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Hey people!

I'm Tracy Wong, more commonly known as 'Dainty Diva' in the blogosphere. I'm a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger and I aim to inspire readers to live life like an adventure.


I love to write and I cover multiple topics in this little space of mine. You can click on my blogging portfolio below to find out more. Happy reading!

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Hey people!

Whether you're a student or a working adult, we all have those days when we have to eat instant noodles no matter how unhealthy it is because we simply have no time to cook.

When I just started my first job years back, I was overtiming at work till 8.30pm on a nearly daily basis. I lived far away from my workplace and there were no convenient eateries nearby and at that hour so... instant noodles it is! By the time I got home, I was famished; I needed to satisfy my hunger badly and I was too weary to whip up something healthy or fancy for myself. How I wished there was something instantaneous yet healthy that I could indulge in.

A couple of days back, I was at CulinaryOn to learn about Kang Kang Express Meal Kits which are basically healthy and instant noodle meals developed by Tan Seng Kee Foods Pte Ltd (TSK Foods). These Express Meal Kits were developed using a pasteurisation technology, a heating process that helps to get rid of pathogens in products.

Best of all, the Express Meal Kits are also free of preservatives and can be used directly without having to wash it. This is not only convenient; it also saves a lot of time. So for all the busy (or lazy) people out there who need a quick meal without compromising on health, you can now rejoice!

TSK Foods is represented by a cheeky monkey with a heart-shaped face looking all gleeful to indulge in some good food.

There are currently 3 main flavours for the Express Meal Kits and they're all local delights. There's Prawn Mee Soup, Curry Mee and Laksa and they're affordably priced at $2.95 per packet.

Arrived on time to see the team preparing the noodle meals for our sampling. What a feast!

More ingredients for us to add on to our sample portions!

Each packet comes with 1 serving of noodles and fresh paste for you to create a basic meal. Of course, you'll need to top up with other ingredients such as vegetables and meat to complete your meal.

I was seriously impressed by the noodle bowls. Don't they look like what you can get in the local coffeeshops? If you're feeling too lazy to drag your ass to a busy coffeeshop to settle lunch or dinner, just make the meal yourself in the comforts of your kitchen and satisfy your cravings!

Meet the founders and directors of TSK Foods, Mr Raymond Tan and Ms Annie Tan.

The Express Meal Kits can be prepared in 2 ways - 1) Microwaving and 2) Boiling.

The microwaving method is more straightforward. You can simply mix the paste and noodles together in a bowl of warm water and pop it in the microwave.

The food's pretty much set after heating it up in the microwave and can be consumed directly. This method of preparation is very suitable for busy professionals who can only afford a quick bite before rushing for some meeting.

In fact, unlike the traditional noodles that require refrigeration, you can simply store a packet of Kang Kang Express Meal Kit in your office drawer and use it when you need it. You can keep it in room temperature for up to a month while refrigerating will allow it to last for up to 6 months.

The naked bowl with only noodles, paste and some shallots that are already provided within the packet. We call this 'the naked bowl' because if you're a busy professional microwaving your food in the office pantry, you probably wouldn't have the luxury of other ingredients that you can dress up your bowl with.

That's probably the most basic lunch that you have to settle with which I personally feel is kinda sad but at least it's better than having no food and healthier than instant noodles.

This brings me to my preferred method of preparation which is... boiling!

For the boiling method, simply add paste to water while boiling. When the water is boiled, you can throw in your noodles and other ingredients such as prawns, fishballs and whichever that requires cooking.

The cooking process is really fast and your meal can basically be ready in a jiffy.

The dressed up bowl which I really prefer as a meal. Who wants a bowl without ingredients unless you have no choice? This bowl looked amazing by the way.

Time for food sampling!

My favourite Express Meal Kit was actually the Prawn Mee Soup simply because I could already smell the fragrance from afar when it was being cooked. Gosh, it made me so hungry.

I also really love the soft and springy texture of the noodles. Taste-wise, it was even better! I topped up my bowl with more pieces of prawns after that. Mmm... yums!

Laksa tasted authentic and delicious too. Surprisingly, it wasn't as spicy as I expected.

In fact, for spice lovers, you might want to add in more chilli paste on your own and spice it up a notch if the dish isn't shiok enough for your tastebuds.

Who could resist curry? I know I couldn't so I was happy that they also have a packet of Curry Mee for sampling.

I adore the flavour and wished my bowl would come with big chunks of chicken and potatoes so that I could eat to my heart's content.

In sum, it's awesome to know that handy and easy meals like Kang Kang Express Meal Kits are readily available because now, I know where I can stock up on them to tide over the days when I am busy or lazy. I hope TSK Foods comes up with more flavours soon so that we can experiment with preparing many other local dishes. :)

If you're curious to know where you can purchase Kang Kang Express Meal Kits, you can get them at your regular supermarkets like Fairprice and hypermarkets.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Morning folks!

During my busiest and most emo period of the week, I had a parcel delivery.

When I opened it up, it was the latest ASUS Zenfone MAX that was sent to me for review. Even though it wouldn't be mine to keep, it still felt like some birthday surprise and it totally lifted my spirits when I knew that I would have a new toy to play with for the next few weeks.

Now, this isn't the first time I'm reviewing ASUS phones. Previously, I've reviewed the ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser and the ASUS Zenfone Selfie and in general, I have a good impression of ASUS phones.

The ASUS Zenfone MAX comes in a 5.5 inch IPS HD panel and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 that is strong and sturdy enough to resist scratches or damages from phone-dropping. Phone interface is pretty much the same as other Android phones so if you're an Android user, this shouldn't confuse you.

My review set was in the colour Osmium Black and it had this very nice and smooth embossed leather as the back cover, making it look really sleek and stylish. I could totally imagine a phone like this being used in some business meeting. Sure, it may not look as fun and colourful as the ASUS Zenfone Selfie but it does suit the professional image.

Another colour available is Pure White and it comes along with an elegant, eggshell texture. I supposed the ladies would prefer using a pristine white phone while the guys prefer the manly and cool all-black phone.

The ASUS Zenfone MAX is actually known for its powerful 5000mAh lithium polymer battery that has sufficient energy to withstand over a day of 3G talk time and up to 38 days of standby. With such a powerful battery, you would expect it to be bulky as hell but no. It remained as slim as 5.2mm.

Many consumers prefer their phones to be compact and lightweight so that they can store in their back pockets or mini handbags without having to feel the additional weight. Thus, the slight downside of this phone was that it was on the heavier side, weighing 202g. I have small hands so the phone did felt heavy when I held it for a while. I guessed I was too used to my personal phone which was 50g lighter than this.

Besides being able to chit chat all day long on this phone without worrying that the battery would die on you, the ASUS Zenfone MAX also comes with a 13MP PixelMaster camera, super fast laser auto-focus that results in total clarity in 0.03 seconds.

Sounds promising? We shall see about that when I do some test shots over the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned to my next review entry because I'll be going in depth about the features of this phone.

Meanwhile, if you're curious to purchase the ASUS Zenfone MAX already, you can purchase it at ASUS brand stores, ASUS authorised dealers, Singtel and StarHub at a retail price of $249.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Good morning everyone!

When it comes to seafood, I'm sure many seafood lovers have visited Mellben Seafood or Uncle Leong Seafood.

Personally, I've been to Mellben Seafood with my ex-colleagues years ago and was impressed by the wide variety of crabs as well as quality Chinese dishes.

Uncle Leong Seafood is the brother outlet of Mellben Seafood and is located in a humble coffeeshop at Ang Mo Kio. Although I haven't been to Uncle Leong Seafood, I've heard so many raves about the food.

Since its growing popularity, it has led to the opening of a new establishment,
Uncle Leong Signatures @ Waterway Point in Punggol.

Uncle Leong Signatures takes on a slightly upmarket, cafe style with a more Western ambience.

The cafe serves signature Chinese dishes as well as customers' all-time favourite seafood. In terms of prices, it would definitely be higher in this cafe as compared to coffeeshop prices but I supposed you're not only paying for quality food; you're also paying for a more comfortable, chillaxing environment.

One of the highlights in Uncle Leong Signatures was their Shimmering Sand Crab ($70), served in lovely buttery sauce with milk and a generous amount of cereal and curry leaves.

Aside from it being a photogenic dish that led us to go 'Wahhh!!!' with hearts in our eyes, it was also crazily delicious. I'm allergic to crabs (specifically to their shells) so I had to be cautious not to eat too much. That said, I managed to dig around for a piece of crab meat that was submerged within the sauce and popped it in my mouth. It was yums!!

Chinese steamed buns, otherwise known as mantou were also served and you can dip it within the buttery sauce of the Shimmering Sand Crab before eating.

I helped myself to 3 pieces and even asked my fellow tasters whether I could have the last piece. That was how much I adore the sauce of the crab.

Because Father's Day is coming up next month, Uncle Leong Signatures will also be releasing some special dishes to pamper the heroes in our life.

One of them was the Signatures Curry Crab ($70) which really reminded us of the curry that we used to dip our pratas in. Some people may not fancy the mix of Chinese-Indian cuisine but I'm pretty okay with this new taste because I love all things curry!

Admittedly, I would still prefer the Shimmering Sand Crab. Besides, the Shimmering Sand Crab tasted much better with the Chinese steamed buns.

Nescafe Pork Ribs ($16.90) was another interesting dish in the Father's Day menu.

Imagine eating tender pork ribs with the distinctive, strong taste of coffee. I'm not even kidding. It was well marinated and very savoury, so much so that I wanted to ensure that I ate every piece of meat on my pork rib.

Another Father's Day addition was the Crispy Milk Granules Marble Goby ($48) which was clearly a hit among my fellow tasters.

This dish was nearly wiped out by the time it got to me but I managed to dig out some remaining meat to try. Indeed, I could see why my friends liked this. It had a crispy and crunchy exterior thanks to the milk granules but the meat inside was soft and tender. It was truly delicious to the max.

Alongside the Father's Day menu items, we were introduced to other new menu items and one of them was the Cereal Chicken ($16.90).

Again, it was a flavourful dish that won our hearts and compliments. Strangely, I'm starting to see a pattern here. Is cereal the magic ingredient that transforms all food into mouth-watering, delectable dishes? Seems like anything with cereal will taste amazing!

Pan Fried Prawns in Tomato Soya Sauce ($19.90) were pretty good although they were on the spicier side so I could only eat one before downing water.

I really couldn't tell from the name that it would be a spicy dish though. Names can be deceiving.

XO Sauce with Scallops XO ($19.90) was another new menu item.

Scallops were so-so in my opinion and could be more flavourful. This dish was kinda far away so I only managed to eat 1 before the scallops disappeared.

Treasure Box Beancurd ($16.90) was basically fried egg tofu stuffed with mini pieces of squids and prawns.

It might look simple and ordinary but it sure was tasty!

We also had some Twin Taste Kai Lan ($15.90) to accompany our dishes. I guessed you can't go wrong with Kai Lan!

If you're thinking of visiting Uncle Leong Signatures to celebrate Father's Day, I'm sure you'll know what to order for your Dad now. I have a feeling my Dad's gonna ask me what I'm treating him after reading this blog post! :P

For more information on Uncle Leong Signatures, you can follow them on their Facebook Page or Instagram.

Uncle Leong Signatures
83 Punggol Central
Waterway Point East Wing
#B1-21, Singapore 828761

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Morning folks!

When it comes to eyelashes, I'm pretty much low maintenance. In fact, to put a more accurate term to it, I'm actually zero maintenance.

I do not curl my eyelashes, apply mascara or wear falsies - it's either I can't do it right or I'm just plain lazy. So for lazy people like me, it's definitely better and more convenient to get my lashes curled professionally by a beautician than to trust my own skills.

I was deciding between eyelash extension and eyelash perming but I heard from fellow friends that eyelash extensions are more cumbersome to maintain so I decided to try eyelash perming at Bejeweled instead.

The above picture shows the final look after I got my eyelash permed. Strangely, my curls from my right eyelashes were more pronounced than my left's but that's probably also because my left eyelashes were shorter and more stubborn in nature.

My natural eyelashes are long and I have been used to people going, 'wow, you have such long eyelashes!'.

My eyelashes point downwards though and can be really stubborn. I have attempted to curl my eyelashes by myself unsuccessfully only to have it point downwards again, causing mascara to stain my lower lids. I told ya I can't trust my skills!

At Bejeweled, they have 3 kinds of eyelash perms - the natural perm ($38), the classic perm ($48) and the princess perm ($48). I was recommended the princess perm, which gave me curls that fall in between natural lashes and very curly lashes. Apparently, very curly lashes do not suit me.


These were the products used during eyelash perming - a lash glue, perm lotion, setting lotion, nourishing agent, a toothpick and a lash serum to do the finishing touches.

Silicon pads in small, medium and large to hold your eyelashes in place. I was given the medium size ones.

My, don't I look beautiful? I'm kidding, of course. At this juncture, the beautician will proceed to glue my eyelashes to the silicon pads and begin applying the various lotions, each time curling my eyelashes using the toothpick.

I was so glad that a toothpick was used instead of some heating device - silly me really thought that my eyelashes were gonna get heated up like in a hair perm.

The process was entirely painless but I wouldn't say that it was a very comfortable process. I was actually really nervous because I didn't know what to expect.

It also reminded me of how my eyes were 'prepared' before lasik surgery with my eyelids being held by devices and I had to be careful not to accidentally open my eyes. There was a lot of waiting time for the lotions to set so I basically lied on the bed with my eyes closed throughout the 45 minute procedure while the beautician worked her magic on my eyelashes.

Finally, my lashes were curled. Hurray!

The curls were nice and subtle and I liked it that they weren't overly dramatic.

My favourite picture of the lot. I finally understood why ladies curl their eyelashes.

Curled eyelashes do give the illusion
of brighter, bigger and livelier eyes, especially when your eyes are actually tired as hell in reality. It has been nearly a week and the curls still remained. I heard from the beautician that the curls would be able to last for 2 weeks till a month so that's great. If you prefer your curls to look more obvious, you can certainly top up with mascara.

Thank you Bejeweled for being my trusty beauty sponsor and for taking care of my physical appearances.

For more information on Bejeweled, feel free to check out Bejeweled's Official Website or Facebook Page.

30 Tai Seng Street, Breadtalk iHQ
#02-01 Singapore 534013

Tel: 6443 9789

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people and happy TGIF!

Today was an exceptionally good day because I finally ended an immensely stressful work event and can now find time to update this space of mine (as well as clear my backlogs!). Hurray!

Last week, I had my first InstaMeet with the Singapore Instagram Community (SGIG) at Harry's Bar @ Boat Quay.

Alongside with 49 other instagrammers, we got to savour Harry's new menu featuring vibrant flavours from various cuisines.

Being in the blogger community for a while, I was extremely excited to attend this event as an Instagrammer this time and meet fellow like-minded social media enthusiasts. Spotted familiar faces and met many new ones. :)

Wanna turn into a sexy beast after dining at Harry's?

You might want to consider downloding Harry's SG App beforehand to be entitled to some awesome benefits as a member. These are some benefits that might hopefully entice you:

- 15% rebates at Harry's
- $100 birthday vouchers on your special day
- Welcome pack with 1-for-1 vouchers worth more than $30
- $20 dining voucher for Harry's new menu (valid till 3 July 16)
- Complimentary small plate on Monday between 16 May to 6 June 16

More benefits can be found at Harry's Card Website. I've downloaded mine and will definitely be relying on it for my next visit!

Started our tasting with Harry's signature cocktails and mocktails.

I had a Tropical Freeze mocktail (because I can't drink!) while blogger friend, Jonathan had a Harry's 1992 cocktail.

Getting a brain freeze from Tropical Freeze which comprised of a lovely blend of mango and pineapples.

Food was served and we began with some small plates.

This was the Soy-Glazed Beef Cubes ($18.90) which was inspired by Japanese cuisine. Being a beef lover, I found the beef cubes really addictive and was already declaring how great they tasted after my first bite.

Wasn't too impressed with the Crisps Royale ($17.90) because the dish was kinda dry for my liking.

There were breaded calamari, baby horse mackerels and crisps on the plate and I was actually only interested in the crisps. My friends liked the mackerels but I couldn't really appreciate.

I could appreciate Harry's Signature Wings ($13 for 6 pieces) though. Who couldn't?

The crispy exterior of the wings was so tantalizing that you would cast aside your diet plans to indulge in some sinful devouring of the wings.

Beware though - the wings are spicy! Blogger friend Alvin couldn't finish his wings without downing some water and I could, unfortunately, only stop at 1 wing. How about a non-spicy version, Harry's?

We also love the Mushroom & Truffle Oil Flatbread ($20) because the combination of tastes was magnificent.

I usually don't like truffle that much because it reminds me of petroleum but the strong truffle essence really accentuated the flavour of the flatbread. The generous amount of mushrooms was a bonus too. In all, everyone was singing praises of this flatbread.

Sadly, we weren't fans of the Sriracha Seafood Flatbread ($24.90) which was inspired by Thai cuisine.

I guessed a cheesy mix of prawns and squids just didn't sit too well with our tastebuds. :S

Prior to the tasting, we were asked to pick a main course from 3 selections and me, being the absolute beef lover, went for the Slow-Braised Beef Cheeks ($26.90) which turned out to be mega awesome.

Imagine soft, juicy and tender beef pieces coupled with yummilicous mashed potatoes (another of my favourite!) and topped with onion rings. I just couldn't get enough of this! Definitely my favourite dish out of the lot.

Jon's main course was the Fillet o' Harry ($18.90) which consisted of nachos-breaded halibut fillet with jalapeno cheese sauce and tartar sauce + fries + a mini bowl of kimchi.

The fillet was so-so to me but I love the fries so much! They must have added some special seasoning to make them taste exceptionally good. I had to be careful not to steal too many fries from Jon. HA HA. :P

Ended off with an Adult Cheesecake Sundae ($16), which was basically a cup of cheesecake pieces and ice-cream. The highlight was the shot of Baileys which you would have to add to the cup prior to eating.

Please remember to add the Baileys because that shot really made a world of difference to the taste! Without it, the dessert tasted ordinary but with it, it became sensational. So yes, don't forget the Baileys!

To make your dining experience more eggciting in Harry's, there's an ongoing Instagram contest which all diners can participate in.

From now till 5 June 16, simply post an Insta-worthy shot of your dining experience at Harry's using hashtag #HarrysDiningSG and you can stand a chance to win $100 dining credits. More information on this contest can be found on Harry's Instagram or Official Website.

Enjoy your dining experience at Harry's! I'm definitely looking forward to my next visit too. :)

Harry's Bar
28 Boat Quay
Singapore 049818

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Hey people!

X-Men Apocalypse is coming to our theatres on 19 May 16 (that's tomorrow!) and X-Men fans are probably waiting to snag tickets once the movie is released.

Photo credits to Seed Image.

As an effort to promote and lead up to the upcoming movie, there was an X-Men Apocalypse cosplay event at 313 @ Somerset last weekend and I managed to get my photo taken with all the cosplayers. Oh yeah!

Rogue is gorgeousss!! I love her whole leather, 'I-am-such-a-bad-girl' all-black outfit.

And her white hair. Makes me feel better about mine. :D

I actually couldn't recognize this X-Men; I just noticed that he seemed to be wearing, urm, goggles.

He turned out to be Quicksilver; I guessed that explains the silverish strands on his hair.

Everyone's beloved Wolverine who was also puffing away.

Does Wolverine smoke? I can't remember.

Cyclops was all 'Whatcha lookin' at?'. We should all turn away before he shoots us with his laser beam eyes.

Because I like Rogue and see her as the chio-est and coolest X-Men out of the lot, I asked for a personal photo with her and we got photobombed by a blue-faced Beast.

I'm not judging by physical appearances - he is really called Beast.

If you walk past 313 @ Somerset's Discovery Walk and see this hugeass Archangel Wings, you are welcomed to strike a pose with it.

In fact, if you post your photo on Instagram and hashtag #313XMA from now till 29 May 16, you will stand a chance to win a limited edition XMA luggage case. 3 runner-ups get to walk away with 313 vouchers valued at $50 each.

I know this pose is puke-worthy and obviously I wouldn't win anything with this but after watching many people pose with the wings, I daresay that I hadn't seen anyone go kawaii with it yet. People were either going cool, angelic or funny so props for 'originality' okay?

And.... shopaholics rejoice!

If you spend $50 at 313 @ Somerset from now till 29 May 16, you can also stand a chance to win an X-Men: Apocalypse Adventure to the Pyramids of Mexico, a movie hamper or 313 shopping vouchers worth $200. If you're a CLUB313 member, even better! Charge your purchases to your Citi card to be entitled to double chances. :D

I guessed it's time to go photo-snapping and shopping now. Have a great time!

Disclaimer: Event feature is based on personal experiences.


Event: Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour

Hey people!

Although Friday the 13th was supposed to be a day of bad luck, my day was thankfully smooth-sailing.

After knocking off work early and getting my hair trimmed by a very attentive hairstylist, I went on to join blogger friend, Shaun at Hard Rock Cafe for its World Burger Tour.

As part of Hard Rock Cafe Singapore's efforts to celebrate its 25th Anniversary Jubilations, they will be commencing their Southeast Asia leg of the tour by sending a World Burger Truck through six Southeast Asian cities.

Needless to say, the first stop is none other than Singapore.

Check this out - a huge Burger Truck right outside Hard Rock Cafe!

I hardly see food trucks in Singapore except during special occasions like fairs but I wished Singapore will have more of such food trucks around. It just livens up the place, don't you think?

Stopovers by the Burger Truck.

As I'm typing this right now, the Burger Truck is probably on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. So to my Malaysian readers who live in Penang, you might want to look out for this Burger Truck that is coming your way!

There was also a row of gorgeous and badass Harley Davidson bikes outside Hard Rock Cafe. The automobile blogger couldn't resist a picture with them.

When the Burger Truck makes its way to the next city, they will apparently be accompanied by an entourage of Harley Davidson bikers. I was amused because it sounded like a grand procession so I immediately asked whether that would be attention-seeking (because you know how loud Harley Davidson bikes can be on the road). We were told that the truck and the bikers would largely be travelling late at night when there is less traffic on the road so I guessed that's still okay.

The World Burger Tour takes the form of a streetside party where 'partygoers' can chillax along the roadside, enjoying live music while savouring a handmade burger as well as coke.

I was thankful that the party was a casual one because I certainly wasn't dressed suitably to enter a bar or a club. I was in slackish 'Dress Down Friday' clothes so I asked Shaun to accompany me to dress like a slacker as well. It turned out that our self-imposed dress code was the most apt for this streetside party.

My stomach called so I went to redeem my burger.

The burgers served will vary from city to city. That night, our burger was the Tropical Burger all the way from Key West Florida.

The Tropical Burger was essentially a goat cheese burger with grilled pineapple, jalapeno mango salsa, bacon as well as arugula served on a brioche bun.

The burger was yummy + filling and I love the combination of tastes, particularly when I bit into the juicy grilled pineapple and the patty together. That said, the patty was a tad on the dry side and would taste a whole lot better if there was more sauce. Perhaps a generous helping of hot, melted cheese would be good too.

Speaking of burgers, other interesting variants such as Singapore's Satay Burger, the Big Italy Burger from New York, the Giardiniera Deli Burger from Chicago and the Golden Gate Burger from San Francisco will be available at Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa for the whole month of June only. Be sure to visit Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa then to get your hands on these limited edition burgers!

Disclaimer: Event feature and review of burger are based on personal experiences.

All photos are credited to Shaun Owyeong except the 2nd and 3rd picture of the Burger Truck (because I took that!).
Good morning!

A couple of days back, I experienced a very effective facial contouring session by Venus Concept at Singapore Tower Club and I'm here to share my experience.

Venus Concept is a revolutionary leader in medical aesthetics. Led by a team of Israeli experts, the company utilizes specialized, high performance technology in their medical devices to treat skin and body problems.

That night, I learnt about two non-invasive treatments under Venus Concept - Venus Legacy and Venus Viva.

Venus Legacy helps to contour the face and body; reduces cellulite; burns fat and firms skin. As for Venus Viva, it is more specific for the face and helps to reduce acne scarring, wrinkles and other facial issues.

I chose to try the Venus Legacy to do facial contouring. Here's a picture of me and the pretty aesthetician who has helped me to contour my face. :)

I was one of the first few to try the treatments so I had other bloggers hovering around me watching the process. Now, it's my turn to hover around other people! :D

Photo credits to Brand Cellar SG.

This is the Venus Legacy machine used for contouring the face and body.

The larger tools are used to contour the body while the smaller ones are for the face. This machine uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency, VariPulse Technology and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to penetrate the skin, stimulate collagen production and tighten weak collagen bonds. When your collagen bonds are tightened, they automatically firm and lift the skin.

A contact gel was first applied before the tool was used to massage and firm my face. The aesthetician ensured that more massaging was done against my cheek and chin to lift it and create a V-shaped face.

The sensation was warm initally and will get increasingly warmer so if you cannot tolerate the heat, you can let the aesthetician know so that they can monitor the temperature. Not to worry, it will not get to the point when you scald your face. It should also feel rather relaxing like a regular facial massage.

Photo credits to Shermaine from Little Tiny Sun.

After testing out on the right side of my face, I was shocked because holy mama, it really worked!

Did you see that my right face looked comparatively smaller and slimmer than my left? I even had that V-shaped effect on the right! I was so amazed.

Excuse my pinkish cheeks, I have sensitive skin so I do get red when mild heat is in contact with my cheeks. Redness will subside after 30 minutes to 1 hour though. By the time I reached home, there was no more redness.

This is the Venus Viva machine that uses NanoFractional Radio Frequency and SmartScan Technology to deliver energy through the skin, thereby stimulating fibroblasts and collagen production. In the process, it reduces wrinkles, acne scarring and results in a better complexion.

I never got to try this but I've seen Before and After photos of other patients. Got to admit that it was pretty darn effective in improving problematic skin conditions.

Treats to fill our stomach for dinner. Thank you Brand Cellar SG for feeding us!

For more information on Venus Concept, you can check out their Official Website, Facebook Page and/or Youtube Channel.

Disclaimer: Review of Venus Legacy is based on personal experiences.

Good morning people!

This week has been another crazy and hectic work week so I was glad to take some time off to give my face some good ol' pampering at Bellezza Aesthetics.

Bellezza Aesthetics is a beauty centre located in Wheelock Place and I was honestly impressed by how grand the centre looked. It's hard not to feel like royalty here with the whole elegant gold design and decor of the centre.

Everything was so classy and the service was impeccable. From the moment I stepped into the centre, I was taken care of and pampered like a princess.

Prior to my treatment, I was brought to their consultation room to wait on this lovely cushioned plush seat.

Enjoyed some granola yogurt and honey lavender tea while waiting for my turn.

I was asked to fill up a form on my personal particulars and skin concerns. Through this form, the aesthetician would then be able to recommend a treatment that is suitable for my skin type.

Many of the facial treatments in Bellezza are premium facials that target skin problems and treat them so I was quite excited to embark on my treatment and have them treat my skin issues.

Check out the pen I was using - even THAT was princessy.

I was brought to my room where I was asked to change out of my clothes and get ready for treatment.

The treatment that was recommended for me was Oxy Jet, a 90 minute facial treatment designed to provide dry skin with a strong oxygen boost, thereby stimulating collagen production while moisturizing my face at the same time.

The treatment started off with the usual facial cleansing routine to ensure that my skin was dirt-free followed by mild eyebrow trimming. The aesthetician must have noticed my bushy eyebrows, ha ha!

After that, my pores were thoroughly cleaned through extraction. I've never enjoyed extraction because it hurts like hell but it is also necessary to unclog your pores so that it prevents pimples and allows for better absorption of products. Thus, I always force myself to endure the pain anyways. Fortunately, I was told that I do not have many whiteheads to extract so that was awesome for me.

Next, hyaluronic acid, a moisture-rich ingredient was applied on my skin. To aid the absorption, an Oxy Jet tool was used to pump oxygen and the hyaluronic acid straight into my skin through my pores. It was a bizarre but strangely relaxing moment and that's not all.

The next interesting tool reminded me of a mini water hose and indeed, it was a water jet that served to spray tiny water molecules directly into my skin.

The water molecules were so miniscule that it felt more like the aesthetician was spraying air onto my face. It was unbelievable at first so when the aesthetician brought the water jet closer to my skin, I could feel water droplets so I was immediately convinced. In terms of sensation, it felt more like I was having a handheld fan near my face so it should feel nice and cooling.

I was then treated to a lifting facial massage which was what I needed to get rid of all that tension on my face. Bellezza Aesthetics makes use of their own specialized face lift and destressing massage techniques so I was privileged to experience that.

Having sensitive skin, it is natural that my skin gets red during treatment so I was glad to end my session with a chilling facial mask formulated for sensitive skin. I really like the results of the treatment because my face was not only plumped with moisture by the end of it; my pores were also less conspicuous. I basically looked at myself in the mirror and went, 'Can I have this skin every single day?'.

My face wasn't the only part that got pampered; even my hands got to experience the luxurious treatment too.

I was given a hand massage which I loved since my wrists have been aching from incessant typing on the office computer. After that, my hands were wrapped in a cream mask that was *WARNING* quite hot but not to the point of scalding so don't worry. The mask would then solidify around your hands and hold them in place for a good 15 minutes before removal. My hands were so soft and smooth after that; even my pole calluses were smoothened out.

Ended my session with yummy cookies and honey lavender tea again!

Thank you Bellezza Aesthetics for the enjoyable time.

Do you want to experience the Oxy Jet Facial too?

If yes, you're in luck.

Oxy Jet (U.P $268) is now available at $38 as a first trial for first timers who are 18 years and above. This offer is applicable for SG/PR/S-Pass/WP holders. Prior apppointment is required so book your appointment at Bellezza Aesthetics now!

For more information on the treatments available at Bellezza Aesthetics, you can check out their Official Website or Facebook Page.

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