June 14th, 2015

Ribbon Dress

Studio Wu Open House Vol.2, SEA Games Basketball & Straight Edge

Hey everyone!

A week ago, I attended Studio Wu Open House Vol.2 and I got the opportunity to hip hop again.

Each dancer was entitled to a maximum of 3 complimentary classes so I decided to go for Girls Style Hip Hop and Street Jazz which were back-to-back.

Have been trying to meet with Chong Hui for a hip hop session but our schedules kept clashing so I was very happy when she agreed to join me for this open house. The last time we hip hopped together was a year ago!

Featuring Chong Hui's gorgeous boots. My sneakers were old and very well-worn but it has accompanied me for all my dance adventures so it was no doubt that I have some attachment to them.

Chong Hui and I survived Girls Style and Street Jazz choreography in 2 consecutive hours and I honestly couldn't decide which choreo I like better. Girls Style was shiok to dance to because of the fast-paced choreography coupled with powerful, energetic moves but I think I did better for Street Jazz. If you're on my Instagram @gilmangirl, you can check out the videos I've posted on the 2 choreos.

Yesterday, I was with a friend watching SEA Games Basketball @ OCBC Arena Hall.

We wanted to watch Gymnastics initially but the timings were unfavourable so we decided to go for Basketball.

Team Timor-Leste VS Team Malaysia.

If you can see the scoreboard, you should be able to guess which team won the match.

I couldn't help but noticed that the Malaysian basketballers were really tall and towering over the Timor-Leste players. Height really does play a huge part in basketball.

I prefer to watch the ladies' match because it was far more intense than the guys' match.

Team Singapore VS Team Malaysia.

This was one very aggressive match where people were falling down frequently or pushing their way to grab the ball. There were quite a number of fouls too.

I was cheering for Team Singapore but I've honestly got to give it to Team Malaysia who won the match eventually. They have very good defence and some very strong shooters who could do 3-pointers. Number 00 was one of them.

Love this free throw moment when the basketball was shot beautifully into the net. <3

Moving from basketball and on to pole, I've been struggling for Pole 9 like nobody's business. The only trick that I managed to do properly was....

Straight Edge

I was on cloud nine when I could finally hold my position on the pole without wobbling. I was actually supposed to drop my legs straight into an aerial flag after this but... I was scared. :S

I know this looks dangerous and I was more than happy to be able to execute a trick that requires so much core strength, endurance and guts but TRUST ME, there were way more 'dangerous' tricks that I've learnt in this level which I couldn't do.

Oh well, let's see whether miracles will happen by my last lesson next week.

I've got to go now so thanks for reading, people!

Have a great night!