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Hey people!

I'm Tracy Wong, aka Gilmangirl or Dainty Diva. I'm a beauty & lifestyle blogger and I've been blogging ever since 2005


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Hey everyone!

Last week, I visited Benjamin Browns Bistro @ Forum Shopping Mall for dinner with Ben (note the name play) and I must say that we discovered a hidden gem.

Benjamin Browns is a small, cosy cafe with a few seats and I was worried that there might be a crowd but it turned out that we were the only ones in the cafe during dinner time.

That said, I'm not suggesting that it's an unpopular cafe. I believe that it gets more crowded on weekends or weekdays when the office-goers patronize the cafe during their lunch time.

Love the artsy decor. They're for sale, by the way!

Introducing BB Wagyu Burger ($23), which consisted of chargrilled beef topped with a sunny side up, melted cheese and a special combination of truffle and mushroom sauce. Totally yummy.

We wanted to try their signature Pork Belly Burger at first but it was not available. Oh well, maybe next time!

Another popular dish was their Crab Meat Linguini ($20). This dish really won us over because it was so tasty and flavourful with its generous amount of crab meat coupled with vodka arrabbiata sauce.

If you have enough room to stomach more food, you can try their cakes. Their cakes are highly raved!

Benjamin Browns Bistro is one of the partner cafes of The Entertainer App so we got to enjoy a ' Buy-1-free-1' deal. Swee la! :D

As the night was still young and we wanted to talk more, Ben introduced me to another hidden gem.

It was a bar known as The Horse's Mouth @ Forum Shopping Mall and in my opinion, it was a very cool hang-out place.

When we stepped into the bar, it was dark as hell. The walls and door seemed to blend together and I couldn't see where I was going. But once we opened another door and went further, we found ourselves in a room that looked like this:

Beautiful, isn't it? The room was lined with a captivating array of origami and I was truly dazzled.

How can simple pieces of art, when strung together with lights looked so breathtaking? :)

I don't drink alcohol so Ben treated me to a strawberry mocktail. Thank you!

We spent the night yakking away, each with lots of stories to share.

I've known this guy ever since we were teenagers and it's nice to know that many years later, we are still in contact and with so much to say to each other despite the personality and life changes.

Indeed, true friends are the ones you can talk to comfortably and even talk till the cows come home despite the infrequent meetups. If you have friends like these, treasure them!

Gotta get ready for an event later so goodbye everyone!
Hey people!

It's July already and I'm really excited for this month because there's so much to look forward to. In fact, be prepared for blog spams because I'll have lots to feature this month. :D

In early June, I got to watch a Budak Pantai & Friends Charity Concert @ The Esplanade.

Some friends have asked me who's Budak Pantai and whether they're a Malay group so I'm here to let you know more about this group of very talented singers.

Budak Pantai is a group founded in 1994 by 5 Chinese a cappella singers, as can be seen in the above poster. No, they don't sing Malay songs. They sing a medley of English songs and their voices are really good.

What I like about their songs is that they also know how to improvise and sing in various dialects or styles. Sometimes, they even change the lyrics of their songs which usually turns out hilarious.

Honestly, I didn't know about this group until they performed in Singapore Entertainment Awards 2014. My friend and I were so amused when they sang their rendition of popular songs.

Budak Pantai has actually retired from the music scene last year but that night, they were back to perform in a charity concert to commemorate SG50 and raise funds for needy kidney patients at the same time.

I had the honour to attend this concert, thanks to complimentary tickets by EventClique. Thank you!

If you're curious to know how the group sings, check out the video below.

Last week, I also watched Jurassic World, a highly anticipated thrilling movie.

Photo credits to

I've watched Jurassic Park when I was a kid and I've got to say that the filmography for Jurassic World has improved by leaps and bounds over the years. The chase scenes by the viciously clever and cunning Indominus Rex were exciting and there were also plenty of heart-stopping moments throughout the movie.

That said, the highlight of the movie was Aunt Claire (acted by Bryce Dallas Howard) who surprised the hell out of everyone by being able to run away from ferocious dinosaurs in heels. My my, this lady can really run!

If you haven't already watched this movie, go watch it! It is one of those must-watch movies at the moment. :)

Photo credits to Phelicia.

Last week, I reached the last lesson of Pole 9 and also my last lesson in Groove. I'm honestly defeated by this level because I couldn't do any of the tricks properly by myself. :(

That said, I will miss pole-ling with these girls. We've known one another for 2 years and we've really grown so much together. My pole mates know my weakness and fears; they took initiative to spot me when I am trying a difficult trick and when I miraculously went into a trick that I was struggling with (e.g. iguana mount), they cheered for me. I feel empowered being surrounded by such a supportive community.

After saying goodbye to Groove, I started a new journey in SLAP.

SLAP stands for Singapore Lap and Pole Dance and as kinky as it sounds, I don't and will not be doing lap dance. I will be training on a spinning pole instead. :)

I've a good impression of the environment so far and I like the fact that I'm forced to train my weaker side. After years of pole-ling on a static pole, I'm honestly not used to a spinning pole and I have the tendency to spin out of control. But fret not - this needs practice so I'm sure I will eventually get it. Oh yes, and I need to get used to being dizzy and ensure that my lines are beautiful now. No more going into a trick in warrior style.

So I guessed it's new school, new challenge and new friends. Let's hope that this school will create more beautiful memories in my life. At the end of the day, I just want to become better and better in pole. I will continue to document my pole journey and improve myself. :D

Alright, I'll end this entry here. More blog entries to come so stay tuned!

Goodnight everyone!
Hi everybody!

After a day of wearing makeup, I honestly look forward to removing them at the end of the day so that I can be bare-faced again. I know it's weird but let me explain. As much as I love the way makeup enhances my facial features, I also acknowledge that my skin needs to 'breathe'. That's also why I prefer to be bare-faced and a good makeup remover is very essential in making my face feel clean again.

I'm a fan of rinse-off makeup removers and due to my oily, acne-prone skin type, I try to use makeup removers that are water-based or gel-based so that they can clean off impurities without clogging my pores. I was recently introduced to a makeup remover that suits my skin to a tee and it was none other than the Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover.

I've actually used Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover before and had a very good impression of it. This makeup remover that I received was the latest version with a improved formula and I couldn't wait to try it.

This is personal but I really adore the pump bottle design, girly pink packaging and the mild fragrance. <3

As the name suggests, the texture of this makeup remover is akin to jelly with a smooth and light consistency.

In terms of texture, it wasn't exactly a love at first sight for me because it reminded me of cleansing oil and it did felt oily when I applied it on my face.

That said, it has an amazing ability to remove all makeup traces and impurities because my skin felt spanking clean after rinsing. Besides, even though it felt oily when I was applying the makeup remover on my face, it did not leave behind any sticky or greasy sensation after wash. Thumbs up for that!

Oh yes, this makeup remover also contains 40% more moisturizing essence so it ensures that your skin remains hydrated while deeply cleansed. You need not worry about drying out your skin after cleansing. And it's suitable for all skin types so for people with problematic or sensitive skin, you can rejoice!

Using this makeup remover is really simple and it ensures that your makeup comes off in a jiffy.

All you have to do is pump some makeup remover (i.e. 2 to 3 pumps) onto clean, dry hands and massage it around your face and eye area. Proceed to rinse with water, wipe your face dry and voila! You've got a spanking clean face.

In the picture above, I did a test on some makeup that I've applied on the back of my hand. Specifically, I've got a BB Cream, 3 eyeshadows, 1 black eyeliner and a lipstick swatched on my hand. Upon applying the makeup remover, I noticed that it was quick to smudge and dissolve the makeup. The eyeliner needed a bit more rubbing before it smudged but all was good eventually.

When I rinsed the makeup off and wiped my hand dry, my hand was clean and looked brighter than before. How incredible! I'm sold - just take my money already.

Are you sold too?

The Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover retails at $24.90 for a 230ml bottle and can be found conveniently at leading supermarkets, pharmacies and departmental stores.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

When it comes to ageing, people think of wrinkles or sagging skin. Well, you might be surprised but discoloration of skin, or hyperpigmentation is also a sign of ageing.

Some examples of hyperpigmented skin are freckles, sun spots and age spots, which are usually caused by exposure to harmful UV rays.

I may not have the abovementioned spots but I do have a couple of dark spots at my jawline where my acne previously was. Sad to say, acne scarring can cause dark spots too. Sometimes I wonder which is worse - having pimply bumps on the face or dark spots?

I recently received a Palmer's White & Even Dark Spot Corrector ($29.90) which I was eager to put to a test.

Palmer's Dark Spot Corrector contains ingredients that specifically target discoloration and improve skin tone and texture. One of the ingredients is the Songyi Mushroom and it is known for its pigment-perfecting properties.

Together, these potent blend of ingredients work to inhibit the overproduction of melanin (which is the culprit of discoloured skin) and also lighten surface skin cells to ensure the fading of dark spots.

For a clearer understanding, check out the TVC below:

Palmer's Dark Spot Corrector has a soft gel texture and also contains gold flakes. Interestingly, when applied against the skin, the gold flakes somehow disappeared.

Currently, I've been using this product on my dark spots every morning. Because the product gets absorbed really quickly into the skin, you can also use it before makeup which makes it really convenient.

This product is free of parabens, phthalates, sulphates, synthetic dyes and fragrances. Additionally, you would be happy to hear that it is also suitable for all skin types.

I had a pimple near my right jawline few weeks ago which became an unforgiving dark mark. After using the Dark Spot Corrector for a couple of days, I noticed that the mark did fade slightly. Of course, this isn't a miracle product so I can't expect the dark mark to disappear instantaneously from my skin for good. It will probably take weeks for it to be gone completely.

Do note that if you are using this product to battle some persistent dark spots, do not neglect your sunscreen. While healing your skin, you will still need to protect your skin against UV exposure!

Besides the Dark Spot Corrector, I was elated to be sponsored a Palmer's White & Even Dark Circle Correcting Eye Treatment ($22.90). I have eye circles to treat too and I was running out of my own eye treatment so this product came at the right time.

This Dark Circle Correcting Eye Treatment contains ingredients such as caffeine which stimulates microcirculation around the delicate skin area near the eyes. It also comprise ingredients that will moisturize, brighten and lift the eye area, thereby reducing puffiness.

Love the cooling metal tip applicator because it makes applying the eye treatment more hygienic and fuss-free! If you noticed from the picture above, this eye treatment also contains some gold flakes just like the Dark Spot Corrector!

The Dark Circle Correcting Eye Treatment is more of a serum rather than a gel. As can be seen in the 'After' picture, the eye treatment truly did its job of brightening the skin under my eyes, possibly due to the gold flakes in the product.

Just a tip though - when using the product, do make sure not to press too much on the tube because it can dispense quite a lot of product around your eyes if you do so. A little product is sufficent to go a long way. :)


Palmer's White & Even Dark Spot Corrector and Dark Circle Correcting Eye Treatment retail at $29.90 and $22.90 respectively.

They can be found conveniently at Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, John Little and leading departmental stores.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Event: Trick Eye Museum Turns One!

Hey everyone!

Remember my shoutout post here?

2 days ago, Trick Eye Museum turned one and I was happy to be invited to attend their 1st Year Anniversary Celebration.

This was my second time visiting Trick Eye Museum. My visit last year was featured here.

Blogger friend, Pearly was invited too so I was glad for some company. :)

We received a special edition tote bag and got to personalise them with stamps.

I am nervous whenever I had to do DIY things like these because I pretty much suck at DIY.

Thank goodness the stamps weren't too 'inky'. I really didn't want to ruin my tote bag.

The highlight of this celebration was this gold key that was locked in the Baby's Cage. Visitors have an opportunity to attempt to unlock the cage and grab that precious gold key that was worth $300.

I had 5 seconds to draw a key from this box to unlock the cage.

Unfortunately, Lady Luck wasn't on my side because the key that I picked was too small!

Pearly's key, seen on the right picture, was too big. Damn! There goes our $300 and dreams of becoming rich. HA HA!

We took some photos around Trick Eye Museum. The exhibits were the same as last year's.

It was honestly very crowded with kids around each exhibit so we only took photos at exhibits which were largely devoid of people. There weren't a lot of choices actually. :P

We were so glad that we got to take photos with almost every exhibit last year!

Went exploring after that and found ourselves at Imbiah Station. I didn't realized that the Madame Tussauds Museum was situated there!

Got my photo taken at this huge lorry that was actually quite dirty inside. HA HA. Seriously. There were a heck lot of leaves and used tissues in there. :S

Alright, I gotta go wash up now.

I have some beauty entries coming up so stay tuned!


Hey friends!

It's TGIF tomorrow so why not drop by Trick Eye Museum @ Resorts World Sentosa to take part in their First Year Anniversary Celebration?

Poster credits to Trick Eye Museum.

See the Giant Baby's cage in the poster?

There will be 10 Gold Keys locked up in the cage and everyone who visits Trick Eye Museum will have the opportunity to draw a key out of the pool of keys.

If you can successfully open the cage, you get to bring home 1 Gold Key. This isn't an ordinary Gold Key. It's worth $300! Sounds exciting now? :D

All visitors will also receive a specially designed tote bag on that day and you can personalize your tote bag with stamps at the Design-It-Yourself Corner.

There are some terms and conditions for this event so read here to find out.

And if you're curious to know what you'll be seeing inside Trick Eye Museum, may I entice you with some pictures from my previous visit last year?

Have a great night, my friends and let's look forward to tomorrow together! :D
Hey everyone!

Did you notice something new on my Introduction page?

I've added an award badge and yes, I'm a Finalist for Singapore Blog Awards 2015, specifically for the Health & Wellness category. I know right? It's un-un-un-un-un-beliebable!

That said, you can click on the picture below to vote for me anyway!
Your votes will count towards the Top 10 Most Popular Blogs Award.

You will need to register for an account before voting and you can also vote everyday from now till 6 July 2015 if you like. :D

I was honestly very surprised but at the same time, I'm happy that my humble blog is starting to have some achievements. Many people have asked me how I got started and I guessed this is the right platform for me to share.

I actually started writing on the web many years ago, wayyyy before blogging or influencer marketing got popular. At that time, I had a face full of acne - a condition so serious that I had to see a dermatologist to get my skin treated. Naturally, I felt low and unattractive but at the same time, I was inspired by beautiful youtube pioneers like Michelle Phan and Bubzbeauty who make videos to teach girls how to take care of their skin and apply makeup.

Picture credits to

Pimply-faced me wanted to be like them and hoped that I could one day be in a position where I can be an inspiration to other people. I decided to go into public blogging where I began writing about skincare and makeup products that are suitable for girls with oily, acne-prone skin. That marked my first foray into the beauty world and started my official beauty blogging journey. I guessed the lifestyle elements of my blog came about when I wanted to share about other aspects of my life beyond beauty such as the events I've attended; the cafes I've visited and the movies I've watched.

So how did this Health & Wellness, or specifically fitness blogging came about?

In my attempt to improve my body, I started doing pole fitness more than 2 years ago and I fell in love with it.

I love trying new tricks and in my years of pole-ling, I discovered that someone as petite and seemingly weak as me could be trained to become a strong woman. I never knew that I was capable of performing so many tricks on a pole. Then again, if I didn't try, I wouldn't know.

Gradually, I learnt to trust my body and along the way, I've witnessed tremendous improvements in my physique and fitness level.

While people around me thought that pole was sleazy and teased me for being wild, I saw pole as an athletic sport as well as an art. It was a sport that was clearly misunderstood and put down by many people due to a lack of understanding.

So I decided to write about it, hoping to change people's minds and to let them see for themselves how challenging this sport can be.

Pole-ling got me interested in fitness and I started gyming to train strength and stamina. Every gym that I've visted appealed to me in different ways and I decided that it will be nice to review all the gyms that I've been to.

I had the opportunity to blog for boutique gym, Kinetika Xtreme (now known as Kinetika X) and I guessed it kickstarted my fitness blogging journey.

Subsequently, I was blessed to receive opportunities to pursue fitness and blog at the same time.

Last year, I joined the #RuntoLiveGreat Programme under the Great Eastern Women's Run and it was where I got to meet so many women who were committed to pursuing fitness. Many of them, some older than me, were passionate about running and my, do they look healthy, fit and youthful! Listening to their fitness stories really motivated me because it was then that I realized that I have so much to learn from these inspirational women.

This year, I joined the Nestle Fitnesse Boot Camp to push myself further in fitness. Although it sounded really strenuous, I've always wanted to challenge myself to a Boot Camp and if you ask me, I didn't regret it.

Picture credits to Nestle Fitnesse.

I got to do some really hardcore physical training on the beautiful lawn at Chijmes; tried some yummy nutritious Nestle Fitnesse cereal; got a 2 weeks acess pass to visit Physical Abuse Gym and fulfilled my 'dance cravings'. Interestingly, I was even featured on Nestle Fitnesse's Facebook page. It was my first time being interviewed by the Nestle Fitnesse team about my fitness interests and my personal style. I never knew this day would come.

So I guessed getting into the Best Health & Wellness category as a finalist for Singapore Blog Awards 2015 made my fitness pursuits and blogging journey an even more fulfilling experience.

I may not be a fitness guru; neither do I have an admirable fitness body to flaunt. But what I have is a desire to share and inspire others to step into the fitness world like me and discover how much fitness can change our lives. I am after all an ordinary girl leading a very ordinary life but fitness empowers me. So whether you are interested in running, gym, yoga, aerobics or any other sport, find one that keeps you going and makes you want to be better each day.

Before I end this entry, I just want to thank my readers who have supported my blog over the years, especially those who have written to me to tell me that you like my writing. Thank you to those who have been voting for me or who have been asking your friends to vote for me. Believe it or not, I am touched by all your efforts and it's people like you who keep me going in this blogging journey. Lastly, thank you to the people who have provided me with fitness blogging opportunities. I am truly, truly grateful.

Goodnight everyone!
Hey everyone!

A week ago, I attended Studio Wu Open House Vol.2 and I got the opportunity to hip hop again.

Each dancer was entitled to a maximum of 3 complimentary classes so I decided to go for Girls Style Hip Hop and Street Jazz which were back-to-back.

Have been trying to meet with Chong Hui for a hip hop session but our schedules kept clashing so I was very happy when she agreed to join me for this open house. The last time we hip hopped together was a year ago!

Featuring Chong Hui's gorgeous boots. My sneakers were old and very well-worn but it has accompanied me for all my dance adventures so it was no doubt that I have some attachment to them.

Chong Hui and I survived Girls Style and Street Jazz choreography in 2 consecutive hours and I honestly couldn't decide which choreo I like better. Girls Style was shiok to dance to because of the fast-paced choreography coupled with powerful, energetic moves but I think I did better for Street Jazz. If you're on my Instagram @gilmangirl, you can check out the videos I've posted on the 2 choreos.

Yesterday, I was with a friend watching SEA Games Basketball @ OCBC Arena Hall.

We wanted to watch Gymnastics initially but the timings were unfavourable so we decided to go for Basketball.

Team Timor-Leste VS Team Malaysia.

If you can see the scoreboard, you should be able to guess which team won the match.

I couldn't help but noticed that the Malaysian basketballers were really tall and towering over the Timor-Leste players. Height really does play a huge part in basketball.

I prefer to watch the ladies' match because it was far more intense than the guys' match.

Team Singapore VS Team Malaysia.

This was one very aggressive match where people were falling down frequently or pushing their way to grab the ball. There were quite a number of fouls too.

I was cheering for Team Singapore but I've honestly got to give it to Team Malaysia who won the match eventually. They have very good defence and some very strong shooters who could do 3-pointers. Number 00 was one of them.

Love this free throw moment when the basketball was shot beautifully into the net. <3

Moving from basketball and on to pole, I've been struggling for Pole 9 like nobody's business. The only trick that I managed to do properly was....

Straight Edge

I was on cloud nine when I could finally hold my position on the pole without wobbling. I was actually supposed to drop my legs straight into an aerial flag after this but... I was scared. :S

I know this looks dangerous and I was more than happy to be able to execute a trick that requires so much core strength, endurance and guts but TRUST ME, there were way more 'dangerous' tricks that I've learnt in this level which I couldn't do.

Oh well, let's see whether miracles will happen by my last lesson next week.

I've got to go now so thanks for reading, people!

Have a great night!
Hey people!

Last Friday was an awesome TGIF because I got to witness the 28th SEA Games Opening Ceremony @ National Stadium, thanks to Rose who won tickets to the event.

Thank you girl for bringing me along as a plus one!

It was my first time at the National Stadium since its opening in June last year and naturally, I was ecstatic. I was also marveled by how grand the stadium looked.

We weren't allowed to bring food and drinks into the Stadium so I was glad for these goodie bags which contained 2 large bottles of water. I was hoping that there would be healthy food in there since it was dinner time but there were potato chips, peanuts and crackers instead. :S

Found a medallion in our goodie bag which got Rose and me rather confused. We thought it was a faulty item initially.

It turned out that the medallion would actually project LED lights during the ceremony. When everyone wears the medallion and it lights up individually, we actually form a very nice and artistic display of LED lights together. How cool was that?!

Kallang-waving at the Stadium. It was a very enthusiastic Kallang Wave considering that I had to do it 5 times. LOL.

And the ceremony began.

Love the glow from the audience seats that I just had to take a picture.

Combined band performance from Singapore Armed Forces Band, Singapore Police Force Band, SAF Silent Precision Drill Squad, Women Police Force Pipes and Drums, Gurkha Contingent Pipes and Drums and the Singapore National Cadet Corps Command Band.

Favourite photo of the night. I was thrilled that my camera managed to capture the sudden burst of fireworks.

The Big Singapore Welcome.

Nila's surprising appearance on a parachute.

Marching contingent of athletes from 11 Southeast Asian countries. There were A LOT of athletes from Singapore.

A captivating visual light display of 5 animals of Southeast Asian lore.

We were all like kids again, spotting the animals and going 'hey look, fish!' excitedly.

This act, also known as 'Imagination' brought us into the magical fairytale world that exists in our children's imagination.

This was perhaps the only segment that was this colourful and vibrant.

I was totally anticipating this act because there was a sing-off and a dance-off by some familiar groups, namely hip hop dancers from O School, Academy of Nutz, Swat Crew etc.

Besides, Benjamin Kheng from The Sam Willows and Esen Thang were performing to the song 'Unbreakable' and my heart jumped when Esen Thang began doing some really cool aerial tricks while being suspended in the air. The Butterfly girl was too gorgeous!

The most significant part of the ceremony was the torch relay and I was glad I got to witness such an important segment. It was indeed an amazing moment.

I loved how the stadium erupted with a series of magnificent fireworks after the final athlete ignited the flame of the SEA Games cauldron. I loved it more when the audience cheered and applauded in unison when that happened. It was one of those moments when it felt like everyone was united in spirit. :)

Last Friday was truly a memorable one and I'm looking forward to watching a game soon.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this entry (or looking at the pictures) and have a great night, everyone!




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