March 22nd, 2015


Food Invite: Xi Men Ding Taiwanese Restaurant @ Vivocity

Hey everyone!

After a long and busy week filled with meetings, work events and presentations, I was elated to end my Monday blues with a food tasting session at Xi Men Ding Taiwanese Restaurant @ Vivocity.

Personally, I've been to Taiwan 3 times and Xi Men Ding was one of my favourite places to visit.

I generally love Taiwanese food, be it the food served in restaurants or the street food. Thus, I'm happy to have the opportunity to indulge in one of my favourite cuisines.

The cosy Chinese restaurant that was nicely decorated with stamps. No kidding - look closely.

A shelf of travel books to entice us to visit Taiwan? :P

Starting our food tasting session with some thirst quenchers.

That's Jia Hui's water chestnut drink ($3.90) and my honey lemon drink ($3.90). Both drinks can be served hot or cold.

Our first dish was the Mixed Salad with Chicken, Seafood and Pork ($12.90).

I may not be a fan of chicken breast meat but the other ingredients in the bowl made up for it. Love the addictive and crispy lotus roots though!

What's a salad without dressing?

Unlike the typical dressing that complements Western salads, this restaurant serves their own homemade dressing. The dressing that you see in the above picture was the Goma Sauce which consisted of blended tofu and sesame seed. Unique, healthy and delicious!

If Goma Sauce isn't your thing, they also have their Xi Men Ding homemade sauce so be sure to try it!

My ultimate favourite has got to be this Brazilian Mushroom Soup in Chicken Broth ($7.90).

Think bowl of fragrant herbal goodness coupled with yummilicious Brazilian mushroom and tender chicken meat. It would be perfect if I was indulging in this soup while it was pouring outside. Definitely
会有家的温暖. :D

The dish that won my blogger friends' compliments was the Steamed Cod with Radish ($18.90).

The texture was soft; the taste flavourful and even the way they garnish each slice of cod fish was so professionally done. 

It was indeed tempting to wolf the cod fish down and aim for a second slice but I recommend you to eat this slowly and carefully because there were some small bones in there.

Introducing the 'San Bei' King Oyster Mushroom with Basil ($16.90) which was quite a hit among the bloggers as well.

I honestly didn't know that a dish full of mushrooms would be popular but it was. I couldn't help myself and went for second helpings. I believe my Sis, who's a self-declared mushroom-lover would love this dish.

I have mixed feelings for this bowl of piping hot Xue Cai Tofu ($14.90) though.

While I loved the tofu, I wasn't fond of the taste of Xue Cai so I didn't eat much of this.

Nonetheless, I must say that the Xue Cai Tofu complemented this sweet potato porridge very well.

If you ask me, the sweet potato porridge was rather bland so the Xue Cai Tofu sure helped to add lots of flavour to it.

Another dish that I found memorable was the Radish & Egg Pancake ($12.80).

It reminded of an omelette with stuffings. The taste of the egg was also very strong so not everybody would be fond of this dish.

Nevertheless, if you're an egg-lover, then rejoice because this dish would definitely satisfy your taste buds.

It's dessert time!

Presenting the evil-looking Sweet Taro Paste ($5.90). It was very cute to see a face made with coconut sauce and gingko nuts.

I love how this taro paste dessert was tasty and sweet (although not too much) and I could eat an entire bowl of this without feeling sick of its taste. The texture wasn't very thick as well compared to the usual taro paste desserts. Definitely a thumbs-up for me!

Lastly, Taiwan's famous for their mochi so I was on cloud nine when I got to taste these amazing plate of Fruity Mochi ($6.50).

Look how pretty the presentation was!

There were 4 main flavours of the mochi. Featuring (from left): Peanut, Lemon, Black Sesame and Peach.

My favourite was definitely the Peach because the taste was so milky and delicious. Lemon came in second among the 4 mochi flavours with its unique blend of tastes from the red bean skin and the lemon custard.

Oh yes, the dishes are standard size as well and many of them are good for sharing with family and friends. I'm definitely bringing my family to this restaurant in my next visit!

Photo credits to Creative Eateries.

Thank you Creative Eateries and Xi Men Ding for hosting us with such a sumptuous dinner! And thank you Deenise for inviting me!

Xi Men Ding Taiwanese Restaurant
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-51A Vivocity
Singapore 098585

For more information on the menu and prices, please refer to Xi Men Ding's website.

Do check out Creative Eateries on their Facebook and Instagram as well!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Side Profile

Event: Gelato World Tour @ Marina Bay Sands

Gelato lovers, anyone?

2 days ago, I had the opportunity to attend Gelato World Tour @ Marina Bay Sands, thanks to Jia Hui's invitation.

This colourful ice-cream cone is the event's signature icon so

Gelato World Tour was held from 20 Mar 15 to 22 Mar 15 at Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall. The place was quite crowded on the first day already so I don't want to imagine how the crowd was like over the weekend.

Admission to the event was free and members of the public could purchase a $12 coupon to sample 8 out of 16 gelato flavours.

Yes, you read it correctly. There were 16 flavours for sampling altogether (#fatdieme). As this event was a competition among the 16 gelato makers, the public could also vote for their favourite gelato flavour after sampling.

The first gelato that I tried was Vanilla of the East which was made of pandan and vanilla beans, drizzled with salted Gula Melaka. It was very Southeast Asian indeed.

It was amazing how staring at these huge tubs of gelato could make one feel so hungry even though they weren't dinner.

The gelato with the chocolate bits was one of the more memorable gelato that I've tried.

Known as the Kochi Popz, the Yuzu gelato was filled with chocolate coated pop rocks that would actually sizzle in your mouth like popping candy. If you've eaten the popping candy that was in a shape of a foot during your childhood days, you would know exactly what the sensation was like. Totally brings back my childhood memories!

A gelato from Indonesia that had a herbal taste and also seemed to have some health properties. An excuse to eat more Curcuma gelato?

Some of the other highlights were Kopi (left) and Chendol Merdeka (right).

I may not drink coffee but I can appreciate coffee-flavoured gelato, all right? Especially when it contained crunchy and sweet peanut candy.

As for chendol, I'm really fond of it so it was extremely interesting to see it in gelato form. Fun fact: This gelato was created to commerate SG50. How sweet!

My absolute favourite has got to be the Mango Ube Symphony from the Philippines (left).

Not only was it aesthetically appealing, the blend of mango and ube topped with MORE dried mango strips and yam jam was to-die-for. I even... *cough* went for a second helping after this. :I

On the right was Singapore Sling and not surprisingly, it contained gin and liquor. I'm not a fan of alcohol but I found the cherry on top particularly interesting. Apparently, the cherry was very fragile and would burst in your mouth upon contact. Cool beans!

Jia Hui and I really ate our fill during this event and we totally substituted dinner for gelato. Eeeps. So sinful!!

All right, it's time for bed so good night everyone! It's Monday again tomorrow so let's get ready for school/work. Jiayo!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.