February 22nd, 2015

Ribbon Dress

River Hongbao 2015, Big Hero 6 & Hauls

Hey all!

This Chinese New Year has been a particularly restful one and I was glad for the long break because it gave me plenty of time to do the things I wanted to do.

I enjoyed a reunion dinner with my family; house-visited; caught up on my blog backlogs; slept like a pig and also got my laptop fixed from some malware issues (thank you brother-in-law!).

Unlike my friends who seemed to have many houses to visit over the past 4 days, I did my house-visiting in Malaysia within a day. I was stuck in traffic for 4 hours so it felt like I went house to house just to collect red packets. -.-

I also visited River Hongbao 2015 with the family and it was fun despite having to squeeze with the crowd.

Interestingly, I wouldn't have said the same many years ago when I hated visiting River Hongbao because of the crowds. I couldn't appreciate the festive cheer and didn't understand why my parents wanted to go for this year after year. I supposed being a blogger has accustomed me to such events and made me more open-minded towards them.

Pretty peacocks!

The 18m tall God of Fortune. Money money come to me?

The highlight of River Hongbao was the tightrope walking performance that really blew my mind away.

Besides walking across the tightrope, the acrobats also did some cycling stunt; walked across the tightrope blind-folded and even danced across the tightrope. I had no idea how they could do that so successfully. It was mind-boggling!

Attap house and boats that characterized Singapore's old kampong life.

It may just be a tree but it was gorgeeeouss!

Photo credits to imdb.com

Got to watch Big Hero 6 thanks to brother-in-law and it totally cracked me up.

I could finally understand why my friends were so obsessed with this large white marshmallow-looking robot called Baymax. He's too cute. I absolutely loved his big fat belly and his blur, clumsy moments. HA HA!

It also had a heartwarming storyline about love and sacrifice which made this animation very meaningful. My nephew and niece loved this so much that they watched it over and over again.

Had some great hauls this month.

The 2 sports bras and the 3 pairs of socks were courteousy of Adidas Singapore, thanks to some vouchers which I won from a contest.

I guess it's new pole/fitness wear for me and my mum was really happy to receive the socks for her sports activities. (yeah, my mum's a sportswoman too - I supposed that's where I got my fitness genes from.)

I was told that there would be loads of discounts in the malls post-CNY so I went to hunt for them yesterday. True enough, the discounts were good and I managed to snag a dress, 2 tops and a pair of skorts for $55 in total. No pictures of them at the moment but you will probably see them in my future blog entries when I wear them for events.

Oh yes, thank you Creme Simon Singapore for sending me these goodies for Valentine's Day. I love the products to bits! :)

Work begins again tomorrow. Even though many of us will still be in holiday mood, let's try to focus and work hard together okay? Jia yo everyone!