February 23rd, 2015

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Sponsored Review: Jergens Moisturizing Collection

Hey everyone!

I used to think that I need not rely on body moisturizers because my skin could function well without them. As my skin condition started changing with time, I found myself experiencing new issues like dry and flaky skin that is prone to scratches/injuries. Ever since I began my fitness life, my skin also started reacting sensitively to sweat, resulting in occasional rashes and itches. This was when I started to use body moisturizers to deal with all these skin problems.

Having spent a couple of days in Hoi An, Vietnam where the climate was cooler and drier than Singapore's, my skin has been quite patchy and itchy in recent days. Thus, I was glad to be introduced to 3 body moisturizers from the Jergens Moisturizing Collection when I returned.

Jergens is the no. 1 body lotion brand in the States and their body moisturizers are formulated to combat dryness for healthy-looking and luminous skin.

In fact, the Moisturizing Collection range has been reformulated with a Hydralucence blend that brings about long-lasting skin luminosity and hydration. How this happens is that the microscopic serum droplets of the product forms a shield over the skin, preventing hydration loss and providing the skin a healthy glow instead.

I've got 3 variants with me so I shall introduce them one by one.

Jergens Ultra Healing

For people with very dry skin conditions such as patchy, flaky and even peeling skin, Jergens Ultra Healing might be your skin saver. This moisturizer contains Vitamin C, E & B5 that not only nourish dry skin; they also repair it.

Jergens Ultra Healing has a thick, creamy texture and a rather strong scent. Upon applying the product to my body, I could feel its moisture-locking effects instantaneously. How incredible! I could totally imagine this moisturizer working its magic on people with dry, sunburnt skin.

Jergens Daily Moisture

Jergens Daily Moisture is also suitable for people with dry skin. That said, people with very dry skin might need to slap on more of this product on their body compared to Jergens Ultra Healing.

This moisturizer contains silk proteins and citrus extracts. It has a relatively lighter texture than Jergens Ultra Healing and its scent is also mildly fragrant. I love how it smoothened and moisturized my skin so quickly without leaving behind any oily/sticky residue.

Jergens Soothing Aloe

My favourite moisturizer has got to be the Jergens Soothing Aloe, simply because it contains cucumber extract and pure Aloe Vera - the very ingredients that I swear by for skin healing and rejuvenation. They're great for soothing pole abrasions!

This has the lightest texture and most pleasant scent out of the 3 moisturizers. My only gripe was that I tend to apply more of this product in order to achieve the same level of moisturization as the other 2 moisturizers. Nonetheless, it still worked well to my expectations so I have no complains.

The picture on the left is a dry area with loads of little bumps near my knee which I had no idea how I got them.

Those bumps ain't pimples; they're just.... bumps (for lack of a better word). After applying a generous amount of Jergens Soothing Aloe, I noticed that the bumps were less conspicuous in the picture on the right. The effect wasn't very long-lasting though. Then again, I'm not expecting miracles to happen. I believe I'll need to re-apply the moisturizer time and again to truly repair the skin and hopefully rid my skin from those hideous bumps.

In all, I think the 3 moisturizers work great and they would be perfect if they could also cure my body itch whenever I apply them! I'm not expecting miracles, but I can dream, can't I? :P


All moisturizers retail at $8.90 for a 400ml bottle and they can be found at Watsons, Guardian and our leading supermarkets.

For more information about Jergen's Moisturizing Collection, check out Kao SG's website here.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.