April 20th, 2015

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Advert: TCM Weight Management with Eu Yan Sang

Hey people!

It's interesting that with time, I'm starting to meet more and more people who are weight-conscious and who are using various means to achieve their ideal weight types. I have friends who started embarking on diet plans while others pursued fitness actively. I've heard of people who also tried slimming teas or weight loss supplements.

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I guessed it's not surprising because life is unfair that way. The older we get, the more difficult it is to lose weight. Losing weight requires a hell lot of work and sacrifice while gaining weight comes easily and quickly. Got your abs? Now try eating a McDonald's meal and see whether they're still there.

Besides dieting, fitness, detox drinks and weight loss pills, I've recently learnt that you can also lose weight using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods. I know, right? I had no idea!

Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinics has a Weight Management Programme that promotes healthy weight loss using acupuncture, accompanied by cupping, ear acupressure as well as a prescribed herbal medication. Interestingly, it also has a stabilization period that helps to prevent weight rebound. That's great news for anyone who is trying to lose weight! No one wants a weight rebound after working so hard!

Because a video speaks more than a thousand words, you can check out the video below to see how Eu Yan Sang's TCM Weight Management Programme works.

If you realize, acupuncture, cupping and ear acupressure contribute to weight loss because they affect the body's natural reaction such as increasing metabolism or stimulating sweat glands. This is akin to the body's state when it breaks down food or when a person is exercising, thereby resulting in natural weight loss.

I've always known that the above methods are useful in dealing with body aches and back pain so I found it incredible that they can also help with weight loss and obesity-related factors such as headaches and bloating. I love treatments that can target the body holistically and improve not only the external physique but the internal health as well.

It's also great that after targeting overall weight loss, the physician would then use acupuncture to target the localized obese areas. Many ladies fall in the category of skinny fat - while they looked pretty slim overall, they do have fats in some undesirable areas. Localized acupuncture will probably be good for them!

I think what's cool is that the above methods are also painless. Although having needles stuck to your back may seem scary, I've heard from friends that acupuncture isn't painful. How awesome is it that you can be in a relaxed state while letting your body shed all that unwanted weight?

Of course, I believe that you will still need to maintain your weight loss with healthy eating and exercise. Just as maintaining a glowing skin requires a healthy diet and a strict skincare regime using suitable skincare products, so does maintaining your desired weight. Why ruin your desired weight with junk food?

So, after reading this entry, are you interested to find out more about this Weight Management Programme?

If yes, you can sign up for a free workshop by Eu Yan Sang on 5 May 15 here.

There will be exclusive promotions during the workshop; dinner and refreshments will be provided and all attendees will get to bring home a token of appreciation.

So go for it! You might just discover your weight loss holy grail. :)

For more information on this programme, you can also visit Eu Yan Sang website here.