July 18th, 2015

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Event: Pre-Launch of Spain Souper Inspiration Soups @ The Soup Spoon

Hola amigos!

Any The Soup Spoon fans here? I'm one of them.

Last Wednesday, I got to attend the pre-launch event of Spain Souper Inspiration Soups by The Soup Spoon at Suntec City.

It was indeed a Spanish night where we got to watch a Spanish dance performance; listen to Spanish music and sample some Spanish dishes.

With my plus one, Pearly who spontaneously joined me for this event. :)

Opening address by Chancellor Daniel Guiscafre from the Spain Embassy.

A dance item by Rose Borromeo Spanish Dance Company. It's my first time watching a Spanish dance item.

Surprisingly, the dance company is based in Singapore and classes are held at Little Arts Academy at POMO Mall.

My personal highlight was meeting Ms Anna Lim, the founder of The Soup Spoon. She's known as @souperchefanna on Instagram and I've been following her even before I met her. #hardcorefan

Enjoyed some Spanish tapas and was really intrigued by the potato tapas at the top of the plate which had a stark resemblance to a mille crepe cake.

On 16 July, Thursday, The Soup Spoon launched 3 Spanish Souper Inspiration soups and we got to sample them in this pre-launch event. These soups were created by Anna after she was inspired by some of the local fare that she has tried during her Spanish trip.

Alright, let the tasting begin!

First up and also my favourite was the Pollastre Escudella amb Prunes. The name's a mouthful and I wouldn't attempt to pronounce it, but this dish was essentially catalan chicken stew with prunes.

In my opinion, the taste was pretty exotic. It was a combination of warm, chicken goodness that reminded me of being at home on a rainy day coupled with mild sweetness that came from the prunes. Smell-wise? Amazing.

I simply love soups that come with loads of ingredients just like this one.

Next up, we have the Vegan Arroz Samfaina la Cassola. Yet another cheemology name but it basically stands for vegan rice with ratatouille casserole.

Oh yes, this is a vegetarian dish so VEGANS REJOICE!

Honestly, when I saw this dish, I was skeptical because I'm not a fan of green beans and peas in soups. But when I tried this, I surprised myself by enjoying the taste and chewiness of the green beans and peas! It just tasted... different and...pleasant.

There was also a good mix of potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and peppers in there so in essence, it was an extremely tasty and flavourful soup. I've also heard people around me commenting that they prefer this soup to the previous chicken stew with prunes so I guessed it generally sat well with the food tasters. Thumbs up!

The last soup was the Sopa de Pescado, which was also known as the Basquaise Spicy Seafood Stew.

If you're a seafood lover, you'll enjoy the blend of tastes from the Barramundi fish, prawns, squids and mussels. This was also an ingredients-aplenty soup which I would have appreciated better if I have a higher spice tolerance.

It was honestly quite a spicy soup for me. I ended up being really slow when I was finishing my soup as I was breathing out fire half the time. If you can take spice, you will definitely enjoy this soup better. Trust me.

I was very full after the last soup but when I was served this adorable cup of caramelized egg pudding, I was like, 'on second thought, I have space for dessert'.

This was SO DARN GOOD. I need to learn how to make this.

Photo credits to The Soup Spoon.

Post-event group photo, yay!

Picture credits to The Soup Spoon.

If you're thinking of dropping by The Soup Spoon for a meal day someday or to try their newly launched Spanish soups, you might want to check out their Instagram contest as well.

To participate, you'll need an Instagram account, of course.

Simply follow @thesoupsoonsg and @palatesensations on Instagram, purchase and take a photo of your Spain Souper Inspiration soup, upload the picture on Instagram and hashtag #TSSTakeMeToSpain. You can stand a chance to win a complete Spanish Experience Package. From the poster above, the package looks damn fun. Great for an event junkie like me. *rubs hands in glee

Received a take-home pack as a door gift after the event. Oh yes, it's my favourite catalan chicken stew with prunes soup!

I cooked this for my parents yesterday. My parents hardly drink Western soups because they couldn't appreciate but even then, they were full of praises for this. So yes, go try this! :D

Meanwhile, I shall go rest my weary, post-race body.

Have a great weekend, my friends!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.