March 30th, 2015

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Event: Beauty & the Beast Musical @ Mastercard Theatres

Hey everyone!

Beauty & the Beast was my first Disney cartoon that I've watched as a little girl (I still remember that I watched it from a tape that my Sis bought yeeaarrrss ago) and it was also my favourite one.

When Jia Hui invited me to watch Beauty & the Beast Musical @ Mastercard Theatres with her, I was on cloud nine and agreed immediately. I certainly couldn't miss the opportunity to watch a live Broadway of my favourite Disney show.

With Jia Hui!

Thank you EventCliQue for the complimentary tickets!

The musical was beyond awesome and the songs were stuck in my head for the entire night. I'll be featuring some media photos of the musical below and credits of the media photos go to

I really adore the way the love unfolds between Belle and the Beast.

First, you see them getting on each other's nerves; then you see the awkwardly cute moments when the Beast tries to show his affections towards Belle and finally, when they both fell deeply in love with each other. It's just sweet and romantic and it creates that warm, fuzzy feeling inside you as you watch them waltz to the classic song of 'Tale as Old as Time'.

The Beast in the musical was actually rather dramatic, quite unlike the Beast in the cartoon who was a lot fiercer and scarier. I guessed it was an attempt to create some comic relief in the Beast. It was still well-received though and I found myself laughing my head off whenever the Beast says or does something peculiar.

Townsfolk checking out Belle who was immersed in her own world.

And I must say that I was awestruck by Belle's mesmerizing voice!

Although this was my least favourite song in the cartoon (simply because it was just a song for Gaston to boast about his physique), I liked the whole musicality and liveliness of the performance.

Besides, I loved the part where everyone was clinking their glasses in sync. Super impressed by their coordination work!

The quirky and enchanted characters of Beauty and the Beast. Do you recognize them?

My favourite was definitely Chip the teacup, played by the cute little boy whose body was stuck in a box.

'Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test!'

A spectacular, cabaret-style performance that really lifted my spirits with its catchy tune and dramatic dance moves.

I also loved how the cast wore striking and flamboyant costumes that totally lit up the stage in a myriad of colours.

Because a video speaks more than a thousand words, I've embedded a short clip of the musical for you to have a sneak peak. Enjoy!

Beauty and the Beast Musical is still showing from now till 3 May 15. For timeslots and ticket pricing, check out Sistic for more information.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.