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Hey people!

I'm Tracy Wong, more commonly known as 'Dainty Diva' in the blogosphere. I'm a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger and I aim to inspire readers to live life like an adventure.


I love to write and I cover multiple topics in this little space of mine. You can click on my blogging portfolio below to find out more. Happy reading!

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Because many people are asking me what happened and I am tired of repeating my story, I decided to write a blog post on my recent breakup.

Breakups are never easy and I had to muster a lot of courage to write this and publish it. I don't normally air emo matters in public but this case was diferent. I wanted this entry to be a form of closure for myself and after this, I can move on with life.

Photo credits to hubpages.com

I wrote this entry 5 days after the breakup because I didn't want to pour my feelings into this blog immediately and turn the entry into an angry and sore bitchfest. The first 3 days were a living hell because I was crying intermittently whenever I was alone with my thoughts. I cried so much till my eyes were swollen and watery but I still had to pretend that I was all fine and dandy when I was back at the workplace facing my job demands. At the same time, I had to try very hard to focus on settling blog advertorials and last minute travel issues before I fly off. I was depressed and I hated myself.

My family and friends have been there for me always and I thank them for being my pillars of support. When you're supported socially, have plenty of things to occupy your mind and new things to look forward to, it heals your heart gradually and by the last 2 days, I was able to function normally. I stopped crying and was able to rationalize things.

Deep down, I knew that the breakup was inevitable, although both of us have tried in our own ways to make things work. We were incompatible in terms of interests, values and life goals. It's disappointing to say this because when we first started out, we had so much in common; we had the same wavelength and could talk about anything under the sun and most importantly, we were attracted to each other at the same time (no unrequited love and similar shit). I thought I found my soulmate and an adventurous partner who is willing to explore life with me, but I guessed our definitions of what constitutes a 'soulmate' and an 'adventurous partner' were ultimately different.

I knew I was in an extrovert-introvert relationship and have tried my best not to let our personality differences affect the relationship. For one, he was uncomfortable to do the things that I enjoy doing. I supposed many have suspected this because I seemed to be going everywhere and doing things with other people except my partner. I respected his personality differences and stopped inviting him to join me for events, giving him his personal and private space. I promised to spend time with him through our personal dates, just the two of us and to keep our relationship off the scrutiny of social media. But my efforts didn't make things better. I ended up feeling that I was doing the leading and decision-making in the relationship and it was wearing me out. He wasn't actively involved in my life and I wasn't able to enter his world. It wasn't surprising that we became increasingly distant over the months.

What really drove us apart was our life goals. I wanted a serious relationship that leads to a lifetime commitment, the same way many ladies out there yearn for a relationship that will subsequently lead to marriage and starting a family together. He was unable to give me the commitment that I wanted and realized that maintaining a relationship was a lot harder than he thought. In fact, he wasn't ready to be in a serious relationship. I supposed I probably wasn't the right one for him to commit to because a guy who is ready to commit to a girl will put his heart and soul to guide the relationship and make it work. Family and friends have asked me whether he was already seeing someone else and had therefore drifted and didn't want to commit but I don't want to speculate. We're no longer together so I guessed the actual reason isn't important anymore.

When your life goals are different and your partner is unable to give you the commitment that you need, coupled with all the other differences in personality, interests and values, it is difficult to imagine building a future together. When two people are in a relationship, aren't they minimally supposed to be happy? I've always envisoned a couple to be able to help each other grow in the relationship and become better versions of themselves. I've always thought that being together also means giving mutual support to help each other chase their dreams.

But we didn't have that. And a relationship takes two hands to clap. When one party stops trying, it is difficult to move the relationship anywhere further than it is.

Even though I was devastated at the breakup, it was possibly the best solution for both of us. I supposed it was a matter of time but I just didn't expect it to be so soon.

Even though Shen and I are not fated to be together, I want to thank him for coming into my life at a point when I lost hope in love and created good memories with me. Although things will never be the same again and we can never become genuine 'friends' after a breakup, I want to remember us as the happy couple that we used to be.

The collage above shows some of my happiest moments in the relationship mostly when we just started out - the honeymoon stage when we were exceptionally attentive and caring towards each other and were eager to explore different things together. I will never forget how it feels to receive flowers from someone you like and how special it is when your partner puts in effort to plan surprises during dates.

As you are reading this, I am getting ready to fly off to New Zealand for 2 weeks. I guessed the escape to a new environment was timely to allow me to ponder over what I really want in life.

I promise that this will be the first and last entry that I write about this with such a heavy heart. After this entry, I hope to start my life anew and live my life more happily and fruitfully than ever before. I want to use my time to go all out and chase my dreams, collaborate with more brands, attend more events and meet more people. I want to work out more, do something different and surround myself with positive, inspiring people.

As for love, I pray that one day, fate will allow me to meet the right person who is suitable for me and whom is ready for a serious and committed relationship. I want to approach the next relationship slowly and surely. Each breakup may be painful for me but I want to get over them so that I can be ready to wholeheartedly embrace the next relationship that comes into my life.

Thank you for reading this mega long entry and I thank my readers for being so supportive of Dainty Diva. I'll be back with travelogues of New Zealand and interesting stories to share and this time, Dainty Diva will be a much happier person with hopes in life and dreams to pursue.

If you're interested to follow my travels in New Zealand, I'll be posting pictures on my Instagram @gilmangirl. Feel free to follow me on Instagram because I'll be more active on that platform for the next 2 weeks.

Goodbye for now and I'll see you when I return.


Hey folks!

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I'm feeling bummed that I'm not able to celebrate it since I'll probably be up some mountain in New Zealand during the festive season.

Nonetheless, I was stoked to receive and adorn my picks from Tee-Saurus's latest Chinese New Year Themed Collection.

I've always had a thing for fun and wacky designs so the goldfish with the humongous eyes and kissy face on the Good Luck Charm - Abundance Tee ($30) really stood out for me. For non-Chinese, '年年有鱼' means that 'there's fish every year' in loose translation, but what it really refers to is that there's an abundance of wealth every year. That's a common wish in every Chinese household - that our lives are prosperous and filled with riches.

My tees from Tee-Saurus were white so I was pleasantly surprised to see that they also have tees that are available in blue and red. I was glad I chose blue because the colour complemented the design very well.

Photos credit to Tee-Saurus.

Some of my other favourites from the collection were the Double Bliss Tee (now going at $28!) and the WIN Win Mahjong Tee ($30).

The quirky mandarin oranges on the Double Bliss Tee really cracked me up. As for the Mahjong Tee, I can totally imagine it being worn by those hardcore mahjong lovers during their Chinese New Year gambling sessions.

Tee-Saurus also came up with Chinese New Year Zodiac Tees and the designs for the various zodiacs can be seen in the video above. Spot yours!

I'm a Dragon Baby and I'm proud to be one. Thus, it wasn't surprising that I went for the Dragon Zodiac Tee ($30). Super love how amusing Rawr the Dinosaur was with a dragon perched on its head.

Even though I wouldn't be celebrating Chinese New Year this year, that doesn't mean I can't bring along some Chinese New Year spirit with me to New Zealand. These tees are so going into my luggage and I will continue to wear them while traveling around New Zealand!

If you're interested to get yourself a Chinese New Year Themed Tee or any other products from Tee-Saurus, you can purchase them directly on Tee-Saurus's Official Website.

Best of all, readers of Dainty Diva can use voucher code
'TSxDaintyDiva-Rewards' to receive a 10% discount on all purchases! Don't say I never share good lobangs!

Have a great Chinese New Year, my friends!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

For those who do night runs on a regular basis, you might be interested to challenge yourself to Singapore's famous night race, the OSIM Sundown Marathon 2016 which will be happening on 28 May 16, Saturday at F1 Pit Building.

Photo credits to OSIM Sundown Marathon.

Years ago when I couldn't give two hoots about fitness, I've already heard about the Sundown Marathon. Essentially, it's a night marathon that aims to empower people to push their limits and outdo themselves. Interestingly, this resonates a lot with my attitude and philosophy in life.

Photo credits to OSIM Sundown Marathon.

And for those who go for morning runs and take part in other races that involve flagging off early in the morning, why not try something different? Running at night sure feels different from running in the morning. For one, the sun wouldn't be in your face. And for the first time, you needn't have to wake up dead early in the morning to catch the 1st train to the race venue for flag off. Good, eh?

For the 9th edition of Sundown Marathon this year, there will be a couple of happening stuff going on at the race village. Specifically, there will be a Sundown Sports Zone that will feature thrilling sports such as dodge ball, basketball and rock climbing. Oh boy, I can't wait to try all. :)

Flag off timings are from 5pm onwards and will differ based on category. There are 7 categories in total and they are:

1) 42.195km Full Marathon
2) 21.1km Half Marathon
3) 10km Individual Run
4) 10km Group Run (Team of 4)
5) 5km Fun Run (Adult)
6) 5km Fun Run (Child from 13 to 16 years old)
7) 5km Fun Run (Child from 6 to 12 years old)

Please note that for Category 7, parental supervision is required.

So... are you interested to sign up?

Early bird rates may be ending on 31 Jan 16 but if you key in 'OSDM2016EBTRACYWONG' during your sign-up at Sundown Marathon's Official Website, you can still enjoy early bird rates throughout the registration period.

Shiok boh? Go register now and I will see you during the race! :)
Hey people!

I'm back with another product review for Expressions and this time, I want to introduce to you this spankingly gorgeous cleansing gel known as the Nano Firming Effect Gold Cleansing Gel.

Admittedly, I was attracted to the cleansing gel because it looked luxurious with its whole elegant gold packaging.

I was also intrigued by the golden bits within the gel, which I was told were pure gold particles. Wow!

When I was using this to cleanse my face, I felt as though I was using a cleanser worth a million dollars. It smelled absolutely divine and was gentle and lightweight against the skin.

I loved how it made my face feel refreshed and smooth after rinsing, almost as though my pores were completely purged free from toxins and impurities.

A little pump was all I needed to cleanse my entire face so I think this product will last me for a long time. I'm so gonna enjoy every bit of it.

The cleansing gel can be used on the body too and it apparently has slimming and detoxifying effects. The gel has the ability to burn fat and improve blood circulation, thereby increasing metabolism.

I haven't witnessed any slimming effects on my face and body yet so I would much prefer to depend on this cleanser to improve my facial skin condition rather than to slim my face.

Noticed how it removed the redness from my sensitive cheeks; tightened my pores and reduced my facial shine after cleansing? In my opinion, this product worked remarkably well as a facial cleanser and I loved it to bits.

In sum, this is indeed a luxury in a bottle and I'm absolutely sold. How about you?

If you're interested to try the Nano Firming Effect Gold Cleansing Gel, you can purchase it on Expressions Official Website.

From now till 31 March 16, you can also enter the code 'GIVEME15' in the website to get 15% discount from all products during checkout. Happy bargain shopping!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

Ever since I went for LASIK surgery more than a year ago, I haven't been wearing eye makeup regularly.

Part of it was because I wanted to embrace my natural features and to stop depending on eye makeup to make myself look and feel better; but a larger part was because I was just. plain. lazy. :P

Nonetheless, I was grateful that the Sunnanz Team gave me the opportunity to review a Korean brand eyeliner, the ENJEA Double Action Waterproof Eyeliner ($19.90). I guess tis' the time to be vain again!

There are 2 shades available for the liquid eyeliner, one in Black and one in Brown.

I chose the good ol' Black eyeliner which comes with a thin and precise tip for lining the eyes.

I'm pretty much an eyeliner noob and I used to be afraid that I would accidentally poke my eye with the eyeliner while using it.

Besides, my eyes aren't easy to line. If the line is drawn too thin, it disappears into my eye folds but if the line is drawn too thick, I look like some wayang shit.

Surprisingly, I found this eyeliner very easy to use and will definitely recommend this to ladies who are new to eye makeup and are on the hunt for an affordable liquid eyeliner. The colour payoff was also intense so I guessed it's not called 'Real Black' for nothing.

Many girls like to draw a bold line for their eyeliner, followed by a wing at the tip.

I actually prefer to keep the eyeliner minimal without the wing. Perhaps it's because I have naturally droopy eyes so when the eyeliner is too thick, it accentuates the droop. If I 'wing' the eyes, it just makes me look weird and I'll probably look better off without the eye makeup.

Nonetheless, I do appreciate having my eyes lined with a good eyeliner because it lifts the eyes and gives the illusion of larger pupils and sparkly eyes.

I have reservations about its sweat-proof and waterproof properties though.

For one, I have oily eyelids and I observed that there might be some smudging going on if the eyeliner was worn for too long, especially in hot and humid weather.

Although the eyeliner didn't run when it came in contact with water, it did came off effortlessly when I rubbed it with water. So I guessed it wasn't as waterproof as I expected after all. On the positive side, you need not rely on an eye makeup remover to remove your eyeliner; simply rubbing it with warm water will do the job.

In conclusion, the ENJEA Double Action Waterproof Eyeliner is a good quality eyeliner for its affordable price and I would recommend it to everyone, particularly to ladies who are new to eye makeup and want to experiment. I will caution against wearing the eyeliner for a long period of time and to avoid rubbing it with water unless you want to remove it.


The ENJEA eyeliners are currently having a special promotional price of $16.90 on Sunnanz's Official Website so go get them while stocks last!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Happy TGIF, people!

Lately, my nails were chipped like nobody's business so it's time to get them beautified again before I embark on my 2 weeks' vacation in New Zealand.

So last week, I had the honour to visit Bejeweled Spa as a Brand Envoy to get my nails pampered.

Bejeweled Spa has 2 outlets - one at Breadtalk IHQ (Tai Seng) and the other at International Plaza (Tanjong Pagar). Diane was such a dear to arrange for me to do my gelish manicure & pedicure at International Plaza where it would be more convenient for me.

Bejeweled Spa at International Plaza was bright, spacious and comfy and the ladies in the spa were largely there to get their nails done for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Got served a nice, warm cup of tea during my appointment and was asked to choose the nail colours and designs that I wanted.

I was so spoilt for choice because there were just too many gorgeous designs to choose from for the indecisive me.

As I still had my gelish pedicure done a month ago on my toes, the pedicurist did a soak-off for me; trimmed my toe nails; buffed my nails; removed my cuticles and scrubbed my feet.

I always feel embarassed having my feet scrubbed because that's when the pedicurist would notice how much dead skin cells I had and how dry my feet were.

I chose to do gelish nails because they last long and are hardy as hell. My gelish nails always last for at least a month and they do not chip during that period.

I can do housework, dance and engage in my fitness activities without worrying that my nails will look like crap after that.

For my toes, I opted for a simple nail colour because I know that my feet would largely be hidden behind covered (sport) shoes when I go on my trip so there was no point to be all fancy.

I initially chose a very simple light green for the toes but the pedicurist recommended me to try their latest gelish colours instead.

In fact, she allowed me to experiment with a mix of colours so I ended up having a nice sparkly blue as well as a lighter shade of rainbow-coloured shimmer on my toes.

It was my first time trying a mix of colours and I loved it. My niece, Regina loved it too and kept coming over to peep at my toes.

As for the fingernails, I wanted something more fun. I usually choose nail colours or designs that are more elegant or corporate but this time, I couldn't be bothered since I'll be away from the office for a long vacation.

I needed exciting nails instead of boringly professional ones.

Bejeweled Spa has tons of designs, many of which are pretty to bits but what attracted me most was their cutesy gelish nail art. In fact, my blogger friends who are Brand Envoys went for cutesy gelish nail designs too so I supposed I got influenced along the way but really, they were just too cute to resist.

Just look at how intricate the bears looked on my thumbs. You need really steady fingers and amazing precision to design them.

I even asked the manicurist whether she had to practise her designs regularly but she told me that she's gotten used to designing and it just comes naturally. My god, she's practically an artist! I can't even hold a paintbrush properly.

The final look - bright and cheery fingernails of Melody rabbits, bears and ribbons.

This was also the first time I attempted to go cute on my fingers but I've no regrets because they looked adorable.

Sometimes, in the midst of typing in the office, I'll raise my fingernails and admire the intricacies of the designs. They're so pretty that they make me happy!

Thank you Bejeweled Spa for taking care of my nails. Looks like I'll be bringing some animals along with me to my New Zealand trip! :)

If you're interested to get your nails pampered and beautified, you can book your appointment with Bejeweled Spa at their respective outlets below.

Do look out for their Chinese New Year promos too which are exclusively available at their Breadtalk IHQ outlet.

Poster credits to Bejeweled Spa.

For more information on the services and prices at Bejeweled Spa, feel free to check out their Official Website or their Facebook Page.

Bejeweled Spa
10 Anson Road, International Plaza,
#02-48 Singapore 079903

Tel: 6222 2526

Bejeweled Spa
30 Tai Seng Street, Breadtalk IHQ
#02-01 Singapore 534013

Tel: 6443 9789

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

2 weeks ago, I was at Expressions Wellness to try their body services, specifically their slimming treatments.

It was my first time undergoing slimming and honestly, I didn't know what to expect.

There are two Expressions outlets in Singapore, one along Upper Thomson Road and another in Orchard.

I requested for my appointment to be based at the Orchard outlet as it was within walking distance from Somerset MRT and was therefore more convenient for me.

Before starting my treatment, I was asked to fill up a consultation card on my contact information as well as indicate my face and body concerns.

Since we're on the topic of slimming, I guess it's also apt for me to declare my desire to reduce the tummy fats, which in my opinion is the most difficult part of the body to lose when it comes to weight loss. The consultant was very helpful though and she advised me to avoid cold drinks (sobs... no more ice lemon tea) and to consume more soup-based food to prevent bloating at the tummy.

Getting my Body Mass Index (BMI) measured and further affirming my need to reduce my visceral fats. :(

On a happier note, my BMI is in acceptable range and my body age is lower than my actual age. OH YEAH!

There are actually various types of slimming services in Expressions so it is best to seek the consultant's advice to determine the most suitable treatment for your needs. I was recommended the Body System Treatment which will apparently help in targeted slimming at my tummy and thighs.

Specifically, the Body System Treatment helps to increase metabolism and burn stubborn fat. Sounds like the right treatment for my body concerns.

So, I found myself in a room where I was asked to change out of my clothes into the underwear that they have provided for me. *blush*

See the red machine? It is known as the Body System.

I know, I looked like I was about to undergo some scary lab experiment, didn't it? HA HA.

Nonetheless, I know that this will be THE machine that's gonna make a difference to my body so no complaints here.

How the Body System Treatment works is that your body will be wrapped tightly with wires that are connected to this machine here. When an electrical current passes from the machine through the wires, it causes the wrap to have high vibrations and stimulates the muscles, which in turn tightens the muscles and the body, thereby increasing metabolism in the process.

The ideal voltage for the electrical current is 50V and before you get there, the therapist will increase the voltage progressively within your comfort level. Some people will attempt a very high voltage but my advice is not to be overzealous and to start with a voltage that your body can endure.

For me, I chose to undergo a 50V current for my tummy. And in case you were wondering, the wires were also neatly hidden within the wrap so I'm safe from being electrocuted when the electrical current passes through the wires.

I also had infrared pads stuffed within the wrap and they apparently help with the burning of fats.

As for the thighs, I chose to undergo a 45V current. I know all these terms sounded really scary but fret not, the treatment is painless.

During the treatment, all I felt was intense vibrations constricting my tummy and thighs at regular intervals. These intense vibrations became comfortable after a while and felt akin to a soothing massage. Of course, I wasn't able to endure a higher voltage because it got ticklish at my thighs and made me wanted to laugh out loud. As for the tummy, I didn't want to increase the voltage because the sensation was queer; just like how it would feel if someone presses down on your abdomen. So yes, start with a lower voltage first and only increase when your body is ready for it.

After the treatment when the wraps were removed, my god - the tummy and thighs did felt tight. Of course, please do not expect miraculous and instantaneous results after 1 session because you'll actually need to undergo subsequent sessions for more obvious slimming effects.

Nonetheless, it was an interesting experience for me and I want to thank Expressions Wellness for taking care of me during my treatment to ensure that I had a pleasant experience.

If you're interested to try the Expressions Body System Treatment, be sure to visit the outlets below or check out their official website.

From now till 31 Mar 16, readers of Dainty Diva get to enjoy 15% discount if they purchase Expressions products here. Simply key in 'GIVEME15' when you check out and you are good to go! Thank you for reading!

Expressions Wellness (Orchard)

121 Penang Road, Regency House
#01-02, Singapore 238464

Expressions Wellness (Upper Thomson)
2 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Plaza
#01-06, Singapore 575583

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Event: SPRG's 10th Year Anniversary @ CATO

Hey people!

Last week, I ended 2 weeks of intense work stress with some partying at a bar at CATO for Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG)'s 10th Year Anniversary.

The bar looked rather quiet on the 1st level and I thought I must be early but no.... all the happening stuff was up on the 2nd level. I guessed Friday night was indeed party night.

The theme for the party was Old Shanghai, thus the oriental decorations of lanterns and umbrellas.

I didn't dress to the theme though because I came directly from work and besides, I don't own any outfit that looked remotely Shanghai.

With the SPRG folks who really dressed to the nines in their Old Shanghai outfits!

I almost couldn't recognize Fadzly at the registration table. As for Samantha, she looked gorgeous in her black oriental dress - I could never pull off an outfit like that!

Meet Fiona the singer and Abby the photographer. Very convincing outfits and roles they've got there! :D

Photo credits to Meryl.

Had a nice catching up with my blogger girls whom I haven't seen in a while! Why do all of them have oriental outfits!!! *sulks sulks sulks*

Photo credits to Hong Peng.

There was a game segment where we were given mahjong tiles and were asked to find 3 other people who were holding the same tiles as us. Coincidentally, Hong Peng and I were sitting beside each other and we were holding matching tiles so yay!

We managed to find one more guy holding the same tile but we couldn't find the last person. I guessed he/she had no fate with us!

This guy here spent the whole night preparing finger food for us while everyone else was partying away. Thank you for your hard work; the food was delicious!

Some of the finger food that we've tried; I absolutely adored the beef and the unagi. Mmmm... so good!

Photo credits to Running Media SG.

Enjoyed some photobooth fun too! I can never get sick of photobooths, really. Took a hell lot of photos but this was my personal favourite.

Happy 10th Anniversary, SPRG and thank you for inviting me to exciting events!

It's been great knowing the fun-loving SPRG folks for the past 2 years and I look forward to more exciting collaboration opportunities in the future! :)

I'm keeping this entry short because it's late (and I want to sleep, ha ha) so goodnight everyone. Thank you for reading!

237 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058786


    Yooohoo everyone!

    Alive Museum was the first trick art museum that I've visited ever since it came to Singapore. Since then, 1.5 years have passed and I wouldn't be surprised if there has been a couple of changes to the exhibits in the museum.

    Not long ago, I received an invitation from Alive Museum to check out their new zones and new art pieces. I brought along my Big Sis as a plus one since she has never been to the museum before and she in turn brought along my 7-year-old nephew, Norman.

    Norman has reached the age where he is interested in photography (be it taking pictures or posing for photos) so we thought that this will be a good platform for him to experience a whole new level of photography. Besides, he gets to enjoy a 50% discount off his ticket price if he tags along with me. How awesome. :)

    We started off with Penguins of Madagascar which wasn't exactly a spanking new zone but it was a 'new enough' zone for me considering that I haven't visited Alive Museum for a while.

    Maybe that's why the evil octopuses weren't very pleased with me when I gave them a big hug from behind and asked them whether they've missed me.

    The owl and the penguin had no issues with me though and seemed very contented to perch on my hand.

    The penguins were trying to escape, but guess what, I found them!

    Joining the penguins in their hide and seek.

    'Take me with you!', I told the penguins since I do not mind a free trip to the States. :D

    Doing a skyfall with the penguins in style.

    Chauffering the penguins on my trishaw.

    I know I'm 2 weeks late but... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Or should I say...Happy soon-to-be Chinese New Year?

    WOAAAHHH... big splash coming!

    Alive Museum recently opened the Young @ Heart Zone, which interestingly provided me with the perfect excuse to be childish again. Oh yeah!

    In this zone, I got to sit on balloon animals with Norman who loves them to bits.

    I also got to live my fantasy of being part of a performing circus. TADAH!

    Getting stuck in a washing machine without facing dire consequences will only happen in Alive Museum.

    Sitting among petals and feeling so darn beautiful with all those roses and butterflies.

    Live.Laugh.Love Zone was another new zone by Alive Museum which opened very timely for Valentine's Day.

    Ideally, you should visit this zone with your other half to take all these romantic photos but most unfortunately, the boyfriend, Shen wasn't interested to take photos with trick art pieces.

    As such... Norman took his place to profess his love for me instead. I guessed he won.

    Then again, love doesn't only have to be between boyfriend & girlfriend or husband & wife.

    It can also take the form of love between mother and child.

    Otherwise, you can also love yourself, as I evidently do.

    Spotted President Obama with his missing tooth. He must have laughed too hard!

    Got trapped between Marilyn Monroe's teeth. Urggggh, those lipstick stains!!

    I actually took a lot more photos than this but I'll save that for personal keepsakes to avoid drowning this entry with pictures.

    I hope you've enjoyed (laughing at me in) this entry. Be sure to visit Alive Museum soon to have your own photo-taking fun! Just so you know, Alive Museum will also be open throughout Chinese New Year.

    For more information, please check out Alive Museum on its official website or 'like' its facebook page!

    Alive Museum Singapore
    Suntec City Mall #03-372
    (Between Towers 3 and 4)

    Ticket Price:
    $25 (Adults)
    $20 (Children 3 - 12 years old)
    $60 (2 Adults + 1 Child)

    Operating hours:
    10am - 10pm daily
    (Last admission at 9pm)




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