July 17th, 2015


Event: Fresh Maskerade Party @ Yarwood Avenue

Happy Hari Raya to my Muslim friends!

Last weekend, I attended a Fresh Maskerade Party at an extremely luxurious private residence along Yarwood Avenue.

Just look at that - a private pool amidst greenery. This is practically a villa.

A Koi pond with some hugeass kois. Whoever stays here must be mighty rich.

This party was also meant to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Fresh's iconic Rose Face Mask.

Thus, this explains the feminine pastel pink roses that were used to decorate the place. :)

Was offered a nice, cooling rose drink to quench my thirst upon arrival.

Oh, and what's a Maskerade without some actual masquerade masks?

Admittedly, it was a little too big for my face but I.can.still.take.photos.with.it.

We were led to the kitchen for a mocktail workshop.

Specifically, we were taught by Mixes from Mars how to make various mocktails using common ingredients found in Fresh skincare products.

Photo credits to Jessie.

Having a go at creating my mocktail and feeling very excited about it.

Tadah! I created my first mocktail - the Brown Sugar Citrus with Strawberries and it tasted really refreshing.

If you think the second mocktail reminds you of a jug of milk, you're partially right.

The Golden Honey Elixir was a simpler mocktail to create and it basically consisted of vanilla, honey and milk topped with ice filled to the brim. Add some biscuit sticks into the mocktail and you're good to go. Be sure to eat the biscuit fast though - it dissolves into the mocktail really quickly.

The Blacktea Frutti Di Bosco was a very classy mocktail with blackberries, chilled black tea, elderflower and calamansi.

I tried my best to decorate my drink with blackberries and flowers so I hope it looks presentable.

Photo credits to Jessie.

Love this photo of Jessie and me. Cheers to our friendship!

The last mocktail was the Rose Queen of Isparta.

It looked like a chilling drink with lovely roses and a piece of cucumber but I think I screwed up on the proportions so it didn't taste as nice as it should be. Opps!

After our mocktail making session, we moved on to the next room to enjoy our mini facial.

I was so intrigued by the door knobs that I just had to take some photos. Have you seen such atas door knobs in a residence before?

Tried the iconic Rose Face Mask on the back of my hand.

I was very impressed by the cooling sensation of the mask and the mild rose scent. I didn't try this mask on my face though because I specifically requested for a mask that was more suitable for my oily, acne-prone skin.

The green mask that was used on my face was the Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Mask which was really effective in controlling oil and tightening pores.

Although my face felt stiff and I couldn't talk while the mask was on, it made me feel so clean for the rest of the day. I wasn't even sweating much on my face when I was at Shine Festival that night.

Ended the party with a gorgeous rose from the Fresh team. So pretty!! <3

Thank you Fresh for pampering me so much. I really enjoyed myself. :)

For more information on Fresh beauty products, check out their facebook page here.

Sponsored Book Review: 'Singapore in the 60s' by James Suresh & Syed Ismail

Hey people!

Remember James Suresh, the man and the co-creater behind comic icon, 'Mr Kiasu'?

A couple of weeks back, Mr Suresh launched a special, limited edition illustrated book known as 'Singapore in the 60s'.

'Singapore in the 60s' essentially transports readers to the author's life back in the 1960s when he grew up in a rented flat in Queenstown.

Through the use of a lighthearted, storytelling style as well as quirky comics illustrated by his long-time friend Syed Ismail, Mr Suresh hopes to show young Singaporeans a glimpse of his life back then when there was no advanced technology and social media.

You will be surprised to learn that people in the past know how to have fun too and life back then was still enjoyable and carefree in a simple way!

I was initially bummed that I couldn't attend the book launch because of work. But my spirits were lifted again when I got to receive a copy of this precious book for a book review.

Thank you Dawn and The Influencer Network for arranging! <3

In all, there were 6 chapters and my favourite chapters were Chapter 2: Travelling Hawkers & Tradesmen and Chapter 3: Recreation in the 60s.

I just love reading about the jobs that people do in the past as well as the games they used to play. I'm vaguely familiar with them because as a kid, I've heard stories from my parents who grew up in kampongs about how life was like in the past. I always felt that it was interesting to hear how different their life was compared to mine and how they managed to solve problems with very limited resources.

Let's flip the pages and take a peek into the contents, shall we?

A picture speaks a thousand words so what better way to describe and capture an old memory with an illustration so intricately drawn?

In this book, you will see a full-page black and white illustration at every 2 pages, with characters adorning animated facial expressions.

I adore every illustration and will subconsciously analyse all details in a picture. Perhaps it's because I cannot draw to save my life so naturally, I treat illustrated works done by other people like a piece of art to be admired.

If you think you're gonna be reading some sort of a boring and long-winded history book, fret not.

Mr Suresh makes use of short paragraphs and layman language to describe his experiences so in all, this book is actually an easy read. I was hooked by the stories shared and once I got to the end of the book, I realized I've spent... only 1 hour reading. It's great for people who are typically not motivated to read due to the sheer number of words or pages they have to go through in a book.

In my opinion, this is an awesome book for both the younger and the older generation. Because this is educational and an easy read, it appeals to the younger generation; gives them insights on the life that they will never get to experience and allows them to appreciate the life that they can have now because of the hard work and efforts of our pioneers.

As for the older generation, it is a book of nostalgia that brings back fond and familiar memories of their past, just like looking at an album full of old photographs. And as for people like me who ain't too young or old, we probably have the best of both worlds. Like the younger generation, we get to learn something new yet like the older generation, we also reminisce some of the things we've seen or done when we were kids (for e.g. we used to play traditional games like jump rope and hopscotch too!).

Picture credits to The Influencer Media.

Are these books for sale?

Urm.... nope. Or at least, not at the moment.

Out of 5,000 of these books, 4,500 of them will be made available at school libraries. Mr Suresh intends to also donate the remaining books to his former primary and secondary school as well as the other institutions where he pursued his studies.

Then how do I get one?!

The Influencer Media is having a Facebook contest here and the contest will run till 9 Aug 15.

Simply like their facebook page, share the poster and comment on one thing you love about Singapore. 50 winning entries will receive an autographed copy of the book. (Damn, I also want Mr Suresh's signature!)

Go participate now and good luck, my friends!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal opinions.