February 12th, 2015


Mortdecai, Pole & Vacation

Hi everyone!

Gosh, it's February already?! Time flies when you are busy!

In late January, I attended the movie preview of Mortdecai.

Photo credits to themoviewaffler.com

In this movie, Johnny Depp acts as a debonair art dealer who goes on an adventure to recover a stolen painting that contains the password to a bank account. Johnny Depp has yet again accepted another quirky role and I was excited to see how he plays this oddball character. And boy, he really cracked me up!

He's basically a klutzy James Bond who cannot save himself and everything goes wrong in his adventure. Definitely a movie to watch if you want to just kick back, relax and laugh over Mortdecai's stupidity. :)

Graduated from Pole 7 feeling majorly proud of myself and very happy that I could advance to the next level.

With ma pole girls.

Honestly, there were times when I felt really lousy after pole because I couldn't do the tricks that were required of me. My pole mates were strong, fit and flexible + they learn really fast so there were times when I felt that I couldn't keep up.

I remembered that when I first started doing pole, I found that I could spin quite well and thus, I wanted to be the best pole dancer in class. As I advanced the level and I met other girls who were more capable than me in many ways, I lowered my expectations and only aimed to improve myself each time. Sometimes, there seemed to be no improvement. Other times, miracles seemed to happen.

Snippets from our Pole 7 choreography.

The thing about Pole 7, besides learning advanced tricks, is that I also learn tricks that demand flexibility. Unfortunately, my flexibility sucks for a dancer so naturally, I struggled. I didn't looked as nice as other girls on the pole; was nervous when transitting from trick to trick; I got stuck at my positions frequently and I felt pain/soreness all the time.

Attempting to do a Ballerina but got stuck.

On the last lesson of the level, we had to do a solo showcase in front of our pole mates and it was nerve-wrecking. I expected myself to screw up very badly and maybe even fall off the pole but surprisingly, I managed to do majority of the tricks and completed the choreo while staying on the pole for the whole song. That sense of achievement was exhilarating.

Here are some tricks that I've learnt in this level:

Swan (left pic) & Swan Variation (right pic)

Both tricks are pretty tricks but they require flexibility.

I took a while to get into Swan when I first learnt it because I couldn't even reach my arm backwards to grab the pole. Swan variation was worse because it also required strength to hold your weight using only your right arm.

Yogini (left pic) & Yogini Variation (right pic)

Does this look painful to you? If yes, you're right!

When I first learnt this, I kept giving up because it hurts like shit!

That feeling of pressing your left armpit against the pole, stretching to reach for your legs and holding your entire weight using only your armpit was NO JOKE. I like Yogini variation though. I look like I'm flying. :)

Photo with Sur! She's not continuing the next level anymore and I'm gonna miss her so much!

With Sur, Vera and our post-pole sweatiness. HA HA.

Speaking of dance, congratulations to Wenhui for emerging as champion for contemporary dance competition, The Royal Dance-Off 2015. Amazing lines and superb control of moves, not to mention a very memorable choreography! Well done!

It's been a while since I've watched a good contemporary piece. Somehow, watching good choreography like this makes me miss contemporary. I haven't been doing this style for a very long time and my skills have gone rusty already. Maybe it's time to explore this again?

As you're reading this, I'm preparing to fly off to Hoi An, Vietnam for a short, pre-CNY vacation.

Packing as lightly as possible.

I know this travel destination is a little out of the blue because of all places, why Hoi An?

Hoi An is a hidden gem, or so I heard, with beautiful scenery, cultural sights and interesting food. Go google some images if you're curious and be surprised at the lovely sights that this quaint town offers. I've never been there before (I've only been to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam yearrrrss ago) so I'm game to explore the place.

Just reading up on the place makes me excited already. There's so much I want to do there. Will 3 days be suffice for me to cover the places that I want to go? We shall see!

I'll be documenting my journey in photos/videos and I'll definitely be blogging about my trip to introduce my readers to Hoi An. Stay tuned for my travelogue, ya?

Till then! :)