January 10th, 2015


Celebrity Fitness Gym @ Rochester Mall

Hey all!

I won a Celebrity Fitness 2-week Premier Pass which I was supposed to redeem by end November. However, thanks to the thoughtfulness of the gym's management team, they allowed me to redeem it in December when I am ready to exercise after recovering from Lasik-Lasek surgery.

I am not new to Celebrity Fitness actually. I visited the gym one time years ago and had a very good impression of it. Thus, I was happy to be back to try out the variety of interesting classes.

My impression of the gym was that it was clean, spacious and well-furnished with technogym equipment.

There was not much of a crowd during my visits to the gym on weekend mornings which made it more appealing to me since I really detest crowded and cramped gyms. I just love having the whole place to myself and gyming in peace without being surrounded by a bunch of strangers.

I heard from a friend that the gym has a higher visitorship on weekday nights though.

Technogym equipment lining the gym and leading all the way to the weights-training section, i.e. the section which is most popular and dominated by male gym-goers.

Before I start my classes in the gym, I will definitely go for a short jog on the treadmill to warm up.

You can listen to music, watch television and play games while jogging. I don't have the habit of multi-tasking while jogging though so I usually don't bother. I find it so distracting to play games while jogging!

The shoulder press machine, one of my favourite machines to use, is great for training shoulders, triceps and back.

You can adjust the weights accordingly at the side of the machine to your fitness and comfort level.

I also got to train arms and legs with the High Pull and Leg Curl machine respectively.

Besides gyming, I always look forward to attending classes.

This is the very nicely decorated Main Studio with a silhouette of a puma plastered on the mirror (yes, you can see me standing cooly from the mirror as well). The first time I visited Celebrity Fitness, I was in this studio for an uber fun circuit training. This time, I was in this studio to attend my first ever Zumba class. HA HA. I figured I needed to fulfil my curiosity for zumba since it was so universally well-liked.

So after my first zumba experience, I decided that... it wasn't my kind of thing. Perhaps it was because I've been through hip hop for a few years so zumba felt more aerobic than dancey, with some occasional hip hop isolations to jazz things up. Hey, but that's just me. I can understand why it is still popular among the ladies. I supposed dancing to fast and hip music while doing aerobic exercises, lunges and squats (which would otherwise be boring without beat and tempo) makes it more fun and challenging.

What was challening for me though was Body Combat. It was a 1 hour mixed martial arts cum aerobics class held in the same studio and my goodness, the trainer wasn't kidding when she said it would be intense. I expected it to be easy since I've had some Muay Thai experience but hell no! I was breathless by the 30 min mark and I sweated like a mad dog. Interestingly, some of the combo moves that I've learnt in Muay Thai were used during Body Combat so it was a nice refresher coupled with fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping music. If you're in for a challenging workout and you're interested to have a taste of martial arts at the same time, give Body Combat a go!

Another class that was challenging for me was Floating Yoga. Celebrity Fitness's famous for Floating Yoga so if you ever get the chance to visit the gym, please try it!

If you're looking for a form of exercise to train flexibility, this is for you. I know this because I was struggling so badly during the times when I had to stretch and be flexible (yeah, for a dancer, my flexibility pretty much sucked).

The other challenge was also suspending myself on the hammock. It might sound daredevil initially and first-timers might even be afraid but fret not, you would somehow get it with more practice. This was my 3rd time doing Floating Yoga so after being blur for the 1st 2 times, I finally got it on my 3rd lesson. What I couldn't get over was the hammock rocking while I was being suspended, making me dizzy and wanting to throw up.

Interestingly, the challenge of Floating Yoga does not deter me from this exercise so I will continue to try it whenever I have the chance. :D

Very happy to meet Deenise, my blogger friend who is also a fitness junkie like me, in the gym. I haven't seen her in ages so it was nice to catch up while gyming and taking classes together.

Oh yes, and we had a celebrity sighting at the gym as well. Looks like the gym is very aptly named, ha ha!

If you're interested to visit Celebrity Fitness, do check out their classes here. They are offering a free trial as well so you can always check the gym out to see how you like it!

Celebrity Fitness
35 Rochester Drive,
Rochester Mall, Singapore

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