April 27th, 2015

In Koala Land

[Shoutout]: Join Singapore's First Mizuno Ekiden Relay Race!

Hey friends!

Are you a running enthusiast seeking a new marathon adventure?

Or are you someone who is new to long-distance running and is interested in an exciting experience?

Whether you are new to running or a seasoned runner, you might want to check this race out!

The Mizuno Ekiden Race, Singapore's first long-distance relay race is coming to town in July 15! And this time, you'll need to grab 3 other running buddies to join this race with you!

Remember the 4 X 100m race which you and your friends participated in during your primary or secondary school sports day? The one that requires you to run with a baton in your hand until you pass it to the next runner?

The Mizuno Ekiden Race follows a similar concept except that each runner has to cover a distance way longer than 100m. Another difference is that instead of holding a baton, each runner wears a traditional tasuki sash while running until he or she passes this sash to the next team mate. Now you know why it's called a relay race - long distance style!

There are 3 categories which you can sign up for with your team - the Open category (42.195km), the Corporate category (21.1km) and the School category (21.1km). This race also aims to promote important Japanese values such as team work, perserverance and performance so if you're looking for some team bonding experience with your colleagues or classmates, this is a great opportunity!

Oh yes, did I mention that you can get cash prizes too if your team is in the Top 3 of the race? Don't say I never share good lobangs!

Details of the race + sign-up rates are in the poster below.

Do you know what's the coolest part of this race?

Runners can be expected to be flagged off very grandly with taiko drummers at the start of the race. When they complete the race, they can have a great time at the Matsuri race village where they can enjoy a feast of Japanese gourmet and be entertained by Japanese cultural performances.

MY GOSH. I am excited already. I am certain that this is gonna be a memorable experience.


You can sign up at Mizuno Ekiden website to enjoy early-bird rates. Early-bird rates end at 30 Apr 15 so quuiicckk!

P.S: Latest news! Early-bird rates are extended to 18 May 15 so grab your friends and sign up to enjoy lower rates!

Pictures are credited to SPRG & Mizuno.