February 8th, 2015

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Sponsored Review: A Buffet of Original Source Shower Gels

Hey everyone!

Last month, I participated in fellow blogger, Jessie Ting's Original Source giveaway and I was selected as a winner.

I actually forgot what I won and thought that I probably won a bottle of shower gel so I was shocked to see a buffet of Original Source Shower Gels waiting for me when I returned home. I couldn't believe I was showered (literally) with so much love from Original Source!

Greeted by this colourful box of goodness on my desk.

In case you're wondering what's with the pictures of nature and fruits, Original Source products are made of natural plant and fruit extracts. Kudos to that!

Opening the box to reveal a Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel + a Cranberry and Honey Daily Scrub in the cutest packaging!

And wait, there's more....

Original Source launched a series of assorted shower products that consist of a nice mix of natural ingredients in them.

I was sent 7 bottles in pretty rainbow colours and now, I shall introduce each bottle to you.

Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel

Honestly, not everybody can appreciate mint shower gels because it depends on whether the individual likes the smell of mint. You will probably like this smell if you like eating mint sweets or spearmint gum. It just so happened that I DO like eating mint sweets, so naturally, I enjoy using this shower gel.

Besides, I love the fact that it gives off a nice, cooling sensation after wash, as though I had a nice bath in icy, spring water. As this doesn't smell too feminine, I believe that guys will like using this shower gel too.

Cranberry and Honey Daily Scrub

As stated on the bottle, this product contains 425 crushed cranberry seeds which serve to exfoliate the skin without being too harsh against it. I love how my skin became so much smoother after a good clean.

This is especially good for me when I want to get rid of all that sweat and grime from my body after my fitness/dance classes. Plus I smell like cranberry juice after that, ha ha! :)

Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Gel

Keen to smell like a field of lavenders? Then try this bright purple shower gel!

Besides looking aesthetically appealing, this shower gel gives off a strong floral and feminine scent. I foresee that it will be a hot favourite among ladies.

Vanilla and Raspberry Shower Gel

Mmmm.. sounds yummy!

This blend of ingredients reminds me of the ingredients of a cake. True enough, this makes you smell like one too, which is pretty bizarre but also interesting.

This shower gel happens to be very moisturizing as well which is a major plus point! :)

Shea Butter and Honey Shower Gel

Another moisturizing shower gel is the Original Source's Shea Butter and Honey.

This shower gel is my absolute favourite because it smells so much like toffee sweets. No, make that a large box of toffee sweets. I actually took a whiff of the bottle because I couldn't believe that a shower gel could smell so delicious. <3

Lime Shower Gel

Moving on from delicious toffee sweets, we have a shower gel that smells like a refreshing glass of lime juice. I know right?

With a colour and a smell that aren't too much on the feminine side, guys will probably be inclined to use this compared to the other shower gel variants. Let your Dad, husband, brother or boyfriend try this!

Lemon and Tea Tree Shower Gel

Lastly, the shower gel that makes me feel as though I was showering with lemonade.

The lemon smell was very strong and lasting even after the shower and it certainly provided a very invigorating wash. There's something about citrus scents that really rejuvenate the senses!

So which is my favourite shower gel of all?

It's honestly a tough choice because I love all shower gels for different reasons. If I have to narrow down to my ultimate favourite, it will probably be the Shea Butter & Honey because of its addictive smell and moisturizing ability.

Original Source Shower Gels retail at $6.50 for a 250ml bottle (very affordable!!) and can be found conveniently at John Little, Watsons, Guardian etc.

For more information, please check out Original Source website or its Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Ribbon Dress

Event: Domino's Pizza Gold Rush Party

Hi everyone!

Early this week, I attended Domino's Pizza Gold Rush Party at its Kovan outlet with The Influencer Network (TIN) bloggers and it was superbly fun.

Picture credits to Domino's Pizza & The Influencer Network.

Domino's recently launched 4 golden chicken pizzas at an affordable price of $8.80 each and I had the opportunity to try 2 of them on top of other food provided by the Domino's team.

This was my 2nd time attending a Domino's Pizza party and I must say that I was very impressed by the efforts of the Domino's team to make their events so celebratory and festive. I felt like I was attending a birthday party!

Photo credits to The Influencer Network.

Photo with Lilith who's an amazing cartoonist and illustrator. She blogs and draws at Draw Mi Something so check her out!

William and Gerald from TIN played host to us. Noticed that they were both wearing gold ties?

Since it was a Gold Rush party, guests were supposed to wear something gold. I have no gold outfit so I made do with a gold pair of earrings that eventually became nicely obscured behind my hair. HA HA.

Anyway, contest shoutout to my readers!

Domino's launching a contest where you can stand to win attractive prizes such as a shopping spree (1st prize), iPhone 6 Gold (2nd prize) or a Gold Bar (3rd prize) when you order Domino's Golden Chicken!

Notice the contest form above with the words 'Place stickers here'?

Whenever you order a box of Golden Chicken pizza, it will come with a contest form and a Golden sticker where you can collect and stick on the form. 3 stickers are all you need to move on to Stage 2 of the contest.

Now, the next thing you have to do is to write the words 'Golden Chicken' in your most creative way.

After you are done, you can submit your entry to any Domino's store or mail it to 81 Ubi Ave 4 #10-16 Singapore 408830 (Attn: Domino's Gold Rush). Contest ends on 8 Mar 15!

An example of a creative piece of submission will be my blogger friend Joey's drawing where he drew a chicken using the words 'Golden Chicken'.

As for the other piece of artwork done by yours truly, please ignore it. As you can see, my attempt to draw a chicken became a drawing of a penguin because I simply cannot draw to save my life. Please do not learn from me!

Photo credits to The Influencer Network.

*Gulps* Look at the amazing artwork of the people in the front. So glad my drawing was hidden and far away.

Food was served in a pretty 'I'm Yours' box. Oooh, just in time for the upcoming Valentine's Day!

Golden Outback Chicken

Golden Outback Chicken was made of oven-baked chicken tenders covered in BBQ sauce, green and red capsicum and olives. It was SO GOOD that I went for second helpings.

I especially love the crispy texture of the chicken (damn, even the charred bits were nice). Although I'm not a fan of olives, I think the overall yummilicious taste of the pizza really won me over.

Golden Italiano Chicken

This was oven-baked chicken tenders covered in pesto sauce, pineapple, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

Although I also love the crispy texture of the chicken, this pizza was a tad spicy for my liking and thus, I prefer the Golden Outback Chicken. However, do note that I have a low tolerance for spice. People who can take spice might like this better than me.

Parmagiana Chicken

Besides letting us try their Golden Chicken pizzas, Domino's also fed us generously with other food. This was Parmagiana Chicken, a pizza containing roasted chicken, smoked chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, olives, parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese. Delicious and super filling!

Meatballs were so good that Joey ate a handful of them.

Yay, chicken wings! So glad that these wings were not spicy or else I wouldn't be able to enjoy them.

Onion rings, best eaten when hot because it can get soggy when exposed to air after a while.

Ending the night with a sweet treat - Domino's Chocolate Lava Cake.

I've eaten this in my first Domino's Pizza party and I knew how delicious this was so I decided to save this and share it with the family. They loved it too! :)

Received this pretty gold cup and some chocolate money from the organizers of the party.

My mum actually told me to keep this pretty cup in our display cabinet instead of using it to drink water!

Group photo credits to The Influencer Network.

Promotions exclusive for my readers!

You can log on to Domino's webpage, register for an account (if you don't already have one) and you can proceed to key in the below promo codes to enjoy the following freebies:

- Key in 'BLG219A' for a free Golden Chicken with regular pizza purchase

- Key in 'BLG219B' for a free Golden Chicken with large pizza purchase

- Key in 'BLG219C' for a free Golden Chicken with xtra large pizza purchase

- Key in 'BLG219D' to pay only $5 for Golden Chicken

For more information on Golden Chicken, check out Domino's webpage and facebook page.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Services Review: Le Spa Taiwanese Foot Massage

Hey everyone!

I was at Le Spa @ Gemmill Lane for a massage session yesterday and it certainly started my Saturday morning well.

Le Spa has outlets along Chun Tin Road and Gemmill Lane. I opted for the Gemmill Lane outlet because it was closer to the venue of my subsequent event.

And yes, you didn't read wrongly. This is a 24 hour spa so you can enjoy your massage sessions at any time!

Le Spa is an oriental spa that provides a variety of body massages, foot massage and other therapeutic services such as guasha, cupping and ear candling.

I was initially invited to try the body massage sessions but due to my intense fear for ticklish body massages, I decided to choose the Taiwanese Foot Massage (1.5 hr session) instead. So glad that Le Spa was able to accommodate my choice. Thank you William for making this special arrangement!

This was my second time doing foot massage so I was definitely more relaxed than my first time. The black seats were also super comfy! If I didn't have to take photos during the session, I would have drifted into a deep sleep.

The session began with me having to soak my feet in water and getting my feet exfoliated using a foot scrub.

Lotion was then applied to my legs to nourish the skin.

The therapist then used a warm towel to wrap my right foot while she worked on massaging my left foot. It was dammmn shiok okay?

I now understand why my fitness friends enjoy going for massages after an intense workout. When your legs are sore from gyming/dancing, it is indeed therapeutic to massage the sore points. It wasn't very painful (okay, there was some mild and tolerable pain at some areas) and itchy so overall, I enjoyed the session very much.

Changed side!

This was also the moment when my therapist suddenly asked me whether I work out regularly because she could feel my leg muscles and could tell that I am a fitness person. HA HA! :)

After a soothing massage, my legs no longer ache and I also felt rejuvenated.

The session ended with a nice, warm cup of ginger tea.

If you're looking for a spa to pamper yourself with massages, be sure to check out Le Spa. Their services and respective prices can be found here.

Le Spa (Club Street Outlet)
14 Gemmill Lane
Singapore 069253

Le Spa (Bukit Timah Outlet)
16A Chun Tin Road
Singapore 599603

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.