June 27th, 2015

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Sponsored Review: Palmer's White & Even Dark Spot Corrector and Dark Circle Correcting Eye Treatment

Hey people!

When it comes to ageing, people think of wrinkles or sagging skin. Well, you might be surprised but discoloration of skin, or hyperpigmentation is also a sign of ageing.

Some examples of hyperpigmented skin are freckles, sun spots and age spots, which are usually caused by exposure to harmful UV rays.

I may not have the abovementioned spots but I do have a couple of dark spots at my jawline where my acne previously was. Sad to say, acne scarring can cause dark spots too. Sometimes I wonder which is worse - having pimply bumps on the face or dark spots?

I recently received a Palmer's White & Even Dark Spot Corrector ($29.90) which I was eager to put to a test.

Palmer's Dark Spot Corrector contains ingredients that specifically target discoloration and improve skin tone and texture. One of the ingredients is the Songyi Mushroom and it is known for its pigment-perfecting properties.

Together, these potent blend of ingredients work to inhibit the overproduction of melanin (which is the culprit of discoloured skin) and also lighten surface skin cells to ensure the fading of dark spots.

For a clearer understanding, check out the TVC below:

Palmer's Dark Spot Corrector has a soft gel texture and also contains gold flakes. Interestingly, when applied against the skin, the gold flakes somehow disappeared.

Currently, I've been using this product on my dark spots every morning. Because the product gets absorbed really quickly into the skin, you can also use it before makeup which makes it really convenient.

This product is free of parabens, phthalates, sulphates, synthetic dyes and fragrances. Additionally, you would be happy to hear that it is also suitable for all skin types.

I had a pimple near my right jawline few weeks ago which became an unforgiving dark mark. After using the Dark Spot Corrector for a couple of days, I noticed that the mark did fade slightly. Of course, this isn't a miracle product so I can't expect the dark mark to disappear instantaneously from my skin for good. It will probably take weeks for it to be gone completely.

Do note that if you are using this product to battle some persistent dark spots, do not neglect your sunscreen. While healing your skin, you will still need to protect your skin against UV exposure!

Besides the Dark Spot Corrector, I was elated to be sponsored a Palmer's White & Even Dark Circle Correcting Eye Treatment ($22.90). I have eye circles to treat too and I was running out of my own eye treatment so this product came at the right time.

This Dark Circle Correcting Eye Treatment contains ingredients such as caffeine which stimulates microcirculation around the delicate skin area near the eyes. It also comprise ingredients that will moisturize, brighten and lift the eye area, thereby reducing puffiness.

Love the cooling metal tip applicator because it makes applying the eye treatment more hygienic and fuss-free! If you noticed from the picture above, this eye treatment also contains some gold flakes just like the Dark Spot Corrector!

The Dark Circle Correcting Eye Treatment is more of a serum rather than a gel. As can be seen in the 'After' picture, the eye treatment truly did its job of brightening the skin under my eyes, possibly due to the gold flakes in the product.

Just a tip though - when using the product, do make sure not to press too much on the tube because it can dispense quite a lot of product around your eyes if you do so. A little product is sufficent to go a long way. :)


Palmer's White & Even Dark Spot Corrector and Dark Circle Correcting Eye Treatment retail at $29.90 and $22.90 respectively.

They can be found conveniently at Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, John Little and leading departmental stores.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.