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Hey people!

I'm Tracy Wong, aka Gilmangirl or Dainty Diva. I'm a beauty & lifestyle blogger and I've been blogging ever since 2005


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Hey people!

Last week, I was invited by The Comb Hair Studio to try out their hair services and this sponsorship was timely because I've wanted to do something to my atrocious hair.

The Comb Hair Studio is a Korean hair salon along Gemmill Lane, coincidentally beside Le Spa.

It was pretty cool being in a salon surrounded by a bevy of good-looking and fashionable hair stylists who were largely speaking in Korean to one another. No worries though, they can converse in English with customers!

They have an extensive beverage menu with varieties of coffee and tea but since I hardly drink coffee and tea, I opted for the good ol' orange juice.

Oh yes, they have free WIFI too which was mega awesome. Considering that I was in the salon for 3.5 hours, I could really do with some guilt-free net surfing on my phone.  

So my 'Before' hair looked like this - it pretty much looked like shit.

It's been a while since I've dyed my hair so my hair was basically partially black and partially dyed. My white hair was peeking out like nobody's business and my long hair was thick and shapeless. That was... really depressing.

Nonetheless, Senior Stylist Angie saved my hair and I proudly present my 'After' photos that won me lots of praises.

Angie touched up my roots to cover the white hairs, trimmed my hair to give it some layers as well as highlighted my hair with 2 colours - red and light brown. As a final touch-up, she styled my hair with some temporary curls and I was so shocked when I saw that I actually looked quite good with curls. So I didn't look like a lion after all!

In terms of service, it was exemplary. Angie was attentive to my hair needs and recommended me hair colours that would be suitable for my image and skin tone. Knowing that I have troublesome hair that couldn't go too thick or too thin, she made sure not to overtrim my hair and gave me a hairstyle that would be easy to maintain.

She also taught me to maintain my dyed hair using shampoo for coloured hair (apparently, using a moisturizing shampoo that has a pinkish foam works well too!) for at least 2 weeks. Eager to maintain my red streaks, I really went to get myself some shampoo for coloured hair the next day. True enough, my hair colour didn't run when I washed my hair with this shampoo. Thanks for the tip, Angie!

Picture of my hair right after I left the salon vs picture of my hair days later.

My highlights were actually quite subtle and at times, it did feel as though I haven't dyed my hair at all. For this reason, I wished I have gone for bolder colours or even a lighter base colour.

Nonetheless, under direct light, my light brown and red highlights became more obvious and I have to agree that it sure brightened up my look.

In sum, I am really impressed by the hair services in the salon so thank you The Comb Hair Studio for transforming and saving my hair! :)

The Comb Hair Studio
12 Gemmill Lane
Singapore 069252

Interested to try their service?

You can quote 'TracyXOAngie' to enjoy 20% discount on the hair services in the salon!

For more information on the services and rates, do check out The Comb's website here.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey everyone!

Few days back, I was invited by Microsoft SG to attend the Launch of Microsoft Windows 10 @ 72-13 and my oh my, it was a really happening party. *bobs head and raises hands with rocker sign.

The new Windows 10 was co-created with over 5 million fans and contains innovations such as Cortana, Microsoft Edge, an Xbox app etc. It is also the most secure Windows Microsoft has released, particularly with their latest security developments that safeguard against viruses and malware.

Additionally, Windows 10 will be available as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users for a period of one year.

For more upgrading details, you can check out Microsoft's website here. People who have reserved their upgrade to Windows 10 will be notified in waves when the upgrade is ready to be installed.

As for those who do not qualify for the upgrade but still want to upgrade their software, Windows 10 Home costs $229 while Windows 10 Pro costs $399.

The guys having a go at the Xbox games.

Microsoft personnel describing some of the features of Windows 10 to the guests.

We were told to scribble anything we want on the board for a photo so we did.

Photo credits to Microsoft SG.

Dainty Diva is here and she looks like a ghost under this lighting.

Shigga Shay in the house!

Decorating my arm with glow-in-the-dark paint.

There were actually a lot of guests in 72-13 so it was honestly very packed. I was glad that we bloggers had a holding area at MEMO @ Studio M to shy away from the crowd for a while.

MEMO Sandwiches which tasted so damn good with their egg mayo + tuna + avocado combination.

Love their smoothies as well. I can never get enough of them. Thank you Microsoft SG team for the dinner treat. <3

Oh yes, and thank you for the hip goodie bag too. :)

It's so late now so I better turn in because I've got an early day tomorrow. Goodnight world!


Hey everyone!

Recently, I was introduced to German Brand, Schulke and specifically to their bodycare products, namely Esemtan Wash Lotion and Esemtan Skin Balm.

Esemtan Wash Lotion is a universal lotion for washing the body, face and hair. Basically, you can regard it as a 'All-in-1' lotion and a product like this is perfect for people who cannot be bothered with using too many products.

The wash lotion protects the skin from irritation without compromising on the skin's natural moisture. It also contains Allantoin and is thus PH neutral as well as soapless.

You will be glad to hear that this product is suitable for all skin types and people of all ages. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, you need not worry about harming your skin with harsh agents because this wash lotion is gentle enough for your skin. It also contains a pleasant and mild fragrance.

Besides using it as a regular shower product, you can use it for hand washing as well. Simple pour some wash lotion onto your palm; add water to create a froth; wash your hands thoroughly before rinsing and drying. It's as simple as A,B,C and it cleans your hands in a jiffy.

Because this is such a huge bottle of wash lotion that can last me for a long while, I prefer to use it as a shower gel. After using the wash lotion in the shower, I'll follow up with the Esemtan Skin Balm on my body.

The Esemtan Skin Balm replenishes the skin with oil-in water emulsion and helps to lock moisture in the skin. It contains urea which serves as a moisturizing agent and also helps to increase the rate of cell renewal.

Best of all, it helps to reduce irritation and itch which is great for curbing those random night itches that I have on my legs.

Personally, I really like how quickly the product gets absorbed into my skin and how my skin felt so smooth and soft when I wake up the next day. Like the Esemtan Wash Lotion, the Skin Balm is suitable for all skin types and children can use this too. The product is also accompanied with an extremely mild fragrance.

My only gripe with the products is the packaging. I wished they would look more attractive because they do remind me of dermatological/clinical products that you see in hospitals. They probably were meant for that purpose considering that the founders of the brand were pioneers in hospital hygiene but I guessed they could do with a prettier packaging if they're out there competing with the other bodycare products for sale. When it comes to getting consumers to part with their money, physical appeal plays a part too.

Interested to purchase?

Esemtan Wash Lotion retails at $19.75 for a 500ml bottle while the Esemtan Skin Balm retails at $20 for a 500ml bottle.

Both products can be found conveniently at Watsons, Guardian, Unity, Pink Beauty, Beauty Essential and National Healthcare Group.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Yo people!

Few days back, I had the opportunity to watch and support my friend, Dennis who was acting in 'The Search for True Love' Musical @ National Library Drama Centre Theatre, thanks to complimentary tickets from The Influencer Network.


Set in the 70s, the story centres around a father's (played by Peter Yu) unrelenting forgiveness and love towards his son, Robert (played by Wallace Ang) even when he took his father's money and left home.

Robert was under the bad influence of his friend, Ben (played by Dennis Toh) and did not realize that Ben will eventually betray him and cause him to be on the run from the police. Thankfully, he was protected by a guardian angel (played by Xia Hui) who prevented him from further trouble and led him back home.

The musical began in a coffeeshop setting in the 1970s with familiar songs that the older generation could relate to.

Here comes the main characters (from left) - the father, Robert and Ben. Note the golden tin on the table at the top which Robert plans to steal before running away.

Distraught father singing his plea to the heavens.

It was then that I realized that this musical had a strong Christian theme to it and the guardian angel was actually God.

Cabaret setting in the 1970s with dancers in flamboyant costumes.

Robert's love interest, Ping Ping (played by Shaine Neo) spicing the musical up with her loud, melodious voice and her effervescent personality.

The trio dancing in the park. It was truly an eye-opener for The Influencer Network peeps to see Dennis dance. HA HA!

Another scene of Dennis looking all bad boy and flirtatious. I was really impressed by his acting skills and showmanship.

The highlight of the musical was their theme song, '回心转意' which was sung by Wallace, Xia Hui and Peter.

Check out the video above to listen to the song!

Curtain call which also marked the end of the musical.

Kudos to the performers for their good work and for entertaining us with this light-hearted, hilarious musical. Well done!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.


Hi people!

Last year, I had an amazing fitness experience when I was part of the pioneer #RuntoLiveGreat programme for the Great Eastern Women's Run (GEWR) 2014.

This year, I am happy to be in the programme again and as usual, I will be documenting my fitness experiences as I go along with the events and fringe activities.

I started the programme by attending #RuntoLiveGreat Welcome Session @ The Luxe Art Museum.

Freebies for the participants who are part of this exclusive programme. There are 80 pairs of us who will be embarking on our fitness journey together.

Notice these frilly tutus? What have they got to do with fitness or GEWR?

This year, GEWR is encouraging everyone to 'Don a Tutu for a Cause'. The funds raised will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation, Community Chest (for children with special needs) as well as the SingHealth Duke-NUS OBGYN Academic Clinical programme (a programme to fund research to improve health care for women and their children).

For a minimum donation of $5, you can get a tutu in your favourite colour from the selection above. Feel free to wear it in public or for photos' sake. If you're running for GEWR, feel free to also wear the tutu to run. For the creative, artsy people out there, you can embellish your tutus with various badges or stick-ons and the ten most creatively-embellished tutus will win a limited edition Great Eastern SG50 ez-link card that has a stored value of $200.

My GEWR 2015 buddy is none other than my pole fitness buddy, Rose!

Photo credits to Great Eastern.

Caught by the cameraman!

We were introduced to the Fitbit Tracker, which was one of the items we received from being part of this programme. This interesting gadget tracks your daily steps, distance covered, calories burnt, food intake, water consumption, sleeping hours and can even serve as your alarm clock.

I've been wearing this everyday in my effort to keep track of my health and fitness lifestyle.

A personnel from Adidas was there to introduce us to the 3 different sport shoes that we could choose from. I'm sure this segment got the participants really excited.

Sharing session by a mother-daughter pair from last year's #RuntoliveGreat Programme. I was really impressed by the mother because for someone her age with health conditions, she actually ran 21.1km Half Marathon last year.

I already felt like dying when I was trying to complete my 10.5km Mizuno Ekiden Race not long ago.

After collecting our goodies, Rose and I went for a shoe fitting and to select our Addias sport shoes.

We had 3 shoes (in black, purple and pink) to choose from. Above were our respective picks and interestingly, the style that we picked tells a lot about our personality. HA HA. Rose is obviously the spunky, vibrant one who goes for bright colours.

I'm happy with my simple black and I'll be wearing this for my fitness activities this weekend. Can't wait.

Interested to participate in GEWR?

If you're interested to sign up for a GEWR Race, check out its race categories and fees here. If you sign up now, you'll still be in time for its early bird rate which ends on 31 July (2 more days)!

If you've got a little girl aged 3 to 9 who wants to participate in this race with her mummy, there's even a 100m Princess Dash category which you can sign your girl up for. Upon crossing the finishing line, your girl will be crowned with a tiara just like a princess. How cute and photo-worthy!

So sign up now and I'll see you on race day! :)
Hey everyone!

It's been a long time since I've enjoyed Japanese gourmet in a restaurant so when I was invited by Alvin for a food tasting session at Haru Haru Japanese restaurant last Friday, I was on cloud nine.

Located at Jubilee Square in Ang Mo Kio, Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant was a relatively new restaurant that was opened in June 15.

Fresh fish on display. Mmmm... which one's for dinner? :)

When I stepped into the restaurant, I had a good impression of the place already. The restaurant looked cosy and spacious, making it very suitable for family dinners or large group gatherings without compromising on privacy.

You know how some restaurants have tables that are placed so closed to one another that it can get really squeezy and you can practically eavesdrop on other people's conversations? Thankfully, the seating arrangement in this restaurant is nothing like that.

If you will like more privacy, they have small rooms like these that can cater to private functions such as business dinners. While you're at it, it's a great opportunity to also experience an authentic Japanese dining style.

Suddenly, I wished I had my food tasting in this room. :D

Let's move on to the more important part of the tasting session - the food, shall we?

One of the signature dishes in this restaurant is the Wagyu beef and our first dish of the day was this enticing plate of Wagyu Tataki ($26.80). The beef was prepared by searing it briefly over a hot flame and it tasted fantastic when paired with vingear.

I'm a soup person so I was naturally drawn to the Negima Mushi ($15), an uber tasty tuna belly soup with leek. The soup was rich in flavour and when I bit into the tuna belly, I was like... ' Mmmmm.. heaven'.

Another wagyu dish that we tried was the Wagyu Sukiyaki ($25.80) and no, you do not eat this fresh off the plate.

Instead, cook the wagyu in this yummy, boiling pot of mushroom soup before eating it and you will realize how awesome the wagyu tasted with the strong essence of the mushrooms. More please, more.

Tell me, who can resist these glorious chicken mid-wings, especially yuzu flavoured ones?

The Yuzu Tebasaki ($6.80) is one dish that will appeal to the adults, kids and chicken wing lovers like me! The pepper can be toned down a little but otherwise, I foresee this dish to be 'finger licking good'.

The highlight of our dinner was this immensely photogenic Sashimi Platter with Itoyori ($158) that got everyone going 'WAHHH' simultaneously when it arrived at our table. In case you're wondering, the Itoyori is the fish in the centre, specifically known as the threadfin bream.

Besides the platter's appealing looks, everyone could agree that the sashimi was really fresh and we couldn't stop singing praises for it. Needless to say, this dish was wiped out really quickly.

The Zaku Ramen ($14.80) may appear spicy but surprisingly, it wasn't. The ramen tasted awesome with the onsen egg and those succulent pieces of pork. Oishi!

If you prefer rice to noodles, the Wagyu Don ($24.80) is a worthy dish to try, particularly with those juicy and tender wagyu beef. Additionally, the rice tasted exceptionally good when you coat it with egg. Yumms.

If you're a seafood fan and you don't mind splurging a little, the Chirashi Don Premium ($31.80) is a great dish to indulge in and in terms of presentation, it was totally photo-worthy, don't you think?

With this dish, you can enjoy your rice paired with yummilicious premium sashimi slices, sea urchin and salmon roe and possibly come back for more.

This beautiful array of sushi is the Aburi Sushi ($23.80) which comprised (from top to bottom) the salmon mentaiyaki, swordfish, tuna, squid, ebi and scallop.

Each of us picked 1 sushi to try so I chose the swordfish and was utterly fascinated by the texture of it.

Our last dish of the night was the Haru Roll ($14.80) which contained salmon and creamy mayo goodness.

To put it simply, this was a delicious, easy-to-eat dish that would have made me gone for more if I wasn't too full from a 10-course meal. HA HA! :D

Besides the abovementioned dishes, Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant also has daily, pocket-friendly lunch specials so gather your family, friends or colleagues to eat here and share cost! It's Buy 2 get 1 Free after all. :D

Photo credits to Danessa.

Post-dinner group picture with fellow fun-loving food bloggers (who kept laughing at me!).

Thank you Alvin for inviting and Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant for hosting us!

For more information on this restaurant, follow their facebook page here.

Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant
61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
#02-03 Singapore 569814

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hello everyone!

So the annual Singapore Blog Awards is back and I got to attend the awards ceremony at F.Club few days ago.

This was my 3rd time attending Singapore Blog Awards. This year was a significant one for me because for the 1st time, I attended the awards ceremony not as someone else's plus one but as a finalist for the Best Health & Wellness Blog category.

I brought along Rose (friend in red) to attend this event as my plus one and introduced her to Jane (friend in white) who was invited to cover the event as a blogger. So glad that both of them got along really well!

Oh yeah, bloggers rock!

Blogging has really transformed me and I never expected this little hobby of mine to bring me to where I am today. My blogging journey has indeed given me some of the best experiences and memories in my life.

F.Club wasn't new to me too because I visited this club last year for another event.

I just never got to enter this room and see this side of the club until the awards day.

It was a tad crowded in the club so I was glad that we were early enough to get seats.

Photo credits to Jane.

This was one of the few shots that turned out nice because there weren't any shadows casted on our faces.

With Tiffany and Rose. Tiffany was like, ' OMG, we FINALLY took a photo together after so long'. :P

Spot me?

Dancers hyping up the ceremony with their energetic dance moves.

I saw these dancers before they went on stage but I missed my photo opportunity with them because I was too busy eating. Opps.

Guest-of-Honour Mayor Low giving a welcome address.

This guy actually introduced the various award categories using beatbox. So cool.

The first award that was given out was the Top 10 Most Popular Blogs and the popularity of the blogs were decided by public voting.

Winners of the Top 10 Most Popular Blogs
(In no order of merit)

1. Johor Kaki Food and Travel
2. Bumble Bee Mum
3. A Happy Mum
4. Mum in the Making
5. Little Miss Bento
6. Life's Tiny Miracles
7. McDonald's Around the World
9. theRantingPanda
10. SG Unfit Runners

I just realized from the list above that there were 4 parenting bloggers and 2 bears. HA HA!

I didn't win anything from the awards so I didn't get to go on stage. The only time I appeared 'on stage' was when my face was flashed across the screen for 1 second. :D

That said, I was very happy to see my friends going onstage to receive their awards. They're influential and inspirational bloggers who are truly deserving of their awards.

Editors' /Judges' Choice

Best Family Blog - Rascal Dads
Best Fashion Blog - ULIMALI
Best Food Blog - Ms Skinnyfat
Best Health & Wellness Blog - Pris Chew Dot Com
Best Individual Blog - @Filmnomenon [Reviews by Eternality Tan]
Best Lifestyle Blog - It's all about Valyn
Best New Blog - Kat Eyes
Best Topical Blog - Little Miss Bento
Best Travel Blog - Pohtecktoes

Advertisers' Choice

Best Beauty Blog - Fiona Seah
Most Popular Beauty Blog - Cheryl Chio
Best Cooking Blog - The Domestic Goddess Wannabe
Most Popular Cooking Blog - The Domestic Goddess Wannabe

Xeo went onstage to receive his Top 10 Most Popular Blogs award for SG Unfit Runners. His other blog, Xeolyenomics was also nominated in the Best New Blog category.

Besides blogging, he's the game maker of financial card game, Wongamania too! Super talented guy!

Ms Skinnyfat (left) receiving her award for Best Food Blog and stunning everyone with her svelte and so-not-fat! figure.

As for the Best Health & Wellness category, the award went to Pris Chew (right). She's a very dedicated blogger who covers a lot of marathon and fitness events in her blog.

Hendric, otherwise known as Pohtecktoes (left) received his award for Best Travel Blog. This guy needs no introduction because he's already very famous in the blogosphere.

Gina and Daniel (right), the couple and bloggers behind Sunrise Odyssey may not have won in the Best Travel Blog category but they were clear winners when it came to Best Dressed.

The theme that night was 'Time Travel' and guests could wear something from the past or the future. Let's just say that it was unexpected and also extremely creative for both of them to turn up as an elderly couple. I was laughing so hard when I saw their outfits. Thumbs, fingers and toes up!

Gina and Daniel were so in character even when it comes to taking group photos.

Goodies from the ceremony that will serve as little momentos for this special occasion.

Although I didn't win, I'm already very happy to be a finalist in this prestigious ceremony. Since getting into Blog Awards, my readership has soared and my opportunities have grown. Over the years, my humble blog, Dainty Diva has also grown from a personal blog that no one really reads to a public one that was gradually gaining recognition in the blogosphere and I feel like, for lack of a better phrase, 'a proud Mummy'.

I am immensely grateful to the people who have been supporting my blog as well as the personal messages and compliments about my writing style. Blogging has always been a personal journey of self-improvement so I never knew that one day, my writing would have an impact or an influence on other people. It's people like my readers who reminded me of why I started blogging in the first place - I wanted to inspire others the same way others have inspired me.

So thank you, thank you and more thank yous. I will continue to do what I do and bring my passion to greater heights.

Goodnight all. :)


Hey everybody!

If you're into musicals and plays, there's one upcoming musical production that you can check out this Sunday!

'The Search for True Love' is a musical managed by New Strings Ministry that centres around love, kinship and forgiveness. It will be held on 26 July 15, Sunday, 7.30pm at National Library, Drama Centre Theatre.

Cast Wallace Ang and Peter Yu.

Ex-mediacorp artiste Peter Yu will be playing a forgiving father while Mediacorp Radio Love 97.2FM's DJ Wallace Ang will be playing his son.

This is officially Yu's second stage play after taking a break from full-time acting for 10 whole years. Other cast involved in this musical includes singers Xiahui and Jacky Chew.

Cast Dennis Toh watching himself on screen.

I will also be there to support my friend Dennis who's also an ex-Star Search 2001 finalist and media personality! JIA YO!

The setting of this musical is in the 70s and the audience can look forward to iconic 'old school' settings such as the Kopitiam and the Cabaret. Oh my god, so exciting. I can't wait!


Tickets are available in $48, $58, $68, $88 and $100 and they can be purchased through hotline 9823 0100.

Get your tickets now and see you there! :)

Pictures are credited to The Influencer Network.
Hey everybody!

In April, I did a shoutout for Mizuno Ekiden Relay Race 2015 here and yesterday, I got to experience my first Japanese-themed race. :)

In a gist, Mizuno Ekiden Relay Race is a long-distance relay race by 4 team members, covering 42.195km in total. The race aims to promote important Japanese values such as team work, perseverance and performance. Thus, each team member is expected to run approximately 10.5km with a sash. Once they cross the finishing line, they are supposed to pass the sash to the next team member who will cover the next 10.5km.

It was honestly a novel (albeit very exhausting) experience for me and I took lots of photos so be prepared for a photo spam!

The race was held at The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay.

I've never actually explored Gardens by the Bay properly before so I didn't realize that the Supertrees could look so good from this angle.

The runners' track where we started and ended our race.

I'm the 4th and the last runner of my team so I didn't have to report dead early in the morning. I officially started running at 11.30am but I was already there at 9.30am. Some of the runners in the corporate and school category have already completed their race.

The famous Floating Baby. I still have no idea how the baby is able to float. Can someone enlighten me?

The finishing line. I took this photo before I started running so the timing reflected in the picture wasn't mine.

Welcome to the Matsuri Race Village where you can be entertained by cute Japanese thingums such as cultural performances and traditional Japanese games.

There were even cosplayers walking around in their costumes under the sweltering heat.

The wide variety of Japanese gourmet which I never got to eat.

I was looking forward to trying some of these food after my race but when I finished my race, many of the stalls were closed. :(

Their 'sumo wrestlers' wear costumes to sumo wrestle. Super cute.

I was hiding in the shade prior to my race because the weather was unforgiving.

My team mates, Deenise (Runner 2) and Wynne (Runner 1) dropped by to cheer me on and they warned me that the race will be a tough one. :S

The 4th runners' transition pen, where the runners were waiting (patiently?) for their 3rd runners to cross the finishing line.

The transition zone. When you see your team mate running into this zone, you can come out from your pen, get ready to grab hold of the sweat-drenched sash and start running.

Now, the question a lot of my friends have been asking me was: How's the experience? Was it tiring?

Hell yeah, it was! Let's just say that this relay race is not for the faint-hearted.

This was possibly the toughest and longest race I've ever ran. I was actually one of the last few runners to start running so there were hardly any runners behind me or ahead of me. I was practically running alone throughout the race and occasionally, there will be a couple of very fit guys overtaking me. I'm now wondering whether I was the last few to cross the finishing line for my team.

For someone who gets motivated by pacing my speed with others, I was honestly a little demotivated running by myself and my self-endurance was exceptionally low. Even my 'sprint-stop-sprint-stop' strategy wasn't working so well.

There were hordes of tourists blocking my path as well so it did made me feel quite angst when I was trying to navigate past the selfie-taking tourists. To add, the weather was an ass and the sun was totally in my face.

That said, I managed to take some photos along the way, such as these boats outside Customs House.

This semi-sheltered race route was surprisingly calming.

WHAT? 5km only?! I felt as though I was running for an eternity.

The slope to hell at Marina Barrage. Everyone was defeated by this part of the race because we were so damn tired by then.

My eyes lit up when I saw 10km because it meant that I was finishing the race soon. I still had 500m more to go but at least I could see an end.

Tadah! Got my fan-shaped finisher medal! I love it!

I collected my team mates' finisher medals as well. Isn't it cool that when you piece the fan-shaped medals together, they actually form a complete circle? :)

Jia Hui waited for me to complete my race and we were both ecstatic to receive our medals!

Photo credits to Jia Hui.


While waiting for me, Jia Hui was super sweet to get me a personalized fan with my name on it. So that's my name in Japanese characters!

Posing with my personalized fan! It also came in handy as I was mad sweaty and hot.

Photo credits to Deenise.

With my team - Blogfrenz! We survived this challenging race and I'm so proud of everyone. :)

If you're interested to join a relay race like this, do look out for next year's Mizuno Ekiden.

Even though this race is not for the faint-hearted, I'm not saying that you shouldn't sign up for it. You can sign up for it to experience something new as the concept of the race is very interesting and it's not all the time that you can experience a Japanese-themed race like this. In my opinion, it's also a great race for team bonding so I will strongly encourage schools and organizations to join this.

And if you're an athlete or a fitness junkie looking to train your stamina and endurance, I'll highly recommend you to challenge yourself and try this! A competitive race like this will definitely push you out of your comfort zone.

My legs are still aching after a night of salonpas pasted over my thighs so I shall go rest now.

Have an awesome Sunday, my friends!

Disclaimer: Race review is based on personal experiences.



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