May 7th, 2015


Event: Nestle Fitnesse Boot Camp Finale + Featured on Nestle Fitnesse Facebook

Hey people!

I was one of the participants selected to be part of the Nestle Fitnesse Boot Camp a month ago and I went through a pretty hardcore physical training.

After the boot camp, I was given a 2 week pass to Physical Abuse Gym and I've been going for the dance classes in the gym since then.

I really enjoyed the dance classes in Physical Abuse and I've specifically gone for Dirty Dancing (excuse the name; it actually feels more like ladies hip hop to me), hip hop and jazz. Got into a dance high with some pretty good choreography and I was even picked by my instructor to showcase a hip hop choreo to the class. So happy!

If you're looking to gym at Physical Abuse and you're not much of a dance person, there's other classes such as kickboxing and also personal training!

On my first day at Physical Abuse Gym, I was given 3 large boxes of Nestle Fitnesse cereal. Thank you Nestle Singapore for your generosity!

There was also a finale event where we went for a weigh-in and did a group fitness class.

The group fitness class was really strenuous! The first half of the class was kickboxing followed by physical training on mats. Think planks, push-ups and crunches x many reps. I think this group fitness class was even more strenuous than the boot camp!

Nevertheless, I completed the boot camp and received a certificate for it. YAY!

Nestle Singapore recently sent me a carton of my favourite Nestle Fitnesse Chocolate cereal.

I was extremely surprised and grateful to be showered with so much love and I wanted to share this with my family and friends. Thus, I distributed the cereal to my family members, relatives (particularly those with children) and my pole mates.

Fitnesse cereals for my pole fitness friends! Somehow, this turned into a mini ad for Nestle - pole style. :P

I was also honoured to be featured on Nestle Fitnesse Singapore's Facebook alongside my favourite fitness activity. That's me doing an elbow stand variation and yes, I personally believe that 'a smile is our best makeup'.

Picture credits to Nestle Singapore.

Thank you Nestle for doing up such a nice feature of me! :)

Goodnight everyone!