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Hey people!

I'm Tracy Wong, more commonly known as 'Dainty Diva' in the blogosphere. I'm a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger and I aim to inspire readers to live life actively with a sense of adventure.


I love to write and I cover multiple topics in this little space of mine. You can click on my blogging portfolio below to find out more. Happy reading!

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Event: Launch of USANA MySmartShake

Happy weekend, my friends!

All this while, I've always thought of protein shakes as the drink to consume if you want to build muscles and bulk up into a hunkman. Perhaps this association came about because I only see muscular bodybuilders and male gym-goers drinking it.

In recent years, I noticed that my female fitness friends and fellow pole dancers were drinking protein shakes after classes and I started to wonder whether such drinks will also be suitable for someone like me.

Last week, I got to learn and clarify my doubts about protein shakes from Mr Kenny Tan, Regional Senior Nutritionist from USANA Health Sciences during the Launch of MySmartShake.

MySmartShake is a customisable protein shake that is gluten-free and has low glycemic load. It can be taken not only for maintaining healthy muscle mass but also for rebalancing your diet as well as weight management. Apparently, this shake has been enjoyed by some athletes from Women's Tennis Association (WTA). Although many of us aren't athletes and may not care about bulking up, we can still lose weight or maintain a healthy diet by customising the protein shake to suit our needs.

Photo credits to USANA Health Sciences.

Our current Singaporean diet of hawker food and coffeeshop fare involves loads of processed carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. Although I have to admit that the food's awesome, we aren't doing our body much of a service actually.

MySmartShake comes with complete proteins; significantly lower levels of simple carbohydrates; no refined sugar and the use of coconut oil as healthy, saturated fat. All you have to do is to make your protein shake with the help of a shaker bottle. It's convenient and can be done in 3 simple steps:

1. Choose a Protein Base

USANA has a choice between Whey Protein Shake ($65) and Soy Protein Shake ($65). While Whey Protein Shake is animal-based, Soy Protein Shake is plant-based and is suitable for vegetarians.

2 scoops of protein base are all you'll need. Mix it thoroughly with 10 to 12 ounces of cold water.

2. Choose a Flavour Optimiser ($10 for a packet of 7 sticks)

Flavour Optimisers are great in enhancing the taste of plain protein shakes (actually they tasted like vanilla by itself but some people might still not fancy it) and best of all, they are less than 40 calories and come in natural flavours.

Besides Dark Chocolate and Banana that you see above, they also have Cappuccino (for you, coffee addicts) and Orange Creme. Sounds yummy already!

Photo credits to USANA Health Sciences.

3. Add a booster into your shake

USANA also provides a choice between Fibergy Plus Booster ($46) and Protein Plus Whey Booster ($35).

Fibergy Plus Booster supports body detoxification by eliminating waste and toxins. Protein Plus Whey Booster are more suitable for the fitness junkies who want to maintain muscle mass. To rebalance your diet using Fibergy Plus, simply add in 1 tablespoon of Booster. If you're looking to maintain muscle, 2 tablespoons of Protein Plus will be ideal.

Besides boosters, you can also blend in or top up your shake with some fruits and vegetables to make it tastier and more aesthetically appealing.

After learning about the various USANA products, it's time to put our knowledge into practice by creating our own protein shakes.

Together with my fellow team mates in Team C, we had to create 2 shakes, one of which had to be vitamin-rich while the other had to instagrammable. We decided to create our Instagramable shake by selecting the blueberries, raspberries and kiwifruits above.

Getting ready to blend the fruits!

We made sure to have more blueberries than raspberries so that our shake wouldn't be too sour. Besides the fruits, we also added water, ice and 2 scoops of protein powder.

Our lovely purple shake of healthy goodness! Doesn't this look appetizing?

Because we needed this shake to be, you know, instagrammable, some decorating had to be done so we topped up our shake with more raspberries, blueberries and chia seeds to create this masterpiece. I was so impressed by the talent and creativity of my team members.

Not only did it looked totally instagram-worthy; it also seemed like it might fetch a fine price if we sell it. HA HA!

Our next shake had to be vitamin-rich so we decided to make it veggie-based with the selected vegetables, pineapples, strawberries and bananas.

On top of the fruits, ice, water and protein powder, we also threw in a packet of banana flavouring.

At this point, I couldn't tell what the colour and taste would turn out to be.

TADAH! Our Vitamin-rich shake which turned out to be green. Although it wasn't part of the requirements, we made efforts to decorate it with sliced pieces of banana and a pineapple.

Our shake might not look as pretty as our Instagrammable shake in terms of colour and presentation but we actually preferred its taste. You might misjudge it as some bitter vegetable drink but it actually had a light and mildly sweet taste to it. Yums!

In our eagerness to win the challenge, we went all Picasso and attempted to make our creations look like some display in a museum.

Nice right? There were so many people coming by our table just to take a photo of our shakes.

Photo credits to Shaun.

We didn't win the challenge eventually because our shakes were quite thick in consistency and we were told that we should have added more water.

But that said, I'm still proud of Team C for working together to create 2 beautiful shakes in a short period of time. Well done, everyone and congratulations Team A for winning the challenge!

I guess I'll be making myself a protein shake as a meal replacement as well as to rebalance my diet after my pole classes or fitness activities. In fact, I shall also experiment around to make protein shakes for my loved ones. I'm not sure whether they would be keen on that but with some forcing, they won't have much of a choice. :D

Gonna go create MySmartShake after this blog entry so goodbye for now!

If you're interested to find out more about USANA MySmartShake, feel free to check out their Official Website, Facebook and/or Instagram.

Disclaimer: Event feature is based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

Last year, I took part in my first Mizuno Ekiden race, runnng approximately 10.5km as the last runner for Team BlogFrenz under the sweltering heat.

Although it was a novel experience, it was also extremely exhausting and in my review, I wrote that the race wasn't for the faint-hearted.

This year, I returned to Mizuno Ekiden 2016 with another team of 4, Team MESUGOI and we participated in the 21.1km group race.

This time, each of us were required to run an estimated distance of 5.3km, which in my opinion was more manageable than my race last year.

Although I stand by my words that the race STILL wasn't for the faint-hearted; it seemed that Singaporeans were game for challenges because there was a tremendous increase in the number of runners this year.

Specifically, there were more than 4,000 runners for Mizuno Ekiden 2016, doubling the number of runners in 2015. No wonder the race village was swarming with people.

Photo credits to Jessie.

Mizuno Ekiden 2016 was held at The Promontory @ Marina Bay and I was so pleased that my team members were there to accompany me before I race off as the first runner (which I volunteered, by the way. I refuse to be last runner anymore!).

Here's a picture of us looking fresh-faced before we turned into the walking dead after the race.

The starting line was the same as the finishing line so there I was facing the 'finish' sign while waiting to start my race. Everyone around me looked so geared up and ready to run.

I also felt important wearing my team sash, which I knew will be drenched in my sweat before I pass it to the second runner. #perksofafirstrunner #sorryteam

How interesting it was to be flagged off to the sound of taiko drumming!

I missed this last year when I was the last runner so I guessed this was another #perksofafirstrunner?

Running 5.3km might still be no joke but at least, it wasn't as craazzzyyy as my 10.5km run.

The pressure was there, particularly when everyone around seemed to be exceptionally fast and it didn't help that my sash kept dropping off my shoulders + my ponytail kept coming loose during my run.

I jogged a bit; walked a lot and also sprinted occasionally out of guilt and eventually came back with the same timing that I usually get for all my races. How strange. Instead of running straight to the finishing line, all first runners had to run into the transition pen to pass their sweaty sash to the second runner.

I ran into the transition pen all red-faced with my hair loose, looking pretty much like a mad woman. How sexy.

Rewarded with a bottle of water and a bottle of isotonic electrolyte drink.

I gulped both bottles down like some beast because I was SO thirsty. That's what will happen when you do not bother to stop by the hydration points for a water break during your run.

O lookey, a giant Mizuno shoe in the midst of the race village!

While waiting for my team members to finish running, I walked around the race village to check out the Japanese food and the games.

The food was a tad pricey so I didn't try any. Nonetheless, I was pretty intrigued by the Japanese games that seemed fun enough to attract both the kids and the adults.

Photo credits to Jessie.

Our last runner was Jessie's boyfriend, Kelvin and he collected our finisher medals for us once he reached the finishing line.

We were so happy to receive our hard-earned medals. Cheers to us!

Isn't it cool that when we piece our individual medals together, they merge like a puzzle to form a complete circle?

Like the race medal, it takes our combined efforts and teamwork to complete a 21.1km race. Despite how tiring it was, I think we've done an excellent job together so well done, team!

I guessed I'll be doing a Mizuno Ekiden race again next year and this time, I'm hogging the first runner spot! If you're up for a challenge, do join me next year! :)

Disclaimer: Race review is based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

Last week, I spent my TGIF at a cosy food tasting session at Barashi-Tei where I got to try dish after dish of Japanese foodfare.

There was SOOOO much food that I was glad we were sharing the dishes among 9 bloggers. I didn't think any of us would be able to finish such a huge amount of food.

Barashi-Tei is a Japanese eatery owned by Mr Wang Zhenfeng and it is located at Elias Building, right behind Peace Centre.

It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to walk to the eatery from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.

The eatery was a rather small one and seats were largely filled when we were there for our dinner tasting (thank goodness our seats were reserved).

Besides tables for groups, the eatery also has a counter where guests can sit by themselves to enjoy a solo meal.

Started our tasting with a refreshing glass of homemade Yuzu Drink ($3.80) that came with adorable stirrers.

Some of my blogger friends wanted something warm to drink and opted for Genmaicha ($1.20) instead.

We tried 2 salads - the Sashimi Salad ($13.80) and the Avocado Salmon Salad ($13.80).

My preference was the latter salad (as pictured above) because I loved the combination of salmon with avocado. It added more variety and flavour to the dish.

We also shared this bowl of Bara Chirashi ($13.80) that came with bite-sized pieces of salmon, maguro and tamago as well as a generous helping of roe.

Not only was the presentation appealing; the taste was also OISHII!

When it comes to sushi, Yaki Tamago ($5) is one of my favourite ingredients so when I was served an entire plate of them, my eyes totally lit up.

Of course, this dish was meant for sharing and I ain't greedy so I only stopped at one.

From its name, Spicy Salmon Maki ($12.80) might sound like something I should avoid since I can't take spice but interestingly, it wasn't THAT spicy.

Besides, it was tasty and flavourful too.

Rice Paper Ebi Maki ($10.80) was new considering that I haven't eaten anything remotely Japanese-Vietnamese fusion but I'd have to say that the taste wasn't as... impactful (for lack of a better word) as the Spicy Salmon Maki.

If you're a prawn lover, the Kuruma Ebi ($7.80), as shown in the picture above, would sit very well with your tastebuds because this dish was absolutely delicious!

A related dish would be the Wasabi Ebi ($7.80) which was basically prawns lovingly drizzled with wasabi sauce. I usually cannot stand wasabi but this particular wasabi sauce was still tolerable and not too overpowering.

I only ate 1 piece of Smoked Duck Kushi ($2.60) and wished I had more.

Evidently another dish that sits on my favourite list. Come on - who could resist such succulent pieces of duck meat?

One of my more memorable dishes was the Ika Teriyaki ($13.80) which was just bizarre because I'm not usually a squid person.

I wasn't quite sure whether it was the squid that I liked or the yummy teriyaki sauce that was used but the combination was FANTASTIC. I even turned to blogger friend Pearly to acknowledge that this was a great dish before going for second helpings.

Sirloin Steak Foie Gras ($19.80) was so-so in terms of taste and I kinda expected more from a dish that had an atas sounding name and a price that was on the higher side.

Maybe it's just me.

I was glad that a soup dish was served because I generally adore soups, particularly those that come with a heck lot of ingredients.

Gindara Nabe ($24) was this healthy pot of mackerel, mushrooms, veggies and tofu immersed in fragrant soup. Not only was it amazing in taste; it made me happy to know that I was feeding my body with nutritious goodness.

Because there was always room for dessert, we finished off with Pudding of the Day ($3.80).

This little cup of orange pudding was light, mildly sweet and came with a heavenly smooth consistency, making it a delectable end to our tasting session. :)

In sum, the food was great and we sincerely thank Christina and Barashi-Tei for hosting us.

If you're interested to visit Barashi-Tei and indulge in some affordable Japanese foodfare, you can visit them at their address below.

Be sure to also follow them on their Facebook Page or Instagram!


266 Middle Road
Singapore 188991

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Happy Sunday, people!

I hope your weekend has been fruitful. :)

Recently, I was invited to the pre-show/full dress rehearsal of Broadway Beng 10th Anniversary Concert @ Capitol Theatre thanks to InstaSG and Dream Academy SG.

My first time stepping into the historic Capitol Theatre!

For those who do not know who or what's Broadway Beng, it's the stage name of Singaporean Comedian, Sebastian Tan.

I first knew about Broadway Beng when I was watching a concert in the park years ago and he was one of the performers. Man... he was clearly the most memorable performer of the night and the audience, whether kids or the elderly, loved him.

Broadway Beng strives to impress his audience with soaring vocals of melodious, well-known tunes in his musical show just as a Broadway performer does.

The only difference is that this Beng's show will also be peppered with Hokkien jokes, loose Chinese translations, Singlish and hilarious, theatrical antics that will bring the audience loads of laughter.

Broadway Beng, being a popular and 'hamsum' Ah Beng, has his way with the ladies.

Introducing his dancers, also known as his 'CHIO BUUS' (i.e. gorgeous ladies), performed by Chriz Tong, Frances Lee and Munah Bagharib.

They squeal and giggle in excitement all the time when they are near Broadway Beng.

Have you watched the movie or the musical, Les Miserables?

If you haven't, Broadway Beng and his Chio Buus will bring you through the story of Les Miserables in 10 minutes.

This was perhaps my most favourite segment where I got to listen to some of my favourite Les Miserables songs but in a superbly comical way.

I mean, just look at Broadway Beng trying to impersonate the heroic Jean Valjean who rarely smiles and has endured years of hardship. We really can't take him seriously, can we? HA HA HA!

Totally cracked up when the cast was singing so passionately to 'Do You Hear the People Sing' while waving brightly coloured underwear instead of a flag.

Was also very amused by the cast's flamboyant costumes that reminded me of a Getai performance.

In sum, I was very entertained in this concert and I loved how Broadway Beng brings together the best of both worlds - a spectacular theatre performance inspired by the Broadway shows from the West coupled with local humour from the East that we Singaporeans were so familar with.

Broadway Beng 10th Anniversary Concert will be showing from 14 July to 31 July 16 and ticket prices start from $48. If you're interested to catch this concert, you can get your tickets from SISTIC. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences. Please also note that photo-taking was only allowed for invited instagrammers during full dress rehearsal. Photography and videography are not allowed for actual shows.


Hey people!

Although I've visited a small part of Punggol thanks (or no thanks) to work, I haven't exactly explored this waterfront town fully.

Thus, when the weekends came along, YX and I decided to feed our stomachs with some brunch at a cafe in Punggol followed by some cycling at Punggol Waterway. Food + Outdoors? I'm game!

YX was curious to try Whisk & Paddle so we headed for this cosy cafe situated at 10 Tebing Lane which serves all-day breakfast.

Our indulgence - Waffles with French Butter and Maple Syrup, Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and a Juice Blend.

We didn't know that the Eggs Benedict dish will come with waffles too so essentially we were having a waffle-rich brunch. Luckily, they tasted great.

Someone was hungry and couldn't wait to dig in. :)

After our hearty and fulfilling meal, we went on to burn some calories by cycling and exploring Punggol Waterway.

The dome-shaped bridge is the Jewel Bridge which is inspired by a jewel atop a ring. The bridge also looks out to the Western end of Punggol Waterway.

YX looking all
阳光男孩 (Sunshine Boy).

And me TRYING to look all
阳光 (Sunshine Girl).

So happy to rent a bike that fits my height perfectly and even matches my shoes. It's as though this bike is customized for me. :D

I've seen these wall art on other people's Instagram photos so when we passed by, I excitedly hopped off my bike and announced that we must take creative photos with the wall art.

YX spontaneously played along with the phototaking. So fun!

There's the Punggol Walk Bridge where the shape of the bridge supposedly represents a 'crab net'.

It brings us back to the yester years when Punggol was a seaside village and was known for crab fishing.

The Adventure Bridge which looks like a wooden suspension bridge amidst a park but nooo... the bridge is actually made of hardy steel.

Certainly a bridge that brings out the outdoor explorer in me.

Feeling close to the water while cycling along the weaving boardwalk of the Watersports Promenade.

There will be water activities such as kayaking and canoeing taking place at the Promenade in the future!

The highlight and my favourite bridge out of all is the Sunrise Bridge which offers an amazing view of the Punggol Waterway and Serangoon Reservoir.

The weaving boardwalk along the waters gives this view a rustic and tranquil feel. I absolutely love it!

YX said the view from here was nice too so yeah, a mandatory shot was taken. HA HA.

On our way back, I casually mentioned that the Jewel Bridge was popular among couples and I've even seen some people taking wedding photoshoots there.

So YX decided that we have to drop by the Jewel Bridge to take a photo together so tadah, there we go.

Ending off with my favourite wefie of us! We took so many but this was one of the few decent ones. HA HA. I'm joking really but at least our eyes were finally looking at the same direction in this photo.

Looking forward to more crazy fun with this guy!

Thank you for being the person that you are - adventurous, funny and spontaneous. :)


Hey people!

Thanks to Asian Food Channel, I had the opportunity to meet Canadian celebrity chef, Anna Olson as well as to learn how to prepare interesting Southeast Asian-inspired dishes from her. What an honour!

Admittedly, I was feeling a frenzy of nerves and excitement because on one hand, I couldn't wait to hone my culinary skills but on the other hand, I was also worried that I would embarass myself or make a mess out of my cooking.

Photo credits to Asian Food Channel

Anna Olson was in Singapore for a promotional tour for her new show, Inspired with Anna Olson. After Singapore, she would be moving on to Ho Chi Minh City, Manila and Kuala Lumpur to meet the fans from the region.

Inspired with Anna Olson has a total of 10 episodes and will showcase the culinary icon's journey in experimenting with Southeast Asia's foodfare as well as her inspired dishes gathered from her travels. This show will premiere on 29 July 16, Friday at 9pm on Asian Food Channel, StarHub TV Channel 435.

There we were at CulinaryOn @ One Raffles Place for our masterclass.

Looking all prepped with our aprons and ready to start cooking!

The first dish that we learnt from Anna was to make Steamed Carrot Cake.

Anna gathered her inspiration for carrot cake from Singapore's local hawker centres. This led her to create a carrot cake that was closer to the dessert that she grew up with while also infusing a steaming technique within her creation.

We went on to try our hands at mixing sliced carrots, honey, dark brown sugar and eggs to create Anna's version of carrot cake.

Don't forget to steam the carrot cake!

After steaming, you could actually consume the carrot cake directly but I would recommend topping it up with a scoop of ice-cream.

It would taste much better and also significantly improve its physical appearances, particularly when it looked a tad sad and gooey on its own.

Next dish was Beef Carpaccio which was inspired from Vietnamese Beef Pho.

If you ask me, this dish was more like a cold dish/appetizer. There were two parts to its preparation - one was to create a hoisin sauce for drizzling over the beef and the other was to plate beef slices and decorate them with other ingredients as creatively as possible.

While 2 of my team members were creating the hoisin sauce, I worked with another team member to cut the beef and pound them with a mallet.

It was pretty fun pounding the beef actually. Would work better if you were in a pissed off mood. :)

My cooking partner who worked closely with me to arrange the beef slices and garnish the dish to its most presentable state.

I think we did a marvellous job as a team and the hoisin sauce really elevated the taste tremendously.

Just look at all the ingredients that would otherwise be found within a warm bowl of Vietnamese Pho. It's amazing how something so Southeast Asian could turn into a nice Western dish that looked suitable for some fancy fine dining.

The next dish, which was also my favourite dish in this class, was the Malaysian-Inspired Shrimp and Coconut Risotto.

I love Risotto in general so I was excited to learn how to prepare this in hope that I can cook for myself in the future if I have the cravings.

What a rare picture of me cooking and looking all domesticated! Please take a moment to register this image of me.

I must say that this dish needed a lot of patience because you would need to stir continuously while adding chicken stock bit by bit. It wasn't the most healthy too considering the amount of coconut milk that was added to this dish.

Nonetheless, I decided to heck it because it was so fragrant and I was starving (really came to this class with an empty stomach) so after taking this photo, I wolved the dish down.

Eat first, appreciate later.

Remember the Steamed Carrot Cake mentioned above that looked a tad sad without its partner?

We witnessed the preparation of Ube-Inspired Sweet Potato Ice Cream and it was an eye-opener.

After pureeing sweet potato and mixing with coconut milk, cream, sugar, corn syrup, milk powder and vanilla, the mixture was transferred to an ice cream maker.

After adding dry ice, I was super impressed to watch sweet potato turn into yummilicious ice cream.

Doesn't the Steamed Carrot Cake look much better with this Sweet Potato Ice Cream?

The ice cream had a unique + memorable taste and I really liked it. :D

Photo credits to Asian Food Channel

Ending off with one of my favourite photos taken at this event.

In sum, I really enjoyed myself during this insightful cooking session and was glad that I didn't screw things up with my terrible cooking skills.

Thank you Anna Olson for teaching and Asian Food Channel for having us!

If you're curious about Inspired with Anna Olson, Asian Food Channel will stream 'live' the pilot episode on its Official Website. Feel free to check it out!

Disclaimer: Event feature is based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

It appears that bouncing is the in-thing in the fitness realm lately, especially with the opening of more trampoline parks in Singapore.

The latest trampoline park to open was BOUNCE Singapore at Cineleisure. From the looks of it, it seems pretty popular, especially among adventurous fitness junkies.

In June, there was the opening of a rebounding fitness studio, based on the concept of bouncing on a trampoline as fitness. This studio is called
BBounce Studio which is located at Level 6 of Orchard Centrepoint.

I got to know about this studio from
Snoopy Run 2016 when I saw a voucher on it in my race pack. I was allowed to redeem for a complimentary rebounding session using the voucher but the slots ran out so quickly that I only managed to secure a slot in July.

The class that I signed up for yesterday was their signature class called
Hybrid Rebounding which involved a combination of workouts such as a 30 minute trampoline exercise, cardio and core workout as well as weights training. I supposed some classes might involve matwork as well.

There are 5 types of classes in the studio and they are namely:

1. BBounce Lite - Beginners
2. BBounce Max - Advanced
3. Hybrid Rebounding
4. BBounce Flex
5. BBounce Core

BBounce Flex and BBounce Core differ in terms of the types of exercises used. The former will involve more weights training while the latter focuses more on working the abs.

There aren't any lockers in the studio (
or at least I didn't see any) but storage boxes were provided for students to dump their bags at the corner of the studio.

Ta-dah! That's how a rebounding studio looks like - a room full of trampolines.

We each got to bounce on a trampoline and I have to admit that aside from being extremely WHEEHEE! fun, it wasn't as easy as it looked.

In fact, it was quite a challenge to coordinate bouncing with all the aerobic exercises that we were asked to do. I also had to be careful not to be too enthusiastic and bounce off the trampoline. 30 minutes on a trampoline was a test of my stamina because when you had to continuously bounce while punching the air, you get super breathless by the end of your workout.

In the next half of the session, we had to continue our trampoline bouncing with an added challenge - holding weights.

Not only did we had to keep the stamina going, we had to work our arm and core muscles simultaneously as well. Sounds strenuous? I'd say 'No Pain, No Gain'. No one said fitness is gonna be easy. In fact, if it's exhausting and your muscles are aching, it's a good sign.

Interested to try a class?

1 class costs $35 while a 10 class package costs $280 with a 3 month validity. They also have unlimited class packages starting from $180 for 1 month.

For more information on BBounce Studio's classes and rates, you can check out its
Official Website or Facebook Page.

BBounce Studio

176 Orchard Road, #06-09
Singapore 238843

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Palawan Beach Picnic & Fun

Happy TGIF, my friends!

This week is an awesome week because we had a Hari Raya public holiday to chase away the mid-week blues. And before you know it, it's the weekend again. OH YES!!! Can I have more weeks like these?

So how did you spend your Hari Raya public holiday?

YX and I went for a picnic at Palawan Beach @ Sentosa.

It was actually crazily crowded at Sentosa and we almost couldn't get on the Sentosa Express (had to wait 45 minutes, urg!).

Lady Luck was on our side when we decided to walk to Imbiah Station to try our luck. There was no queue so we boarded the Sentosa Express from there instead to head on to Beach Station.

We were glad to find a spot on Palawan Beach that was far away from the crowd, not too scorching hot and with a nice, chillaxing view.

That's YX checking out girls behind his sunnies. I'm kidding. :D

Our picnic on a picnic mat which was only big enough for our food. I'm sorry. I should have brought along a bigger one.

Between both of us, YX is a better cook (or should I say, the only one who can cook?) and he took the efforts to prepare chicken salad with spanish devil eggs for dinner. It was delicious so thank you so much!

We also love the tortilla chips with guacomole dip. Yums!

After our mini picnic dinner, we went to explore the suspension bridge along Palawan Beach.

Super wobbly but SO. FUN.

And because everyone who crosses the suspension bridge will somehow stop midway for a personal photo, I needed to do the same too so tadah!

Love this photo, by the way!

Reached the other side of the Palawan Beach and climbed the tower to watch the sunset.

Have to give credit to YX for taking such a great photo of the scenery before us. :)

Enjoying the peaceful view from the top.

When night fell, we strolled along the beach and spotted an odd looking tree that seemed a tad out of place but also appeared interesting enough for a photo opportunity.

Disclaimer: You may take a photo with it but at your own risk, please. Just be careful not to fall into the water.

Our final photos on the beach involve us attempting to touch the underside of the suspension bridge for photos' sake.

This photo was taken after a number of tries because with my height, I simply couldn't reach the bridge without tiptoeing to my fullest. #ThankGodImADancer

The weekend is here and I'll be filling it with fun activities again. Will be back to feature them on my blog soon so stay tuned and thank you for reading this short and personal update.

Enjoy your weekend to the fullest!


Happy Hari Raya to my Muslim Friends!

I hope everyone's enjoying their public holiday. :)

Last month, I did a shoutout on Popular Online Store's fantastic Great Singapore Sale (GSS) deals.

Now that the online promotion is over, I hope you've gotten yourself some great book lobangs because I sure did. I'm gonna be sharing about my book haul in this entry and I'm mega excited because it's been hell of a long time since I wrote about a haul.

Absolutely stoked to receive my bubble wrap package. I love the smell of new books! Does anyone feel the same sense of thrill when they breathe in the scent of new books? :D

Thanks to the awesome discounts, I managed to purchase 4 books for under $50 and enjoyed a saving of nearly $20. Who doesn't love a good bargain?

Shopping on Popular Online Store is simple but first, you'll need to create an account.

After which, you can choose from a variety of books to add to your cart. Obviously, I went for the Promotions or the Bargain Corner tab.

I chose approximately 4 books before checking out.

I remembered having a difficult time choosing because there were so many books that I wanted to read!

Checking out will lead you to a page where your personal particulars such as your mailing address, credit card details, promo code/voucher details are required.

Simply key in the necessary information and your payment details will be reflected in Section 9. Shipping and delivery charges will add further costs but if you want to save on that, you can choose to collect from any Popular store instead. It took around 1.5 weeks for my order to be ready for collection.

And these are my picks for under $50! I love them all.

You might be wondering why I chose the above books and even a random children's book so let me explain in a bit.

Finding Dory Story and Colouring Book ($3.34)

This was actually bought for my 5 year old niece's upcoming birthday. She recently watched Finding Dory and loved it!

Since there was a promotion for Finding Dory books and a chance to win a lucky draw, why not?

She's also at the age where she loves to colour so this works as a great gift actually. Besides, it also serves as storybook to teach her how to read while she colours so kudos to that!

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff OMNIBUS by Richard Carlson ($18.17)

This book was recommended by one of my favourite youtube gurus, Bubzbeauty (i.e. Lindy Tsang) and for a book that has over 20 million copies sold worldwide, it has to be something.

The book is also an Omnibus because it's actually 3 books in one so if you look at it from a 'very Auntie point of view', it's a steal!

The 3 books are namely the bestseller 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and it's all Small Stuff', 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff at Work' and 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff about Money' - all of which I find extremely useful to my life. So glad I got my hands on this book!

The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom ($13.64)

Had to get this because it's a book that people kept recommending me to read after I was done with 'Tuesdays with Morrie' and 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven'.

Besides, it's a bestseller and I don't say no to bestsellers.

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne ($13.83)

The book that I actually wanted to read was The Secret, another best-selling self-help book which I've heard so much about. I was so curious to know what's The Secret so I went to google and was marveled by the theories behind it.

Alas, The Magic was the only book that was heavily discounted in The Secret Series so I went for it. Looks promising though so I'll read this and see how life-changing it is for me. HA HA!

If you're interested, do check out Popular Online Store to hunt for great book deals!

Disclaimer: Comments expressed in this entry are based on personal experiences. Prices reflected are also discounted prices.



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