February 18th, 2015

From The Top

Hoi An Travelogue Day 3: Marble Mountain, An Bang Beach & Dao Tien River Restaurant

Okay, it's officially Chinese New Year now so Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

On Day 3, Sis and I climbed Marble Mountain at Da Nang.

It was my idea actually. I was brimming with curiosity about this mountain while Sis was worried that she wouldn't be fit enough to climb it.

Her worries were uncalled for because we managed to make it to the top with some climbing and the help of an elevator (LOL, yes I know right). Just look at the view!!

The elevator that saved us (from climbing).

You've got to pay a small fee to take the elevator so I will suggest paying to go up the elevator and walking your way down the mountain. It's less strenuous that way.

With the Sis and other mountain peaks behind us. Yes, they are all part of Marble Mountain too.

We had a tour guide with us and he told us that monks frequent the mountain to pray at the numerous temples.

As can be seen from the pictures, there were strong Chinese and Buddhist influences on this mountain.

I was most excited about visiting caves and on this trek, I got to visit lots of them. The caves were made entirely of marble. :)

It was amazing how naturally cooling the caves were; almost as though there were air-cons installed in them but you know that's not the case.

Some climbing was needed and it has to be done carefully because some of the steps were steep; hidden in darkness and also a tad slippery. I was climbing like a toddler.

Pretty cherry blossoms!

Photo with Sis as we reached another photo point. :)

Marble Mountain, in essence, was smaller than expected. After exploring the whole mountain, we had excess time to go somewhere else so I asked the driver whether he could bring us to An Bang Beach.

An Bang Beach seems to be known for its seafood. Unfortunately, it was located quite a distance from our hotel so we weren't able to linger too long over there.

I'm absolutely in love with the view! Why so gorgeous!

Must take beach selfie and pretend to relax along the beach.

Dao Tien River Restaurant

Address: 19/4 Phan Boi Chau, Hoi An, Vietnam

By the time we returned from sightseeing, it was time for dinner so we headed for a nearby restaurant called Dao Tien River Restaurant.

The restaurant was only a few minutes walk away from Ha An Hotel and it looked mega luxurious with affordable and yummilicious food.

As you can see, our seats were right beside the river but it was too dark to see anything. LOL.

Introducing another Hoi An dish to try - Quang Noodles.

This dish was basically rice noodles mixed with shrimp, pork and vegetables and served with Quang Noodle sauce and herbs. I couldn't decide whether I like Cao Lao or Quang Noodles better.

We also shared a starter platter of Vietnamese specialties and it was so good.

Out of curiosity, we also tried a Caramel Flan and I loved it! For a dessert, it was surprisingly not too sweet. Kudos to that!

All right. Moving on to the last travelogue entry. Let's go!

Hoi An Travelogue Day 4: Foot Massage, Miss Ly Cafe & The Flight Home

Hey peeps!

On the last day of our trip, we took it easy because there weren't actually much to do by the end of our trip.

Our legs were aching from climbing Marble Mountain the day before so we decided to spend our remaining Vietnamese dong on a foot and leg massage.

Five Senses Spa

Address: 14 Phan Boi Chau St, Hoi An 51000, Vietnam

This spa was next to Ha An Hotel and we did our massage facing the road.

Massage therapist saw me taking photos and proceeded to place a flower pot beside me for aesthetic purposes. HA HA.

Soaking my feet! Excuse my chipped nail polish on my feet.

This happens when I have to hide my toes behind covered shoes for 4 consecutive days.

A massage works best for me when I have aching legs. The little tub that you see in the picture is the good ol' tiger balm.

The massage session was very relaxing with some mild pain at the sore points. That aside, it was a much needed massage and I was glad to spend my Monday morning that way. No Monday blues, yay!

Miss Ly Cafe

Address: 22 Nguyen Hue Street, Hoi An, Vietnam

Checked out of our hotel by 12pm and we went to grab a quick lunch at Miss Ly Cafe before our pick-up arrived.

Tried the Garlic Mushroom Baguette. It was super fragrant and tasty!

Since we didn't order drinks (the fruit juices were a little on the expensive side), we ordered a Chicken Soup with Noodles instead. Not too bad! Can't go wrong with chicken soup.

Had the most hilarious plane ride ever.

There was a passenger who came on board the plane without knowing that there was a freaking large cockroach crawling on his back. The other passengers were all screaming and the flight attendants had to spray the plane with some form of pesticide.

Shortly after when the plane was moving, screams were heard from some students at the back of the plane because the cockroach had somehow made its way to their side. They caught it (not too sure whether they killed it) and everyone started clapping their hands in joy. That's too much drama for a cockroach!

Stopover at Siem Reap, Cambodia's airport. I only had 30 minutes to explore the airport, damn!

Might this be my next travel destination? We shall see! :)

All right, it's very late now so I'm going to bed. Tomorrow's a full day of house visiting so I'll need to look all energetic and pretty. Need my beauty sleep so good night!