September 2nd, 2015


Food Invite: An Ebi-Kase Experience with McDonalds'

Hey everyone!

Two days back, I was at McDonalds' @ Ang Mo Kio Park for a tasting of McDonalds' new menu items which will be launched on 3 September, Thursday.

Yes, you read it right - that's tomorrow!!

But first, does this look like McDonalds' to you?!

Oh yes it is!

The McDonalds' team really impressed us with their efforts to transform the fast food joint into a Japanese dining eatery so that we could enjoy a complete Ebi-Kase experience. The environment definitely had to match the food that we were about to eat. :)

They even wore gorgeous kimonos to meet us. How amazing!

So let's start with the thirst quenchers, shall we?

First up, we have the Mango Peach Chill and the Ribena Chill.

The Mango Peach Chill was a crowd favourite and nearly everybody at my table opted to try this drink first. Indeed, it was really refreshing and not overly sweet. Mango and peach drinks taste good on their own but when combined, they were totally bursting with flavours.

As for Ribena Chill, let's just say that you can't really go wrong with this childhood drink but it did pale in comparison to the Mango Peach Chill which was more exotic.

The highlight of the menu was the Cereal Ebi, which was in my opinion, an irresistible burger. Think cereal-coated patty stuffed with delicious shrimps + served with lettuce and two white sesame buns topped with chives.

Before you sink your teeth into this, take a whiff of the burger (I know this isn't natural but just do it!) and take in the aromatic scent of chives. It smells great and subconsciously makes you feel hungrier for this burger. After devouring this burger, I must proclaim that I really love the combination of succulent prawns with crispy cereal. It was a tad spicy as well but the spice was definitely tolerable for me to wolf down the whole burger. Best of all, the taste really lingers in your mouth after that. I love it!

I love fries and all things potato so I couldn't resist these tantalizing Sweet Potato Fries. In fact, I digged into this before I ate the burger because they were just too tempting.

Strangely, Sweet Potato Fries seemed more filling than regular french fries so if you are a small eater, I recommend sharing this!

Long time no see, McFlurry!

McDonalds' new dessert, the Honeydew McFlurry was none other than honeydew ice-cream with generous bits of cereal. I do adore honeydew and I love the crunchy cereal bits but I have to admit that this dessert was a little too sweet for my liking.

That said, I'm sure you'll want to know the prices so here you go!

The Cereal Ebi Special meal will cost $7.45 and it will consist of the Cereal Ebi burger, a medium-sized Sweet Potato Fries and a small coke.

The Honeydew McFlurry will cost $2.90.

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All the food items that you see in this entry will be out in all McDonalds' outlets tomorrow so feel free to buy and try while stocks last.

Thank you Omy and McDonalds' for inviting me! I had so much fun mingling with the other bloggers in the photo. :D

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.