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Hey people!

I'm Tracy Wong, more commonly known as 'Dainty Diva' in the blogosphere. I'm a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger and I aim to inspire readers to live life actively with a sense of adventure.


I love to write and I cover multiple topics in this little space of mine. You can click on my blogging portfolio below to find out more. Happy reading!

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Hey people!

I turned another year older last Sunday and received lots of love from the people around me.

Thank you to those who have wished me Happy Birthday. Surprisingly, no one left messages on my Facebook Wall but many have left me private text messages via Facebook Chat and Whatsapp, taking the chance to catch up with me at the same time. I was also glad I got my wonky phone fixed in time to receive all these blessings so yay!

Honestly, I had no (or little) expectations for my birthday. The only thing I expected was a tough year so I wanted to let it pass and start my life anew next year. But it seemed like someone was watching over me all this while, shielding me from hurt and preventing me from sliding further into a black hole.

I started this year overwhelmed with work while having to cope with a sudden breakup that pushed me into slight depression. I lost myself in the process but was slowly pulled back by the love and support from family and friends. My influx of blogging opportunities and social events helped to build my confidence and my heart was gradually healed with time.

I finally understood what it means when people say that you must learn to love yourself before others can love you. When you are whole and secure, you are able to love fully and receive love in return.

Love came to me sooner than I realized, with a guy who is not only committed to me but sees me as his lifetime partner. I felt secure knowing that he can take care of me and plan for our future. I have always wanted a supportive partner who is in for the long term and thankfully, he is more than I have asked for. I supposed when setbacks happen, we must take heart that it was meant to prepare us to receive something bigger and better in the future.

The picture on the left was taken on the day when I was surprised with a bouquet of purple roses. I learnt that purple was chosen not just because it was my favourite colour but because there was a meaning behind it (go google 'meaning of purple roses' and you will know). As for the picture on the right, it was taken on my birthday - the day I decided to take the leap of faith in love.

Friends have asked me how I spent my birthday so here goes.

On my birthday, YX brought me to Cloud Forest @ Gardens by the Bay for sightseeing and phototaking.

We've visited Flower Dome earlier because of Singapore Garden Festival but didn't have the chance to visit Cloud Forest so YX decided to bring me there for a surprise visit. I got to see the highlight of Cloud Forest - a magnificent and ethereal waterfall.

The view from the top of the bridge was awesome although it was also a tad scary for me to peek through the holes on the ground to see how high we actually were.

YX insisted that we use the bouquet of roses as a prop for our phototaking in the Cloud Forest.

This explains the presence of the bouquet in nearly every photo.

An artistic shot of the heart sign amidst the waterfall. I wanted one of us to do a thumbs up for fun but YX refused.

One of my favourite couple photos taken in the Cloud Forest. It's now my Whatsapp display picture!

The next surprise was dinner.

I didn't expect that YX would bring me to a fine dining restaurant, the famous Lawry's The Prime Ribs @ Mandarin Gallery for our meal. I thought that we would be going to a cafe or something.

So glad to be dressed appropriately and not in some casual tank top and shorts.

What a posh and luxurious restaurant, with a lovely view of a busy Orchard Road.

It was rather quiet in the restaurant though and I had to be careful not to laugh too loudly.

For starters, we were served The Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad and it was pretty fascinating to watch the staff prepare the salad before our eyes.

The salad is made up of romaine and iceberg lettuce, watercress, shredded beets, eggs as well as croutons (our favourite!), tossed with Lawry's vintage dressing on a bed of ice. I've never eaten such an atas salad before.

Our appetizer, the Pan-Seared Hokkaido Scallops & Shrimps were to die for, particularly the scallops which came with a soft and smooth texture and burst with flavours when you bite into them.

Since we are in a restaurant known for ribs, it's a MUST to order steak for dinner.

We each ordered a Prime Black Angus Steak which came with Mushroom sauce and Bearnaise sauce respectively. It was DELICIOUS TO THE MAX but also very filling. My stomach felt bloated when I was 3/4 into the steak so thank you YX for finishing my food for me. Heehee.

This plate of mushrooms and asparagus came along with our steak as well.

Although I was very full by then, I made sure to eat some of it so that I do not miss out on these premium mushrooms. HA HA!

Because Lawry's a place where people dine in for special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays, it is common to see the staff breaking into a Happy Birthday song every 15 minutes.

There seemed to be a number of birthday guys and girls in the house that night because there were at least 4 Happy Birthday songs and I was highly amused each time I heard it. I was thinking that it must be really sian for the staff to have to sing every now and then + repeat cycle for the next few days.

YX kept saying that it's customary for birthdays to have cake and wanted to drop by Antoinette to get one so I certainly didn't expect that the 5th Happy Birthday song would be dedicated to me. When the staff walked towards our table with a piece of cake courteousy of Lawry's, I was still in puzzlement and thought that they gave the cake to the wrong person. LOL. Nonetheless, thank you Lawry's for the sweet surprise and YX for planning this so stealthily!

Photo credits to Lawry's The Prime Ribs

My favourite photo and keepsake from Lawry's that now sits on my office desk. It brightens my mood everytime I see it!

The night ended on an even sweeter note with YX presenting to me a recorded birthday song and message.

He also blew a heart-shaped balloon for me. :D

Momentos from my meaningful birthday celebration.

Besides the bouquet of roses and our photo from Lawry's, YX also bought me a bag which I could use for work. It was a practical present because my work bag recently snapped at its handle so this was a timely replacement.

Thank you so much, I love it!

Besides YX, family and friends have showered their love on this special occasion too.

A week before my birthday, my family celebrated my 2nd Sister's and my birthday with a yummilicious mango cake from The Cake Shop. I was happy to be in the comforts of my home and to see my family members expanding.

As I'm going on an overseas trip with my sisters next month, my Big Sis even subsidized our plane tickets as our birthday gift. Thank you Big Sis for the generosity!

It's also an annual tradition to celebrate my birthday with my Bestie whose birthday is 8 days before mine.

Every year, we will celebrate by having a good meal with each other. This year, we had a quick meal before watching a Magic Show by my client. It was professional + impressive and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Thank you for the gift too, Bestie! Looking forward to more birthday celebrations together.

Photo credits to Danessa.

Also met up with Danessa for a nice catch-up over pasta and ice lemon tea at Secret Recipe.

I haven't met her for so long ever since she left the blogging scene so I really appreciated this meetup. It was also super sweet of her to give me a birthay treat.

How cute is this Sesame Street towel from Universal Studios? I guessed Danessa intended for me to use it for gym or fitness purposes but sorry, I'm using it for my bath time! :D

To conclude, thank you everyone for your well wishes, treats and gifts.

I feel extremely blessed to have a supportive partner by my side and lots of love from family and friends. Love is the greatest gift to me on my birthday because it is hard to come by and something money can't buy. I am also grateful that my life was turned around and I was able to see the light from a depressive rut; otherwise, I wouldn't be this happy or blissful on my birthday.

Although my birthday is already over, I will move on with a happy heart, knowing that there are many things in life to look forward to and not forgetting to spread the cheerful optimism to everyone around me.

Goodnight everyone! :)
Hey people!

Do you need help to run your errands? Or do you have something to buy but don't want to queue for it?

Solution: You can get someone else to do it for you.... at a service fee!

Logo credits to LaborMe.

Not too long ago, I was approached by the co-founder of LaborMe mobile application, inviting me to review the app.

There are different categories of services available on LaborMe such as Courier, Food Delivery, Valet Parking and Everything Else. Users have utilized the app to get others to deliver parcels on their behalf; queue and deliver BAKE Cheese Tarts or Tai Cheong Bakery egg tarts to their house; and even park their cars!

LaborMe recently also launched a cross-border tasking service where taskers who regularly visit Johor Bahru (JB) can help fellow Singaporeans to purchase Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake, contact lenses or any other retail items from JB to Singapore. Besides saving time, users can also enjoy up to 60% off retail prices if they engage cross-border taskers to purchase cheaper items from Malaysia for them. Thumbs up for that!

Other than engaging services from others, you can also be a tasker yourself and earn some service fee while running errands for other people. In essence, you can be helped and help others in return!

Last week, my Dad showed me his cracking Samsung S4 cover and asked whether I could help him to look for an inexpensive S4 flip cover as a replacement. Alas, I didn't have time to shop the next day so... LaborMe to the rescue!

Using LaborMe was convenient and simple because all I had to do was to create a task detailing the date, time and location of the service; my task instructions and the service fee I was willing to pay.

I did found the location of the service a bit restrictive and personally felt that it would be better if it was more open-ended. Technically, the S4 flip covers could be found anywhere so I didn't want to specify a location. However, it was compulsory to specify a location before proceeding so I didn't have a choice. That was also why I stated in the task instructions that I am not particular about the location of the purchase but more on the price.

You can indicate any amount of service fee that you are comfortable in paying (please note that the minimum fee is $5). Taskers would typically bid below your service fee to make their offer attractive to you. If the amount you are willing to pay is too low for their efforts, chances are, they wouldn't bother to run the errand for you. The moral of the story is... please be reasonable!

The service fee does not include the cost of the item but I have asked for the tasker to purchase the item on my behalf and present to me the original receipt so that I can reimburse him/her. I have also specified a budget ($8 and below for my flip cover) so that the tasker will not end up buying a cover that is too expensive.

After posting your task, you can basically sit back and wait for bids to come. You can choose to auto-accept any bid that is below your service fee or you can select manually by yourself. Some taskers have positive feedback given by others so you can trust the reviews and select anyone you deem fit for the job.

I didn't have to wait long for my task to be completed. I posted my task in the late morning and by lunchtime, my flip cover was successfully purchased. There is a chat function within the app which allows for easier communication with the tasker if he/she has any enquiries or requests.

My tasker was nice enough to snap photos of different phone covers for my selection and even negotiate prices for me. Apparently, there weren't many S4 covers in the market now so my task was a tad challenging in terms of hunting for them and trying to fit the cost within my low budget.

After work, I met up with the tasker at a convenient location, exchanged money with item and ta-dah....! I got my flip cover for my Dad even when I had zero time to shop. Awesome much! Transaction done in a jiffy.

Although my experience was good and fuss-free, I do have a little gripe. This app relies greatly on the trust between the task creator and the tasker. Taskers are generally strangers running errands for you and are not bounded by any contractual obligations. Thus, we cannot guarantee that the tasker will be someone honest or efficient in their task. We can only judge based on the reviews that they have received from others. That is also why I was more conservative in my task, choosing to let the tasker pay for a small value purchase in return for a reimbursement. I didn't dare to let taskers handle riskier tasks such as delivering an expensive good or shopping for items using my vouchers.

Likewise, there aren't laws to protect the tasker if they meet an unreasonable task creator too. If the tasker purchases something that isn't exactly what the task creator wanted and the task creator refuses to pay for something that he/she did not ask for, what happens next? If these issues could be managed in a more seamless way, I believe LaborMe would become a very useful app where task creators can put their full trust on the taskers to carry out their tasks honestly and efficiently.

If you will like to try out LaborMe, it is available for download on iOS and Android. From now till 31 Dec 16, first time users of LaborMe can key in 'TRACY10' for a $10 discount from their service fee.

More information can be found on their Official Website, Facebook Page and Instagram.

Disclaimer: Review is based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

Last Thursday was the opening of D'skin Prestige at Velocity @ Novena Square and I was invited to attend its launch after work.

D'skin Prestige is a medi-aesthetics hub which specializes in using non-surgical treatments to bring about surgical results in skin and body care.

We were brought on a tour around the hub.

Absolutely love the classy gold exterior coupled with the pristine white interior that spells of elegance and professionalism.

With 18 years of experience in Singapore, D'skin Prestige is indeed an expert in their field.

Their treatments utilize medical-grade technologies featuring Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT), Alma, New Life and Venus Sw
an to lift, tone and brighten skin as well as combat acne.

Some of their signature medi-aesthethic treatments for the face include:

1. Power V-Shape Facial Treatment (120 minutes; $988 for 3 sessions)

Uses Radio Frequency (RF) from Venus Swan to stimulate collagen production, thereby lifting and firming the skin. Facial muscles are then stimulated and activated using New Life, making them stronger and more toned, resulting in the V-shape face that you desire.

It is said that the skin can be lifted by up to 3cm within 60 minutes. How amazing!

2. AFT Treatment (90 minutes; $888 for 3 sessions)

Uses Pulsed Light Technology to heat the skin's intended target with little to no damage or discomfort.

This treatment has no downtime and is good for treating pigmentation disorders like hyperpigmentation, freckles, sun spots and melasma. It is also suitable for all skin types.

3. Dermal Restructuring Treatment (90 minutes; $1,088 for 3 sessions)

Delivers 3D Bi-polar RF into the skin to increase firmness and control skin blemishes.

This treatment targets acne-related skin conditions such as pimples, scarring and enlarged pores as well as age-related skin conditions such as wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin.

Besides the face, D'skin Prestige also has treatments for the body, specifically slimming, firming and body contouring services.

The lady in the picture was undergoing a body slimming session for her arms using the Venus Swan. Personally, I've tried this treatment before for my arms and it really did helped to reduce some unwanted flabs. Of course, maintenance is key and one will need to go through more regular sessions to obtain significant and sustained results.

D'skin Prestige also uses their own extraction method during facials and we got to witness an extraction process during a customer's facial.

No tools or comedone extractors were used to remove whiteheads or blackheads. Instead, D'skin Prestige's aestheticians perform extraction with their bare hands, pressing against the pesky whiteheads with clean facial cotton pads.

I've always had extraction done on my face during facials and I know how it feels like but I've never seen how it looks like so this was particularly interesting to me. I can now conclude that beauty is pain.

D'skin Prestige also uses its own line of skincare products for facials.

Their products are available for sale if you want to buy them home.

Speaking of skincare products, last week was also the launch of D'Skin Prestige's Multivitamin Radiance Cream ($139 for a 50ml bottle), which is suitable to be used as a day and night moisturizer.

Enriched with Vitamins C and E, the radiance cream is an all-in-one cream from Japan that serves to keep the skin healthy and protect it from UV stressors as well as acne.

Despite it looking thick and creamy, it absorbs very well after blending, leaving behind a dewy finish. If you look closely at the back of my palm, you will notice some silver flakes that contributes to the pearly shine on healthy, glowing skin.

For people with oily or sensitive skin, do not worry about breaking out or looking overly shiny with this cream! This cream is actually non-greasy and is accompanied with a silky texture that leaves the face smooth, soft and hydrated. Thus, it is suitable for all skin types.

If you're interested to visit D'Skin Prestige, you can visit their outlet directly at the address below.

Alternatively, you can check out their Official Website, Facebook Page or Instagram. Have a beautiful night, lovelies! :)

D'Skin Prestige
Velocity @ Novena Square
238 Thomson Road
#03-04/05, Singapore 307683

Disclaimer: Event and product features are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

The Popular Readers' Choice Awards is back and it is time to stock up your bookshelves + vote for your favourite books.

From 2 to 11 December 16, the Popular Readers' Choice Awards will be part of Popular's Bookfest @ Singapore 2016 and it will be held at Suntec Convention Halls 401 - 406.

Recently, I had the opportunity to read one of the nominated books. Specifically, I was given a list of authors to choose from and I chose the book with one of the few names that were familiar to me - Mediacorp Actress Belinda Lee.

Belinda had written a book entilted 'Larger than Life: Celebrating the Human Spirit' which features some of the stories of Singaporeans and other people whom she got to interview while hosting travel shows such as Find Me a Singaporean and The Places We Live In.

One of the reasons why I chose this book was because I have a thing for inspirational books that give me a different perspective about life and I surmised that this book falls in this category. Additionally, I wanted to have a glimpse into the life of a travel host and gawk at glossy travel pictures. I just didn't realize that the pictures weren't the typical touristy ones that you see in a travel magazine but those that highlight the poor living conditions of the underprivileged in developing countries.

'Larger than Life' is actually a very easy read, with slightly more than 200 pages of heartwarming stories and lots of captivating pictures that highlight the simplicity and beauty of life. I started reading this book on bus and train rides and I found myself hooked to the stories.

Many of the stories were about exemplary Singaporeans who gave up their comfortable lives in their homeland to make a difference among the poor and less fortunate in other countries. If there's one thing to commend about this book, it's how much knowledge and insight it has given me in such a short period of reading time.

I got to learn that there are selfless people like Ravi who followed his heart and went to India to build an orphanage for homeless children; or people like Nicholas who went to Kenya to pursue his dream of fielding the world's first black African team, Kenyan Riders to a bicycle race called Tour de France.

Whether it's a dream, a passion or a calling, these people had one thing in common. They make use of the resources and skills they have to improve and give hope to other people's lives, holding on to the belief that if they change the lives of a handful, these handful will pay it forward and move on to change the lives of more people. I was truly touched and inspired by these big hearts. Thank you Belinda for sharing these stories.

Logo credits to Popular SG.

That said, I am definitely casting my vote for this book at Popular Readers' Choice Awards 2016.

From now till 31 October 16, you can also vote for your favourite books in this link and stand a chance to win $50 Popular vouchers as well as 1-year Popular card.

'Larger than Life: Celebrating the Human Spirit' by Belinda Lee can also be found at Popular Bookstores at $23.35 and you can enjoy 20% discount if you purchase any of the 30 nominated books. Promotion is valid till 31 January 17. Happy reading!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Bejeweled!

Happy Sunday, my friends!

Bejeweled turned 5 years old recently and to share the love, they are having attractive promotions and discounts for all visitors from now till 2 October 16.

Photo credits to Bejeweled.

When you visit Bejeweled, you will be greeted by colourful balloon displays once you stepped into the salon.

See these adorable teddy bear stuffies at the counter?

During this anniversary period, visitors can donate a Build-A-Bear workshop session to an underprivileged child so that the child can take part in a Build-A-Bear Workshop Party in October at Plaza Singapura.

The child would get to enjoy the following activities:

- Choose a furry bear
- Stuff, stitch and fluff up the bear
- Name the bear and create a personalized birth certificate
- Dress up the bear in either a pink or blue tee and bring it home!

Image credits to Bejeweled.

Visitors can also enjoy massive discounts for facial and nail services as seen in the image above and head home with a free goody bag after your appointment.

If you've purchased a service at regular prices, you'll also receive a sure-win lucky dip!

I visited Bejeweled yesterday to get my nails pampered in time for my upcoming birthday.

I was seated right at that chair with 2 beauticians tending to me at the same time.

I was always spoilt for choice by the number of colours to choose from.

Mind you, they have an entire box of nail colours to sieve through.

Got my nails filed and my cuticles removed.

The manicurist even added some treatment oil on my dry nails to moisturize them.

Chose a mint colour from China Glaze for my fingernails!

Similar to my fingernails, my toenails went through the same filing and cuticle removing process.

Additionally, my feet was thoroughly scrubbed with a foot file to remove dead skin from its base and exfoliated with a lavendar sugar scrub. It was sooooooo relaxing!

I have a thing for shimmery, metallic colours so I chose this shade of blue from Morgan Taylor for my toenails.

I think it went very well with my black wedges. :)

Remember to collect your goody bag before you leave the salon to get your hands on a Mango Collagen Drink, a MegRhythm Eye Mask, a box of Artisan Tea from Gryphon Tea Company and a notebook.

Thank you Bejeweled for having me back again and Happy 5th Anniversary!

If you're interested to book an appointment and enjoy the anniversary promotion, you can call Bejeweled at its number listed below or pay a visit to the salon directly.

For more information on the services and prices at Bejeweled, feel free to check out their Official Website or Facebook Page.

30 Tai Seng Street, Breadtalk iHQ
#02-01 Singapore 534013

Tel: 6443 9789

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

In late August, I was supposed to visit Quan Fa Organic Farm for a farm tour but it was cancelled, no thanks to the haze.

Nonetheless, Quan Fa Organic Farm was awesomely sweet to deliver a huge bag of farm produce to my family so that we could use them to prepare some yummy homecooked meals.

The generous loot of organic vegetables. We didn't expect to receive so many greens!

These vegetables are grown using a unique Japanese composting technique that eliminates odors of raw materials and creates an organic debris that is rich in nutrients, thereby lowering the possibility of diseases and insect infestation.

The compost also improves soil conditions and there is therefore not a need to use synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers on the crops. Besides being environmentally-friendly, these organic vegetables are also healthy, nutritious and flavourful.

So here's what I've received from Quan Fa Organic Farm and their respective prices.

In left picture

White Radish - $3.80 (450g/packet)
Spinach - $5 (300g/packet)

In right picture

Local Lettuce - $2.80 (200g/packet)
Sunflower Sprouts - $3.80 (200g/box)
Cabbage - $6 (700 to 900g/pc)

In picture

Local Cucumbers - $3 (320 to 410g/packet)
Potatoes - $3.80 (400g/packet)

Photo credits to Mummy

Let me take this chance to share how great Mummy's cooking is and how she managed to incorporate the organic produce into our meals.

This was one of her dinner dishes, Spinach Soup with Salted Egg which she shared with Daddy. I didn't get to try this because I wasn't at home but it sure looked good.

On another day, we had guests over at our house so Mum whipped up a Soup, Bee Hoon and Fried Rice using Quan Fa Organic's Local Lettuce.

My family also loovvveeedd the White Radish which Mum made into a nice warm pot of soup.

The radish was rich in flavour and emitted a strong fragrance, making the soup very delectable. My family couldn't stop singing praises of it.

One of the vegetable dishes that I had for dinner last weekend - a healthy combination of cabbage, carrots and red peppers.

This pork dish with cucumber slices was one of my most loved childhood dishes but this time, Mum made it for my nephew and niece.

The cucumber slices were used largely for decor purposes but we still ate them anyway.

All right, I know Chicken Curry with Potatoes isn't a healthy dish but it's one of my favourite food in the world.

Thus, when Mum announced that the organic potatoes would be used for curry, I was delighted because I got to indulge in a tremendously delicious dish that night. Mmm... yums!

Sunflower sprouts looking mighty fine with pieces of beef. This dish is definitely deserving of a thumbs up!

Quan Fa Organic Farm also sent over a Sunflower Sprouting Kit so I experimented with growing my own sunflower sprouts in a pot.

I was provided with LOADS of seeds but I only planted a quarter of them for a start, making sure to create enough space among them around the soil.

Days later, I saw these. THEY'RE GROWING!!!! :D

I totally felt that sense of accomplishment when I watched these black seeds grow into stalks of leafy greens. Mum was more excited for the day when she could cook another dish of sunflower sprouts which would not only be homemade but also hand-grown.

Thank you Quan Fa Organic Farm for feeding my family with healthy, organic produce and for giving us a taste of mini gardening.

If you will like to find out more about Quan Fa Organic Farm Produce, feel free to check out their Official Website, Facebook and Instagram.

You can also shop online and purchase their organic farm produce through their website. Key in the promo code 'QuanfaOrganicFarm' to enjoy 10% off. Code is not valid for promotional items and dried goods and is limited to one-time use per customer.

Happy shopping and enjoy your long holiday, people!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

Thai food lovers, anyone?

Last TGIF was a well spent one with an enjoyable tasting session with my blogger friends at Cha Thai.

This Thai restaurant is situated conveniently along Telok Ayer Street and right across Downtown MRT Station. If you're staying or working in Central, you can consider dropping by this restaurant to satisfy your Thai cuisine cravings.

Cha Thai strives to distinguish its food from cheap street food which people might mistakenly deem as 'authentic'. According to the owner Leah, authentic Thai food involved simple cooking using palm/coconut sugar and coconut milk but this way of cooking might not be suitable for the modern palate. Thus, it is essential for Cha Thai to move with the times and utilize premium Thai ingredients to prepare traditional recipes using modern methods of cooking.

Check out the containers used to store condiments! Don't you think it's interesting that glass bottles with droppers were used to store their sauces?

In Cha Thai, only Thai condiments were used. Additionally, their gravys, sauces and pastes were made entirely from scratch. :)

Before food was served, we were asked to select our drinks first.

Christina recommended us to try the Thai teas so we went for the Thai Green Tea ($2.90) and the Thai Black Tea ($2.90). I finally got to satisfy my curiosity for Thai Green Tea, hurray!

Crispy Prawn Cake ($15) was the first to be served and I basically attacked the food after snapping this picture because I was SO HUNGRY. It tasted mad delicious especially when paired with sweet plum sauce but alas, I could only stop at one piece.

One thing to note was that tiger prawns were used to create this Prawn Cake. In fact, tiger prawns were used to create every single prawn dish in Cha Thai. Holy mama!

Creamy Crab Roll ($15) was an ultra addictive snack because I couldn't stop dipping my spring roll into the tasty crab cream sauce.

I could just eat the entire sauce on its own but that would be way too sinful.

Next up, we had the Lemongrass Prawn Salad ($28) which had generous helpings of prawns piled atop the salad. The prawns used were fresh and sourced locally from their own kelongs.

I must say that this dish looked better than it looked on the menu! :D

Now for the curry dishes.

I really liked the Signature Tiger Prawn 'Panang' Curry ($28) because the curry wasn't too hot for me and made a perfect combination of taste with the tiger prawns. And if you dig around, you might discover a few lychees within the curry.

Pineapple Red Curry with Pork Loin ($18) was pretty good by itself but it paled in comparison to the Signature Tiger Prawn 'Panang' Curry which had a more memorable taste.

After feasting on tiger prawns, I realized that we were hardly eating vegetables so I was glad when Saute Kai Lan with Roasted Pork ($16) was served.

The roasted pork was nice and crispy but I helped myself more to the veggies because I need the fiber and the nutrients!

Garlic Pork with Bird's Chilli ($18) was immensely tender and that was largely because lots of time and effort were put in to sous-vide the meat before cooking so as to ensure its tenderness.

The green Bird's Chilli that you see on top of the pork was FIERY so try it if you dare. I was so relieved that the spiciness of the Bird's Chilli did not affect the taste of the pork very much.

Unfortuately, Boat Noodles ($18) failed to meet up to my expectations.

While the noodles were springy, I wasn't too pleased with the pork because it had a very strong smell and didn't sit well with my tastebuds. I guessed I wasn't accustomed to the taste of the herbs that were used to prepare the pork.

That said, some of my fellow tasters loved the Boat Noodles though so for all you know, you might like this more than me.

When it comes to Thai food, one must certainly check out its Pad Thai ($22).

Although the ingredients used for this dish were largely simple, I really liked Cha Thai's noodles because they were always so springy and full of flavour. The 'icing on the top' was the delicious piece of tiger prawn which truly adds to the taste and presentation of the dish. In sum, a huge thumbs up from me! :)

By any chance did you notice how ADORABLE the tiger prawn looked?

It seemed to be saying ,'I'm Gonna Be Eaten? WHEE! Can't Wait!'.

The last course that was served was the Premium Giant Tiger Prawns Claypot Glass Noodles ($159) where the Giant Tiger Prawns were in a luxurious size of 35 to 40cm.

The portion of Glass Noodles might be mega huge and the price might seemed costly but the dish was actually meant for sharing among 4 to 5 people. It's in Thai's culture to gather so their food is usually in large portions for sharing.

Although I was super full from the tasting, I had to admit that this was one amazingly yummy dish that I would recommend all to try. I would have gone for more if I had more room in my stomach. Nonetheless, if you don't mind the price, you can consider ordering this to share with your family or friends.

We may be full from our main course but when it comes to desserts, we have a different compartment in our stomach.

We got to try 5 types of desserts as seen above. The top 2, from left to right, were Tropical Paradise ($12) and Emerald Jade ($8). The bottom 3, from left to right, were Red Ruby ($8), Summer Potato ($8) and Sweet Corn Herbal Jelly ($8).

The most outstanding dessert and everyone's ultimate favourite was the Tropical Paradise. You would probably not expect it but Tropical Paradise was actually mango sticky rice with ice-cream. It might looked plain, simple and not as pretty as the other desserts but my, the taste was enough to win us over. A must-try if you are visiting Cha Thai!

Thinking of visiting Cha Thai one day?

You can visit the restaurant at its address below. Feel free to check them out on their Official Website, Facebook Page and Instagram too. Enjoy!

Cha Thai

80 Telok Ayer Street
#01-01, Singapore 048466

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

Over the weekend, YX and I were among the 9,000+ people to take part in the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2016.

Photo credits to YX.

It was my second year participating in the run as Yellow Ribbon Project's Social Media Advocate and I was thankful that I could bring along YX as a plus one. Thank you for waking up at an unearthly hour to join me in this run!

I was also grateful that the weather was relatively good so I could at least run without wearing an N95 mask, unlike last year.

So there we were at SAF Field (Changi Village) awaiting for flag-off. I know it isn't clear from the picture but there was actually a mock-up prison gate at the starting line.

Guest of Honour, Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Law K Shanmugam was invited to flag off the 10KM run by unlocking the prison gate, thereby symbolizing the unlocking of the second prison for ex-offenders.

Prior to the flag-off, we were led through a warm-up by extremely energetic True Fitness Aerobics Instructors.

They were very effective in getting our energy up so early in the morning.

At the sound of the horn, we commenced our run.

This year, we had 13 teams of ex-offenders joining in the 5KM category as part of the 'Run for Second Chances Movement'. These ex-offenders ran alongside individuals who had played a significant part in their rehabilitation journey. Some of these notable individuals include family members, employers, community advocates and even prison officers.

Personally, I felt that this was a very meaningful initiative. By running alongside the ex-offenders, you demonstrate your willingness to persevere with them and guide them towards their goal of successful reintegration. I hope that the ex-offenders will feel motivated and inspired after taking part in this movement. :)

One thing I really enjoyed about the run was having the opportunity to check out places that I normally wouldn't get to explore on my own.

During the run, I ran past historical sights such as the Johore Battery, the Tanah Merah Prison and the Changi Women's Prison. Many of them were secluded buildings protected by fencing and barbed wires. To be honest, these old buildings could look quite eerie on a usual day or even at night so I was glad to check them out while being surrounded by many people.

Along the way, we were greeted by enthusiastic students who were there to provide moral support with encouraging claps and excited cheers.

How sweet of them! I wished I was a student again.

One time, we ran past a volunteer who gave each runner a star on the arm. YX sweated so much that his star got rubbed off in the end.

The weather became unbearably hot in the midst of the run so when the Cool Zone appeared before our eyes, we charged towards it.

We simply couldn't wait to get our faces blasted with cool air.

My most exciting moment came when we were nearing the iconic Changi Prison Wall. The Prison Wall opens exclusively once a year and it's one of the highlights of the run. Thus, it's no surprise to see the simultaneous selfie-ing going on in the picture above.

Oh yes, the sight of the Changi Prison Wall also signalled the end of the race so YAY!!

Photo credits to YX.

For memories' sake, we decided to take a photo with the Old Changi Prison Wall. I love this picture!

After the run, we headed to the race village held within the Changi Prison Complex to collect our goodie bags and finisher medals.

We also visited the Rehabilitation Fair and got to experience the incarceration regime through several activities.

During the incarceration phase, an inmate would go through vocational training provided by Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE) to be equipped with relevant job skills in food preparation, laundry and logistics.

In one of the more memorable activities involving laundry training, we learnt how to fold shirts in the quickest way possible. YX had a go with it and did a fantastic job!

We also got to pen down notes of encouragement to the ex-offenders. :)

These kuehs were specially prepared by the inmates under SCORE's vocational training and they tasted pretty good.

I preferred their chocolate chip cookies though. I brought one home for my nephew and niece and they loved it!

Upon completion of the activities, we got to redeem a cup of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream each as a treat.

YX was overjoyed because Ben and Jerry's is his favourite and he finally got to eat it!

Photo credits to YX.

Happy to complete our 2nd run together and receive another finisher medal to add to my collection!

Do you support second chances too?

Show your support by joining the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run next year and be prepared for an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Thank you Yellow Ribbon Project for having me once again. I'm proud to be your Social Media Advocate! :)

For more information, you can follow the Yellow Ribbon Project on their various social media platforms, namely their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Disclaimer: Event feature is based on personal experiences.
Good day, people!

Have you tried indoor cycling, aka spinning classes before?

Yesterday was my first time trying indoor cycling with 7Cycle at their Pop-Up at AXA Tower. Despite it being challenging and strenuous, it was also an interesting experience and I'm eager to share my experience with all of you.

7Cycle studio is located at Anamalai Avenue which is a 5 minute walk from Sixth Avenue MRT Station (Downtown Line).

If you prefer a more central location, 7Cycle has a Pop-Up at AXA Tower from now till 28 October 16 which is near Tanjong Pagar MRT Station.

When you step into the pop-up studio, you will see around 4 rows of workout bikes. As this is only a temporary site, the types of facilities available would differ from the main studio's facilities.

For example, if you visit the main studio, they have LED facilities that would glow in the dark to give the studio a disco party vibe. Unfortunately, this LED effect is not replicated in the pop-up studio but the staff would minimally dim the lighting during your workout. Loud pop music would also be played during class to get your energy up so that you would be ready to go all out in your workout.

There are 4 kinds of workouts available at the pop-up, namely:

1. 7Cycle Signature - An all-terrain ride with different intensities and ride positions for the recreational indoor cyclist

2. 7Cycle Road - A competitive ride with time trials, hill climbs and continuous threshold flats for the performance inspired indoor cyclist. Suitable for cyclists who are looking to up their challenge by a notch.

3. 7Cycle Bootcamp - A 45 minute class where you move between intensive biking to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) conditioning exercises.

4. 7Cycle Bootcamp: Core + Strength - Similar to 7Cycle Bootcamp but with an addition of high energy, fat-burning core training.

For 7Cycle Signature and 7Cycle Road, you'll be provided with cleated shoes so that you can lock your shoes to the bike pedals and cycle away. For the bootcamp series where you are expected to go on and off the bike, you'll have to wear your own pair of sport shoes.

I registered for the 7Cycle Bootcamp and learnt that part of the bootcamp involved doing functional and bodyweight training so I knew that I would be working out with these dog bone weights.

And not to forget kettlebells which are good weights to use when doing shoulder press and squats.

I was early so I explored the pop-up and noticed that the place sells healthy drinks and light snacks for hydrating yourself and fueling your body with energy.

Was particularly excited when I spotted 2 drinks that I like - Coconut Water and Bonsoy from Nature's Glory.

In terms of attire, one can simply turn up for class in a comfortable T-shirt or tank top matched with shorts or tights. 7Cycle has fitness apparel for sale too.

If you will like to shower after your workout at the pop-up, a shower pass costs $8 and you will be provided with a tote bag containing a bath towel and travel-size shower products.

Speaking of shower products, 7Cycle has an entire range from Wild for sale as well.

All right, time for my bootcamp.

I saw that a face towel and a light stick were provided on my bike. The face towel was extremely useful because I was sweating like a mad dog during my workout. Sad to say, the light stick didn't work though.

I brought along my water bottle and made sure to drink up while working out.

Instructor Veronica taught us how to use the bikes. We basically had to adjust the resistance of the bikes to make the cycling more difficult.

A bootcamp combines a cycling component and a circuit training segment where you have stations to rotate to for different workouts. 6 of us were split into 2 groups - 1 group to start with cycling while the other group to start at circuit training.

For the cycling component, we were asked to cycle with increasing speed. Although I generally love to cycle, indoor cycling was very cardio-intensive and way more draining than outdoor recreational cycling, especially when you had to pedal hard and fast against a resistance level. Those short bursts of energy were suffice to make me feel breathless. Who knew cycling on a stationary bike could be so exhausting?

I actually prefer the circuit training and I was glad I chose to do a Bootcamp instead of 7Cycle Signature or 7Cycle Road because I prefer more variety in my workouts.

We had to rotate around 6 stations and engage in a number of high-intensity exercises within a short timing. We did high knees, shoulder press, burpees, tricep dips, squats and lastly, rear delt flys. That's me trying to concentrate on my tricep dips which you can do with either straight or bent legs.

Both groups basically rotated from cycling to circuit training FOUR times. This means we did 4 sets of cycling and 4 sets of circuit training in total. 1 set might not be much of a kick but by the time you reach 4 sets, you'll pretty much look like you showered in your sweat.

Despite it being challenging, I was still glad I went through this because no pain, no gain and I officially satisfied my curiosity for indoor cycling. Thank you Michelle and 7Active for having me! :)

Are you up for a challenge and want to try a 7Cycle class at the pop-up too?

Prices for their classes are as follows and you can contact them at hello@7group.sg to book a class.

Single Class - $35
5 Classes - $160
10 Classes - $300

For more information on 7Cycle, feel free to check out their Official Website, Facebook Page and Instagram.

Pop-Up Studio
8 Shenton Way, AXA Tower
#01-22, Singapore 068811

Main Studio
19 Anamalai Avenue
#01-01, Singapore 279987

Disclaimer: Review is based on personal experiences.



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