July 12th, 2015

In Koala Land

Event: Shine Festival 2015 #BuildYourWorld

Hey people!

I've been blogging about Shine Festival since year 2012 and it's one of the mega events that I look forward to featuring each year.

For those who do not know what Shine Festival is, it is an annual festival hosted by National Youth Council to celebrate youth talents. With a theme of 'Build Your World' this year, Shine Festival encourages youths to pursue their passion and dreams and use their talents to positively influence the community.

This year was particularly special for me because for the first time, Shine Festival has taken on the streets of Orchard Road.

Additionally, the event organizers have also invited some of my favourite Youtubers such as Ryan Higa, David Choi, Arden Cho, Lydia Paek and Night Owl Cinematics to grace the event. I have never been more excited to see my online inspirations in person!

I attended Shine Festival on Friday and Saturday night. Photo spam begins from here.

10 July 15, Friday - Ngee Ann City Stage

Dee Kosh emceeing for this event at Ngee Ann City stage.

Youtube Star David Choi and 2012 Noise Singapore Award Recipient Jaime Wong singing some of their originals.

David Choi's Original 'Won't Even Start' was stuck in my head after he sang it live. <3 <3

Meet & Greet with Lydia Paek - Scape HubQuarters

Prior to watching David Choi and Jaime perform, I was at SCAPE attending a Meet & Greet session with Korean-American musician/dancer Lydia Paek. She is so cute and bubbly and I love her style!

Photo credits to SCAPE.

Can't believe I also got to give her a hug and take photos with her.

For those who are wondering who's Lydia Paek, she's known on youtube for her music (see her youtube channel here).

But I actually know and admire her more for her impressive hip hop skills. I'm a fan of America's hip hop dance crew, Quest Crew and Lydia was the only female in the crew who got to dance alongside some of the most impressive hip hop dancers. She may look petite but my, she can dance and break with so much energy.

Check out the video below and spot the only female dancer in there.

Oh yes, Shigga Shay was there too although I didn't have a chance to take a photo. :(

11 July 15, Saturday - ION Orchard Stage

I just knew the crowd would look like this!!!

I was there around 8pm and might have missed some performances but it's okay because the youtube stars that I wanted to see started performing from 8pm onwards.

This is Jun Sung Ahn, a very popular youtuber (see his youtube channel here) who plays violin covers and dances hip hop/kpop. With his boyish good looks, I wasn't surprised that he has lots of screaming fangirls.

Arden Cho (see her youtube channel here) was so gorgeous; she reminded me of a princess.

Arden's one of the most talented artistes I've seen - she sings, models and acts and I love watching her video logs. She has a beautiful voice and check out her facial expression above. So much feels.

David Choi's back (see his youtube channel here) and this time, he sang more of his original songs, namely 'That Girl', 'Missing Piece' and 'By My Side'.

Yes, his originals are all love songs and he's clearly a romantic. I love them though because his lyrics are simple yet powerful and his songs about love are something that his fans can relate to.

Of course, saving the best for the last, we have.... RYAN HIGA!

Everybody loves Ryan and I wouldn't be surprised if 3/4 of the people were there to support him.

With more than 2 billion channel views (See his youtube channel here), Ryan Higa is a youtube sensation, well known for his comedic videos and slapstick humour.

Obviously, I'm a huggeee fan and his videos really crack me up. I can be having a bad day but once I watched his videos and laughed over the things he talked about, I'll be okay immediately because 'Chill, why treat life so seriously?'.

With the increasing international fame (and money) that these youtube icons get, few people would realize that there are challenges of being a youtuber too.

You have to be constantly creative and post videos of original content at a regular basis. Yes, youtubers have deadlines to meet too and sometimes, they can face a creative block. So... it's not all fine and dandy.

Ryan Higa impersonating characters to sing 'Nice Guys' by himself. Hilarious!

Remember BEST Crew?

Bumblebee Extreme Step Team! Now you know why they're in yellow and black.

End of show! Youtube stars taking onstage selfies with us while we take photos of them.

Shine Festival 2015 will still be ongoing today (last day already!) so if you haven't experienced the happening Shine Fest atmosphere, I suggest you head down to Orchard Road tonight.

Have a great Sunday, people and let's have fun before work/school begins again tomorrow! :)