August 7th, 2015

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Ant-Man, Third & Sixth Bistro Bar, Hiking and Picnic & Visiting Bestie's House

Hey everyone!

It's the Jubilee Weekend so hurray to a long holiday for all of us!

There has been an influx of good movies coming to our theatres recently and I'm really excited to catch some of my must-watch movies.

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In mid July, I caught Ant-Man with Shen and it was hilarious! I mean, it's cool that this superhero can shrink to the size of an ant and form allies with other ants but what really kept me entertained throughout the movie was how humorous Mr Ant-Man and his friends were. Especially that guy at the bottom right corner - I laugh everytime he talks.

If you're a fan of marvel superheroes and action-packed movies, go watch this. It's still showing in theatres so catch it before it stops screening!

Tried some gourmet burgers at Third & Sixth Bistro Bar for dinner before watching 'The Search for True Love' Musical in late July. Third & Sixth was a pretty chill bar along Seah Street with good ambience and great music.

The picture above features Shen's Messy Mexican gourmet burger with straight-cut fries ($16) which in my opinion looked and tasted better than my No. 36 gourmet burger with straight-cut fries ($16).

No. 36 burger was the bar's trademark burger made up of beef patty with bacon, cheddar cheese and caramelized onions. I love the ingredients of the burger but I felt that Messy Mexican fared better because it was more flavourful.

Oh yes, we used The Entertainer App's 'Buy-1-free-1' deal so our meals cost us $8/pax, inclusive of service charge. Yay to cost savings!

Last weekend, Shen and I went for our first hike at Southern Ridges. It's been a hell of a long time since I've been to Southern Ridges so it was good to explore this place again.

I was surprised that Shen brought along a bag since he's usually only with his wallet and phone. It turned out that he stuffed a mat, grapes, bananas and chips in his bag so that we could have a picnic later.

We didn't managed to have a picnic along our Southern Ridges hike. Instead, we had an impromptu picnic at a shaded spot on a beach in Sentosa.

It was really nice to just chill on the mat and have long, meaningful conversations. :)

Finally visited Bestie at her new house after work 2 days ago and she taught me how to prepare homemade pizza. Yum yum. Simple, homecooked food is always the best for me.

We were trying to eat healthy so we also prepared some coconut water, buttered broccoli and blueberries. It was a really fulfilling dinner.

I am thankful for this meetup because I finally had the chance to update her about everything in my life and catch up with hers. We haven't seen each other for more than a month and some things are best shared in person rather than over whatsapp, don't you think?

Looking forward to our next meetup where we celebrate our birthdays together!

All right, I'm gonna catch up on my blog backlogs so stay tuned for more entries to come. Goodbye for now!
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Food Invite: Casual Modern European Dining @ Restaurant SELA

Hi everyone!

Last week, I had an awesome TGIF with fellow Migme influencers at a tasting session at Restaurant SELA. Many thanks to Alvin from Migme for inviting me!

The cuisine was European and I was looking forward to it because it's not everyday that I get to enjoy exotic cuisine like this. Besides, t
he menu of the restaurant was created by Celebrity Chef Benson Tong and it was truly an honour to meet him.

One thing to highlight about the cuisine was that it was not entirely European. The food prepared contained some essence of Asian cooking so don't be surprised to find Asian ingredients within a dish. In fact, that's what makes the food in this restaurant so intriguing.

Restaurant SELA was located along Seah Street which was a short walking distance from Bugis Junction.

It had a classy, elegant interior with its white walls decked with arty paintings.

That said, it didn't give off an intimidating, 'upmarket' vibe where you need to eat quietly and have remarkable table etiquette. Instead, it felt more like 'fine dining' in a casual, laidback environment where I could chatter and laugh loudly to my hearts' content.

Look behind me; the restaurant had its own alcohol bar with its wide selection of wines, beers and sakes.

We had a bottle of Honey & Pepper Vodka for tasting and my friends egged me to try a bit even though they know I don't drink alcohol. I wouldn't say I like this vodka very much because it burnnnnns and it strangely 'disappeared from my tongue into my ears'. Nonetheless, please take my vodka tasting experience with a pinch of salt - I am after all an alcohol noob.  

In all ,we tasted 2 appetizers, 2 main courses and 2 desserts so let me move on to share some mouth-watering pictures with you.

Our first appetizer was this photogenic plate of Procuitto Ham & Melon ($16) which was an interesting combination of sweet and salty. The melon was actually compressed in vacuum, resulting in a softer texture.

I may not be a fan of beetroot but I have to acknowledge that when eaten together with the melon and ham, they tasted really, really good. 

Next up, we have the Pan Seared US Scallop ($16) which was topped with salted egg cream and accompanied with red radish. The scallops might be yummy but overall, this dish was strongly flavoured and a tad salty for my liking. Perhaps people who prefer salty to sweet can appreciate this dish better.

This appetizer also contained forbidden rice. As puzzling as the name sounds, 'forbidden rice' actually refers to the pulut hitam at the base of the dish. It was honestly a new experience for me because I've never eaten pulut hitam as one of the ingredients of a dish before - it was always known as a nice, warm bowl of dessert to me.

The Miso Chilean Seabass ($32) was perfect for me - no kidding.

When it comes to fish, I admit that I have atas taste and a soft, tasty seabass deliciously drizzled with Lemon Dashi broth works very well with my tastebuds. With some wilted arugula and confit shimeji mushrooms at the side, this main course was absolutely divine.

If I have the chance to bring my family or friends to this restaurant, I'll definitely order this main course again.

Bored of the usual beef cheek that you get in restaurants? Try pork cheek next time!

Introducing the Kakuni Style Pork Cheek ($20) which was so tender and flavourful that I kept reaching out for more. Looks-wise, it actually didn't look very different from beef cheek. Well, beef or pork, my stomach loves both.

Time for desserts, my friends!

This is the Semolina Cake ($12) which was basically passion fruit curd topped with torched meringue.

The texture of the cake was a little thick and I would love it better if it was fluffier. In terms of taste, the meringue certainly contributed a great deal of creamy sweet goodness to it. It's a great dessert for people with a sweet tooth and I recommend you to share!

Saving the best for the last, we have the Dehydrated Pineapple Pavlova ($10) which was hands-down the winner of the night.

If we have to give awards for the food that we've tried, this dessert might win the 'Most Popular Food' award as well as the 'Most Memorable Dish' award.

All of us were practically singing praises of this while indulging in the addictive blend of vanilla ice cream, meringue and salted caramel. The little additions of dehydrated pineapples and blueberries not only intensified the taste; it also made the dessert look prettier. If you have to order 1 dessert from this restaurant only, please try this! You won't regret it.

Admittedly, the food portions are small and I understand if you think it isn't worth it to pay $15+ for a small plate of food that isn't enough to fill your stomach. I guessed patrons of this restaurant visit it with the idea of wanting to try a variety of interesting dishes that they do not usually get to eat on a daily basis and it is akin to enjoying fine dining at a fraction of the price. Thus, if you like trying new dishes/cuisines or are simply looking for a hidden gem to enjoy a cosy gathering, I highly recommend Restaurant SELA.

If exotic European food is not your thing, Restaurant SELA also offers Singapore-Style Brunch every Saturday from 11.30am to 2.30pm so feel free to check the menu out!

For information on the main menu and prices, check it out here.

For information on the Singapore-Style Brunch menu and prices, check it out here.

Restaurant SELA
32 Seah Street
Singapore 188388

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.