August 8th, 2015


Event: Sophisca Candylicious Bloggers' Party

Hey everyone!

Last weekend, I attended Sophisca Candylicious Bloggers' Party and discovered an amazing place for sweet treats and quirky gifts.

Sophisca is a candy store in Taiwan and it has an outlet at the basement of ION Orchard. Let me bring you through this candy wonderland with some photos!

Some words are best conveyed with chocolates.

I'm kidding but seriously, I love every packaging. Many of them were the lovey dovey type so they're perfect as gifts for your partner (that is, if your partner loves chocolate) or as wedding favours.

Photo credits to Tiffany.

Expressing my unspoken fondness for Tiffany using chocolate but evidently, she wasn't impressed.

Photo credits to Tiffany.

Perhaps in another dimension, we are 'husband and wife'. But it's okay - I like guys.

The cutest candy containers ever. Put this on a buffet table and I foresee that people will be visiting the table not just for the food.

Treasurrreee! That is what you are....honey, you're my golden... coin?

Lollipops in all sizes. I think the mini ones were adorable so I got them for my nephew and niece.

One of Sophisca's best seller - the first aid kid. Yes, you heal by eating chocolate.

I could never guess what the candy was inside these fruit crates.

Well, spoiler alert - they were actually gummies and they tasted so damn addictive.

Wouldn't it be interesting if you buy these for your mahjong kakis?

One of my favourites in the store looked nothing like a box of a candy. It looked more like some box of Chinese medicine.

Nonetheless, it contains this uber cool white chocolate that pops and fizzles in your mouth. I just had to get my family members to try it.

Marshmallows, not sanitary pads.

Who wants big buns? Oh I mean, white chocolate.

My favourite candy in NTUC is this mint chocolate that was stored in what looked like a cigarette box. When I hold it in my hands, I looked as though I was about to go for some puffs.

Now, chocolates in a condom-lookalike box? Win on so many levels.

We had a sinful candy buffet and got to try pretty macaroons as well as yummy chewy sweets.

Photo credits to Joanne.

With my blogger pals!

Tiffany and I won a generous bag of goodies each from playing a game and I was happy to be able to share some of these sweet treats with my loved ones. Food (or in this case, candy) always taste better when shared. :)

If you're looking to indulge in some candy; want to buy a gift for someone or just want to check out this really unique store, you can check out its Facebook page here or visit the store at its address below.

Sophisca Singapore
2 Orchard Turn
ION Orchard #B4-07
Singapore 238801

Have a fabulous Saturday, my friends!