April 13th, 2015

Vixenish Eyebrows

Reformer Pilates @ Lorna Jane Open House, Munch Saladsmith & Nuyou X Bonia Event @ Westgate

Yo people!

So it was fitness wear brand, Lorna Jane's Open House on Saturday at Focus Pilates and I was there with my fellow polemates to check it out.

The first thing that I checked out was the sports bras. HA HA. They were pretty but unfortunately also pricey.

We also got to try a reformer pilates trial class which I was looking forward to.

Although it wasn't a strenuous and aggressive class that will totally work up a sweat, it still managed to work my core and muscles through the use of resistance training. I believe that people who enjoy working out at a slower pace in a comfortable environment will prefer this form of exercise.

Cold pressed juice c/o Gorilla Press that I received after my workout. This juice is called Pearfect Start and it is made up of pear, lemon and cayenne pepper. Love the taste although I still cannot survive on juice alone.

Lunch was at Munch Saladsmith & Rotisserie @ Orchard Gateway.

Enjoyed a '1-for-1' promotion at this eatery with The Entertainer app and tried one of the best tasting rostis I've eaten so far. I'm hungry again just by looking at this picture.

Headed over to Westgate for a Nuyou X Bonia Fashion Styling Event and was surrounded by many gorgeous and stylish bags in vibrant colours.

Models pulling off the various bag styles so effortlessly. I really like the way the model posed with the yellow backpack. So chic!

We were also asked to pose for a photo with any bag in the shop so Rose and I went around hunting for our favourites.

Since I was dressed casually in an outfit which I wore to the Lorna Jane X Reformer Pilates event in the morning, I had to choose a casual bag to go along with it so I went for this purple sling.

The bags that I was actually attracted to were the mini pouches from Bonia's Dudu Land Collection.

Isn't the panda pouch the cutest thing ever?!

They also had mini bucket bags too. Adorable to the max!

Got my caricature drawn. It's the first time I saw myself in caricature form and wow, I sure look like an oddball.

Lovely souvenirs received from my 2 events, namely a Bonia leather bracelet, a Bonia notebook and a Lorna Jane bracelet with a heart charm that states 'Active Living'.

I love everything I've received and will definitely be using/wearing them frequently. :)

All right. I'm getting sleepy so it's time to rest early. Goodnight world!