June 2nd, 2015

In Koala Land

Food Invite: Srisun Express (24-hr Indian Halal Restaurant)

Hey people!

For those living in the northeastern part of Singapore, you've got a restaurant worth checking out in your neighbourhood.

I was recently invited for a food tasting at Srisun Express, an Indian halal restaurant that is open 24 hours and serves a wide variety of affordable and yummilicious food.

This is officially my first blog review for Indian halal food and I'm absolutely stoked!

The restaurant is a short walking distance from Kovan MRT. Love the tagline 'If not here, where else?'.

They have an extensive menu that goes beyond the traditional Indian foodfare. In fact, they also have a Thai and Western menu as well.

So...let's go into the food and drinks, shall we?

It was a pretty hot day during the food tasting so we were glad to start off with some thirst quenchers.

Introducing (from left) Milo Le Creme ($3), Caramel Milkshake ($5) and Yakult Green Apple ($3.50).

Milo Le Creme was actually milo with whipped cream and if you're already a fan of milo, this drink wouldn't go wrong.

When I first saw Caramel Milkshake, the colour totally reminded me of Garrett Popcorn and I was thinking, 'Damn, this is gonna be one very sweet drink'. Surprisingly, the sweetness was mild and tolerable so you need not worry about having a sugar overdose.

My favourite go-to drink was the Yakult Green Apple because I needed a refreshing drink like this in such a hot and humid weather. I drank so much of this that I think my friends didn't get much chance to drink this. Opps, sorry!

So you've eaten the traditional prata but have you tried Coin Prata ($5-$6)?

These prata in bite-sized pieces are great for sharing and they are best eaten by dipping them into mutton or chicken gravy with your clean, bare hands.

I was particularly impressed by the mutton gravy (top left bowl) because the mutton smell wasn't too strong. For someone who avoids mutton because of the smell, I found myself dipping my coin prata into the mutton gravy very often and commenting, 'Mmm, this one is good!'.

Photo credits to Pearly and Shawn.

With blogger friend, Pearly who spontaneously joined me for this food tasting. :)

Srisun Express was known for its Mee Goreng Special ($7.50) and I could see why.

This dish isn't your traditional mee goreng that you see in the hawker centre. With the cheese fries at the side, this dish was more of a Western-Malay fusion. Plus, the cheese fries were addictive. :P

The Mee Goreng might be spicy but it was full of ingredients and very flavourful (Yes, I tried this). My friends were totally singing praises of this dish. I think my parents who are very good with spice will love this too.

Interestingly, this was the only spicy dish we have tried. This also means that if you can't hold your spice level like me, do not worry. There are plenty of delicious, non-spicy food in this restaurant that is suitable for people like us.

One of my favourite Indian food is Tandoori Chicken ($7) so when I was offered this dish, I was totally, 'Yeah, bring it on'.

Indeed, this was one of my favourite dishes in this restaurant. The chicken might look dry on the outside but no no no, it was soft and tender on the inside, so much so that this should be called 'TENDERi Chicken'. So lame, but you get what I mean.

This chargrilled chicken was marinated in tandoori spices and you can drizzle a bit of lemon juice over it before eating. Besides eating it directly, you can also eat it with the mint dip (the dark green dip beside the chicken). I must say that the combination of tastes was pretty interesting. :)

Now, this is the Bindhi Masala ($5), which was basically ladies fingers sauteed with onions, tomato and spices.

I've eaten ladies fingers in homemade, Chinese cusine style but never in this way so this was new! I may not be a fan of ladies fingers so naturally, this wasn't one of my favourites but I like the gravy so I kept dipping my food into this.

Say hello to this huge and attention-seeking Tissue Prata ($3) drizzled with a generous amount of chocolate.

At an affordable $3, this prata not only makes a nice, crispy and sweet snack for sharing with the family; it also makes a good photo prop. If there were kids at the table, they will definitely squeal in delight when they see this prata tower.

When this prata arrived at our table, many passerbys stopped and stared and one of them even commented, 'next time let's order this'. HAHA!

Oh yes, and if chocolate isn't your thing, you can choose to drizzle condensed milk instead. :D

Lastly, we had some Kashmiri Naan ($3.20) and Garlic Naan ($3.20) to complement our gravy and dips.

The Garlic Naan on the right was really tasty and smelled great. My friends and I kept reaching out for the Garlic Naan until we completely wiped them out.

My preference was the Kashmiri Naan on the left though because it was my first time trying a naan topped with dried fruits. The dried fruits reminded me of the ingredients in a fruit cake and I loved them!

It was recommended to eat this directly without dipping into any gravy. Out of curiosity, I decided to try dipping anyway to test the difference in tastes. True enough, when you dip a naan like this into gravy, it actually masks its flavour and doesn't make it as yummy as it should have been. So yeah, this naan shall go straight into the mouth!

Oh yes, good things must share!

If you spend a minimum of $30, you get to spin the wheel and from the looks of it, it seems like you are guaranteed a drink or a food item if you spin this. Sounds good, eh?

If you're looking for a good halal restaurant or even craving for some Indian food, you know where to look now. It's open 24-7 so you can totally satisfy your cravings anytime. :D

Srisun Express
Blk 212 Hougang Street 21
#01-343 Singapore 530212

For more information, check out Srisun Express's Facebook page here.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.