July 6th, 2015


Singapore Street Festival 2015: Asia Global Bellydance Extravaganza Show

Hello people!

Every year, I look forward to this time of the year when there are festivals such as SHINE Festival and Singapore Street Festival (SSF) that celebrate youth's talents and their passion for the performing arts.

I have been involved in the performing arts scene since I was a kid and till now, I'm a firm believer of pursuing your talent, chasing your dreams and inspiring others with your passion. I would never have the guts to experiment with dance styles like hip hop or pole dance if I didn't have the curiosity to see how I fare in them. Of course, if I didn't believe in chasing my dreams, I would also never become a public blogger.

I'm really excited to collaborate with SSF/SHINE again this year to feature some of their events on my blog and I really hope my entries will be an eye-opener to my readers who are not familiar with the performing arts scene.  

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Asia Global Bellydance Extravaganza Show @ Drama Centre Black Box and I got to enjoy some amazing performances by professional bellydance troupes as well as bellydance teachers.

This was my second time watching a Bellydance performance so I kinda know what to expect. My first experience watching Bellydance 3 years ago was featured here.

I was very fascinated by their elaborate and flamboyant costumes. Interestingly, it also seemed that Bellydance costumes can take the form of different themes.

In the first picture of this entry, the costumes were rather gothic and witch-like while the costumes in the above picture reminded me of the imperial times.

People who do not know much about Bellydance might assume that it is simply a wiggling of your belly and hips while clad in midriff clothes.

I admit that I used to have misconceptions about this dance style as well but this has changed totally when I watched my first Bellydance show 3 years ago.

Now, how do I describe Bellydance?

It is the mother of isolations. In hip hop, you do isolations by only moving a certain part of your body while keeping the other part of your body still. It is difficult and makes you look cool. The thing about hip hop is that most of the time, you only do isolations for some parts of the dance before moving on to other types of moves. As for Bellydance, it is isolations throughout the dance. It is not easy.

Besides the fancy costumes and colourful scarves, the dance style is also a mixture of confidence, sexiness and immense energy.

One thing I noticed about these dancers was that, yes, they have bellies just like any other women. But does that make them less attractive than the dancers who have abs? I don't think so.

I personally find them very attractive in their costumes and I realized that it's because they carry themselves so confidently with elegance and poise.

Oh yes, males can bellydance too so don't belittle this little boy!

Bellydance teacher Arina whose choreography was so incredibly fast and powerful. She's a crowd favourite.

Bellydance teacher Meyjen with her very memorable costume.

I never knew a person could look so good with a fake snake wrapped around her body. :D

Bellydance teacher Sujee. Yes, she's from Korea and she's so humble!

Bellydancing while balancing lights on her head and hands. Now, that's taking bellydancing to another level.

There was a prize presentation for the Asia Global Bellydance Competition after the Extravaganza Show.

I missed the competition actually because it occured during working hours. Nonetheless, congratulations to those who have won!

Asia Global Bellydance Competition and the Extravaganza Show occur annually so if you have some interest to watch a bellydance performance, do look out for this show in Singapore Street Festival 2016. It's never too late to appreciate a good performance. :)

Meanwhile, for more information on the events in Singapore Street Festival 2015, check out its website here.