May 2nd, 2015

Ribbon Dress

Event: Triumph C'est Magique Lingerie Runway Show at MoCa @ Loewen

Hello everyone!

Few days ago, I was at MoCa @ Loewen attending Triumph C'est Magique Lingerie Runway Show and to join in their celebration of Triumph's 20 years of Maximizer Magic.

In case you're wondering, the Maximizer was launched in 1995 and it was Triumph's first bra with removable bra padding. Ladies who were less well-endowed were able to boost their cleavage by simply inserting bra paddings, thereby increasing their self-confidence in a non-invasive and instantaneous way.

Ever since its introduction to the lingerie market, this innovative bra was a hit among the ladies and was known as the world's favourite push-up bra. It paved the way for subsequent lingerie creations such as Triumph's latest Magic Wire bra - a Maximizer bra that makes use of a soft flexible shield for support instead of the traditional metal wire.

Kudos to Triumph for making use of their creative and cutting-edge technology to increase the comfort and confidence of ladies around the world. :)

With blogger friend, Pearly whom I haven't seen for around half a year!

Had some fresh oysters and fusilli at the reception before the runway show.

I've watched several runway shows to date but I've never watched a lingerie one before. Thus, I didn't expect the models to be wearing elaborate accessories and headwear when they model. I mean, I was really expecting a simple bra-and-panties ensemble. I would say that this lingerie runway fashion show was the most spectacular one I've seen. I am marveled by the beauty of the models and the way they carry off those gorgeous pieces of Triumph lingerie.

If you're reading this entry, I'm sure you're more interested to see pictures of the lingerie models so I shall let the pictures do the talking. The below pictures are the best ones from my camera. :)

Theme - Floral Fairies

Theme - Egyptian

Theme - Crown Princess

Theme - Sexy red

Finally - something for the ladies! :P

Fashion model, Amber Chia and model-actress Sheila Sim also graced the runway with their floral fairy lingerie and Swarovski-studded corset respectively. So gorgeous!

Ending this entry with a beautiful picture of Sheila Sim. I've seen her on drama shows and I finally got to see her in real life that day. Really awed by her confidence and aura as she strutted down the runway.

Thank you Triumph for inviting me to this grand and memorable runway show.

Have a great weekend, my friends. :)