July 25th, 2015


Event: Singapore Blog Awards 2015 Ceremony @ F.Club

Hello everyone!

So the annual Singapore Blog Awards is back and I got to attend the awards ceremony at F.Club few days ago.

This was my 3rd time attending Singapore Blog Awards. This year was a significant one for me because for the 1st time, I attended the awards ceremony not as someone else's plus one but as a finalist for the Best Health & Wellness Blog category.

I brought along Rose (friend in red) to attend this event as my plus one and introduced her to Jane (friend in white) who was invited to cover the event as a blogger. So glad that both of them got along really well!

Oh yeah, bloggers rock!

Blogging has really transformed me and I never expected this little hobby of mine to bring me to where I am today. My blogging journey has indeed given me some of the best experiences and memories in my life.

F.Club wasn't new to me too because I visited this club last year for another event.

I just never got to enter this room and see this side of the club until the awards day.

It was a tad crowded in the club so I was glad that we were early enough to get seats.

Photo credits to Jane.

This was one of the few shots that turned out nice because there weren't any shadows casted on our faces.

With Tiffany and Rose. Tiffany was like, ' OMG, we FINALLY took a photo together after so long'. :P

Spot me?

Dancers hyping up the ceremony with their energetic dance moves.

I saw these dancers before they went on stage but I missed my photo opportunity with them because I was too busy eating. Opps.

Guest-of-Honour Mayor Low giving a welcome address.

This guy actually introduced the various award categories using beatbox. So cool.

The first award that was given out was the Top 10 Most Popular Blogs and the popularity of the blogs were decided by public voting.

Winners of the Top 10 Most Popular Blogs
(In no order of merit)

1. Johor Kaki Food and Travel
2. Bumble Bee Mum
3. A Happy Mum
4. Mum in the Making
5. Little Miss Bento
6. Life's Tiny Miracles
7. McDonald's Around the World
9. theRantingPanda
10. SG Unfit Runners

I just realized from the list above that there were 4 parenting bloggers and 2 bears. HA HA!

I didn't win anything from the awards so I didn't get to go on stage. The only time I appeared 'on stage' was when my face was flashed across the screen for 1 second. :D

That said, I was very happy to see my friends going onstage to receive their awards. They're influential and inspirational bloggers who are truly deserving of their awards.

Editors' /Judges' Choice

Best Family Blog - Rascal Dads
Best Fashion Blog - ULIMALI
Best Food Blog - Ms Skinnyfat
Best Health & Wellness Blog - Pris Chew Dot Com
Best Individual Blog - @Filmnomenon [Reviews by Eternality Tan]
Best Lifestyle Blog - It's all about Valyn
Best New Blog - Kat Eyes
Best Topical Blog - Little Miss Bento
Best Travel Blog - Pohtecktoes

Advertisers' Choice

Best Beauty Blog - Fiona Seah
Most Popular Beauty Blog - Cheryl Chio
Best Cooking Blog - The Domestic Goddess Wannabe
Most Popular Cooking Blog - The Domestic Goddess Wannabe

Xeo went onstage to receive his Top 10 Most Popular Blogs award for SG Unfit Runners. His other blog, Xeolyenomics was also nominated in the Best New Blog category.

Besides blogging, he's the game maker of financial card game, Wongamania too! Super talented guy!

Ms Skinnyfat (left) receiving her award for Best Food Blog and stunning everyone with her svelte and so-not-fat! figure.

As for the Best Health & Wellness category, the award went to Pris Chew (right). She's a very dedicated blogger who covers a lot of marathon and fitness events in her blog.

Hendric, otherwise known as Pohtecktoes (left) received his award for Best Travel Blog. This guy needs no introduction because he's already very famous in the blogosphere.

Gina and Daniel (right), the couple and bloggers behind Sunrise Odyssey may not have won in the Best Travel Blog category but they were clear winners when it came to Best Dressed.

The theme that night was 'Time Travel' and guests could wear something from the past or the future. Let's just say that it was unexpected and also extremely creative for both of them to turn up as an elderly couple. I was laughing so hard when I saw their outfits. Thumbs, fingers and toes up!

Gina and Daniel were so in character even when it comes to taking group photos.

Goodies from the ceremony that will serve as little momentos for this special occasion.

Although I didn't win, I'm already very happy to be a finalist in this prestigious ceremony. Since getting into Blog Awards, my readership has soared and my opportunities have grown. Over the years, my humble blog, Dainty Diva has also grown from a personal blog that no one really reads to a public one that was gradually gaining recognition in the blogosphere and I feel like, for lack of a better phrase, 'a proud Mummy'.

I am immensely grateful to the people who have been supporting my blog as well as the personal messages and compliments about my writing style. Blogging has always been a personal journey of self-improvement so I never knew that one day, my writing would have an impact or an influence on other people. It's people like my readers who reminded me of why I started blogging in the first place - I wanted to inspire others the same way others have inspired me.

So thank you, thank you and more thank yous. I will continue to do what I do and bring my passion to greater heights.

Goodnight all. :)