June 21st, 2015

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Event: Trick Eye Museum Turns One!

Hey everyone!

Remember my shoutout post here?

2 days ago, Trick Eye Museum turned one and I was happy to be invited to attend their 1st Year Anniversary Celebration.

This was my second time visiting Trick Eye Museum. My visit last year was featured here.

Blogger friend, Pearly was invited too so I was glad for some company. :)

We received a special edition tote bag and got to personalise them with stamps.

I am nervous whenever I had to do DIY things like these because I pretty much suck at DIY.

Thank goodness the stamps weren't too 'inky'. I really didn't want to ruin my tote bag.

The highlight of this celebration was this gold key that was locked in the Baby's Cage. Visitors have an opportunity to attempt to unlock the cage and grab that precious gold key that was worth $300.

I had 5 seconds to draw a key from this box to unlock the cage.

Unfortunately, Lady Luck wasn't on my side because the key that I picked was too small!

Pearly's key, seen on the right picture, was too big. Damn! There goes our $300 and dreams of becoming rich. HA HA!

We took some photos around Trick Eye Museum. The exhibits were the same as last year's.

It was honestly very crowded with kids around each exhibit so we only took photos at exhibits which were largely devoid of people. There weren't a lot of choices actually. :P

We were so glad that we got to take photos with almost every exhibit last year!

Went exploring after that and found ourselves at Imbiah Station. I didn't realized that the Madame Tussauds Museum was situated there!

Got my photo taken at this huge lorry that was actually quite dirty inside. HA HA. Seriously. There were a heck lot of leaves and used tissues in there. :S

Alright, I gotta go wash up now.

I have some beauty entries coming up so stay tuned!