April 6th, 2015


Food Invite: Aone Claypot House @ Kallang Wave

Hey people!

In late March, I attended a food tasting session held at Aone Claypot House @ Kallang Wave with other bloggers and youtubers, thanks to an invitation by Tiffany.

I've actually heard about this eatery many times so I was happy to have the opportunity to try the food there.

Aone Claypot House was established since 2008 and they make use of traditional claypot cooking techniques to prepare their dishes.

One advantage of claypot cooking is that it retains heat and ensures that food remains warm and ready to be consumed even after some time. The eatery also makes use of fresh ingredients to add natural flavours instead of using preservatives. Best of all, claypot cooking does not utilize so much oil so yay to healthy eating!

The spick and span family-friendly eatery at Kallang Wave. Just so you know, they have 9 branches islandwide and you can click here for a list of the branch outlets.

I'm personally a fan of claypot cooking. On lazy days when the family wants to eat something simple, we will opt for some claypot rice prepared by Mum for dinner. Admittedly, I thought I would be having just claypot rice for the food tasting but I was wrong.

Instead, we were treated to some signature dishes of the eatery which I will introduce in the pictures below.

When it comes to Asian food, Chinese tea is an excellent choice of beverage.

On the left, we have the Assorted Fruits & Flowers Tea ($7.90) and on the right, we have the Top Fragrant Tea.

I was immediately drawn to the Assorted Fruits & Flowers Tea because of its delectably sweet taste. Apparently, the sweetness of the tea came naturally from the fruits and flowers and no sugar was added. I downed so much of it that if it was alcohol, I would have been so drunk.

The Top Fragrant Tea was good too and definitely more suitable for people who aren't a fan of sweet drinks.

If tea is not your thing, they also have other drinks like Homemade Barley ($1.20) that seemed to be a popular choice among consumers.

Speaking of popular, Aone Claypot House is famous for its award-winning claypot porridge so porridge is certainly a must-try if you visit the eatery.

They have a large variety of porridge and we got to try their Premium Dried Scallop Porridge ($10.90) which contains scallops, fish slices and cuttlefish. Yummms...

Picture credits to Aone Claypot House.

What tasted even better for me was their Deep Fried Scallop Porridge with Minced Meat & Assorted Eggs ($10.90). I accidentally deleted the photo I've taken for this dish (*cries) so I've got to use the image from Aone Claypot House instead.

Anyways, the assorted eggs are basically century egg, salted egg and a regular egg. Together, they make a flavourful and tasty blend of ingredients. For someone who don't quite fancy century eggs, I found myself singing praises for this dish. Guess it must have won me over.

Want something a tad fanciful?

We have the Premium Claypot ($10.90), consisting of abalone mushroom, scallop, sliced fish, prawn and fish maw. They were delicious, healthy and complemented our porridge dishes really well. More abalone mushrooms for me, please?

There are also dishes in Aone Claypot House that does not make use of claypot cooking.

For example, check out the Steamed Scallop with Minced Garlic & Vermicelli ($21.90) that was so tastefully done.

I thought the presentation was interesting but the taste was even better! Besides, it was a very easy-to-eat dish and it was no wonder that the plate was cleared very quickly by my blogger friends.

This dish reminded me of my Mum's cooking.

My Mum loves to fry sweet potatoes, prawns and brinjals till they have that crispy, golden outer layer, similar to the Deep Fried Pumpkin and Lotus Root with Creamy Salted Egg Sauce ($14.90) that you see in the picture above.

I never knew that pumpkin and lotus roots could taste so good when deep fried. I certainly prefer the fried pumpkin as compared to the fried lotus roots.

Saving the best for the last, we have my favourite Honey Chicken ($17.90) and it was TO DIE FOR! So crispy, sweet, crunchy and addictive! I couldn't help but go for second helpings.

Unfortunately, this dish doesn't seem to be available at other outlets. I tried to look for this dish at Aone's Jurong Point outlet but was disappointed that they didn't have it. I would love to try this again!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this food review. Be sure to also check this eatery out coz the food's good; the price's affordable and the location is convenient. What's there not to love about Aone? :)

For more information on the menu, you can check out the eatery's website here.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
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Event: NTUC Income Run 350 (10km Women's Run)

Happy Monday, people!

I'm so glad I took leave today because my body and legs are aching from yesterday's NTUC Income Run 350 (10km Women's Run).

NTUC Income Run is an eco-run organized by Young NTUC to support the global 350 movement. With a tagline of 'Run for a Greener Future', this movement strives to increase awareness of the importance of lowering atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to 350 parts per million, a level much needed to sustain our Earth.

There are a total of 3 race categories - 21.1km Men/Women, 10km Men/Women and 800m Kids Dash Boys/Girls. Having my first experience in running 5km in Great Eastern Women's Run 2014, I decided to try the 10km run this time.

Time check: 6.20am

Getting ready to run my 10km race at F1 Pit Building before the sunrise.

A horde of runners making their way to the starting line. And yes, men and women will run together in this race.

Because of the large crowd, I was the second batch of 10km runners to be flagged off.

Got to say I was very impressed that the emcee was so 'rah rah' and full of energy + self-high early in the morning.

And off we went!

For 3/4s of the race, we were jogging on roads. Because it can be very boring to look at concrete paths throughout your race, you'll need to find personal ways of motivating yourself.

Some people blasted music (someone was blasting 'Nobody but You' as his motivational song -LOL); some people wore a tracking device that will announce the distance they've covered at regular intervals while others ran with companions who would motivate them.

As for me, I like to adopt the 'sprint-stop-sprint-stop' strategy when running long distance. For the first 2.5km, I was jogging non-stop. Subsequently, I will walk for a short while to rest (taking the chance to take photos if necessary) before sprinting off to fill up any empty space that I see before me. This allows me to cover more distance in a short time and also ensures that I have adequate rest. Otherwise, it really doesn't motivate me to psycho myself not to stop throughout the race because heyyy.. my stomach hurts and my thighs are burning!

Caught the sunrise while running and I just had to stop to take a photo. It was beautiful.

Finally got to the park and I felt instantly refreshed when I was surrounded by trees and plants. It was definitely much better than running on the road.

Oh yes, and the awkward moment when we ran into a large group of elderly doing meditation. It was so quiet that it made us runners looked so disruptive with our heavy footsteps.

Along our race route, we will see signs like this that tells us the distance we've covered as well as an environmental message below it.

My face lit up when I saw the 8km sign because I was honestly feeling rather weary halfway into the race. And then... my stomach decided to growl really loudly, reminding me that it was breakfast time and the 2 mini bananas that I ate was not suffice. I sprinted off in embarrassment.

We're nearly there. Spot the Singapore Flyer, where the finishing line was situated.

The final lap to the finishing line. Never felt more happy to see the Singapore Flyer right before my eyes.

That was also the time when I decided to sprint towards the finishing line because... my stomach was calling.

Runners looking exhausted and sweaty after their race.

My can of 100 plus and a banana to fill my stomach. Simple food never tasted so good before.

I came in 5 min later than my expected timing so I guessed my standard dropped a bit but oh well, I'm still happy to receive my finisher medal.

Conquered my first 10km race and totally feeling that sense of accomplishment.

Post-race, I actually went for pole class and it just so happened that I had to do lots of tricks that required the use of my leg muscles. That resulted in me sleeping with patches of salonpas on my thighs yesterday night and my intense aches today. HA HA!

Oh well, no one said fitness is gonna be easy but it is definitely beneficial in the long run. Perhaps my readers might want to try this race next year? :)

For more information on NTUC Income Run 350, check out their webpage here.