August 24th, 2015

In Koala Land

Events: NUS Rag Day 2015 & Singapore Night Festival 2015

Hey everyone!

I'm on leave today and although I have tons of things to do, it's really nice to have a break from my work and activities to just stay home and rest.

I miss the long break that I got to enjoy during the Jubilee Weekend.

Throwback to the Jubilee Weekend, Shen and I went for NUS Rag Day 2015 simply because it's been a hell of a long time since we attended our last Rag.

My friends weren't that supportive of Rag and many of them deleted the invitation email when they saw it in their inbox. Nonetheless, Rag was an event that I was interested to attend because years ago, I missed my opportunity to be part of it as a freshie.

I guessed watching the performance as an audience was a close enough experience for me and I was so glad that Shen, being the spontaneous guy that he is, decided to sign us up for this. Thank you! :)

And because it is SG50, this year's Rag was a grander one as it was held at the Marina Bay Floating Platform instead of the usual NUS grounds.

We had such a great view of the icons in Marina Bay that I couldn't help wanting to capture the beautiful sights before me. We even caught the fireworks and I was totally in awe.

They also invited local bands, Gentle Bones and The Sam Willows to perform for us. I was a fangirl that night, waving my heart-shaped lightstick to some of my favourite songs and singing them (in my heart).

Our favourite song of the night was 'Shut Up and Dance' which sounded like this:

Shen also bought me these lovely bouquet of flowers! :D

Although it didn't come as a surprise (he accidentally let slip of his intention to buy me flowers during one of our conversations), I still love the flowers because it represents his heart.

Thank you for making effort to spend time with me every week and to ensure that our dates are meaningful and memorable. :)

Last Friday was the start of Singapore Night Festival 2015 and we decided to go exploring.

The Anooki destroying the National Museum of Singapore in an uber creative way. HA HA.

Dazzling lights which I wanted to play with but there were just too many people crowding around them.

Was very glad that we decided to stop by Singapore Art Museum because we got to catch the fascinating fire performance by Starlight Alchemy. They were amazing!

Aerialist performance - my favourite part!

Although the first weekend of Singapore Night Festival was over, it still goes on for the coming weekend so do check it out!

From the looks of it, the weekend activities seemed more happening than the Friday ones so I'll recommend you to attend the festival over the weekend instead.

Alright, gonna stop this entry here. Today's gonna be a blog spam of entries because I've just got so many to update!

Be patient with me yah? Goodbye for now!
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Event: Singapore Airlines Light Up the Night Carnival 2015

Hey people!

Over the weekend, I was at F1 Pit Building attending a really happening event called Singapore Airlines Light Up the Night Carnival and I must say that it was truly a memorable event for me.

SIA Light Up the Night was an event to publicize the upcoming Formula One (F1) Grand Prix that will be taking place from 18 to 20 September 15 and in this carnival, there were loads of racing-related activities for the crowd to partake in.

Admittedly, I'm a lousy driver but that doesn't mean that I cannot appreciate beautiful cars.

Check out this supercar convoy! They were a sight to behold.

This car sibei swee. It looked like it came out from a Batman movie.

Although this was an F1 event, it was organized by Singapore Airlines so we definitely cannot miss out the signature plane.

Say hello to the stiltwalkers who were walking around bringing joy to families and children!

I wanted to try the go-kart or the race simulators in the picture above but I didn't get to participate in them because there were long queues everywhere.

The kids hoarding the Wii station. Ha ha!

Another kids' favourite - the remote control car challenge.

My nephew went 'I WANT TO PLAY!' when he saw this picture.

Was given these Monster Energy drinks along the way which apparently contained Ginseng? I didn't taste any though.

I was thrilled when we got to watch stunt driving performances and race car demos.

I've never seen such performances live before so it brought out the excited kid in me.

Realistically, they were not as exciting as the stunts in the movies - no flying or overturning of cars but they were good enough to make me want to video them. Check out my 2 videos below on some of the stunts that I've captured.

This car was beautiful but the driver was even more beautiful.

He's none other than 19 year old Hong Kong Aussie race car driver, Matt Solomon. Google him for his pictures and you will know what I mean. :D

Alright, gonna go take a shower now.

More blog entries coming up so stay tuned!