April 11th, 2015

Ribbon Dress

Segway, Insurgent, Cinderella & Hauls

Hello everybody!

This week has been a trying week for me and I confess that I haven't been in a very good mood. Nonetheless, this was also the week where I saw the power of social support and I am very thankful to have people in my life who will watch my back or catch me when I fall.

Just as how people issues can get me down, there are others who will also lift me up, reminding me that there are more things in my life that are worth my attention, emotions and time. When life pushes me down and makes me feel insecure, I know that this wouldn't be the end because when you're down, the only way is up and at the end of the day, I'm in control of the way I feel.

So... let's put away the negative emotions and return to my cheerful disposition, shall we?

Last month, I experienced my first Segway ride at Sentosa Eco Adventure, thanks to Sis' complimentary tickets.

I've always wanted to go on a Segway ride but I knew that it was expensive so I didn't think further.

Well, it turned out to be super fun and relatively easy to control. If you want the Segway to move ahead, simply lean your body forward. If you want it to slow down or stop, simply lean back. It's a control of your body weight.

I rode my Segway through a short jungle trail and I really wished my ride was longer.

Alas, no photography was allowed so I only had a picture of myself wearing a helmet.

Went to watch the Lake of Dreams @ Resorts World after my Segway ride and it was.... yawwwns.

I supposed I should lower my expectations and not expect all water shows to be as magnificent as Las Vegas' Bellagio Fountains.

This month, I watched 2 good movies.

First movie - Insurgent.

Picture credits to mtv.co.uk

Since I'm a fan of Divergent, I definitely couldn't miss Insurgent although sad to say, the first series still triumphs over the second.

I love the action and the fighting. Hell yeah, there was A LOT of fighting and even though I don't condone violence, I have to admit that the fighting scenes were the exciting, adrenaline-pumping parts of the movie.

The starting scenes when the main character, Tris was dreaming about killing the people around her were a little 'ghostly' and startling but otherwise, I was still hooked. I even started googling the names of the factions after the movie so that I can have a clear understanding of the characteristics that define each faction.

I love the simulation scenes as well, particularly the simulation to test for erudite and amity qualities. The plot was so clever!!!

When the third series, Allegiant comes out next year, I will definitely watch it!

Second movie - Cinderella.

Picture credits to fanpop.com

Now, now, isn't the dress gorgeous? I love the design and cutting of the dress as well as the beautiful shade that seemed to be made up of different hues of blue. The actress was very pretty too so she totally rocked the dress.

Before I watched the movie, my friend told me that the movie was disappointing because there was no twist. So, I actually expected it to be really boring and predictable. I must say that although it is true that there wasn't any twist in the plot which would probably spice up the storyline, there were rather memorable and hilarious parts of the movie that were definitely not part of the fairytale. Some parts of the story may also be unbelievable but hey, it's a Disney movie after all - it's supposed to be all unrealistic and magical so I'm certainly not complaining. :P

Anyway, I made some great hauls in the past 2 months.

One of them was this pair of booties. I'm a booties girl and I have been looking for a pair that I like ever since my previous pair was worn out during my Hoi An trip.

This was on sale too so I only had to pay $23 for them.

Ran out of facial cleanser so I decided to drop by Etude House in search of a cleanser series that I've wanted to try since years ago.

Unfortunately, the cleanser series was no longer in stock and instead, I found these equally interesting series called 'Every Month Cleansing Foam'. Apparently, they have 12 varieties of cleansers, each for a different skin type or skin issue.

I chose Cleanser No.5 - Green Tea, best for skin with excessive sebum (my type of skin issue) and I've been using it twice a day. I love how it clarifies my skin and leaves me refreshed after every wash. For an unbelievably affordable price of $6, this cleanser is really worth every penny. Besides, I had a free membership after this purchase so yay! :)

Okay, this purchase wasn't great.

This is a thermal round hair brush that I paid around $7 for on Lazada.sg (yes, mega huge sale, thus the low price). I blow-dry my hair everyday and I have natural stubborn curls so I wanted to use this round hair brush to deal with my curls.

I noticed that hairstylists like to use round brushes to comb my hair inwards while blow-drying it and it has always given me nice hair (that will only last till the next hair wash). I thought that if I get a round hair brush and comb my hair with it, I could re-create that nice hair effect.

Well, it turned out that this brush wasn't as easy to use as I thought. It was firstly rather difficult to use this brush while blow-drying my hair at the same time and I wasn't able to deal with every curl in my hair. Sometimes, the bristles poke my neck while combing and sometimes, my hair gets stuck too. I guessed it's time I go for soft straightening instead. Oh sigh.

Managed to get my LG G3 at $0 with a new phone plan and an exclusive promotion which really came as a surprise to me. Because I didn't get to trade in my old phone, I sold my phone instead. :D

Some of my friends have said that my phone looked big + bulky and my pink cover was too bright but strangely, I still like my phone! I love how it meets my requirements and a bigger screen makes watching youtube videos, scrolling through Facebook/Instagram and blog-reading more easy on my eyes. I also like my attention-seeking pink cover. Oh well, as long as I'm happy.

Oh yes, check out this loose tee that my Sis bought for me from her Bangkok trip.

It was full of cartoons and a little translucent at the back but surprisingly, it went well with my pole wear. The more I wear it; the more I grew to love it. Time to embrace my inner child!

I have loads of blog backlogs which also means more entries coming your way. If you like what you've been reading so far, please stay tuned to my upcoming entries!