June 11th, 2015


Event: 28th SEA Games Opening Ceremony @ National Stadium

Hey people!

Last Friday was an awesome TGIF because I got to witness the 28th SEA Games Opening Ceremony @ National Stadium, thanks to Rose who won tickets to the event.

Thank you girl for bringing me along as a plus one!

It was my first time at the National Stadium since its opening in June last year and naturally, I was ecstatic. I was also marveled by how grand the stadium looked.

We weren't allowed to bring food and drinks into the Stadium so I was glad for these goodie bags which contained 2 large bottles of water. I was hoping that there would be healthy food in there since it was dinner time but there were potato chips, peanuts and crackers instead. :S

Found a medallion in our goodie bag which got Rose and me rather confused. We thought it was a faulty item initially.

It turned out that the medallion would actually project LED lights during the ceremony. When everyone wears the medallion and it lights up individually, we actually form a very nice and artistic display of LED lights together. How cool was that?!

Kallang-waving at the Stadium. It was a very enthusiastic Kallang Wave considering that I had to do it 5 times. LOL.

And the ceremony began.

Love the glow from the audience seats that I just had to take a picture.

Combined band performance from Singapore Armed Forces Band, Singapore Police Force Band, SAF Silent Precision Drill Squad, Women Police Force Pipes and Drums, Gurkha Contingent Pipes and Drums and the Singapore National Cadet Corps Command Band.

Favourite photo of the night. I was thrilled that my camera managed to capture the sudden burst of fireworks.

The Big Singapore Welcome.

Nila's surprising appearance on a parachute.

Marching contingent of athletes from 11 Southeast Asian countries. There were A LOT of athletes from Singapore.

A captivating visual light display of 5 animals of Southeast Asian lore.

We were all like kids again, spotting the animals and going 'hey look, fish!' excitedly.

This act, also known as 'Imagination' brought us into the magical fairytale world that exists in our children's imagination.

This was perhaps the only segment that was this colourful and vibrant.

I was totally anticipating this act because there was a sing-off and a dance-off by some familiar groups, namely hip hop dancers from O School, Academy of Nutz, Swat Crew etc.

Besides, Benjamin Kheng from The Sam Willows and Esen Thang were performing to the song 'Unbreakable' and my heart jumped when Esen Thang began doing some really cool aerial tricks while being suspended in the air. The Butterfly girl was too gorgeous!

The most significant part of the ceremony was the torch relay and I was glad I got to witness such an important segment. It was indeed an amazing moment.

I loved how the stadium erupted with a series of magnificent fireworks after the final athlete ignited the flame of the SEA Games cauldron. I loved it more when the audience cheered and applauded in unison when that happened. It was one of those moments when it felt like everyone was united in spirit. :)

Last Friday was truly a memorable one and I'm looking forward to watching a game soon.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this entry (or looking at the pictures) and have a great night, everyone!