July 30th, 2015


Event: 'The Search for True Love' Musical @ National Library Drama Centre Theatre

Yo people!

Few days back, I had the opportunity to watch and support my friend, Dennis who was acting in 'The Search for True Love' Musical @ National Library Drama Centre Theatre, thanks to complimentary tickets from The Influencer Network.


Set in the 70s, the story centres around a father's (played by Peter Yu) unrelenting forgiveness and love towards his son, Robert (played by Wallace Ang) even when he took his father's money and left home.

Robert was under the bad influence of his friend, Ben (played by Dennis Toh) and did not realize that Ben will eventually betray him and cause him to be on the run from the police. Thankfully, he was protected by a guardian angel (played by Xia Hui) who prevented him from further trouble and led him back home.

The musical began in a coffeeshop setting in the 1970s with familiar songs that the older generation could relate to.

Here comes the main characters (from left) - the father, Robert and Ben. Note the golden tin on the table at the top which Robert plans to steal before running away.

Distraught father singing his plea to the heavens.

It was then that I realized that this musical had a strong Christian theme to it and the guardian angel was actually God.

Cabaret setting in the 1970s with dancers in flamboyant costumes.

Robert's love interest, Ping Ping (played by Shaine Neo) spicing the musical up with her loud, melodious voice and her effervescent personality.

The trio dancing in the park. It was truly an eye-opener for The Influencer Network peeps to see Dennis dance. HA HA!

Another scene of Dennis looking all bad boy and flirtatious. I was really impressed by his acting skills and showmanship.

The highlight of the musical was their theme song, '回心转意' which was sung by Wallace, Xia Hui and Peter.

Check out the video above to listen to the song!

Curtain call which also marked the end of the musical.

Kudos to the performers for their good work and for entertaining us with this light-hearted, hilarious musical. Well done!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.