January 26th, 2015

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Advert: Enjoy a Valentine's Day Dinner wherever you are with Foodpanda SG

Hello friends!

Valentine's Day is approaching in 3 weeks and for those of you who are in a relationship, how do you intend to spend this special day?

Will you be enjoying a romantic dinner at a lavish restaurant with your special someone before exchanging V-day presents? If yes, you better start making your reservations early!

This year, Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday so I foresee that the restaurants will be packed with couples on top of the usual weekend crowd. It can really spoil the romantic feel when you have to share your private moment with so many other restaurant-goers.

Photo credits to sammakhoul.com

If you ask me, I actually prefer to be away from the crowds during special occasions. It's nice to indulge in a luxurious meal once in a while but what's more important to me is spending quality time with my loved one. How do you spend quality time when you can barely hear each other in a crowded place or worse, have to spend most of the time squeezing with other people?

If you are wondering where else you can go on Valentine's Day, here's some suggestions by Foodpanda SG!

Photo credits to Foodpanda SG.

The most private place for dating is possibly your home (that is, if there are no other family members around in the house. If you're married, great!) or a staycation. However, staycations do not come cheap and the best dates need not be the most extravagant.

Photo credits to displaypixs.blogspot.com

I definitely like the idea of going to parks or outdoor places because they're spacious and can't get more crowded than a restaurant. Besides, it's nice to stroll along in a park, talk and admire the scenery together. And if you're worried about going hungry, that's where Foodpanda comes in!

Whichever venue you choose for your date, be it a park, beach or the comforts of your home, Foodpanda will be able to deliver a 3-course meal to you! And yes, dessert is included too. You can choose from a large variety of cuisines and be spoilt for choice from the wide selection of menus here.

Ordering is also easy! Just key in the postal code of the venue, select your order and wait for your food to be delievered straight to you.

For those who are not celebrating Valentine's Day, do not fret! This service isn't solely for the lovebirds. You can choose to spend this special day with your family or friends and enjoy Foodpanda's very convenient service too.

For more information on this V-day food delivery, menus and prices, be sure to check out Foodpanda SG.
In Koala Land

Tokyo Luxey Meetup @ Antoinette [2nd Session]

Approximately half a year ago, I met Tokyo Luxey, an online community that supplies Japanese beauty and lifestyle products for the first time and had an insightful session learning about Japanese skincare and cosmetic brands.

This time, we had a 2nd meetup session @ Antoinette and it was great to see many familiar faces!

This was also my 2nd time visiting Antoinette and I'm still marveled by how pretty this Parisian patisserie is.

Enjoying some tea with macaroons.

It's nice to meet Ms Chie Maeda again and we were introduced to a kawaii Japanese fashion label known as Oui, Ayano Ruban.

Oui, Ayano Ruban is a very girly and princessy brand that is popular in Japan. For the Singaporean ladies who are into kawaii fashion, they will certainly love this!

What's more interesting is that the brand also collaborated with Hello Kitty to design Hello Kitty-inspired clothes and accessories which I will be featuring in the pictures below. Hello Kitty lovers rejoice!

Introducing this huge pastel pink ribbon clutch bag that is bound to draw lots of attention to anyone who is using it. My jaw dropped when I saw this because I've honestly never seen anything like this before.

Besides looking very unconventional, it is also a very spacious bag with a smaller compartment in the middle for storing miscellaneous items like makeup, money and keys.

A smaller version of the ribbon bag is available too and I prefer this because it is more versatile.

These feminine and elegant clutch bags are adorable and I'm really loving the pearl handbag straps. :)

Besides bags, Oui, Ayano Ruban also sells dresses such as the above.

In my opinion, you've got to be into cute and bold prints to pull off clothes like these!

Photo credits to Rena.

Some photos with my beauty blogger friends who were present at the event. Thank you Rena for sending me this picture!

One of my favourite photos with Cynthia. She's really good at choosing lighting and photo angles!

Another one!

Haven't seen Cynthia and Emily in a while so I was happy to meet them again in this event! Had so much fun taking nonsense photos with the girls.

Photo credits to Tokyo Luxey.

With the rest of the beauty bloggers!

Received a ribbon notebook from Oui, Ayano Ruban and a Hello Kitty pen - perfect souvenirs for the writer in me!

If you're interested to find out more about Oui, Ayano Ruban, please check out their website here.

For more information on Tokyo Luxey, please also visit their webpage here.