January 18th, 2015

Ze Cartoon

Advert: Butterfly Necklace and Earring Set by Bicycles SG

Hey friends!

Chinese New Year is around the corner and it's the time of the year to buy new clothes! If you're looking to spruce up your outfit, you can check out the Butterfly Necklace and Earring Set ($13) by Bicycles SG.

As the name suggests, Bicycles SG supplies all types of biycles but they also sell miscellaneous products on their website on behalf of their clients. This European-style jewelley set is one example. :)

Really loving the crystal embellishments and the pretty butterfly pendant which not only blings up your outfit but also adds a feminine elegance to it at the same time.

Photo credits to Bicycles.sg

I chose blue because it was a more suitable colour for my skin tone. It's available in red as well so for red lovers, you might want to consider this.

If I could only choose 1 piece of jewellery to wear, I would choose earrings. Classy dangling earrings like this really wins me over!

To be honest, I haven't worn a necklace for a long time. I've outgrown the long necklace phase and short necklaces really make me look like I have a short neck.

This butterfly necklace was at the right length and its crystal embellishments help to accentuate the neckline. It's great for matching with plain dinner dresses that require some jazzing up.


The Butterfly Necklace and Earring Set can be purchased conveniently on Bicycles SG website.

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