July 4th, 2015

Vixenish Eyebrows

Benjamin Browns Bistro & The Horse's Mouth @ Forum Shopping Mall

Hey everyone!

Last week, I visited Benjamin Browns Bistro @ Forum Shopping Mall for dinner with Ben (note the name play) and I must say that we discovered a hidden gem.

Benjamin Browns is a small, cosy cafe with a few seats and I was worried that there might be a crowd but it turned out that we were the only ones in the cafe during dinner time.

That said, I'm not suggesting that it's an unpopular cafe. I believe that it gets more crowded on weekends or weekdays when the office-goers patronize the cafe during their lunch time.

Love the artsy decor. They're for sale, by the way!

Introducing BB Wagyu Burger ($23), which consisted of chargrilled beef topped with a sunny side up, melted cheese and a special combination of truffle and mushroom sauce. Totally yummy.

We wanted to try their signature Pork Belly Burger at first but it was not available. Oh well, maybe next time!

Another popular dish was their Crab Meat Linguini ($20). This dish really won us over because it was so tasty and flavourful with its generous amount of crab meat coupled with vodka arrabbiata sauce.

If you have enough room to stomach more food, you can try their cakes. Their cakes are highly raved!

Benjamin Browns Bistro is one of the partner cafes of The Entertainer App so we got to enjoy a ' Buy-1-free-1' deal. Swee la! :D

As the night was still young and we wanted to talk more, Ben introduced me to another hidden gem.

It was a bar known as The Horse's Mouth @ Forum Shopping Mall and in my opinion, it was a very cool hang-out place.

When we stepped into the bar, it was dark as hell. The walls and door seemed to blend together and I couldn't see where I was going. But once we opened another door and went further, we found ourselves in a room that looked like this:

Beautiful, isn't it? The room was lined with a captivating array of origami and I was truly dazzled.

How can simple pieces of art, when strung together with lights looked so breathtaking? :)

I don't drink alcohol so Ben treated me to a strawberry mocktail. Thank you!

We spent the night yakking away, each with lots of stories to share.

I've known this guy ever since we were teenagers and it's nice to know that many years later, we are still in contact and with so much to say to each other despite the personality and life changes.

Indeed, true friends are the ones you can talk to comfortably and even talk till the cows come home despite the infrequent meetups. If you have friends like these, treasure them!

Gotta get ready for an event later so goodbye everyone!