August 3rd, 2015


Services Review: Hair Colour + Trim + Style @ The Comb Hair Studio

Hey people!

Last week, I was invited by The Comb Hair Studio to try out their hair services and this sponsorship was timely because I've wanted to do something to my atrocious hair.

The Comb Hair Studio is a Korean hair salon along Gemmill Lane, coincidentally beside Le Spa.

It was pretty cool being in a salon surrounded by a bevy of good-looking and fashionable hair stylists who were largely speaking in Korean to one another. No worries though, they can converse in English with customers!

They have an extensive beverage menu with varieties of coffee and tea but since I hardly drink coffee and tea, I opted for the good ol' orange juice.

Oh yes, they have free WIFI too which was mega awesome. Considering that I was in the salon for 3.5 hours, I could really do with some guilt-free net surfing on my phone.  

So my 'Before' hair looked like this - it pretty much looked like shit.

It's been a while since I've dyed my hair so my hair was basically partially black and partially dyed. My white hair was peeking out like nobody's business and my long hair was thick and shapeless. That was... really depressing.

Nonetheless, Senior Stylist Angie saved my hair and I proudly present my 'After' photos that won me lots of praises.

Angie touched up my roots to cover the white hairs, trimmed my hair to give it some layers as well as highlighted my hair with 2 colours - red and light brown. As a final touch-up, she styled my hair with some temporary curls and I was so shocked when I saw that I actually looked quite good with curls. So I didn't look like a lion after all!

In terms of service, it was exemplary. Angie was attentive to my hair needs and recommended me hair colours that would be suitable for my image and skin tone. Knowing that I have troublesome hair that couldn't go too thick or too thin, she made sure not to overtrim my hair and gave me a hairstyle that would be easy to maintain.

She also taught me to maintain my dyed hair using shampoo for coloured hair (apparently, using a moisturizing shampoo that has a pinkish foam works well too!) for at least 2 weeks. Eager to maintain my red streaks, I really went to get myself some shampoo for coloured hair the next day. True enough, my hair colour didn't run when I washed my hair with this shampoo. Thanks for the tip, Angie!

Picture of my hair right after I left the salon vs picture of my hair days later.

My highlights were actually quite subtle and at times, it did feel as though I haven't dyed my hair at all. For this reason, I wished I have gone for bolder colours or even a lighter base colour.

Nonetheless, under direct light, my light brown and red highlights became more obvious and I have to agree that it sure brightened up my look.

In sum, I am really impressed by the hair services in the salon so thank you The Comb Hair Studio for transforming and saving my hair! :)

The Comb Hair Studio
12 Gemmill Lane
Singapore 069252

Interested to try their service?

You can quote 'TracyXOAngie' to enjoy 20% discount on the hair services in the salon!

For more information on the services and rates, do check out The Comb's website here.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
From The Top

Event: Christmas in July @ Barossa Holland Village

Merry Christmas everyone!

Oh wait, no. It's not Christmas yet.

Then again, Christmas in July only happens in Barossa Holland Village so I guessed it's time for some merrymaking even if this festive season occurs 5 months earlier!

And who says no to a happening party with free flow booze and food?

I was lucky to win a pair of tickets to attend this party and I found out that Creative Eateries was the organizer of the party. What a small world!

Our wrist tags to the party, yay!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells rock..

Okay, no. They didn't sing that song. But they sure livened up the atmosphere with their Santa costumes and their Christmas jams.

The bar with its massive array of alcohol.

Shen was really excited to enjoy his free flow beer.

As for me, I was more excited over the food so I headed straight for the live roast beef station to indulge in my favourite meat.

Free flow food consisting of yummy skewers, mini burgers, fries and nacho chips! Love them all!

There were party games too such as 'pass the present' but I was totally in 'please do not pass the present to me' mode because I didn't want to drink shots as a forfeit. Thank goodness the present hardly got to me!

Many thanks to Bites Magazine for selecting me as one of the winners and Creative Eateries for organizing such a fun-filled party! Can we have a Christmas party every month please? :P

All right, it's getting late now so I'll keep this entry short.

Thanks for reading and goodnight world! :)