April 17th, 2015


Event: Nestle Fitnesse Boot Camp @ Chijmes Lawn

TGIF, everybody!

I was one of those selected to be part of the Nestle Fitnesse Boot Camp and the fitness junkie in me was totally ecstatic. I treasure every opportunity to work out and besides, I've always wanted to try boot camp.

So last Sunday, I was at Chijmes Lawn working out with Sandra Riley Tang (if you don't find her familiar, she's a singer of local pop band, The Sam Willows & founder of The Yoga Co. Singapore) and the instructors from Physical Abuse Gym.

It was a morning of an intense workout full of burpees, lunges, jumping jacks and crunches with oblique twists. I know, it's not everyone's idea of fun to be spending the morning doing strenuous exercises but if you're into fitness, you will appreciate the physical training because it really burns calories; works your muscles and tones your body.

Photo credits to Nestle Singapore.

I invited blogger friend, Deenise along since she's a fitness junkie like me.

Working out is definitely more fun if you have fitness buddies to train hard with you.

Breakfast was provided and not surprisngly, it was Nestle Fitnesse cereal. I didn't mind though because I'm a huge fan of cereal. You can add a variety of fruits to your cereal bowl.

Besides fruits, nuts and raisins are another option and they really complemented the cereal.

I'm definitely more of a fruits person than a nuts person so I I made sure to top up my cereal bowl with plenty of fruits. As you can see, I am generous with apricots. They taste so good!!

And if you realize, I actually don't take cereal with milk. I'm not a fan of the mushy texture of cereal after milk is added to it.

Our heavy goodie bags, c/o of Nestle Fitnesse.

Thank you Nestle Singapore for being so generous with your goodies. I'm really happy to receive such a large box of Nestle Fitnesse Honey & Almond cereal. The cereal has been pretty addictive so far. :P

I was also given a 2-week pass to Physical Abuse Gym (which I've done a gym review for in November last year) so I supposed I'll be hitting the gym soon. I miss the dance classes!

We even have a 'finale event' coming up so stay tuned for my blog entry on it.

Meanwhile, I've got lots of blog backlogs so be sure to look out for my upcoming blog entries in the next few days.

Have a great weekend, my friends and stay healthy!