May 17th, 2015

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Services Review: Skin Shaper Program with Skin Shape Club

Hey people!

For the past month, I've been undergoing a Light & Heat Energy (LHE) Photorejuvenation Treatment, also known as the Skin Shaper Program with Skin Shape Club.

As the name suggests, this treatment is a facial therapy that makes use of light and thermal energy to reduce pigmentation, regenerate collagen in skin and clear acne. I know it sounds rather peculiar so I'll explain more about this treatment as I go along in this entry.

Skin Shape Club is a boutique beauty & wellness centre located on Level 3 of Orchard Central.

I love the pristine white, spick and span interior of the centre. It makes me feel comfortable and at home instantaneously.

Pre-treatment, I had to go through a consultation session, which involved filling up a form on my personal details and skin condition.

I may not have serious pigmentation issues but I do have oily skin, enlarged pores and occasional acne. At the time of consultation, I had some small pimples at my jawline that were somewhat recovered, leaving behind a couple of unsightly dark marks. Thus, this treatment will probably do my skin some good. Just so you know, this treatment is suitable for people of most skin types and tones.

So how does this treatment work?

1. Your skin is cleansed from make-up and impurities.

The device above will then deliver pulses of light and heat deep into the skin. This is done by holding the device against your skin and pressing a button. What comes next is a flash of light and a warm sensation. The therapist will basically use the device all over your face, including the skin area near the eyes where our eye bags/dark circles are.

3. Serums and masks are applied onto your skin. I had facial cotton soaked with eye lotion; a cream face mask and even a lip mask applied on me at the same time!

4. You will be left to rest, relax and possibly even sleep for 10 minutes.

5. Moisturizer and tinted sunscreen are applied onto skin as the last step and after that, you are good to go!

Got to rest on this warm, comfy bed for 30 minutes.

Yes, you read it right. This beauty treatment is only 30 minutes long which makes it perfect for a quick lunchtime fix. It is also recommended for customers to undergo 6 to 12 sessions at weekly intervals for optimal results.

Right after the session, my skin was less oily and noticeably brighter with less pores.

After a couple of sessions, I noticed that my skin has developed a radiant glow and was relatively smoother compared to the time when I turned up at the beauty centre. Because my skin became less oily, it also deterred new acne from popping out.

Do take note that there are some post-treatment side effects that may differ among individuals. Depending on the level of heat or the fairness of the skin, some people might experience slight redness on their cheeks. Despite my sensitive skin, the level of heat used was the mildest and I'm tanned so I was fortunate not to experience redness. Your skin might also become dry but the dryness would disappear after 2 days.

If you are on oral accutane or topical tretinoin, I recommend you not to eat or use them when you are on this program. I use topical tretinoin occasionally but I had to stop it for the entire month while I was doing this treatment. Do also make sure to avoid strong sunlight exposure and use a good sunblock with more than SPF 30 after this treatment. Lastly, as your skin might become dry, hydrating your skin with oil-free moisturizers is essential.

After my session, I thought that's about it but I was ushered to a cosy pantry to enjoy some light refreshments that were prepared for me.

Oh yes, all customers get a light, healthy meal after their session and the 'menu' changes all the time!

This was one of the meals that I've tried. Featuring apples + fresh milk oatmeal with museli cranberry and orange-infused water for detoxification. Healthy food gives glowing skin too!

Thank you Skin Shape Club for the treatment sessions and for pampering me! :)

Interested to try?

The Skin Shaper Program is priced at $120 for a 30 min session. Package prices are also available. New customers can enjoy 4 sessions at a current trial price of $96.

For more information, check out Skin Shape Club on their facebook page.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.

[Shoutout]:, a Job Portal for Potential Interns & Part-Timers!

Hey everyone!

I remembered that back in university days, I was always actively looking out for part-time jobs for students or internships to occupy my time during the school holidays. Some people might think, 'Omg, why so serious? Chill la.' when they hear this but trust me, it's not about a desperate need for money or an attempt to get a headstart in my career.

It might sound like a total drag to be 'working' during the school holidays when you could be doing more happening stuff but looking back, I didn't regret it at all. In fact, I felt that all my part-time jobs and singapore internship experiences somehow moulded me to the person I am today.

Besides, you have total control in the way you choose to manage your time. Back then, even though I was working during the holidays, I was still able to afford time to travel, learn driving or meet up with friends. It sure beats rotting at home with nothing to do!

Looking back, my internships and part-time jobs were quite the highlight during my holidays because they were an eye-opener and gave me lots of insights while I was on the job. Interestingly, they were actually more fun than I expected.

I got to go on learning journeys to places I never thought I would have the chance to visit.

I visited the Alexandra Fire Station and got to climb up a fire engine to see how it looked like from inside. I also got to attend a court hearing as an observer. How cool is that? I mean, unless you're a lawyer, a witness or an accused, you don't normally get to step into court grounds. It was then that I also learnt how challenging it was to be a lawyer in a court room, having to be all assertive in such a solemn environment, prosecuting case after case in one morning.

Besides the usual networking with potential employers, I've also made lots of new friends with other interns. It was also during my internship that I got to know another intern who shared the same passion for blogging and who eventually became good friends with me. This intern was none other than famous food blogger, Yiwei.

Back then, I was blessed with good grades in university and was selected to be part of the Civil Service Internship Programme during one of the holidays. All I had to do was to choose the projects I was interested in and wait for a confirmation.

Prior to that when I didn't have a programme like this, I had to be thick-skinned and write in to companies asking whether they would like an intern who was willing to commit 2-3 months in the job. In other words, I had to source on my own and most of the time, you don't even get a reply from the busy professionals. :(

Photo credits to

Fortunately, for the people today who are looking for part time jobs or a student internship, you now have an online job portal called is an online platform for students and young adults to look for their internship or part time jobs singapore opportunities at their convenience. It works like a regular portal for full-time jobs where you can browse through the various job listings, select the job that you are interested in and apply for them directly. You can even view the total applications for a job before applying for it!

I wished a platform like this was available for me last time so that I can mass apply for all the part-time jobs or internship singapore jobs that I want with a few simple clicks. Additionally, all the information about the internship position is listed right before your eyes so you don't even have to do your own research.

And whether you are a jobseeker or a potential employer, signing up for an account on to find a job or post a job ad is FREE so do take this opportunity to SIGN UP for an account now!

The school holidays have started, my friends so if you're looking to occupy your time with a meaningful internship or job, you know where to look now. :)