April 25th, 2015

From The Top

Event: Asian Facial Contouring @ Joie by Dozo

Hey people!

Last week, I attended a talk on Asian Facial Contouring by Grand Plastic Surgery at a lovely restaurant called Joie by Dozo. It's a hidden jem on level 12 of Orchard Central.

And yes, you read it right. I attended a talk on plastic surgery. I've got to clarify some things though:

1) I have not done any plastic surgery before (I think this should be very obvious, ha ha!)

2) I have no intentions to do plastic surgery.

3) I am acceptable of people/friends who do plastic surgery.

So why do I even bother to attend a plastic surgery talk?

Well, let's just say that I like to know what's out there. Talks like these broaden my perspective and being a beauty blogger, I think that's important.

If you ask me, I was actually intrigued that there were so many procedures to improve one's appearance. I've always thought it's just the face or boobs but you can apparently reduce fats from all over too and maybe even create some abs (especially if you fail to get some after trying so hard).

In some way, this Asian facial contouring talk also showed me quite in the face about the kind of features that are deemed societally beautiful, especially by women themselves. To sum up, the ideal beauty has big eyes, double eyelids, an augmented nose, high cheekbones, a V-shaped face, slim body, big boobs (that are also proportionate to your body) and a smooth complexion. Plus points if you are tall and fair too!

 And to add, this also means I have failed to the max as I have none of the above features except the double eyelids that I miraculously got after getting my eyes clipped during Lasik surgery. But it's okay. I'm comfortable with the way I look, imperfections and all.

Grand Plastic Surgery Hospital is a hospital in Gangnam, Korea.

In this event, the doctor and the marketing manager were invited to introduce bloggers to the various plastic surgery procedures available in their hospital.

Blogger Jacqueline had her plastic surgery sponsored and during the event, she shared with us about her experience going through the knife at Grand. If I didn't remember correctly, she did her eyes and her chin.

Moving on from plastic surgery, I wanted to also feature Joie by Dozo in my blog because the restaurant looked really classy.

Pretty floral decor that really brightened up one's mood.

Private dining rooms that spelled of atas-ness.

Explored the exterior of the restaurant and discovered a nice lil' garden.

This calls for a wefie with blogger friend, Jia Hui.

There were light refreshments too and I absolutely loved the tarts!

Our door gifts were facial sheet masks courteousy of Grand. Gonna try a piece later!

Alright, I gotta go now so have a great weekend, my friends!