January 25th, 2015

From The Top

The Standing Sushi Bar, Dessert First, PoleLab Circuit Training & Studio Wu Open House

Hey everybody!

Last week, I was at The Standing Sushi Bar @ Queen Street with Sam to celebrate blogger friends, Jessie and Tehpeng's birthdays.

The highlight of our dinner - an enticing plate of sashimi for $24. So worth it! We kinda just attacked the plate when it arrived at our table.

After dinner, we went to Bugis to search for desserts and we stumbled upon Dessert First Pte Ltd @ Liang Seah Street.

Look at our glorious Mango Shaved Ice! I love mangoes so much that any desserts involving mangoes are good for me. Digggg innnnn!!!

4 of us also shared waffles. Soooo good but so sinful. Nonetheless, we hope you like our treat, Jessie and Tehpeng!

2 days ago, I spent my TGIF doing circuit training @ PoleLab with my fellow pole mates.

There were 4 stations altogether - the floor station where we did stretching exercises, planks and different variations of crunches; the gym station where we trained our arms and legs with the equipment; the wallbar station where I nearly died from having to do an Iguana Mount against the wallbar (really cannot make it!) and the pole station where we did some hardcore pole conditioning.

Need some visualization on how this circuit training goes? Check out the video below.

The floor and the gym stations were okay for me but the wallbar and pole stations were very challenging. Well, no one said fitness is gonna be easy!

A group photo with my fellow pole dancers after surviving a strenuous session of circuit training.

Not to forget the very strong, flexible and fit instructors from Polelab. Thanks for training us!

Pole Trick: Swan

Very happy that I managed to do Swan that day.

I wasn't able to do this trick initially because I was unable to open my shoulders and I was also inflexible for a dancer. I couldn't even reach my hands behind my back to hold the pole at first. But that day, I finally did it. YAYYY!!!

Will continue to improve myself so that I can muster enough strength to do Swan Variation.

Pole Trick: Standing Figurehead

This trick may look simple but it's actually not THAT simple in reality. When I tried this trick for the first time, my body was slanted in a very awkward position and I wasn't able to hold this trick for long. It took me a couple of tries before I could do this properly.

Besides, I had to rest my weight on my right armpit and right leg, which also means heavy and painful!

Nevertheless, this is possibly one of the few tricks that I could do at my level. I am struggling for the rest of them.

Moving on from pole to my next obsession - hip hop.

Today was Studio Wu's Open House @ Bugis Cube and to our pleasant surprise, all classes were free for today!

When you miss hip hop so much and a renowned school is offering free classes, you go for it!

So there I was with Aixia for Street Jazz and Waacking.

We're still wearing the same ol' hip hop shoes that we've worn since our 'filming for Fullout The Musical' days when we first knew each other.

Photo credits to instructor Poca Xie.

Street jazz by Poca was DOPE and I really enjoyed doing the choreography.

It was no doubt challenging with the many steps and the fast moves but it was also damn addictive - the kind of choreo that gets stuck in my mind for a few days and I can't stop thinking about it because I just want to nail the choreo so bad!

I also really like the photo above by Poca because it was taken randomly right before we began our hardcore street jazz choreo. Love spontaneous people!

Waacking by Zee was tough but I expected it. This wasn't my first time attending her class so I know her style and standard.

Our choreo was basically what you see in the video above. Looks complicated, isn't it?

For those of you who are new to waacking, it's a hip hop style that basically involves a lot of arm action over and behind the shoulder and it is usually accompanied with footwork and posing. I first experienced waacking years ago when I performed for Ladies Hip Hop. Our choreo had a bit of waacking so I had to learn it.

Waacking really requires a lot of psychomotor skills + rhythm and not everybody will like this style. When you're tired, you might end up flinging your arms everywhere instead of doing proper and clean waacking moves and this can be frustrating.

Still, I'm very happy to be able to hip hop again even though I'm physically exhausted and my body is aching like mad. To be honest, I miss the hip hop environment where the people seem to share the same passion and speak the same lingo as me. I love it when everyone goes full out and turns the choreo magical with the same sharpness and energy level. :)

All right, it's midnight now so I better go and sleep.

Goodnight everyone and thank you for reading!