February 3rd, 2015


Event: A Night of Magic by Joe Labero @ Raffles Hotel

Hello, my friends!

Thanks to Cosmopolitan Singapore, I had the opportunity to watch 'A Night of Magic at Raffles' at Raffles Hotel Jubilee Hall few days ago.

This was my first time watching a live magic show in a theatre and I was ecstatic because I knew I would be in for a mind-blowing performance.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos of the show but PR Communications has kindly sent me a couple of images for this blog feature so thank you!

Photo credits to PR Communications.

Introducing Swedish magic master, Joe Labero - a charismatic and engaging magician who captivated the audience with his spectacular illusions and tricks.

Sure, there were several familiar tricks that were performed, such as the classic 'cutting body in half but hey, the body's still intact!' trick as well as the levitation and disappearing acts. I've seen these tricks on TV years ago but when it was performed right before my eyes, it was just stunning. This was especially so when I have front row seats and could see every trick very clearly.

I remembered that Labero actually made a table levitate and fly past the audience very smoothly, as though the table had a mind of its own. All these while, I was staring hard at the table, hoping to discover some remote control button at an obscure corner but I could find nothing. How unbelievable!!

Photo credits to PR Communications.

There was plenty of audience participation as well, which made Labero's performance very interactive.

At one moment, my sister (whom I brought along as a plus one) was asked to stand up and hold a solid steel ring (or in magician's terms, a Chinese ring) while Labero knocked another solid steel ring through it. My sister's jaw just dropped when it happened. How the ring went through so smoothly was completely beyond our comprehension.

Photo credits to PR Communications.

My favourite act has got to be the last one where Labero performed a death-defying stunt.

Basically, he was tied and suspended upside down on a giant clamp with razor-sharp 'jaws' and had only 60 seconds to escape from it. I nearly freaked out because I had no idea how he could conquer such a seemingly impossible challenge. But he did. I was too impressed beyond words.

Photo credits to PR Communications.

If you've noticed 2 other performers besides Labero in the pictures, namely the guy with pigtails (?!) and the pretty lady in red above, they belong to a Swedish circus and street artists group called Burnt Out Punks.

They gave a splendid gymnastics, acro-yoga and fire-eating performance which really amazed me. I was totally in awe when the lady (whom has very nice, to-die-for abs, by the way) did some super high-level acro-yoga pose upside down on a very tall structure, balancing herself with only her strong arms and core. Need I say more? Her talent is inspiring.

There was a meet-and-greet session after the show and I got Joe Labero's signature. So happy!

A Night of Magic at Raffles will run from 19 Jan 15 to 22 Feb 15 from Wednesday to Sunday.
For more information on showtimes and ticket pricing, check out SISTIC website here.

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