March 7th, 2015

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Food, Movies, The 5 Search & Spinning Pole

Hey everyone!

Surprisingly, it's been nearly 2 weeks since I've blogged and I've got lots to update so here goes.

Truth be told, I haven't been in the best of moods lately. When you're feeling down, how do you cope with your feelings? For me, it's definitely confiding in someone.

One of my favourite people to talk to is my bestie, Bev who's always there to lend me a listening ear.

She gives great advice too which I really appreciate. Sometimes, you just need that 3rd person's opinion to affirm your decisions during those confusing moments of your life and I'm glad I have such a support. Bev and I do give each other emotional support through whatsapp occasionally, but nothing beats talking face-to-face. :)

So besides catching up over dinner, we went to try Tai-Parfait Matcha & Azuki at Plaza Singapura. I was eager to try after seeing so many enticing Instagram pictures of it.

I've eaten that fish pancake before but I never knew that adding matcha ice-cream and red bean paste to it would taste so amazing. I'm officially won over. Thank you Bev for treating me to this. :)

Speaking of food, we had a departmental lunch treat at StraitsKitchen @ Grand Hyatt Hotel and these were some of the food that we've tried from its buffet.

As the name suggests, the food was all Southeast Asian food so don't expect any Western/Japanese/Korean foodfare. Nonetheless, the food was pretty good, especially the exotic Indian cuisine and I had a great time sampling the variety of desserts.

The downside was that we had food coma after the buffet. LOL.

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I've been watching loads of shows recently and one of them was Still Alice.

Alice, played by Julianne Moore is a linguistics professor who struggled with early-onset Alzheimer's disease and this movie documents the process of her deterioriation.

It is really sad to see such a smart, capable and independent lady becoming someone who can no longer remember anything or express herself and who has to rely on others to look after her.

Alzheimer's, or any disease for that matter is something that we can only pray for it not to happen to our loved ones or ourselves. Really glad to have the opportunity to watch this and I hope that one day, I can read the book too.

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On to a more light-hearted movie, which was Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen.

Strangely, I had a difficult time jio-ing my friends for this because my friends have either watched it or they were not interested. I've watched all ABTM movies and this was my absolute favourite. I just couldn't stop laughing at the jokes and the idiosyncrasies of the characters.

Jokes aside, this movie was also touching, particularly the heart-wrenching scene between Lobang King and his mother.

The only thing I found odd was how they 'restarted' the plot such that the guys didn't know one another until they joined the Navel Diving Unit. Totally not linked to the 1st 2 movies at all where they had already gone through weal and woe together. It would be better if it was a continuation instead of a restart.

I recently also had my first live telecast experience for The 5 Search Grand Finale @ Mediacorp TV Theatre, thanks to complimentary tickets from Matthew who was a previous contestant of The 5 Search.

For those who do not follow the show, the 5 Search is a hosting and acting competition which strives to find the next face for Channel 5. It sounds really prestigious and the winner gets $30,000 and a 2 year job contract with Mediacorp.

There were actually less seats than the number of tickets given out on that day. A large group had to go home because there weren't enough seats for them, including myself. Not surprisingly, many of them were pissed off because everyone had to wait for 1 hour before they could be seated. I was very lucky to be able to get seats in the end, even though I had to sit apart from my plus one.

Nonetheless, it was an exhilarating experience for me. I really enjoyed watching the hilarious performances live and I also got to see what goes on behind the live set. Let's just say that going on camera can be very nerve-wrecking and lots of preparation work has to be done off camera. Kudos to the contestants and congratulations to Ms Kayly Loh for winning the competition. :D

Now that I've reached the advanced levels for static pole, I'm on the lookout for another school that teaches spinning pole. This studio is Milan Pole Dance Studio (MPDS) Singapore, a spinning pole studio equipped with stainless steel poles. The original studio in Milan was founded by pole star, Marion Crampe (I looove her!!).

Pole-ling on a spinning pole is a different sort of challenge from pole-ling on a static pole. Because the pole moves while you are on it, you need to control it to prevent yourself from spinning too quickly or off it. Additionally, you need to get used to the dizziness. The strength used is also different. Admittedly, the tricks done on a spinning pole look prettier though. <3

This is Pole Dance Academy (PDA) Singapore and it's also a spinning pole studio equipped with brass poles. PDA originated from Sydney, Australia and they were founded by 2 gorgeous pole stars who are also sisters, Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle.

Brass poles are great for people with sweaty hands because they are less slippery but I'm honestly not a fan of them because they just make my hands really dry and full of calluses at the end of the day. The poles were not very high though so it's a relief for shorties like me.

After going for spinning pole trials at both studios, I've picked up some favourite spinning tricks. When I graduate from static pole, I will be sure to embark on my journey in spinning pole.

All right, that's the end of this entry. I have some blog backlogs coming up so stay tuned for them!

Event: Meditrina Partners' Appreciation Dinner @ Concorde Hotel

Hey people!

Earlier this week, I was invited by Herine to Meditrina Partners' Appreciation Dinner @ Concorde Hotel. Thank you girl!

I am considered a 'partner' because I had previously featured Meditrina Tissue Manipulation Therapy and Meditrina body products on my blog. There were other beauty bloggers around so I was happy to make friends with them.

The dinner was very grand and we got to enjoy an 8-course dinner so I felt as though I was attending a wedding.

Balloons always add to the festive cheer of the event and they make great props for photo-taking.

Lo hei time with the Prosperity 'Yu Sheng' Platter. This was my second Lo hei of the year.

The fun part about this Lo hei, besides shouting our wishes was to create a mess all over the table.

This delicious soup has a very long name so brace yourselves. It's called the Four Treasure Soup of dried scallops, crabmeat, prawns & shredded duck. Yums!

Here's some sauteed prawns with seasonal vegetables.

I'm quite picky with fish but this Hong Kong style steamed garoupa won me over.

Fancy some barbequed chicken with minced garlic?

Yay to broccoli with chinese mushrooms. I'm an ultimate broccolli fan.

Our last main course was fried rice with shrimps and crabmeat.

We also had red bean puree with gingko nuts as dessert but I forgot to take pictures of it.

With the pretty Herine! Must take photo with her before she became busy with her stage performance!

Yes, there was a singing competition and Herine was one of the participants for it.

She sang Tiger Huang's '
没那么简单' and I'm pleased to announce that she came in as 1st runner-up and the Most Popular contestant. YAY!!!

I got to know Kristen, the editor of Daily Vanity SG through this event and I was very impressed when she went onstage to give an impromptu performance.

It turned out that she was a professional wedding singer!

She totally blew us away with her melodious voice. Omg, so talented and so much feels!

Photo credits to HAP Global & Meditrina SG

In all, it was a great event where I made new friends and got to enjoy a sumptuous dinner as well as a spectacular performance. It really brightened up my Monday. Besides, I love everybody's smiles in the group photo!

Thank you Herine for inviting me and thank you Kristen and her husband for giving me a lift home!