May 12th, 2015


Mobile Game Review: Dragon Blaze

People, it's time to put your game mode on because there's a new mobile game in the house!

GAMEVIL latest's mobile game, Dragon Blaze was officially launched in Singapore today and I heard that this game was already a hit in Korea.

Apparently, it has been downloaded 5 million times and it even reached the top spot in the App Store. Amazing, huh?

The story behind the game was that there was a return of a dragon king that resulted in humans having to go to war with dragons.

In order to uncover secrets and end the war, the player must be prepared to go through a series of battles against all other creatures and eventually dragons.

Players can choose from 5 heroes - the warrier, the archer, the priest, the mage or the rogue to start their journey. I obviously went for the prettiest character, which is the mage.

I initially wanted to call her Mystique (or other variations of this name) but they were all taken by other players. Even 'Chiobu' was taken so I eventually settled for a very uncreative name called 'AChioMage'.

In every role playing game (RPG) that I've played, there's always an inventory where you can equip your character with armour and weapons.

I was at rookie level and I could only equip my mage with more powerful weapons when she advanced the levels. I was actually eyeing some of the gorgeous outfits but I wasn't able to afford them.

If you have potions in your inventory, please equip your character with them because they are a life-saver when you are out there battling the creatures.

Time to start the journey through Dragon's Landing.

In this screenshot, I've already completed all quests in Gnollwood so I could proceed to another region, which is the Fallen Golem.

There are 7 quests to go through before conquering this region so be patient!

Let the battle begin!

Surprisingly, even though this game is called 'Dragon Blaze', it seems like we do not battle dragons until we reach higher levels. At rookie level, we battle these lecherous-looking wolves instead.

As we play along, we can actually recruit allies to fight together with us. The character behind the mage is an ally. Besides helping to fight against the wolves, it can also heal other players which was great because my mage kept dying.

It was honestly a challenge for my mage to go through some of the quests because she kept dying when she had to battle more powerful creatures. I also used up all my potions and even my ally was not able to heal me on time.

The above picture shows my mage slumped on the floor in a strangely graceful manner while the ugly creature snarled at her. Fortunately, each time your character dies, it doesn't mean a 'Game Over' and all you have to do is to repeat the particular quest before you can move on.

Another interesting point was that the fighting between the character and the creature was on auto mode. Nonetheless, you can control when you want your character to unleash her special powers.

In my mage's case, one of her special powers was the Flame Burst. I like to tap on the icon as frequently as possible so that she can deliver shocking bursts of fire towards the ghostly-looking mushroom.

My favourite special skill of the mage was definitely the meteor invocation because sending down a rain of fire blasts was suffice to injure all creatures critically.

And look how calm and composed the mage was when she was unleashing this special skill. #powerwoman

If you're interested to try the game, you can download it on google play or app store.

For more information on Dragon Blaze, check out its facebook page or its website.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.