March 28th, 2015


Event: Her World Young Woman Achiever Forum 2015 + A Tribute to LKY

Hey everyone!

Last Saturday was a very good one because I attended Her World Young Woman Achiever Forum 2015 @ SPH News Centre which left me inspired with lots of new insights and perspectives.

5 ladies, namely Janice Wong, Gillian Tan, Islean Valath, Christel Quek and Sara Ann K shared their success stories about being a woman leader in their industry.

No idea who they are? Here's a brief introduction:

Janice Wong - founder of 2am dessert bar (Gosh, I visited the dessert bar during my early Uni days and never knew that the founder started her business at a tender age of 24!)

Gillian Tan - founder of Munkysuperstar Pictures and clicknetwork.TV

Islean Valath - founder and designer of fashion label, Arc

Christel Quek - content lead for Twitter Asia

Sara Ann K - digital sub-editor at ST Online

Prior to the forum, I was hovering outside the News Centre because the event hadn't started.

Before I knew it, I was whipped off for an impromptu makeover at the Ettusais makeup bar where the kind ladies did some light makeup for me using some of the products featured in the picture above.

Yeah, I know I don't look any different but that's because I had LIGHT makeup on.

I was glad that they didn't overdo my makeup because I would have looked radically different from my natural self (which I honestly do not like).

There were some refreshments for attendees too which was just awesome because I was starving!

Sharing by Ms Bebe Teo, Country Director of Retail Group Singapore, Johnson & Johnson Pte Ltd as well as Sara Ann K.

In sum, these women have pursued their passion in life by taking risks and going against the odds.

Many do this because they want to live their life happily doing what they love and it's great to see that they have risen above their difficulties to become the successful female leaders that we see on stage. Honestly, not everybody can attain what they have. I guess you have to be prepared to take some risks at the start to realize your dreams.

I totally agree with what Sara Ann K has said during her sharing, which is to 'never keep ourselves within a box'. This line resonates so much with my own beliefs. We all have our different jobs and specialties, but we shouldn't think of ourselves as being capable of only one thing. I like to put myself in different roles and I like to play these diverse roles well. I am not only a worker; I am also an explorer, a social media activist, a writer, a photographer and a dancer. My roles might expand as I move along in life to discover new skills about myself or it might remain stagnant. At the end of the day, we humans are versatile beings and there's no harm going out of your comfort zone to do different things. Who knows, it might come to good use one day or bring you somewhere in the future.


Speaking of leaders, Singapore lost a great leader on 23 Mar 15, Monday and the nation mourns the passing of our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Since Monday, the media has been showing news and stories about Mr Lee every single day and I've been following them quite diligently.

We know that Mr Lee was a visionary and legendary leader and without his immense contributions and sacrifice, there wouldn't be a Singapore. In fact, none of us would get the life that we lead today. But what really caught my attention were the personal nuggets about Mr Lee that made me learn about our leader beyond the political side. He was a frugal man who lived in a simple house with minimal and old furniture. He believed in exercising to keep himself fit and to reduce stress. He has worn his pair of exercise shorts for 17 years and each time they tore, he patched them again. Most significantly, he was a devoted husband to his wife and the things he has done for her really moved me. As I was reading their love story about how they met in school till the part where he was reading to her every night while she was sick, I couldn't help but tear. I guessed the man who ruled with an iron fist has his sweet and gentle side after all that no one really knew until his passing.

Sis and I made a bouquet of paper flowers for him and we got the rest of our family members to write their well-wishes and gratitude on the petals. I am normally terrible in craft but I decided to learn to fold paper flowers by watching a youtube video on origami.

Sis and I also paid respects to Mr Lee at the Parliament House yesterday at 7.30pm. We queued for 4.5 hours before we could enter the Parliament House and after a couple of bows, we were out of there in less than 30 seconds.

One of the stops in the 4.5hr queue.

Nonetheless, it was worth it and I was touched to see so many acts of kindness during the queuing. Volunteers were giving out umbrellas, water, food, fans and tissues and some were there to cheer the queuers to 'press on'. Singaporeans are often thought of as self-centred and full of complaints but for the first time, people were queueing so orderly without getting irritated with one another and volunteers were there on their own initiative to make everyone's queueing more bearable. Even in death, Mr Lee has managed to unite Singaporeans to live up to their spirit.

Tomorrow is Mr Lee's state funeral procession and I will definitely be watching it. I hope I do not get too emotional. I also hope that after tomorrow, the nation will move on to do better while remembering all that Mr Lee has done for us. Thank you Mr Lee and