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I'm Tracy Wong, a beauty and lifestyle public blogger who has been active in the blogosphere for the past 10 years. I aim to inspire readers to live life actively with a sense of adventure.

I love to write and I cover multiple topics in this little space of mine. You can click on my blogging portfolio below to find out more. I am also active on Instagram so you can keep in touch by following me on Instagram handle @gilmangirl.

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Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing: Straightening Treatment + C-Curls & Hair Colour

Hey people!

It's been half a year since I did anything major to my hair and I knew that it was a matter of time to get my hair fixed.

How timely it was when I was approached by Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing to try a new hair service - a Straightening treatment + C-Curls that would be officially launched in the salon by May 2021. There will be promotions then, so do look out for it! 

Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing is located at Hong Lim Complex, Level 2.

While it is within walking distance from Chinatown MRT Exit E, first-timers may still need to Google Map your way there, largely because Hong Lim Complex is a maze. I had a rough sense of its location because it is near Yan Palace, a Chinese restaurant which YX's grandmother loves visiting for celebrations.

Straightening treatment + C-Curls

As I knew that the Straightening treatment + C-Curls was going to be a 3 to 4 hour process, I took my leave and dedicated my entire Friday afternoon for it.

Ken was my hairstylist and I was so glad to leave my hair in his good hands. Before I commenced my hair service, he would take time to understand my hair history, such as the last time I coloured, straightened, permed or treated my hair. He was well aware of my hair concerns and very proactive in updating me on what I could expect from the entire service.

The salon uses a treatment cream from Rinka Aqua Care to reduce frizz on hair and leave behind a glossy, smooth finish. It also nourishes and strengthens hair cuticles to give you a healthy, strong hair.

While I never liked that pin straight hair from my past rebonding days, the straightening effect from this cream was way more natural, akin to how you would look after getting a blow-dry from a hair salon. Best of all, the straightening effect could last for 4 to 6 months.

After a hair wash, the treatment cream was applied all over my hair for 10 minutes. Thereafter, Ken touched up the cream and we waited for a further 13 minutes before washing it off. By then, my hair was already smooth and soft to the touch.

Once my hair was blow-dried, a hair straightener was used to further remove frizz and enhance the absorption of the cream into my hair cuticles. This took a good half an hour because my hair was so long!

Time to work on the C-Curls!

Ken proceeded to wrap my hair ends with rollers and connect them to a digital heater, where my hair was heated for the next 20 minutes. To prevent the heat from getting into contact with my face, additional rollers and cloths were placed as barriers in between my hair and my face.

As you can tell, a large part of the hair session was waiting (at least on the customer end) so be sure to bring along something to do if you are bored. I used the time wisely to draft captions for social media campaigns and publish my IG posts.

In the last segment of the hair session, a cream-based neutralizer was applied on my straightened hair (top 70% of my hair) while a water-based neutralizer was applied on my C-Curls (bottom 30% of my hair, i.e. the hair ends).

We waited for a further 15 minutes, before the final wash and blow-dry.

TADAH! Did you see a major difference between my 'before' (left) and 'after' (right) photos?

I was hugely impressed with my 'after' photo because my hair looked sleek and smooth, and I loved how it ended off with such GORGEOUS waves. It was a tremendous improvement from my lion's mane in the 'before photo', where my hair was out of shape and I evidently had frizz problems.

My colleagues saw me a week after and they were like 'Your hair looks so nice! Are you going somewhere later?', 'Where did you do your hair?' and even.... 'Your hair looks so smooth. Can I touch it?'. It is rare that my hair would get so many compliments at one go.

I always knew that I looked good with curls, but I have never gotten beyond a temporary perm before.

I have been told countless times by hairstylists that my hair condition is not suitable for perms because they would dry and damage my hair further. Besides, perms need regular maintenance to ensure that they continue to look good.

These C-Curls are a minimal version of perms, and they are so low maintenance that all you need is to care for your hair as per usual. You do not have to use any special products and you can wash your hair the next day too. Whether you are a lazy or a busy girl, these C-Curls will add style and volume to your overall look, even on days when you feel disheveled.

Since I blow-dry my hair everyday, I do make efforts to twist my hair ends while blow-drying so as to maintain my curls.

Ken taught me to do a comb-through of my hair before blow-drying it. When my hair is around 80% to 90% dry, I could separate my hair into two sections, and twist them inwards while blow-drying so that the curls would look more obvious.

If you want to put in zero effort, you can always leave your hair to air-dry, and your curls would still turn inwards naturally. Nonetheless, it is not my preferred choice because my curls could look a tad messy, so I prefer to do some hair-twisting to get them into my desired style. With regular washes, the straightness of my hair and the curls at my hair ends do look more natural with time.

Hair Colouring

While my hair looked amazing in the pictures above, my hair colour still required a touch-up as my dark roots were showing and my grey hairs were peeking out.

As such, I made another visit to the salon on the following week to get a new hair colour.

We had to separate both appointments so that the hair colouring would not interfere with the Straightening treatment + C-Curls, and it spared me from sitting in the salon for a full 6-hours.

Knowing that I love warm colours, Ken recommended me to go for a Chocolate Brown hair colour mixed with a Mahogany Red. I love the way this hair colour looks on me! I feel more vibrant with it, and it gave me a fairer complexion.

To think I wanted a Copper shade initially, in which Ken told me that Copper is a tad orangey and might not look good with my skin tone. The moral of the story? Trust the aesthetic taste of your hairstylist!

It is best to use a Colour Care Shampoo for up to a month to maintain the colour of your newly dyed hair. Since I colour my hair every 6 to 7 months, I always have a bottle of Colour Care Shampoo reserved for post-colour maintenance. Meanwhile, for my first week, I had to avoid wearing white clothes or using white towels just in case of staining by the reddish dye.

If you're interested to give your hair a makeover, you can certainly consider the Straightening treatment + C-Curls that will be offered by Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing in May 2021. The promotion is as follows:

Promo for May 2021

Straightening Treatment - $260 to $350 (depending on hair length and hair density)
C-Curls or S-Curls (includes haircut) - + $70

First time customers - 15% off final price
FREE La Biosthetique scalp treatment for customers doing straightening treatment

Maintenance for this hairstyle is a breeze, and you are so gonna love your transformation after it!

Do call Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing to make an appointment at 6223 3133. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and promotions too!

Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing
531 Upper Cross Street
Hong Lim Complex
#02-08, Singapore 050531

Operating hours:
11am to 8.30pm (Mon to Fri)

11am to 7.00pm (Sat)
11am to 5.00pm (Sun & PH)

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing. Reviews are based on personal experiences.

My IDS Journey: Cryo Therapeutics Treatment - The Coldest Facial in IDS Aesthetics

Hey people!

In February, I visited IDS Aesthetics with a jawline breakout and tried the Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment (HTT). It was much needed to unclog my pores, flatten my pimple bumps and lighten those hideous acne marks.

By the time I went for my next consultation with Dr Benjamin Yim in the next month, the dark marks along my jawline were barely visible. Talk about tremendous and speedy improvements!

As part of my collaboration with IDS, I was supposed to go for a laser therapy in my 3rd session. Nonetheless, I was uncomfortable with it because my facial skin is sensitive towards treatments that involve heat.

Thankfully, Dr Yim understood my concerns and recommended me to go for a Cryo Therapeutics Treatment (CTT) instead. Apparently, both CTT and HTT were the most popular facials in IDS. What an honour for me to try them both! The CTT, in particular, is suitable for dull and sensitive skin. It also happens to be the coldest facial in IDS!

My skin may react badly to heat but when it comes to anything cold, it embraces it! Thus, I was happy as a lark to go for the CTT because I knew that I would enjoy every moment of it.

Similarly to the HTT, this facial is also a 1-hour process and it truly ends by the 1-hour mark. I love a thorough and non-draggy facial, especially when it was done by a meticulous beautician.

After double cleansing, the facial started with microdermabrasion (pic on left) which uses a vacuum suction to exfoliate my dead skin cells. It also loosens the pores so that it could facilitate easy removal of whiteheads and blackheads during the extraction process.

I was surprised at how minimal the pain was during extraction. I would usually wince when it comes to extracting whiteheads on my nose, but this time, the pain was so tolerable that I had hardly any reaction.

With the help of a CryoProbe (pic on right), vitamins and brighteners were infused into my skin to nourish it with nutrients. The probe was chilling but I loved the sensation to bits! It was the most relaxing and shiok moment of the facial.

To end off the facial, I wore an absolutely hydrating sheet mask with a generous amount of essence. Once again, the CryoProbe was used to enhance the absorption of the essence into my skin.

I was then left to rest for a good 15 minutes while the mask soothed my skin and worked its magic.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw how fabulous my skin looked right after the CTT. It just made me love this facial EVEN MORE!

Honestly, I was already quite pleased with my skin condition when I came for my consultation, but the 'After' results told me that I could actually achieve better. The most obvious result was my brightened and glowy skin. My pores seemed to have shrunk immediately as well.

Thanks to the cold temperature of the entire facial, it has helped to reduce redness on my face, leaving behind a fair and smooth complexion. I am sold!
Can my skin look this good everyday?

Besides walking out of IDS Aesthetics with a bare face and immense skin confidence, I left with a bag of lovely skincare goodies, customized to my skin type as well.

IDS was such a dear to top up my customized skincare set even though I was not done with my current stash yet. Oh well, happy to have new ones to turn to when I run out of my products! Thank you IDS for taking care of my skin for the past 4 months!

Keen to try a facial at IDS Aesthetics? Book your appointment at IDS Aesthetics website, and follow them on their social media platforms for updates and promotions!

Social Media
IDS Aesthetics Website: Link
IDS Skincare Website: Link
IDS E-store: Link

IDS Aesthetics Facebook: Link
IDS Skincare Facebook: Link
JYX.shop Facebook: Link

IDS Aesthetics Instagram: Link
IDS Skincare Instagram: Link

JYX.shop Instagram: Link

IDS Clinic
360 Orchard Road, #02-02
International Building
Singapore 238869

Operating hours
10am to 8pm (Mon to Fri)

10am to 5pm (Sat)
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with IDS Skincare & Studio 155. Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Aromatic Global: Arak Sewak Toothpaste and Mouthwash Concentrate

Hey people!

Are you an avid user of products with natural and organic ingredients? I am!

With tons of beauty brands in the market, the ones that really stand out among the rest are those that place the health of their consumers and the environment at the forefront.

Aromatic Global is an example of a health-conscious, pro-environment brand and they currently retail online. They have their own collection of beauty and oral care products made using ingredients from natural and organic sources.

Their ingredients hail from local and endemic plants in Africa as well as Arabia, such as the Baobab Tree (i.e. African Tree of Life) and the Arak Tree (i.e. Toothbrush Tree). They also have products formulated using a key ingredient, Frankincense. I was absolutely ecstatic to collaborate with the brand to try some of their signature products from the Baobab and Arak Sewak collection!

From 6 April till 12 April, Aromatic Global is having a Ramadan promotion for their Arak Sewak collection so let me introduce them in this blog entry. For a limited period of time, customers can enjoy a 'Buy-One-50%-Off-Second-Item' for either the Arak Sewak Toothpaste ($9.50) or the 2-in-1 Toothpaste and Mouthwash Concentrate ($14.50). Just have to use promo code 'RAMADANSALE' on their website!

Speaking of which, I have heard about the Arak Tree (i.e. Toothbrush Tree) and how the locals have used the bark to clean their teeth naturally, without using a toothpaste. That said, I have always had the misconception that the bark would smell awful despite its medicinal oral hygiene qualities, but I kept an open mind and tried the toothpaste anyway.

Holy moly - I was beyond impressed! The toothpaste deep-cleaned my teeth while being amazingly gentle and comfortable on my gums. It also had the most minty fresh sensation ever. I loved this toothpaste so much that I actually looked forward to brushing my teeth everyday!

The Sewak Mouthwash Concentrate (Refresh Breath) functions as a toothpaste and a mouthwash. To use it as a mouthwash, you can put 2 drops into a 30ml water, gargle and rinse.

I prefer to use it as a regular toothpaste though, and I typically alternate my use of this Mouthwash Concentrate with the Arak Sewak Toothpaste. It gives the same minty fresh sensation which I adore!

There are 5 variants of this Mouthwash Concentrate to cater to different oral hygiene needs, such as Whitening & Stain Removal, Anti-Cavity, Gum Protection, Mild & Gentle and Refresh Breath. I'll choose Refresh Breath anytime because who doesn't want fresh breath?! :D

Want to enjoy minty fresh breath with the nature-loving Arak Sewak Collection from Aromatic Global? Purchase their products directly from their website, and follow them on their social media platforms for promotions and updates!

Website: https://aromaticglobal.shop/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aromaticglobal.shop

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aromaticglobal/

Enjoy the good lobangs till 12 April, and stay tuned for my next feature on Aromatic Global's Baobab skincare collection!

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Aromatic Global. Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Review: Keramimic 2.0 Conditioner & Hair Mask + SOS Emergency Oil by Alfaparf Milano

Hey people!

I have never been blessed with smooth and silky hair.

When my hair is left in its au naturel state, it is usually dry, frizzy and limp. Depending on my mood, my hair seems to also have a life of its own. On cheery days, my hair looks fabulous and photo-ready. On down days, it can get unruly!

Since I rely so much on hair products to tame my hair, choosing good quality products is of high importance to me. A hair conditioner is a necessity, while I typically own a hair mask as additional nourishment.

This month, I was introduced to Keramimic 2.0, a Japanese salon-grade product that functions both as a conditioner and a hair mask. This is a signature product used in Color Lush Studio's Ultra Softening Treatment, and customers can purchase a bottle to maintain their hair back at home too. That jumbo size of 500ml is so gonna last me a long time!

Along with it is an SOS Emergency Oil from Alfaparf Milano, an ampoule formulated to strengthen hair. A mini bottle of this can set you back by $15, but it is given free with the purchase of Keramimic 2.0. I'll show you how I use this oil in a while!

The Keramimic 2.0 contains two key ingredients, namely Keratin and Collagen. Keratin is an essential protein which strengthens hair and protects it from damage. Collagen increases the elasticity of hair and makes it soft and smooth. Both ingredients work together to give you healthy and shiny hair!

The above picture shows my hair in its natural state - dry hair ends, stubborn curls and frizz all over. Although I am used to the way it looks, I can definitely improve by using Keramimic 2.0 as a conditioner or a hair mask. As a conditioner, you will only need to apply 2 to 3 pumps of it on the lower 70% of your hair. Remember not to let the product touch your scalp!

I like to rub my hair to facilitate better absorption of the product by my hair cuticles. Once 5 minutes is up, I would then rinse off with cold water. Cold water closes the cuticles and seals the nutrients from the product within your hair.

While I prefer using Keramimic 2.0 to condition my hair, there are times when I would pamper my tresses with a hair mask too. For this, get ready a bowl because you would need it to hold 5 to 7 pumps of Keramimic 2.0. I personally use 7 pumps since I have such long and thick hair.

Infused with bamboo marrow, SOS Emergency Oil complements the effects of Keramimic 2.0 very well. The high silica content in the bamboo promotes hair repair from within, stimulates collagen production, and increases hair growth. To use this in the hair mask, pour the entire ampoule into the bowl and mix well using a brush till you see a thick and creamy consistency.

Now, you are ready to apply!

Start with the ends first so that they can be repaired for a longer time. From there, work your way up, and make sure to apply only on the lower 70% of your hair. Once again, be careful not to let the product touch your scalp.

Thereafter, wait for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. During the long waiting time, I would hold my damp hair with a towel to keep the water off my clothes. Alternatively, you can use a claw clip to bun your hair. 

Here's how my hair looks after masking and blow-drying. Tremendous improvement, isn't it?

Not only does my hair look strong and significantly less frizzy than before, it also feels soft and smooth to the touch. The hair mask comes with a pleasant scent and I like how it lingers on my head for a pretty long time. Most importantly, my hair is refreshed and healthy.
Now that I have witnessed how well it worked for me, I know I could count on it to restore my hair condition whenever I need.

If you are keen to rejuvenate your hair with the Keramimic 2.0 conditioner and hair mask, you can purchase it directly from Hair Mag SG website. The SOS Emergency Oil is complimentary with your purchase of Keramimic 2.0, and you get free delivery of both products right to your doorstep too.

Give your hair some tender, loving and care, and it will repay you with its beauty. Wishing you many good hair days ahead! :D

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Hair Mag SG. Reviews are based on personal experiences.


Fav Florist: Beauty and the Beast Flower Dome

Hey people!

In my years of collaborating with florists, I am always impressed by their level of creativity.

It used to just be fresh flower bouquets. The next thing I knew, there were dried flower bouquets; flowers in jars; flowers in boxes and now... preserved flowers in flower domes! I wonder what's next!

The first time I laid eyes on a Flower Dome was when my sister brought it home as a Valentine's Day gift from her then boyfriend-now husband. I was so in awe by its beauty that I promised myself that I will own a Flower Dome one day. Look what arrived at my door two weeks back!

It was not just a Flower Dome, but one that was inspired by my favourite Disney classic - the Beauty and the Beast Flower Dome (LED). Thank you Fav Florist for delivering this to me in such a classy black box. This is a wonderful uplifting gift and I love it SOOOOO much.

Fav Florist is an online florist which delivers fresh flower bouquets and other flower arrangements (e.g. flower boxes, flower domes and even flower envelopes) right to your doorstep.

They also believe in keeping their flowers affordable. Thus, if you are tight on budget, you can look at the 'Below $45' flower category, which looked way more expensive than their cost.

The flowers from Fav Florist are air-flown daily and handpicked for the best quality. They also handmade their bouquets with love and will make sure to include a personalised message from the sender with every bouquet.

Same-day flower delivery is free within selected timeslots (12pm to 3pm; 3pm to 6pm or 6pm to 9pm), while a standard fee of $15 applies for a 1-hour express delivery for urgent requests. If you live near Thomson V Two along Sin Ming Road, you can opt for self-collection within their permitted timeslots too.

What stood out for me about Fav Florist was their carefully curated bundle gifts, such as 'cake and flower bundles', 'cake and balloon bundles' and 'cake, flower and balloon mega bundles'. After all, Fav Florist is not just a supplier of flowers - they also deliver artisanal cakes too.

If you are celebrating a special occasion like a birthday, Valentine's Day and anniversary, you would know that flowers are usually just one of the gifts, and cakes often go along with them. Bundle gifts allow the sender to purchase gifts from a single source, thereby saving time and ensuring convenience.

I was the most attracted to the Flower Dome category, simply because I have never owned a Flower Dome in my life.

There are 4 Flower Domes available (1 not captured in this screenshot, but I personally felt that the 3 Flower Domes that you see in this picture were more appealing) and I was so enthralled by them. Best of all, the flowers within the Dome are preserved, so you can admire their everlasting beauty for a long time.

I knew I would pick the Beauty and the Beast Flower Dome without question. The classic scene of the petals dropping one by one in the 'Beauty and the Beast' was the most heart-gripping and memorable part of the show.

Now, I've got an alluring red rose encapsulated in a glass dome that will never shed its petals. And... it appeared far more captivating in real life than it looked in pictures.

This beauty currently sits at my bedside table as a room decor. Sometimes, I use it as a night light and I loved how it emits a romantic glow. Although it comes with LED fairy lights, batteries are not provided. Thus, If you have 3 AAA batteries, simply slot them into the base of the dome, switch it on and watch it light up. The lights have a calming effect on me and they were mesmerizing in the dark. I could just stare at them forever. :)

Want to surprise your loved one with an everlasting Flower Dome too?

You can order your flowers from Fav Florist website. Do follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and promotions too.

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Fav Florist. Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Sleek Scribbles: Animal Print Pouches & Mask Boxes

Hey people!

Check out my Animal Print Pouch and Mask Box, courteousy of Sleek Scribbles! Aren't they the cutest?

4514135ec4aa40a10b1ccffc5e712765.jpg (5460×7030)

My family and friends would know that pouches are 'my thing'. I have an entire collection of pouches, with enough to set up a shop. The organized freak in me would also depend on pouches greatly to keep my belongings neat in my bags or around my room. As for mask boxes, my Sleek Scribbles mask box would be my first!

Sleek Scribbles is an online lifestyle merchandise store which sells specially curated animal print pouches and mask boxes. It's not hard to tell that the founders are animal lovers and strongly support animal welfare.

They also strive to be as eco-conscious as possible by using minimal packaging or reusing packaging items to reduce their carbon footprint. Thumbs up for showing their love towards animals and the environment!

As a new shop, they do have limited products and designs at the moment, but I sure hope they would expand their line of merchandises and designs soon.

I would love to see more animal prints beyond dogs, cats and rabbits on their pouches and mask boxes!

That said, I went for a Team Cat Pouch ($8.50) because well, it's pink, and I thought it was super adorable that the kitties were wearing surgical masks. How very apt during this pandemic!

While the pouch has sufficient space to store my masks, I prefer to use it for storing my essentials when I head out. It fits my hand sanitizer, earphones, TraceTogether Token, keys and lippies perfectly.

Their mask boxes had largely the same designs as the pouches, and are slim enough to fit in any handbags.

I was most attracted to the Corgi with 9 layer Kueh Lapis Mask Box ($8.50) because it was the most unique and localized design out of all the choices. Besides, who doesn't love Corgis?

Whenever I need to remove my mask while dining, I will slip my mask into this case before placing it in my bag. It prevents my mask from contaminating my bag as well.

In sum, I love my pouch and mask box, and I think they make awesome gifts too!

If you are interested to get your hands on them, you can purchase them directly from Sleek Scribbles website or Sleek Scribbles Carousell. Do follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and promotions too.

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Sleek Scribbles. Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Staycation at lyf Funan (Part 2): Fort Canning Park + Food Deals with The Entertainer SG & Eatigo SG

Hey people!

Have you read Part 1 of my staycation review at lyf Funan?

If not, go and read it! HA HA!

While Part 1 focuses solely on the hotel and its amenities, I wanted to write a separate entry about the places and eateries I have been to while I was on staycation at lyf Funan. With the exception of Bread Yard, the rest of the places are within walking distance from Funan and you can consider visiting them if you are interested.

As I am a lobang queen, aka bargain hunter, I like to use The Entertainer SG and Eatigo SG apps to help me make decisions on where to dine at. Who doesn't like enjoying good deals while eating out? I know I do!

Breakfast @ Bread Yard

Address: Galaxis, 1 Fusionopolis Place, #01-23/24, S138522
Available on Eatigo SG

On the morning of our staycation, we started our mini holiday by having breakfast at Bread Yard.

Shared a Beef Shakshuka set with two sourdough bread, and a Blue Pea Yuan Yang Coffee with the hubs. It was sumptuous and I was thrilled to start my morning with a hearty breakfast. On most mornings, my breakfast can be as simple as a piece of kaya toast or a bun, so this was a big deal for me.

We had a $20 voucher on top of 10% discount off our final bill using Eatigo app, so this breakfast was largely complimentary for us. Yippie!

Trekking @ Fort Canning Park

By the time we reached lyf Funan after breakfast, it was a mere 10am and way too early for check-in.

Thankfully, lyf Funan offers a space for luggage deposits in the communal lounge so all we had to do was to alert them in advance. We locked our luggage and went off for a morning trek at Fort Canning Park.

Although I have been to Fort Canning Park for 'Movie under the Stars' events or work-related exhibitions, I have never really explored the park like a tourist to truly appreciate its unique features.

For one, I never knew that the Spiral Staircase of Fort Canning Park exists until I saw wedding or Instagram photos on it. From the top of the staircase, it looked like a regular and unexciting spiral staircase, and I probably would not bother to walk down the staircase to see what goes on beneath. But if you do, you will realize that the bottom of the staircase presents a different picture. Who would have thought that you would be greeted by a gorgeous and artistic view from below?

I also noticed that Fort Canning Park actually has a 'Little Bali'. If you follow the signs to Fort Canning Gate, you would see it.

It's funny because the hubs and I wanted to visit Bali for a short getaway last year, but we did not managed to do so because COVID-19 happened. I guessed this would be the closest we got to 'Bali'.

Lunch @ Eventasty Noodle Bar
Address: 109 North Bridge Road, #01-13, Funan Mall, S179097
Available on The Entertainer SG

Went for lunch at our favourite noodle house in Funan - Eventasty Noodle Bar!

This was our 3rd time visiting Eventasty and we are still not sick of it! On our 2nd visit, we even brought mother-in-law to try the food too, and she was full of compliments!

Although I loved their herbal soup base the most (and will drink up every drop even though it makes my stomach bloated), I decided to try something different that day.

I went for a Vinaigrette Ebiko Prawn Paste Dry Noodle, which wasn't too dry in the end because the Prawn balls came with their own non-spicy sauce (yay!). Hubs' noodles looked absolutely yummy but I could not eat much of it because they were immersed in Hot & Sour Soup Base, so he happily finished them all.

Enjoyed a '1-for-1' deal on The Entertainer, and I took the chance to treat the hubs to this meal as well. He has been so patient and understanding while I was busy with my milestone programme (and neglecting him in the process). In order not to make me feel stressed and overwhelmed, he did the bulk of the household chores and constantly checked in on me and my emotions. He deserves a treat, and a 'Best Husband' award too.

Dinner @ Alter Ego
Address: 8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall, #01-13D, S039802
Available on Eatigo SG

That night, we went for a belated Valentine's Day dinner at Alter Ego which is located at Esplanade Mall.

I have been to Alter Ego once for a networking event and it has never occurred to me that the place was supposed to be a romantic dating spot. I guessed being surrounded by other organizations, and having to 'small talk' with them about work really changes the vibes of the restaurant.

Now that I was there with the hubs, this time surrounded by other couples, and accompanied with live music playing nearby from the outdoor theatre, it truly felt more special.

Alter Ego is the 'split self' of A Poke Theory, and they serve healthy and sinful food.

It has been eons since I indulged in a poke bowl so I requested for it and got us an Original Poke Shaker. It was delicious to the max and I felt so healthy eating it.

Then came the sinful counterpart which the hubs ordered - Bacon Pizza. I was not expecting the pizza to be much since pizza is pizza to me, but it turned out to be the BEST PIZZA I HAVE EVER EATEN. I adore thin-crust pizza to begin with, so it blew me to the sky when this pizza was not only thin-crust; it also came with such an addictive crispy texture. Forget the ingredients - I'll eat the crust on its own.

Similarly to Bread Yard, we had a $20 discount and 10% off our final bill, so we topped up around $20+ for the entire meal. Very affordable considering that we had such an awesome meal! Highly recommend this place to everyone! 

Drinks @ Gocha Bar
Address: 109 North Bridge Road, #02-36, Funan Mall, S179097
Available on The Entertainer SG

On our way back to the hotel, we walked by Gocha Bar and I remembered having a great time with my blogger girls at this drinking spot during my birthday gathering.

So I asked the hubs if he wanted to try, and we used The Entertainer to enjoy '1-for-1' off our premium teas. We tried Passionfruit Orange Tea and Honey Citron Apple Tea, and enjoyed our teas while people-watching.

The teas were refreshing indeed. If we could use our '1-for-1' on smoothies, it would be my top choice!

Breakfast @ The Coffee Academics
Address: 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-12, S179103
Available on The Entertainer SG

Our hotel stay did not come with breakfast, but that was fine because we were more than happy to venture out and explore other food options.

On the 2nd day, we decided to have our breakfast at The Coffee Academics, a cafe which we have been to with our respective groups of friends. We had a '1-for-1' deal at the cafe thanks to The Entertainer SG, so it gave us more reason to visit. We were the first customers that day, and the hubs was so sweet to treat me to breakfast as well.

The Avocado on Toast with Ikura was DA BOMB. The shaved Black Truffle atop the Avocado slices made the toast very fragrant, and it tasted so deliciously addictive when you eat them together with those 'melt-in-your-mouth' Ikura.

I loved the Smoked Salmon & Hash too. I love anything paired with potatoes, so this was a combination of my favourite ingredients. It was absolutely heavenly when I bit into the Smoked Salmon, Ikura and Potato Hash. Love it that this dish came with a poached egg too!

We checked out at 12pm that day, and went for our respective appointments. I felt so recharged and rejuvenated after this mini vacation. While we work hard at our jobs, we should also take care of our physical, social and emotional health as well. There is a time for work; and also time to connect with family and friends. This staycation was definitely a well-deserved break for me.

Looking forward to my next staycation with the hubs in April, where we will be visiting another hotel using MY SG Rediscover Vouchers. I promise another post then too! Thank you for reading, my friends!

Disclaimer: This is a personal post and I am not sponsored for my staycation and meals. I am on a 1-year collaboration with The Entertainer SG and have occasional collaboration opportunities with Eatigo SG. Reviews are based on personal experiences.

lyf Funan Singapore by Ascott (Part 1): My Valentine's Day Staycation [using SG Rediscover Vouchers]

Hey people!

Have you used your Singapore Rediscover Vouchers yet?

The hubs, YX used his $100 vouchers to treat us to a belated Valentine's Day staycation at lyf Funan Singapore. We booked our staycation using Trip.com and it was cheaper than the value of the voucher, so it became a complimentary staycation for us.

This year, Valentine's Day coincided with Chinese New Year, and it meant that relatives were still visiting my house to wish me 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' during this special day of love.

I don't blame the relatives though. I was not in the mood to celebrate Valentine's Day as well when I was busy rushing work for the last leg of my milestone programme. YX and I decided that we would celebrate our belated Valentine's Day at this staycation once my milestone programme was over.

lyf Funan is a relatively new hotel which opened in 2019 and it functions on a co-living concept.

It reminds me of a hostel, albeit a very hip one with millenial vibes, where you are encouraged to mix and mingle with others in their shared spaces. Occasionally, there are events at the communal lounge for guests to participate in.

If you love taking photos, you will love their communal lounge which has plenty of photo spots.

It definitely caters to Instagrammers as well (me included) and that's why I could not resist. We had an hour to go before our check-in at 3pm so the hubs patiently went around with me to explore and take photos for me.

Hard to be on diet when you have easy access to interesting eateries in Funan, as well as other food haunts within the vicinity.

I have dedicated a Part 2 blog entry just to document the eateries I have been to during my staycation! Look out for it!

I thought it was interesting that they have a common area for you to do laundry, and it actually looked pretty vibrant and fun to be in.

I was reminded of my hostel days in San Diego when the laundry area was big enough for people to hang out and chat while they wait for their clothes to wash and dry.

If you like whipping up your own meals, they have a common kitchen for this.

The kitchen did not entice me though, simply because there was a stale odour within the kitchen when we stepped into it. And also because I barely have culinary skills.

Their gym was unlike the run-of-a-mill gym that you see in other hotels. It looked more like a... playground for adults.

There was a hamster wheel and a see-saw in the corner, as well as workout bikes which YX seemed to enjoy the most. He pestered me to go with him to the gym again the next morning to work out on the bikes. There were also weights, kettlebells and yoga mats for guests to help themselves to.

For check-in, you will need to download the lyf by Ascott app and create an account. The hotel staff will provide you with a QR code to scan using the app so that you could check in to the hotel officially. The app also contains Funan tenant discounts which you could use to enjoy deals for your meals.

We stayed in a 'One of a Kind (Studio)' bedroom that night since it was just the hubs and me. This is the smallest room type in the hotel but it was sufficient for both of us. If you prefer a bigger room, there are 6 other types of rooms to choose from.

The rest of the areas within the room were kept minimal, and the hotel uses Ideology bath products from Australia which smelled AMAZING. If you require bathroom amenities like toothpastes, toothbrush or shaving kits, you would have to request for them over the counter.

So sad that the room does not come with a mini fridge though. I would love to have a mini fridge in my room! 

Oh yes, the hotel was also having a Spin the Wheel activity for check-ins that were happening within February.

YX and I were both aiming to win another staycation opportunity, or some Capitaland vouchers, but we won these notebooks (otherwise known as 'merchandises') instead! Since I am the only one who uses notebooks, both went to me. :D

So that's it for Part 1 of my staycation review, where the focus of this entry is on the hotel. In Part 2, I will feature the places and eateries I have been to during this staycation. If you have Entertainer SG and Eatigo SG apps, you can enjoy the same lobangs as me! Stay tuned for the next entry!

Lyf Funan Singapore
67 Hill Street
Singapore 179370

Disclaimer: This is a personal post and I am not sponsored for my staycation (although staycation sponsorships are welcome). Reviews are based on personal experiences.

My IDS Journey: Clogged Pores be gone with Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment (HTT) at IDS Aesthetics

Hey people!

My long awaited facial by IDS Aesthetics is here, and I was totally counting down to my appointment.

In the midst of my crazy schedule in February, I started breaking out at my jawline. It could be due to stress or the late nights I was pulling for my programme. Or perhaps I was getting maskne because I was wearing a mask more often and for longer hours.

Whatever the case, it frustrated the hell out of me. The last thing I would want to care about is my skin not looking its best during a busy period of my life.

You may have read my blog post in January where I shared about embarking on a skincare journey with Innovative Dermatological Solutions (IDS) and using the skincare set that the clinic has customised for me.

In the following month, I went for a Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment (HTT) facial at IDS Aesthetics, which helped to improve my skin condition tremendously. Prior to the facial, I had a consultation with Dr Benjamin Yim, who examined my skin and listened to my woes about my recent jawline breakout. He then recommended me to go for a HTT as it was suitable for people with clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads.

The HTT is a 60-minute facial which focuses on deep cleansing to remove facial impurities, unclog pores and balance sebum production. It also helps to regenerate skin cells, increase collagen production and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Unlike the regular facials that I have been through, I did not have to change into a robe. Instead, I was given a robe to wear over my clothes just in case I feel cold during the treatment. I felt like I was in a spa!

The session began with double cleansing to make sure that my skin was free from impurities.

Thereafter, a light was shone on my face so that the beautician could check on my skin. She noticed the dark marks on my jawline from my breakout, and told me that there were still blackheads deeply embedded within them. Nonetheless, she would do her best to extract them for me so that it could increase the rate of recovery.

A key stage of the facial is exfoliation, and I started with microdermabrasion.

The device on the left uses a vacuum suction to exfoliate my dead skin cells. It also loosens the pores to facilitate easy retrieval of the whiteheads and blackheads during extraction.

An ultrasonic cleanser was then used to scrub my skin and exfoliate my dead skin cells further. I know it looked like I had a blade against my face, but trust me, it was not painful at all. In fact, it was very comfortable and I relished in the idea of my facial impurities being scraped away.

After exfoliation, the beautician proceeded with extraction.

As expected, she spent most of her time meticulously extracting the whiteheads from my nose, before working on my jawline breakouts. I was told that once the blackheads were extracted successfully, the dark marks would heal fast too. Oh boy, I can't wait for them to be gone!

Vitamin C essence was applied all over my face post-extraction, and the ultrasonic cleanser was then used at a different setting to facilitate the penetration of the essence into my skin. We closed the facial with a soothing cold mask to reduce any redness, close my pores and hydrate my skin. Ahhh.. it was so relaxing that the 15 minutes seemed to go by too quickly.

Facial ended right at the 1-hour mark and my skin was glowing! The dark marks at my jawline seemed to have flattened as well. Looking forward to the day that they would disappear from my face for good!

Keen to try a facial at IDS Aesthetics? Book your appointment at IDS Aesthetics website, and follow them on their social media platforms for updates and promotions!

Social Media
IDS Aesthetics Website: Link
IDS Skincare Website: Link
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IDS Aesthetics Facebook: Link
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IDS Aesthetics Instagram: Link
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IDS Clinic
360 Orchard Road, #02-02
International Building
Singapore 238869

Operating hours
10am to 8pm (Mon to Fri)

10am to 5pm (Sat)
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with IDS Skincare & Studio 155. Reviews are based on personal experiences.