January 17th, 2015


Cousin's Wedding, Marco Marco and Mad for Garlic

January's been one hell of a month due to my packed work schedule and my weekend work events.

However, fitness has served as a very good distraction.

After returning to pole and nearly dying from trying out some scary and painful tricks, I decided to work harder on training strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility. This month, I also returned to Fight G to clear my remaining 4 extreme conditioning classes. So far, the classes have been scary as shit. LOL. Imagine doing push-ups on stacked car tyres or squats with 5kg weight plates balanced on your thigh and arms. The physical training was really no joke.

Oh well, no one said fitness was gonna be easy. After all, no pain, no gain.

On New Year, my cousin got married and my family attended her wedding in Malaysia.

Decided to do a side braid since I haven't worn this hairstyle for a long time. The little girl in me still likes braided hairstyles!

Waiting for the guests to arrive. We were early!

My family occupied this table. The 8-course meal was surprisingly not too filling. I sure hope it's not because my appetite has increased. :X

With my niece, Regina who kept coming over to look for me.

Our cute wedding favour that contains a tea bag. It's a pity I don't have a habit of drinking tea!

Photo credits to Jessie.

The next day, I enjoyed a New Year dinner with my blogger friends, Jessie, Sam (aka 715) and Damien (aka Tehpeng) at Marco Marco @ Millenia Walk.

Was disappointed that I didn't get to use The Entertainer '1-for-1' deals there because the app had some technical issues on that day. Thankfully, the food was affordable so I didn't feel the pinch.

Besides, I had a great time with my really spontaneous and chill friends. I'm looking forward to our next outing already. :)

Was surprised that Jessie prepared a Christmas gift for me - a Mickey & Minnie card holder (came in time to replace my cui one), some candy and chocolates. This is the 3rd time she has surprised me with gifts! How sweet.

Yesterday, I met up with Rusty and Connie for our first Breaking Pole gathering at Mad for Garlic @ Clarke Quay. Connie also brought along her boyfriend to meet us.

In case you're curious, our group is made up of 2 pole dancers (i.e. Connie and me) and 1 B-boy (i.e Rusty); thus the name. Interestingly, we met in a hip hop setting, specifically while filming for Fullout The Musical. I didn't expect that we would keep in touch after filming. After all, I was involved in only 1 dance scene and I barely spoke to Rusty. I guess it's common interests such as our love for dancing + the wonders of social media that connected us and led us to yesterday's group outing.

The food at Mad for Garlic was yummy and we all had garlic breaths that could kill draculas at the end of the night. My food photos didn't turn out well so I can't feature them but I shall share what we've tried in this cafe.

We got to enjoy 4 main courses for the price of 2 thanks to The Entertainer app so we tried:

- Garlic Snowing Pizza (MUST TRY OKAY? This was highly raved and very delicious!)

- The Mad Mexi Nacho Pizza (would have enjoyed this better if it wasn't spicy, but my friends who could tolerate spice enjoyed it)

- Lobster Cream Pasta (Another favourite of mine; the lobster bits were extremely flavourful)

- Mad for Garlic Chicken Doria (I expected this to be an ordinary and forgettable chicken baked rice but no! It was so tasty that I went for second helpings.)

All these for $14 per pax, including GST. So worth it!

All right, I'm a tad sleepy now so I shall get ready to go to bed. I have so many blog backlogs so stay tuned to my influx of entries over the next few days.

Have a good night, my friends!