostitution issue in Singapore with its focus on lead character, Chen Jing and the story of her life as a prostitute. In order to raise more money to free herself from prostitution, she had no choice but to betray her only friend in the brothel.

This film is a winner of several awards during the premiere, with the team bagging home awards for 'Best Editing', 'Best Director of Photography', 'Best Fiction Director' and 'Best Fiction'. This was the film that made me wonder how the team was able to shoot certain scenes so realistically and how a film like this could evoke so many emotions in a person.

If I could give another award, I will give a 'Best Actress' to the female lead who did an amazing job portraying Chen Jing. Besides having to film some very challenging, intimate scenes, her expressions of sorrow, fear and learned helplessness were gripping. I wished that the film would have a happy ending but I guessed this wasn't a fairytale after all but a realistic portrayal of life - some people are truly stuck in their situation with no other way to help themselves except to resign to fate.


Directed by Cheng Chai Hong

'Harbour' shares a story about people who exist in mainstream society but who do not belong. In this film, a lonely, middle-aged lady develops a relationship with a sex doll that she stole from a shipping port that she was working at. As her relationship grows with this doll, she became increasingly paranoid with her co-workers' suspicions towards her, forcing herself to eventually set fire to the doll.

When I was reading the Director's Message from the programme booklet, I honestly thought that I would be watching a film that was on romance but I didn't know that it would take the form of an unhealthy human-doll romance. The storyline may be rather disturbing, especially of the scenes where the lady was just gazing at the creepy-looking doll on her bed or worse, trying to make out with the doll (puke). But if you ponder deeper, the storyline was truly a close look into the world of people who are very lonely and socially awkward and who prefer to seek comfort and attachment with a doll that resembled a human being but who couldn't talk back or reject them. After all, wasn't it only a few months ago that there was a news article featuring middle-aged men who stopped looking for real-life love becaue they developed attachments to their sex dolls?

'Harbour' won the 'Best Production Design' and 'Best Screenwriter' and I think the film truly deserved its awards. :)


Directed by Aloysius Koh

'Torrents' is a film that looks into familial relationships, specifically the relationship between a traditional Asian father and his young working adult son.

The story centres around father and son who were living in an old apartment where things were worn out and rainwater was even seeping through the cracks of their ceiling on a frequent basis (although in reality, I have no idea how they could get away with a persistently leaking HDB unit for so long). The son was determined to sell the house in pursuit of a better life for both of them but the father refused to move. Father and son wage a cold war with each other until a particular rainy episode that made father and son eventually reconcile and accommodate each other.

What I love about this film is how relatable it is to the viewer. Asian parents, unlike typical Western parents aren't outwardly affectionate towards their children and hardly express their feelings of love through words. They express it through subtle means, such as making breakfast for you before you go to work. The child who has been exposed to Western and modern values naturally developed a conflict with his father when their ideas and beliefs clash with one another. The child, being busy with work, also became detached from the family. While he wasn't around to spend quality time with his father, he expressed his care for his father through subtle and possibly material means, such as purchasing a new house for them.

When I watch this film, I think about my family and the other families I've seen in the past and I saw a true depiction of the interactions within a typical Asian family. So thumbs up to 'Torrents' for showcasing a film that reflects our lives and congratulations for winning 'Best Sound'.


Directed by Rave Phuah

My absolute favourite documentary was Quinn and I actually watched this documentary twice.

Quinn relates the struggles of a young couple who gave birth to a baby with deformities after a shotgun marriage. They struggle with learning how to be parents + they had to cope with their limited finances of raising a child and the potential difficulties of looking after a child who may not be able to walk properly in the future.

A film like this really teaches you that there are people in our society who are facing real struggles on a daily basis and yet they have to press on and live their life as well as they can. When you see the kind of challenges they had to go through, you can only keep your fingers crossed that nothing like that will ever happen to you in your life.

But life is unpredictable and sometimes, you are faced with situations that you have absolutely no control in. Every parent wants a beautiful and healthy child. When heaven gives you a child that has physical deformities, it forces you to make a decision on aborting or keeping the child because each decision you make changes your life forever. This film really struck a chord in me because it reminded me so much of the clients and familles that I used to work with and their constant daily frustrations that honestly made me feel limited in my capacity to help them.

Kudos to 'Quinn' for making such a great and educational film and congratulations for winning the award for 'Best Non Fiction Director'.

That's all for my wordy entry and I hope you've enjoyed reading!

Many thanks to Shi Pei and Lasalle for inviting me and also giving me an opportunity to feature the students' great works on my humble blog. :)
Hey people!

I've tried body moisturizers in the form of pump bottles and squeeze tubes, but I've never tried body moisturizers in the form of spray cans. I finally got the chance with Palmer's latest innovation - the Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion (Cocoa/Aloe).

Palmer's was founded in America in 1842 and it is one of the world's leading skincare brands. This brand is currently endorsed by Ms Sonia Sui, a Taiwanese celebrity model and actress who happens to also be a big fan of the brand.

Palmer's is famous for having superb moisturizing qualities in their skincare and bodycare products and it is all thanks to their #1 ingredient - the Cocoa Butter.

Besides being an amazing hydrator for the skin, the Cocoa Butter is also high in antioxidants and can help to fight off free radicals. It is thus highly beneficial for the body and is indeed a superfood for the skin.

You can watch the video above to find out more this wonder ingredient!

As the name suggests, the Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion delivers moisture to the skin through spraying and the process is really fast and convenient.

To use this product, simply 'unlock' the cap by turning it anticlockwise before spraying.

Now, hold the can around 3 to 4 inches away from your skin and spray in a continuous motion. You can gently pat the lotion into your skin after that.

Through the use of a unique delivery system, fine sprays of lotion are delivered to the skin without the use of propellants. Due to Palmer's Rapidsorb Technology, the lotion also gets absorbed really quickly into the skin, ensuring that moisture gets locked in without leaving behind any greasy stains.

The variant I was sponsored contained Aloe Vera which is a fantastic ingredient for soothing sensitive skin. On top of that, it leaves behind a nice, cooling sensation against the skin which I really like. :)

I'm really impressed by the texture of the lotion because it felt really lightweight against the skin. Cocoa Butter always gives me the impression that it will be thick and heavy but this product didn't make me feel that way. For something so lightweight, I think it did a great job in moisturizing my skin.

The above picture shows my skin at my legs. In the 'Before' picture, you can see some dry, patchy lines that somehow disappeared after I sprayed the lotion across my legs.

In all, this product worked really well for me and I'm now a fan. I'm definitely gonna use this product regularly, particularly during those lazy days when I just want to dive into bed. I can certainly spare a few seconds to spray the lotion around my body before heading straight for bed.

Oh yes, there are 3 variants of this product available and they are:

Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion (Cocoa/Shea) - For deep moisturizing
Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion (Aloe) - For instant cooling
Palmer's Stretch Mark Spray Lotion - For reducing appearance of stretch marks

Interested to purchase?

Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion retails at $17.90 for a 200g can and can be found conveniently at Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice, Robinsons and John Little.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey friends!

For the past 2 weeks, I was at my craziest period at work with my frequent OTs. Thus, it was of no surprise that the stress got to my head.

Not that I went cuckoo or anything, but my head felt really tight and heavy and my scalp had started to get oily and flaky. :(

Fortunately, Essential came to my rescue with their Deep Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner + Light Finish Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner.

I have previously reviewed Essential's Deep Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner here so for this entry, I will review the Light Finish Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner instead. :)

Essential Light Finish Volumizing Shampoo (200ml)

Like the Deep Cleansing range, Essential Light Volumizing Shampoo makes use of Smart Cuticle Care and Sebum Cleansing Technology to ensure a clean and refreshed scalp with moisturized hair ends.

It also contains Microfine All Smooth Essence so that our hair will be smooth and soft after wash.

I've got to say that I really adore the smell of this shampoo. It actually smells really luxurious and comforting. Besides, I love how it rejuvenated my scalp and made my hair feel lightweight after a good wash.

Essential Light Finish Volumizing Conditioner (200ml)

The Light Finish Volumizing Conditioner also served as a great complement to the Light Finish Volumizing Shampoo because it moisturized my hair ends so well that I subconsciously kept running my fingers through my hair just to feel the texture.

Besides the shampoo and conditioner sets, I was sent something else! Guess what's this cute mint green oval thing?

It's a massage shampoo brush!

Apparently, a shampoo brush is widely used by Japanese women to remove dirt and sebum more effectively from their scalp. This is particularly great for me because my hair does need a good scrub from all the dirt and grime, especially after fitness.

Besides, massaging the scalp helps to relax it and promotes blood circulation, which is not only awesome but therapeutic as well.

For ladies with their nice manicured fingers, you need not worry about ruining your manicure as you can use the brush to massage your scalp instead of your fingers. Good idea, yah?

I'll need to disclaim though that this massage brush doesn't work the same way as a comb or a regular hair brush so don't rely on it to smooth out tangles and such! To put it simply, it's a tool for massaging and scrubbing your scalp.

So... interested?

You can purchase an Essential Shampoo and Conditioner Set (750ml per bottle) for $19.60 at leading supermarkets and personal care stores.
Photo credits to Essential SG.

For a limited period of time, your shampoo and conditioner set will also come with a complimentary massage shampoo brush in either hot pink or mint green!

If you prefer to try first, you can redeem some free samples of the Deep Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner here.

Lastly, be sure to also follow Essential on Instagram for updates!

Have a great night, people!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey everyone!

I remembered that back in university days, I was always actively looking out for part-time jobs for students or internships to occupy my time during the school holidays. Some people might think, 'Omg, why so serious? Chill la.' when they hear this but trust me, it's not about a desperate need for money or an attempt to get a headstart in my career.

It might sound like a total drag to be 'working' during the school holidays when you could be doing more happening stuff but looking back, I didn't regret it at all. In fact, I felt that all my part-time jobs and singapore internship experiences somehow moulded me to the person I am today.

Besides, you have total control in the way you choose to manage your time. Back then, even though I was working during the holidays, I was still able to afford time to travel, learn driving or meet up with friends. It sure beats rotting at home with nothing to do!

Looking back, my internships and part-time jobs were quite the highlight during my holidays because they were an eye-opener and gave me lots of insights while I was on the job. Interestingly, they were actually more fun than I expected.

I got to go on learning journeys to places I never thought I would have the chance to visit.

I visited the Alexandra Fire Station and got to climb up a fire engine to see how it looked like from inside. I also got to attend a court hearing as an observer. How cool is that? I mean, unless you're a lawyer, a witness or an accused, you don't normally get to step into court grounds. It was then that I also learnt how challenging it was to be a lawyer in a court room, having to be all assertive in such a solemn environment, prosecuting case after case in one morning.

Besides the usual networking with potential employers, I've also made lots of new friends with other interns. It was also during my internship that I got to know another intern who shared the same passion for blogging and who eventually became good friends with me. This intern was none other than famous food blogger, Yiwei.

Back then, I was blessed with good grades in university and was selected to be part of the Civil Service Internship Programme during one of the holidays. All I had to do was to choose the projects I was interested in and wait for a confirmation.

Prior to that when I didn't have a programme like this, I had to be thick-skinned and write in to companies asking whether they would like an intern who was willing to commit 2-3 months in the job. In other words, I had to source on my own and most of the time, you don't even get a reply from the busy professionals. :(

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Fortunately, for the people today who are looking for part time jobs or a student internship, you now have an online job portal called is an online platform for students and young adults to look for their internship or part time jobs singapore opportunities at their convenience. It works like a regular portal for full-time jobs where you can browse through the various job listings, select the job that you are interested in and apply for them directly. You can even view the total applications for a job before applying for it!

I wished a platform like this was available for me last time so that I can mass apply for all the part-time jobs or internship singapore jobs that I want with a few simple clicks. Additionally, all the information about the internship position is listed right before your eyes so you don't even have to do your own research.

And whether you are a jobseeker or a potential employer, signing up for an account on to find a job or post a job ad is FREE so do take this opportunity to SIGN UP for an account now!

The school holidays have started, my friends so if you're looking to occupy your time with a meaningful internship or job, you know where to look now. :)



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