August 9th, 2015


Gym Review: Kinetika X @ TripleOne Somerset

Happy National Day everyone!

It's been nearly a year since I've trained at Kinetika Xtreme Gym (now known as Kinetika X), a boutique gym previously located at The Grandstand.

Since February this year, Kinetika X has moved to a more convenient and accessible location at TripleOne Somerset and I got to visit the gym yesterday to engage in some hardcore gyming.

Kinetika X's workouts are in circuit training style in which you do specific workouts at individual stations using Arke equipment.

A typical circuit training session starts with some warm-up exercises, followed by 2 rounds of circuit (each with approximately 7 stations) and ab exercises before ending with a cool-down. In the first round of circuit, we had to work out at our respective stations for 1 min. In the second round of circuit, the intensity increases and we work out for a good 2 min at each station, doing slight variations of the workout to increase the challenge.

While working out, you will have personal trainers monitoring the timing and guiding you. Some people might feel that it is stressful having someone to watch you work out but rest assured that their role is to ensure that the intensity of the workout is suitable for you and that you are in correct form.

Photo credits to Kinetika X.

A year ago, Kinetika X had kinesis training and core-centric training programmes only. This year, they launched the 4 respective programmes:

- Xcelerator: Cardio-intense workout
- Xforce: Strength-intense workout
- Flex: Flexibility-intense workout
- CRX: Core-intense workout

So far, I've tried the Xcelerator and the CRX programmes and they really worked up a sweat. In fact, my arms, thighs and core were aching after my workouts as well.

Working out using The Omnia during Xcelerator and no, I wasn't just sitting there holding on to the resistance bands while enjoying the view.

My legs were raised and I had to squeeze my abdominal muscles to hold my core while pulling the resistance bands as quickly as possible (with multiple reps). It was pretty strenuous.

The station where we all had to do planks in CRX. As for me, I was asked to hold an elbow plank with elevated legs for 2 minutes. My core very sore.

In Kinetika X, the trainers will cater each exercise to your fitness level. Knowing that I am trained in pole, my trainers will ensure that I do more challenging core and strength exercises which are complementary to my pole training.

If you are new to fitness, fret not. You will definitely start off doing simpler exercises to build your fitness level before taking on more challenging exercises. I urge you not to be afraid of the intensity because after all, what's the point of working out if you are just working within your comfortable limits?

Hello again to the familiar equipment that I've used in my kinesis training a year ago.

Arke equipment comprising Bosu balls, water balls, kettlebells and foam rollers.

I've used them a year ago in my core-centric training and now, I'm using them again in my circuit training around The Omnia.

Bathroom facilities are located within the gym and you can enjoy a hot shower after your workout. Gym lockers and towels are also provided by Kinetika X.

Anyway, good news must share!

Kinetika X is having a free gym membership promotion for August only so if you're interested to try any of the programmes or enjoy unlimited training sessions throughout the month, please join me!

You can check out Kinetika X's facebook page here or visit the gym at the address below.

Kinetika X
111 Somerset Road
#02-08 Singapore 238164

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Ribbon Dress

Services Review: My first Gelish Pedicure @ Soteria Face & Nail

Hey people!

Few days back, I was invited to Soteria Face & Nail for a bloggers' party. It was an event that I was looking forward to because I couldn't wait to relax and enjoy the party after a hectic day at work.

Soteria Face & Nail was founded by Engel, Lynn and Michael. Besides providing facial and nail services, Soteria also provides hair services and they have a Hair Studio just 2 units away.

With its elegant Victorian interior and comfortable plush seats, I felt ready to be pampered like a princess.

I was also happy to see so many familiar faces in this party. I think I know almost every blogger who was invited for this event. The blogger community is indeed small!

It was also my first time trying their Gelish Pedicure so naturally, I was immensely excited.

The light box that you see above is used for curing gel polish and it helps the polish to stay longer on your nails.

When it comes to nails, I prefer to paint my toe nails because I largely wear open-toe wedges or heels and somehow, painted nails look good with such shoes. I also prefer bold colours on my toes - thus the choice of painting my nails bright red.

The pedicurist also did some intricate design on my nails and I loved it to bits!

The result - Lovely white roses on a bright red nail base, all ready to welcome the festive Jubilee Weekend.

Gelish nails are really glossy and they can last for 2 to 3 weeks without chipping as much as the regular nail polish. I wore sport shoes 2 days later and was worried that I might ruin my pedicure but it still looked the same after I removed my shoes. No wonder ladies love gelish nails so much - they're long-lasting and easy to maintain.

What's a party without food? These macaroons were so pretty!

Have you tried eating cake from a jar before?

Lovingly sponsored by Stay Home Mum Cafe, this colourful Rainbow in Jar cake was really delicious and addictive.

Marshmallows! I have a soft spot for them. :)

Besides enjoying our facial/nail/hair service, we also learnt how to make candles. Surprisingly, it wasn't so difficult after all.

My creation, with help from blogger friend, Pearly. Damn, I just realized that I might have some talent in candle-making here.

Photo credits to Gerald.

With the pretty co-founder Engel who invited me to this event. :)

Received some beauty products as our door gifts. Thank you Soteria for your generosity and for organizing such a fun-filled party!

For more information on Soteria's facial, nail and hair services, please check out their website here.

You can also follow them on their facebook pages here (for hair) and here (for face and nails).

Soteria Face & Nail
Blk 203 Hougang Street 21
#01-47 Singapore 530203

Soteria Hair Studio
Blk 203 Hougang Street 21
#01-49 Singapore 530203

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.