January 21st, 2015

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Food Invite: Baja Fresh Mexican Grill Restaurant @ Rendezvous Gallery

Hola amigos!

It's been a looooong time since I've eaten Mexican food. The last time was at Chipotle when I was in Michigan for a vacation with the family 2 years ago.

Thus, I was happy to have the opportunity to try Mexican food last week at Baja Fresh Mexican Grill Restaurant @ Rendezvous Gallery.

Baja Fresh is a casual dining restaurant that serves traditional and authentic Mexican cuisine.

The restaurant's philosophy is 'Live Fresh' and it commits to using fresh ingredients when preparing food for customers. In essence, the customer's food is made to order and prepared fresh. No processed or pre-heated food here; and certainly no lard or MSG! Kudos to that!


For starters, we were served some nachos with an assortment of dips.

At Baja Fresh, all entrees are served with complimentary nachos and customers are able to enjoy free flow of salsas from the salsa bar.

(From top, left to right): The Pico de Gallo, Salsa Chiles and Salsa Baja.

(From bottom, left to right): The Salsa Molcajete, Guacamole and Sour Cream.

The Guacomole totally won me over! Be careful of Salsa Chiles and Salsa Molcajete though; they're hot!

Featuring the Spicy Chicken Americano Tacos ($12.95), my favourite main course of the night.

The chicken was nicely marinated with tangy chipotle and pepper. Don't be fooled by the name though; it wasn't an extremely spicy dish. I have near to zero tolerance for spice and I was still able to wolve this down.

A look inside the tacos.

I was told by the owner of Baja Fresh that when it comes to eating Mexican food, it's normal to use your bare hands. So what I did was to squeeze the lime over the rice and chicken; add some rice and beans to my tacos; pick up my taco wrap and stuff into my mouth. Mmmm... so satisfying.

Pork Quesadillas ($13.95) were next and served alongside Pico de Gallo, Sour Cream and Guacomole (yay, more Guacomole for moi!).

I've never tried Quesadillas before so on first look, it reminded me of roti prata with stuffings. Well, it was actually a tortilla wrap with melted Monterey Jack Cheese and American-style pulled Pork Carnitas. Very flavourful indeed and easy to eat. Just pull out a bit of tortilla and eat it with your favourite dip. :)

Now, are you ready for the King of Burritos?

This huge one was none other than the Chicken Ultimo Burrito ($12.95). This dish was basically a jumbo wrap of Baja rice and chicken pieces topped with melted cheese and Baja Salsa. It was also served with grilled vegetables, sour cream and Pico de Gallo.

In my opinion, this was a very value-for-money dish. Since it's such a generous portion of Burrito, it is suffice to feed 2 people. I can already imagine 2 students sitting in this restaurant sharing a Burrito after school.

I would prefer it if there were more ingredients within the wrap though. At the moment, it's a lot of rice and can fill the stomach very quickly.

If I have to choose one dish to eat by myself, I will choose the Tostada Salad ($16.95).

The salad was made up of a tortilla bowl full of greens, shrimps, sour cream, guacomole, Pico de Gallo and shredded cheese. If you're thinking of eating light on that day, this is a good dish to dig in to. Besides, the tortilla bowl was crispy and addictive.

For dine-in, customers are usually served a 12-inch Tostadas but mini Tostadas such as the above are available when catering for home or office parties.

Catering from Baja Fresh is as simple as A,B,C! You can call their Party Pack hotline at 6337 7300, order online or order directly from the restaurant itself.

Churros for dessert, anyone?

This dessert is universally loved by both adults and kids because no one can resist the taste of fried-dough pastry in cinnamon and sugar. It was SO. GOOD and dipping it in chocolate made it even better. The calories can wait.

I had a great time digging in to my Churros and oh yes, the restaurant serves a fine glass of Margarita too. :)

Introducing the man behind the restaurant, Mr Anant Vikram Hada. Thank you for your hospitality!

So as you can see from the review, the prices are affordable for Mexican food. There's no need to go to a lavish restaurant and burn a hole in your pocket to try Mexican cuisine. You can also visit Baja Fresh website to find out more about the menu and prices.

If you're interested to visit this restaurant, here's a promotion for my readers!

From now till 28 Feb 15, simply use the promo code 'Gilmangirl' and receive a 10% discount for your order.

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill Restaurant
9 Bras Basah Road
Rendezvous Gallery
Singapore 189559

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
With cap

Event: Creative Sushi Art Workshop with Foodpanda SG & Maki-San @ The Cathay

Good day, people!

Few days ago, I attended an uber fun Creative Sushi Art Workshop hosted by Foodpanda SG & Maki-San @ The Cathay. Thanks Sam for jio-ing me along!

Photo credits to Publicist PR.

Blogger friends, CK and Jessie were at the event too so we took a group photo with Foodpanda's mascot.

My seat. Boy, I felt as though I was about to participate in a sushi-making competition. :P

Photo credits to Maki-San.

Check out my intense look of concentration when I was reading the instruction sheet. Yes, I take sushi-making very seriously.

The chef demonstrated how to make sushi rolls with smiley face pandas. As you can see from the picture above, it involved pressing rice on seaweed.

The long salmon strips (see top right hand corner) were also provided for creating the facial features of the panda.

The result - nice, neat rolls of panda sushi with cute smiley faces!

Went back to my table to try my hand at rolling sushi. DAMN! It wasn't easy at all!

Photo credits to Maki-San.

Don't be fooled by my supposed calmness in the photo above. I was actually a nervous wreck.

Pressing rice on seaweed was a messy experience because the rice kept sticking to my fingers. Soon, I was (unintentionally) flicking it all over the table. Additionally, I accidentally used the salmon strip meant for the panda's mouth to create the ear instead. I am such a sotong!!

Sushi roll done! The facial features looked so squashed together that it was hard to believe that I was trying to create a panda face. HA HA. I guess I'm not cut out to be a sushi chef. :P

My masterpieces (or not!). What a world of difference from the chef's.

Not only were my pandas not smiling; they also have twisted/horrified facial expressions.

Forcing a smile out of my panda.

Even Sam's panda looked better and skinnier than mine. Oh sigh!

Got the chance to go behind the Maki-San counter to customize my own sushi roll with their variety of ingredients. So exciting and fun!

Photo credits to Maki-San.

Choose ingredients until very happy.

Selected my favourite ingredients, which were namely salmon, egg, corn and avocados. The only sauce that I used was Sesame because many of the sauces were spicy.

Getting my customized sushi rolled and packed in pretty boxes.

With Jessie!

Final group photo with our customized sushi and selection of Maki-San boxes!

Anyway, good things must share!

Foodpanda SG is collaborating with Children Cancer Foundation in the 'Meals that Heal' campaign to donate $1 for every Foodpanda delivery in March 15. When ordering food via their website or app, simply key in 'MEALSHEAL15' code upon checkout.

Additionally, from now till 31 Dec 15, my readers can enjoy free delivery by keying in 'FREEDELIVERY' code when they order food from Foodpanda SG website, subjected to the below terms and conditions:

- Minimum order of $10
- Valid only for online and paypal payments
- Valid only for 1st time Foodpanda customers only
- Valid for all restaurants except PastaMania, Canadian Pizza, Sakae Sushi, Golden Pillow 933, Hei Sushi, Rocky Pizza & Spizza
- Foodpanda reserves the right to cancel orders and accounts if fraud activities are detected.
- Foodpanda reserves the right to stop this voucher to be used on certain restaurants without prior notice.
- Individual restaurants' terms & conditions apply.

Oh yes. Besides being located at The Cathay's Basement, Maki-San has another outlet at The Arcade @ Raffles Place so be sure to check it out! I know I definitely will. :)

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.