August 19th, 2015


Sugar App, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation & Pole

Hey people!

So I've been loving this app called Sugar recently and before I go on to rave about it, let me disclaim that this is not a sponsored shoutout. I discovered Sugar after attending Christmas in July @ Barossa Holland Village and I was given a promo card that entitled me to $30 Sugar credits on top of the $5 Sugar credits that you get when you sign up as a new member.

You can buy deals on the app using your credits and surprisingly, almost all the August deals on the app were priced at $2 sugar credits each (insanely cheap!). After buying the deal, you can then redeem it directly from the restaurant/store.

So far, I've used the app to settle my meals when I want to have something light for dinner (e.g. herbal soup) and it's an awesome way to also discover the hidden gems around you.

Shen has the Sugar app too and he redeemed this sampler set for two consisting of Indian savoury snacks from The Curry Hut @ Holland Village for us to try. It was really yummy and I love the potato fried snack in the middle!

In return, I redeemed this double scoop ice-cream from Doughs of Crepes @ Cineleisure for us.

We had peppermint and cookies & creme topped with dried cranberries, marshmallows and butterscotch. Totally satisfied my ice-cream cravings. :)

Photo credits to

Caught Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation last weekend because the movie was highly recommended by our besties but in my opinion, it was kinda overrated.

By itself, the movie wasn't too bad but compared to the other action movies out there, it felt as though something was lacking. Some scenes were rather draggy and not memorable, unlike the other action movies I've watched which really stayed vividly in my mind.

The car chasing scenes were exciting at first but after going on for a while, it made it seem as though I was watching Fast & Furious instead. I honestly felt that the previous Mission Impossible movies were better although Tom Cruise still looks the same over the years. #whydontguysage

Yesterday was my last lesson for Tricks Easy pole class and I will be moving on to a higher level to learn more advanced spinny tricks.

Photo credits to Jennifer Pau.

I'm starting to get the hang of pole-ling on a spinning pole and it wasn't as scary as I thought. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to stand the dizziness but I'll try to tolerate it as much as possible.

Got to learn some pretty spinny tricks in this class and it sure wasn't easy to hold your weight on the pole + watch your lines + look effortless and sexy at the same time. Yes, SLAP's style was a little sexy compared to Groove's style which was more athletic/gymnastics so I guessed this will need some getting used to.

The above picture is a combined photo of pole girls with Burn the Floor girls during our last lesson. The Burn the Floor girls performed their exotic dance choreo for us and it was WOWWWW. If there were guys in the class, they will probably suffer a nosebleed. HA HA!

Alright, I'm gonna stop this entry right here and go watch my current favourite Channel 8 drama show - The Journey: Our Homeland. Goodbye for now!