August 29th, 2015


Event: Craft Addicts Bookbinding & Notebook Creation Workshop

Hey people!

So... I'm really terrible in arts and craft. I'm the kind of person who draws humans as stick figures and who screws up a painting when I hold a paintbrush so I never expected myself to take part in any craft-related activities in my life.

Then again, I adore hardcover notebooks and I really want to learn how to create a personal one for myself so last Sunday, I was at Waterloo Centre to attend my first ever bookbinding and notebook creation workshop by Crafts Addicts.

With our personal creations! I'm the least artsy among the ladies in the picture so my expectations for myself were very low. As long as my notebook looks like a notebook at the end of the day, I am very happy.

Just a little introduction here - Sheryl (lady on right) was our workshop trainer while Rachel (lady in yellow) was her friend. Zoe (lady on left) and I were the only bloggers invited for the session and Zoe blogs about craft here. She also sells her handmade pieces on Carousell. So impressive!

We started off the session by scoring paper using this bone folder to make the pages in a notebook.

Initially, I thought that folding the papers in half with your bare hands would suffice but a bone folder really made the edges straight and precise, which was essential for notebook making.

The above picture shows all the papers that I've scored!

Next, we had to punch holes into our paper one by one using this really interesting and sharp tool while having a telephone book at the back for support.

That obsessive-compulsive moment when you wanted to make sure all the holes you've punched were aligned with one another. -.-"

We had to wax our strings to make sure that they do not cut or tear our papers.

Silly me thought that the yellow block of wax was a piece of cheese at first! Thank goodness I didn't attempt to eat it.

Now comes the fun part - sewing the papers together.

I've sewn a button and done cross-stitch before but I never knew that sewing papers could feel strangely therapeutic even though they took up a whole lot of time.

Totally felt a sense of accomplishment when I saw the pages being bound so neatly together.

A notebook wouldn't be complete without a hardcover so we had to make one. This involved making some measurements on coloured paper and sticking cardboard pieces onto it.

I chose an orange coloured paper because I wanted a vibrant notebook. There was a lot of glueing involved at this part and we also had to use the bone folder to smooth out any air bubbles.

We then stuck our notebook pages onto the hardcover, taking the chance to conceal any imperfections.

Our masterpieces after a 6-hour workshop session! Not bad for a first-timer, huh? Can we sell these to Popular Bookstore? :D

Photo credits to Craft Addicts.

Of course, there were more steps involved in creating this hardcover notebook, not simply the steps that I've depicted in the pictures above. You've really got to attend a workshop yourself to experience the entire process.


There is an upcoming bookbindng and notebook creation workshop in September at Waterloo Centre and it costs $98 per pax. The class will be kept small just like the one I've attended and you will be provided with all materials and tools which you can also bring home as souvenirs.

Best of all, if you bring along a friend to join you, you can get 30% off the 2nd ticket! More details of the workshop can be found here.

Please also check out BookbindingWorkshopSG Home Page here and 'like' Craft Addicts Facebook page here for details on future workshops. I heard that they have a 3D card-making one coming up next time!

Thank you Sheryl for being such a patient teacher and for guiding me throughout this workshop (I know I ask a lot of questions.... :P). Thank you Craft Addicts for inviting me as well! :)

Disclaimer: Workshop review is based on personal experiences.