August 30th, 2015

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Shoutout: I'm a Social Media Advocate for Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2015!

Hello people!

The annual Yellow Ribbon Prison Run will be held on 13 September, Sunday at SAF Field, Changi Village and I'm proud to be a social media advocate for this run.

I'm sure many of you have heard about the Yellow Ribbon Project. This project aims to inspire the community to accept and support the reintegration of ex-offenders into our society. Personally, I'm supportive of this campaign because I believe that everybody deserves a second chance, including ex-offenders.

Yesterday, I was at Orchard Central Atrium for my race pack collection at the 6km counters.

Take a peek into the contents of the race pack - lots of yellow-black stuff in there.

I was also shown around by the social media team and got to learn more about the race this year. The above picture illustrates the 6km and 10km race route.

This year, there will be a special Happily Ever After running trail for the 6km route. Runners will be able to meet and take photos with special characters depicting their tales of second chances along this route.

Runners will also get to see the following sites during their race:

1. Johore Battery
2. Llyod Leas Community Supervision Centre
3. Changi Chapel and Museum
4. Changi Women's Prison
5. Tanah Merah Prison
6. Changi Prison Wall
7. Changi Prison Complex

At the end point of Changi Prison Complex, there will be a carnival with interesting activities such as a stage performance by inmate performers and a display of prison heritage items. Runners willl also be able to visit a mock-up prison cell.

From now till race day, you can share your memories of the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run on your social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.), hashtag #ShareYRMemories and stand to win attractive prizes!

Have you got your yellow ribbon already?

Besides adorning the signature yellow ribbon on your clothes, you can also show your support to ex-offenders through other means.

The above items were handmade by ex-offenders and you can support them by purchasing the items as a souvenir!

You can also purchase these limited edition Yellow Ribbon shoe wings at $10 each. All proceeds will go to the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Dress up your shoes by attaching your pair of shoe wings to the shoelaces. You can take a photo after that and post it on your social media platforms with hashtag #YRwings.

This simple act can help to spread awareness and make the road to acceptance a smoother journey for the ex-offenders.

For updates on the Yellow Ribbon Project, you can also follow them on their various social media platforms, namely their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Before I end this entry, check out Danessa and my short video shoutout for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run!

See you at the race!
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Food Invite: Launch of Domino's Pizza's Cheese Burst Crust!

Hey people!

On Tuesday, Domino's Pizza launched their fiery and smoky cheese burst crusts and thanks to an invitation by Migme, I had the honour to taste them during their launch.

Specifically, there are two types of cheese burst crusts - the Chilli Cheese Burst Crust and the BBQ Cheese Burst Crust.

The former features crushed red chillis sprinkled over a layer of cheddar cheese sauce and sandwiched between two crispy thin crusts.

As for the latter, it involves BBQ sauce drizzled over a layer of cheddar cheese sauce instead.

Senior Marketing Manager of Domino's Pizza Singapore and Malaysia, Ms Linda Hassan introduced us to some good deals regarding the purchase of cheese burst crust pizzas.

You can enjoy your favourite Domino's pizza by selecting your cheese burst crust option at a surcharge of $5 for a regular pizza and $7 for a large pizza.

For meal deals, you can enjoy a regular cheese burst pizza + a regular pizza for only $27. There will be a discount of $2 when you order online for takeaway.

For larger groups of 6 to 8 pax, you can enjoy a large cheese burst pizza + a large pizza for only $40. Likewise, there will be a discount of $5 when you order online for takeaway.

We had the opportunity to preview Domino's latest television commercial (TVC) for cheese burst crust and this TVC will be released to the public very soon!

Prior to the food tasting, we had to play some games and one of the games involved creating a catchy jingle on cheese burst crust. Yes, we had to perform them using those bells too. I totally messed up on bell-ringing. LOL.

Why was mummy blogger Claudia smiling so happily?

We were playing broken telephone line and our messages were hilariously distorted with all our communication breakdowns. HA HA!

The tasting began with me sinking my teeth into a slice of delicious Classic Pepperoni BBQ Cheese Burst Crust.

I absolutely love the mix of cheesiness with the strong taste of BBQ sauce, not to mention that I'm already a fan of beef pepperoni.

If you're thinking of what pizza to order with BBQ cheese burst crust, the recommended flavours are Classic Pepperoni, The Big BBQ and Classy Chic.

As for Chilli cheese burst crust, the recommended flavours are Hawaiian Paradise, Chilli Chicken and Very Veggie.

I also tried another recommended flavour, The Big BBQ Cheese Burst Crust.

This pizza had an even stronger BBQ taste simply because it had an additional layer of BBQ sauce drizzled all over it. I may not fancy the green peppers but the smoked chicken breast was really yummy.

I have low spice tolerance so I was hesitant to try the chilli cheese burst crust at first. After trying a bit of chilli cheese burst crust pizza from blogger friend Sochii, I was surprised that the taste of the chilli wasn't very strong. In fact, it seemed to be overpowered by the stronger taste of cheese.

Although this made eating a spicy pizza more tolerable for me, hardcore chilli fans might be a tad disappointed if the chilli taste wasn't so shiok. Perhaps it would be good to standby additional chilli flakes for these regular chilli eaters. :D

Aside from cheese burst crust pizzas, we also tasted other food items.

This is the Banana-Kaya Pizza Dessert and although I was impressed by the innovative concept of placing banana slices atop pizza stuffed with kaya, I have to admit that this dessert was a tad too sweet for me.

Spicy chicken wings which were so tantalizing that I was willing to tolerate spice to eat this.

I couldn't believe that I didn't know these breadsticks exist because they were to-die-for. I would have devoured all of them if they weren't for sharing. :X

Does this look familiar to you? This is Domino's Pizza's Golden Outback Chicken and I reviewed it earlier this year here. It's a pretty addictive pizza so go try it if you haven't!

It's getting late now so I better end this entry. Thank you Domino's Pizza and Migme for having us and I look forward to seeing you again!

For more information on the new cheese burst crusts, check out Domino's webpage and facebook page.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.